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  1. This. So much. The episode was just badly written. I'm going to try to forget it and hope for better things to come.
  2. Oh I didn't mean to imply that he doesn't like her. But she, along with hosts Mel and Sue, all quit the show when it moved from BBC to Channel 4, while he decided to stay on. I might be projecting but I suspect he wasn't best pleased by her decision to quit. And I think that he was deliberately referencing that fact when he reacted that way to the contestant naming his bake a "Very Berry" something-or-other.
  3. Did anyone else notice Paul react when someone described their dish as "very berry"? I think he thought they said "Mary Berry" and he wasn't too keen on any tributes to his former co-judge (in the original British version). But then the contestant clarified what he had said and the odd moment passed.
  4. He also interviewed Wes Chatham (Amos).
  5. That was so weird it HAS to be an inside joke for people who are familiar with the video game. I'm not a gamer but I'm aware that in many video games you have to wander around and pick up stuff and earn "coin" so that you can buy things you need to succeed in the game. And I'm aware that some games are really aggressive about encouraging players to buy stuff with real money. So I'm guessing all those comments about how he needs new close are an inside joke about characters in the game always trying to sell you things like clothing (by disparaging what your character is wearing.) Or maybe it's just bad writing.
  6. Okay I've only watched the pre-credits sequence and I had to get up to come here and say . . . ZOMBIES? Now we have fucking ZOMBIES? I did not see that coming. Okay I'm back. Well THAT was satisfying. I was REALLY worried at the end that Geralt and Ciri would not meet. I am, however, wondering how she knew who he was. He was introduced to a fake Ciri when he went to the castle to escort her out of harms way. I guess we have to assume that she saw him while she was playing knucklebones in the yard in her boy disguise. He *IS* pretty damned memorable with that long grey hair and that face (and that body.) That's a good point about Yen but what I'm really wondering is how they forced those Mages to basically sacrifice themselves to hurl one fire bomb each. It looked like they knew what would happen . . . there was a row of empty cloaks marking where the previous Mages fell. I guess we're supposed to believe that even the Mages on that side were religious/nationalisitic zealots who were willing to sacrifice themselves "for the greater good" like Kamakzi pilots.
  7. Ooooh, now that THAT was a satisfying reveal . . . the discovery that Geralt was THERE in the castle when it fell to invaders, and that Ciri's grandmother was going to hand Ciri over to him (finally!) so that he would take her to safety (as he wanted all along). I love how the story has looped back upon itself. Now we're only in one time-line, right? We saw flash-backs to the start of the Ciri time-line but that only months before -- not years before (which is when the two other time-lines were set.) Just as I was getting fed up with Ciri being grabbed by yet another group of people, she finally gets her freak on and taps into that inner power of hers. I'm eager to see the next episode and see what the upshot of that is. All that being said, I do feel sorry for the woman whose horse Ciri stole. Except I recognize that actress from other work so I'm betting we'll see her again. I wonder if that group of thugs (Ciri's former friends) actually work for the horse's owner.
  8. Well I was surprised (and delighted) by the reveal that the guy who hired Geralt was actually a rare golden dragon in disguise. But were the women warriors dragons too? One of them fell before he did, right? So he could not have transformed and saved both of them. Oh well, I'm over-thinking this. Golden dragons are magic obviously (see his ability to transform his appearance) so I'm gonna assume he was able to save them both via magic. This show is so weirdly episodic. I have no clear idea how much time has passed since the episode in which Geralt and Yen knocked boots. I guess enough time has passed for them to now be awkward around one another (though they got over it during the night spent in that bigger-on-the-inside tent they borrowed from the Weasly family after the Weasleys finished using it to attend the Wizarding World Cup.)
