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  1. That first task would have been the death of me!! I get shaky on a step stool!
  2. Yeah, that was…something. I felt almost embarrassed by that performance. Very low energy, and it didn’t even sound like Ru!
  3. To be fair, Ryan was just a teen when he was sentenced to life in prison. Appeal after appeal failed, and he had pretty much lost hope before he was finally released. I’m okay if he talks about it every episode.
  4. I love Penn and Kim!! OMG! Excited to see Ryan Ferguson as well, and hope he and his partner do well.
  5. I loved the way this worked for Sean, but I always did wonder how long it took the model to get all that Rit dye off her skin??
  6. Honestly, I have known ever since Nina gushed to whichever guest judge it was that “she (Chasity) almost went home last week!” that Chasity would make the finale. That dress was a hot mess without a single redeeming quality and she still slid through. I like Chasity’s personality a lot, and I have liked her designs more often than not, but that mess deserved a ticket home!! Prajjé’s was not great, either, and I’m not so fond of him, so it’s not that I’m upset he’s gone, but Chasity’s was purely ugly to me.
  7. I respect Ricard openly admitting his disappointment with losing, but also have to confess that I would like to be friends with Xander and his sunny personality. He didn’t get one vote and doesn’t seem upset.
  8. Yeah, me either. He deserved one or two, but whatever.
  9. Really strong winds and severe thunderstorm watches here in Missouri, too. Bye, Ricard. Good luck, Xander.
  10. I’ve begun to love Ricard and his sneaky snake ways, so I kind of hope Xander does save him. I wouldn’t mind one bit if he won.
  11. Elaine can miss me with calling Aaron’s look “frumpy” while liking Prajjé’s. I thought Aaron’s was absolutely gorgeous. Kristina’s was good, Chasity’s was good, and I was okay with Bones’ look and Coral’s. I would have put Anna in the bottom, honestly…it was a basic grey negligee. I knew as soon as Octavio put those pink feathered pumps on Mimi that he’d be gone. I will miss Zayden’s beautiful face, but as for his designs, I don’t care one way or the other. He did seem like a lovely man, though.
  12. Natalie Anderson is Sri Lankan American, so there have been two Asian winners.
  13. This is why I have a problem with immunity, period. Kristina has really only had a couple of good weeks this entire season, and she was…at least in the judges’ opinions…responsible for the worst thing on that runway. But oh, hey…last week you didn’t suck, so this week, you can do basically nothing and someone with more talent than you will go home. Bones is actually a lovely man and Aaron is a little brat.
  14. Yeah, that made no sense at all. My mother died when I was barely 15. She ignored so many signs of the cancer that would eventually kill her, refusing to go to the doctor until my father nearly forced her. By the time the doctors operated on her, she was so completely riddled with cancer that they couldn’t begin to get it out, and had to close her up and let chemo prolong her life for a few extra months. She was only 41 when she died. She never saw any of her children go to a dance, have a first date, graduate high school, get married, nothing. She had a measure of control over her fate,
  15. I’m still rooting for Xander and (strangely) Ricard. Ricard is such a slippery snake…he reminds me so much of Brian Heidik. Brian was everybody’s number one best friend and yet knifed each of his allies neatly and sweetly in the back. Ricard dispatched Shan with a big, flashy smile, and although it got his name written down I don’t know that he was actually in much danger. I’m fascinated by that kind of gameplay…I see them oozing smarmy charm through my TV screen and think, “Come on, how can you not see through that?!”, but I bet I’d fall for it, too.
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