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  1. I was shocked at how much more I liked him as a sous chef than as a competitor. He was helpful and funny with zero bitterness or ego popping up. Kudos to him!
  2. Or Victor, lol! Are they still together?
  3. I voted for Thunderstorm...I've loved him since the blind audition with Blackbird and he's really impressed me since with the quiet intensity he brings to all his songs. (See below re: Micah). That said, I really feel like Todd has it in the bag because his original song sounded the most like a "real" song--and I don't even like country music that much. Also, Todd is on Blake's team and Blake fans seem to be very supportive. While it's true that Toneshia may split those votes, I still think it's Todd's to lose. Camweiss was good, but I thought both songs were unmemorable and Micah murdered one of my favorite songs, so I am off his train. Chasing Cars is one of those songs that is beautiful because it is subdued and does not serve itself well to vocal gymnastics. I feel the same way about "Say Something". If you want to show off your chops, pick a different song!!!
  4. Thank you for this! It makes me feel better to know that the people who seemed the most 'real" were just that. I ended up having a lot of respect for Matt and Rudi...and Sheridan, once it finally sunk in that Julia was not for him.
  5. I thought this show started out pretty strong but really lost steam as it went on and tonight's ending was just kind of blah. Chris and Bri are fine as winners, it just wasn't very exciting. I was getting more annoyed as the show went on, thinking that they were going to reward Jamie and Trevor but I kept telling myself that Jamie would have gotten a better edit if she was the winner. Such a flake to the very end. I agree that production probably put a lot of pressure on Matt about the "relationship" aspect because he and Rudi were the best musical couple left.
  6. This is the same show that earlier this season had a teenage girl singing Chandelier (1 2 3 Drink, 1 2 3 Drink) and another singing Lady Marmalade (Voulez vous couchez avec moi?) so I guess they figured it was ok for Luke, lol. Based on the way the show treats Alejandro, they probably were celebrating the #2 spot. 😉 I would have been happy with Arthur, Dillon or Just Sam winning and she probably needed it the most. I look forward to seeing what they all do in the future and that is not a feeling I've ever had post Idol!
  7. I was surprised to see Laine perform...Alejandro must not have been available.
  8. Thank you! This may explain why I have some unprovoked resentment towards Matt, lol. Actually, can we get Paul on this show? So he can lose, AGAIN? Another Paul loss is just what this year needs.
  9. However the look was achieved, I liked it better than the "more is more" attitude of styling on this show. I'm not anti-make-up and I don't want to be accused of "glam-shaming" (tm bachelor contestant that I'm blanking on) but I thought she looked younger and prettier in this milieu. I agree, but I don't know why he would be surprised. He practically begged the audience for Todd votes last night and his fans obliged.
  10. I actually thought she looked a lot better than she does on the show.
  11. I kind of love Natasha...and she would generally be the "type" of contestant I would love to hate. There's no question that she pushed Julia's button on purpose, but I can't think of anyone who deserved it more. I also don't think it was a question of "sabotage" (Natasha can clearly out-sing Julia and didn't need to handicap her), I think she just enjoyed watching her reaction. I was only around Julia for a fraction of the time Natasha was and I was tired of her re-writing the narrative to cast herself as the heroine. She didn't like Natasha questioning Brandon? See Savannah last week when Julia tried to tell her that Brandon was conflicted. Also, for the last time--Julia, you did not reach "clarity" or make a "decision", things finally went the way you wanted them to from the beginning so of course you were happy! Both Julia and Jamie came across as desperate in their performances. You can stomp and flail and jump up and down all you want, it's not going to distract from your mediocrity. Also, Trevor seems like a charisma vacuum and Jamie needs to close her mouth.
  12. I feel like this should have been titled: American Idol: Homeward Bound. Glad that my three favorites made it though (Arthur, Dillon & Just Sam) and was pleasantly surprised that most of the teeny-bopper crew was eliminated. I guess it makes sense since they all seemed very similar and probably canceled each other out. I could do without Luis, Johnny and Makayla, but it's not too bad for a top ten eleven.
  13. Hopefully you'll be commenting as you watch! It would be great to revisit the season with additional commentary!
  14. This dynamic confuses me the most. There had to be something left on the editing room floor. From last episode to this one, the only thing they've shown is that Ben tried (and failed) to vote Jeremy out. So, Ben is angry that Jeremy didn't get bounced??? I could see Jeremy being angry at Ben, but not the other way around. Any normal survivor player would be trying to placate Jeremy instead of acting like a petulant toddler.
  15. I have liked Anthony Anderson in many of his roles, but his mother is getting on my last nerve in the cell phone commercials that they do.
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