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  1. This is when it pays to live in Nowheresville. 16 years old and up with any of a number of conditions, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, pregnancy, intellectual disability, etc.
  2. Brandon is an absolute ass. Julia did not sign up to be his family’s room-and-board-only farmhand. She said NO...and if no one in the family can respect her now, that sure won’t change after marriage. Run, girl, RUN!!
  3. Seeing the future in-laws of these people would cause me to seriously question having children. Genetics, baby! But then again, love is stupid. I married a man with a homely, CRAZY mother. Luckily, the kids avoided his gene pool looks wise, but they both fell into it otherwise.
  4. Mascara! https://www.sephora.com/ca/en/product/fetish-eyes-mascara-P440967?om_mmc=aff-linkshare-redirect-OHlcvPYhHQM&c3ch=Linkshare&c3nid=OHlcvPYhHQM&affid=OHlcvPYhHQM-h_e9hbKaPyMqRgd50DlISw&ranEAID=OHlcvPYhHQM&ranMID=2417&ranSiteID=OHlcvPYhHQM-h_e9hbKaPyMqRgd50DlISw&ranLinkID=10-1&browserdefault=true I like Younique’s Moodstruck Epic 4D, too.
  5. I don’t get it, either, and yet...one of my friends got me a mascara that has been absolutely amazing. Stupidly expensive, but amazing.
  6. That swaying that Mike’s mother is doing reminds me of a little girl I watch, who constantly bounces in her chair.
  7. That would be a plus for me. I adore Kathy Bates!
  8. Our local health department is amazing. I completed a survey on their Facebook page which asked if you would like to sign up for emails with more information. I did, and less than a week later had an email with sign up information for a drive through clinic. It filled up in minutes, but I got in!
  9. “It’s private”?! Bitch...you’re on camera!
  10. Mine is sore today and I’ve been kind of drowsy. I go back February 13th.
  11. Hooray! Here from the beginning for a change!
  12. Denali did an amazing LSFYL! Ru was right, that was fun to watch! Speaking of Ru, I loved the reddish wig and the color of her gown tonight. She looked beautiful! Kandy is just loud and messy, and I can’t get past that, no matter how much anyone else may like her or how much the judges may praise her. And I don’t think she needed to keep running her mouth about Elliott needing to be in the bottom. Nobody asked for her opinion, did they? I love Symone! To me, she looks just like ANTM’s Aminat Ayinde. I loved her character, too...”fac-tree”. She’s one to watch. I know Tamisha is nearly twice as old as some of these girls, and has children older than most (or all?) of them, but she seemed really pissed off during Untucked. I wonder why. Side by side of Aminat and Symone for comparison.
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