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  1. This is just so scary realizing how front and center her and Roger become in the series. They needed someone who was as talented as Catriona to take on the female lead role.
  2. I hope Sam was just out of his wig, because blonde Jamie doesn't work at all.
  3. As are most anti-vaxxers. Just because they believe differently than you doesn't make their motivation any less pure or well intentioned. Being good and misguided/stupid are perfectly capable of coexistence. As for the show, Tony Danza was a good guess, but he can definitely sing. Holy cow has he aged badly though.
  4. Robert Jordan. Diana shouldn't feel invincible. He wasn't that old. Git 'er done.
  5. I only fuck with Elisa. No to the show.
  6. Anything interesting from Paleyfest?
  7. Maybe he doesn't want it there and doesn't want to get typecast.
  8. If you've ever been in healthcare, you'll know that you learn to give shots with an orange as it's thickness and resistance feels quite similar to giving shots to a human or animal. Which is how Marsali offed the Brown guy as she was learning to use a syringe. I enjoyed the oranges.
  9. True grief is known in the quiet places. The showers, the bathtubs, the closets, the back yard, the corners, the hallways, the kitchens, the floors, the cover of night and the million other places where no one will see. And then you get up. And get on with it. And, if you do it well, no one sees.
  10. The 'sled' is (theoretically) a travois, and a regular part of Native American toolsets. He undoubtedly learned to build one when he was forced to as the Indians' slave. Interestingly, they were often pulled by by a dog(face). It's made wrong, but they tried.
  11. What is going on with Sophie Skelton and David Berry? Anything? The chemistry between them could have lit the props on fire. There was no Bree and LJG in that scene at all.
  12. It's classic Weiss and Benioff. That shit's endemic out there in Holly-out-of-touch. "It'll make the Roger becomes a minister plot line so much more!" Barf.
  13. The American revolution kicked off at Lexington and Concorde and had nothing to do with tea. The government was attempting to confiscate people's guns.
  14. You gotta be fuckin' kidding me. They're having the Roger Comes Back from the Dead episode on Easter Sunday? I'm not even Christian and that's some callous disrespect. And some dickhead probably laughed about it and skipped this week on purpose.
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