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  1. So much this! It's like the TPTB/judges are gas-lighting us, lol. I don't think she's a bad dancer, but she's definitely not as good as the judges make it seem with their hyperbole and scoring. Does she have an ABC/Disney contract? It just seems like the fix is in which makes me actively dislike her even though it's not her fault. I'm not a Hannah fan either, but I thought her tango was so much better than either of Ally's dances. Small consolation to having Jenna back? Seeing her eliminated for a second time! Whitney and Emma better watch their backs!
  2. leocadia

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    As far as actual scares go, whatever that was in David's room creeped me the hell out! He's made of stronger stuff than I am, that's for sure.
  3. Enough has been said about the Sean problem, the real conspiracy is how is Jenna back after being eliminated last week??? I had that one small moment of happiness and even that was taken away.
  4. Potential spoiler for another show so...
  5. Nobody is really standing out for me this season. I will say that I thought the "California Dreaming" girl beat the 4-chair turn guy but I could be biased because I thought he ruined one of my favorite songs. "She Talks to Angels" is 100% emotion and he stylized the angst right out of it. On a personal note, it also rubbed me the wrong way when Khalea felt the need to point out that the Celine Dion song wasn't easy. That was implied when Kelly/Gwen said she made it "look" easy and only made her seem self-congratulatory. Finally, Gwen's try-hard fashion sense is so over the top that it pains me to look at her.
  6. It never fails to amuse me when these people forget they are being recorded all the time. Has he seen this show? He had to realize that he'd be found out eventually so why lie in the first place? He seems pretty detached to me but I haven't decided if that was cruel or just stupid.
  7. leocadia

    S01.E04: Rose390

    Great book! I think it's called "And I don't want to live this life". It is very true that there is very little help out there for "incorrigible" children. As a parent, you want to love them and are hesitant to put their future in jeopardy while involving the law (who likely won't be able to do much anyway) but they can be extremely abusive and make life hell. Demon or psychopath, I found the kid 100% believable and I totally felt for the parents with no where to go for help.
  8. It's my fault for picking the team, but I'm blaming my 13th place finish for my bad day today. 😉
  9. I thought it was funny when he slammed the door after Jackson walked out in the clip. What a petulant teenager thing to do. Either they let the clip run longer this time or I missed it on the first run. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, lol.
  10. It was worse than that...it was an order "Just make sure you stay true to your word and vote the way you said". Or what, Jackson? Sad thing is, Cliff probably will vote for him. Seeing Christie again just made me realize how punchable her face is. Tommy certainly has the Bachelor handshake down. He seemed much happier to see Jack than Christie. I loved her face when he said he revealed their secret to distance himself from her. She and Nick seem like the most bitter of the group. Jess MAY have caught a clue, but Analyse still looks confused as to why she's there.
  11. I did enjoy that BB played the clip of Cliff telling Nicole that if they voted out Tommy instead of Holly, he'd take the bullet instead of her. The thing is, I don't think he believed that for a second. He was trying to further ingratiate himself to Jackson while clipping Nicole's wings because Tommy would choose her over him. Guess you have to be a man of your word this time Cliff.
  12. Thanks again @Lady Calypso for doing all the contabulating this season! I may be riding that middle to the end, but it's been a fun ride!
  13. Interesting that Cliff got the HOH-itis when Nicole was HOH. I don't even like them, but they way he was talking down to Holly (we'll ALLOW you to play for veto) and Jackson (Just so you know, I want you to take me to F2, but I'm taking Nicole) was insane. I think he really has lost it a little. Even if you believe everyone is a "Person of Their Word" it was ridiculous of him to think Jackson would ever choose him over Holly or that Holly would willingly lay down her game. Too much Jackson in this episode. Win or lose, I'll be happy that I can stop seeing his face in a week!! Nice to see Ovi!!
  14. The cynic in me says that Tayshia didn't like being left on the beach with so little fanfare (I think she expected him to fight a little harder when she said no) and wanted her BIP happy ending even if she still wasn't 100% into him. Of course, it's just as likely that the show itself realized they would be popular and encouraged it on their own. Speaking of which, I am completely over this show trying to push it's narrative despite clear evidence to the contrary. Blake is a villain, Caelynn is a victim, Demi is the bravest of the brave and anything Jordan says has relevance. Sure, Jan.
  15. I was bugged by that too. After thinking about it though, like @Lamb18 said, it may have been TPTB's way of saying, "yeah, we saw what you did last summer". Of course, a much better way of doing that would have been not choosing to have him on the show for any reason. I have my issues with Bayleigh, but I still can't believe she buys into his bullshit.
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