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  1. “Last year I got COVID on my birthday, and this is ten times worse!” Oh, Tammy…surely not.
  2. It really is! These need to be one hour episodes, because I’m always stunned when it just…stops, right when it’s picking up such great momentum.
  3. I love LeVar Burton, but I hope they don’t choose him. I honestly thought he was overly enthusiastic in his reading and didn’t fit the part of host as well as he could have. He was just the male Katie Couric…too bubbly, too excited to be there. I can’t even say I love Mayim Bialek being chosen for the “specials”, because she was far too animated, as well. The star of Jeopardy needs to be the contestants and the knowledge, not the host.
  4. I didn’t dislike Nicolle, but I certainly didn’t want her to win! Glad she didn’t. Cute little Matt interview here…
  5. I sure think she tried. But I don’t know if she got as many people on her side as she thought. She came across as very cruel and bitter. She looked vengeful, not like a strong woman but a vindictive one. I started the season really enthusiastic about her, but as the weeks passed and I saw how delighted she was when she could put one of the men down a few pegs, I started really noticing how easily she bought into any suggestion of “wrong reasons” behavior and how gleeful she was about exposing those people. I’m not saying she should have given any of them a pass, but never once did she
  6. I definitely think Greg dodged a bullet. Imagine forgetting to pick up milk, the attitude Katie would give about how you clearly weren’t considering her when you didn’t do what she needed you to do. She’s exhausting!!
  7. It’s not a good look from Katie to be this pissed off at Greg. If she and Blake are truly happy and in love, there’s no reason for so much vitriol.
  8. I have never liked the Bachelor Handshake, but it’s soooooooper tacky in an evening gown.
  9. LOL…I choose to believe that Neil Lane has been kept informed about how the show is going, and figured the COVID related risks were not worth showing up for Katie’s non-engagement. I would almost feel sorry for Katie if I didn’t find her so insufferable.
  10. Katie is quoted somewhere on SM saying that she should have let her heart heal before she spoke (on ATFR), so she’s clearly going to rip into Greg. Between that, and all the crap people are giving him on SM, I think he’s taken a lot of grief…especially considering that Katie just did for Blake what she refused to do for Greg just a day or two before. Gaslighting my eye.
  11. First of all, Greg was right in what he told her last week, and was right to leave when he did. Ditto for Michael A. Second, I could never do one of these shows. If I were in the position of someone like Justin, as soon as the lead said, “Can we talk?”, I’d be like, “NOPE!” and walk away.
  12. Poor Justin…all this way for nothing.
  13. Backtracking on my opinion here…
  14. I really disliked Josh’s avant-garde look. I had envisioned the ruffle/frill being full and lush, and somehow I thought he meant for it to go down one arm only? I also thought the white fabric he used for it was too much of a contrast to the red coat, and it looked cheap as well. Still, I’d have kept him over Princess Sparkle Andrea.
  15. Oh, me too! He just seems like such a genuine person. I am pretty tired of Andrea P’s transparent pants. Nearly every challenge (I’m probably exaggerating, but I feel like it’s true) she has shown a pair of sheer trousers. She did in episode one, she did in episode three, she did here in episode five. Someone should really be calling her out on that.
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