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  1. Finally something interesting happened on the show an I was looking forward to hearing from the cast regarding their take, so of course TD was cancelled. Irritating!
  2. I get that Peter's family wants the best for him and that everyone (including Madison) is probably correct in saying that Madi and Peter are incompatible as life partners, but it really irked me that instead of just saying that, the mother turned it into a diatribe about what a shining angel gift from God HA is and how much she loves Peter. Is there footage of this on the editing room floor somewhere? HA did the typical bachelor family visit stuff, she said she loved Peter and made all the right noises, but I didn't sense an ounce of authenticity or enthusiasm from her during the whole charade. Madison at least told the truth about how she was feeling and what her concerns were for their future. I'd much rather have a daughter-in-law with a backbone and some practicality rather than someone who goes along to get along. Honestly, I don't think there is a "twu wuv" connection anywhere in sight. Even if HA had been willing to accept a proposal and give it a try with Peter, seeing that his first choice was Madi should make that an impossibility at this point.
  3. I loved this too, but mostly because it was such a vanity question and she fully expected him to say "of course" immediately. Her expression when he paused forever before saying "I'm not sure" was gold.
  4. Loved Jessica's revisionist history: "I pushed Mark away because that's what I do" . It sure looked like you pushed him away because you wanted Barnett, and then went back to Mark when Barnett rejected you. I'd feel bad for Mark, but it sounds like he knows he was second choice. If he believes his "warning" will keep her from turning her head the next time someone she sees as more attractive comes along, he is mistaken.
  5. When they were trying to explain the difference between "cocky"and "confident" to Victoria, I wish that one of the designers had said "Cockiness would be like an unproven designer creating a collection with massive logos on it for self-promotion." I had a hard time finding "cohesion" between Sergio's cause and his aesthetic. The last thing I think of in regards to the Old West is melting ice or water. Perhaps he should have found an endangered tumbleweed to tout instead.
  6. For all we know, they could have all driven over together and Maddie may have been pulled aside by production. The "Where's Maddie" could just have easily meant "Why is she not here on the mat?" as opposed to "Why is she not on site?" The magical editors conveniently left us hanging after her date with Peter to make us think she went home. Of course we'll never know...maybe they put her up at a hotel or something so they could convince her to stay. Whatever the case, it was clearly a lot of manufactured drama.
  7. LOL! I actually paused the show to take a pic of that shot to send to a friend. I know they explained at some point who they were, but that first out of context shot made it look like they stumbled into the wrong studio and wished they were anywhere else.
  8. I wondered if Peter was hoping that Madison wouldn't show up and he wouldn't have to make a decision to cut it down to three. He was legitimately shaking during the rose ceremony. Once she made her entrance, he knew he was in trouble. He had to pick her since he pretty much begged her to stay, but if she turned him down, Vic F would always know she wasn't in his top two.
  9. Luke Bryan made the understatement of the century: "Katy needs attention" I liked Courtney, but I didn't understand the need for the underdog set-up. I'm pretty sure lots of people who are turned away have waited around all day without getting in to see the judges. She's talented enough so why the extra drama? I am thoroughly embarrassed to say that I fell for Dillon hook, line and sinker. I'm not generally easily swayed, but he checked all the boxes for me in a way that no recent contestant has managed to do. Now I suppose I have to keep watching... For his sake, I hope so. It was so uncomfortable to watch knowing that he was straight up being mocked for being such a tool.
  10. I don't have a problem with people critiquing these women on sites like this... it's what they sign up for, including agreeing to allow the show to portray them in any way they want. Ultimately, they are little more than characters on a tv show to most people. However, I think it really crosses a line when rabid fans go to them directly via email and dms. That's just as crazy pants as they way some of them act, lol. Also, it shouldn't need to be said that comments about race/culture are clearly coming from people who are haters at heart and have a limited range of insults. C'mon, there are more than enough personality deficiencies to snark on without taking it there.
  11. I must not be a fan of streetwear because I didn't really like any of the designs this week. I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would be between Angelo and Charles and Marco and Ashton. To be honest, I thought the Angel/Minju top look was very similar to the Claire/Adolph bottom look. They all looked like trash bag ponchos to me, lol. The execution on Angel/Minju's was cleaner but I didn't like the style of any of them.
  12. I was quite surprised that Ashton and Marco were in the bottom since I really liked their looks. Of course I'm a sucker for the goth/punk aesthetic so that might have something to do with it. Julian and Hayley make me tense while watching, he's overpowering and she's kind of sour. I could maybe like them as individuals, but as a team they need to go. It occurred to me that Carli looks like Ricky Gervais in drag and now I can't un-see it. I also appreciate how un-pretentious the hosts are...they seem to be having a good time with it.
  13. This was especially sad hearing her backstory and also her comments during the "Let's convince Victoria to stay" pow wow. Like she said, all the designers are exhausted and creatively depleted due to the stress of the competition. I'm sure all of them get their feelings hurt when their looks aren't well received, but they keep going anyway. As someone previously mentioned, it's really sad that they chose to keep the (almost) quitter who can't seem to meet the challenges in lieu of a designer who felt blessed to be there and always handled the tough times with grace.
  14. I took their comments on the fabric as trying to find something positive to say about the outfit even though it was a disaster. They may have told her that she needed to suck it up, but it felt like they were still "coddling" her by praising the color and the way the garment showed off her model's body. Her "poor me" tears had their intended effect. I don't usually care for Elaine's contributions to the judging, but I loved that she told Geoffrey that he won her respect by standing by his garment. I think it was less about him and more a lesson for Victoria to stop making excuses. Still hate Sergio's overall entitlement attitude but I did like his dress. Of course, if I'm being cynical, it looks similar to a lot of the looks in his "collection" so it was probably easier for him to execute.
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