  9. I feel like I lost the plot a bit. Wasn't Yennifer having money woes that kept her from paying her taxes? And then the next time we see her she's puppet-mastering an orgy in a mansion? Was it the tax-collector's mansion? Did she enchant him and move into his house to teach him a lesson? I'm so confused. I'm glad she cured the annoying side-kick / bard but. . . still really confused. On the other hand -- yay, we are down to only two time-lines now that Yennifer and Geralt's plot-lines have hooked up (as have Yennifer and Geralt, heh.) I agree with the folks above who noted that Ciri's sojourn among the Dryad seems to have been utterly pointless except as a stopping place to allow the doppelgänger to catch up to her. This show is based on a video game, right? I hope she picked up some magical item or knowledge from the Dryad that will come in handy later on (like the way one picks up helpful times in a game.)
  10. But wait . . . hasn't Yennefer's timeline now collided with Geralt's? We saw her origin story in prior episodes but in THIS episode she complains about her boring job assignment, which she's been doing for decades (without aging because . . . magical night creme I presume). If decades have passed for her then I think now there are only two timelines in play. So . . . now we have Dryads. Mmmmmmmkay. And am I right that we've just learned that Ciri is actually the daughter of Geralt due to magical insemination via the Law of Surprise? Whoa. This show . . .
  11. The other thing that is confusing is that people don't age. For example I scoffed really hard when it was revealed that Ciri is the GRANDdaughter of Calanthe. I'm all for there being women of a "certain age" who are timeless and look the same at 50 as they did at 30 (e.g. Catherine Deneuve) but come ON. Couldn't they have tried to age the actress a bit for the scenes with her "granddaughter" and also to differentiate that timeline from the one in which she (Calanthe) appears as a much younger woman? I'm okay with The Witcher not aging because he's not human.
  12. I have absolutely NO clear sense of the different timelines. I've seen other shows do it (hello Treadstone) and I've been able to follow it but I've seen nothing in this show that facilitates my making the mental leap between past and present. I think at some point I was supposed to note the young incestuous siblings during the party where Yennefer the beauty made her debut but my brain just rejected that info. I will say that I enjoyed . . . no, that's too strong a word. I will say that I took note of the parallel story lines with the two young women undergoing painful, bloody transformations in the two different plot-lines. That was interesting story-telling Wait, there are THREE timelines? Okay now I AM lost. But then I sort of forgot all about the wandering princess. She heard voices calling her into the woods right? Presumably that was a sorceress or mage since she looked like she was unable to resist the call (and it must not coming from a elf, since they shot her elf-friend.) Okaaaay. On a shallow note, I have to say that any excuse this show comes up with to show Henry Cavill with this shirt off is okay by me. Last but not least . . . I'm concerned about Geralt's horse.
  13. I watched the whole episode -- with closed captions on and no other distractions (no playing Candy Crush on the iPad) -- and I am still VERY confused. I've heard good things about it (and Henry Cavill is VERY easy on the eyes) so I'll stick it out for a few more episodes, but they are going to have to do some catch-up on world-building for me to really get into this. (I don't know anything about the video game. And I shouldn't have to. The show should stand alone.) Ditto. I love me some action/fantasy/adventure. So if they turn *me* off they've really missed the boat. Still . . . maybe the next one, or two, or three will sort me out.
  14. Well color me disappointed. I hate cliff-hanger endings to a season and I don't like seeing children in jeopardy so Lyra and the other kid (I've forgotten his name) stepping through tears in the universe all by themselves just fills me with dread. I read all the books years ago and I don't recall having that reaction but perhaps that's because I could dive right into the next book (so no such thing as a cliffhanger ending.) So . . . Lord Asriel has been revealed to be a complete dick. As is his former lover, Mrs. Coulter. Those two were made for each other. In fact, he's WORSE than Mrs. Coulter since she actually thought her team were "saving" the children from sin by cutting away their deamons while Asriel knew perfectly well that he was murdering a child in order to capture a wave of energy. Like I said . . . a complete dick. I don't much care if I see the next season. This season has left me cold, and I'm not talking bout the arctic setting.
  15. I've been binge-watching this show all day but if this ep is the season finale I'm OUT. I've been waiting all season to find out what became of the guy who was being tortured/programmed in the 1970's flashbacks. Instead they just end with that tease? Infuriating. And insulting to the fans. I love Robert Ludlum and read all the Bourne books with great satisfaction. Color me disappointed in this series.
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