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  1. When she was tellling Hannah that she would "break the tie" in her favor, I was thinking "What tie????". No matter what combination of guys were on the block/voting, Hannah was going home.
  2. Azah, blinded by X til the end. Congrats on 4th place! (that's a huge accomplishment in Big Brother). I'd almost rather X or Ky would have won HOH because then I wouldn't have had even a glimmer of hope. KY: There are live feeds. We have seen exactly how little DerF has done for the past three months. (He couldn't even look directly in the camera because he knew what a lie it was as he was saying it.) Please don't try to make us think he's some great mastermind that you are nobly saving. At least X is slightly more honest about wanting to win. Speaking of DerF, he was so sure
  3. How is it possible that Judith Light has not aged in 30 years?
  4. I think that was strategy to turn the house against X. Even on her way out, she was helping Tiff's game...
  5. LOL. I actually like that people shortened in to DerF. DerF seems more fitting.
  6. That is ridiculous. I don't like SB much as a character on a reality show. I did not want her to win and wasn't sad she was evicted. That being what it is, I would never even think to contact her directly to let her know that, let alone harass her family or wish her ill. I just don't get it.
  7. It did seem like Zero Stars Grandma Chicken recorded his segment at another time, away from the HGs because you're right that they absolutely didn't react at all. You'd think if he was there, they would at least give some courtesy giggles or play along. Since the comp took place kind of late after the DE, it may be that they just got basic rules and he was edited in later. He was the only good part of the ep for me. I am glad the CO achieved their mission. That being said, I think Kyland is annoying (and a big baby) X is incredibly narcissistic and DerF has misogynistic tendencies s
  8. This would make sense with DGT mocking Leland by suggesting he brought "animal blood" and Leland correcting with "No, human blood, yours." right before cutting off his head. I was thinking that whatever blood he had, it wouldn't be classified as human...
  9. I still want the key wheel back. 😥 Removing it took away the entire strategy of key placement and the tension it would create.
  10. I thought it was kind of rude for Aaron to be shouting instructions to the chefs during their sessions. It was such a pressure cooker situation that hearing/responding to one voice seemed important to their success. The only question going into tonight for me was would he cut Suu or Alejandro? Admittedly I was a little surprised that he opted for 3 women, but if anyone but Kelsey wins next week, I will be floored. Yawn.
  11. It would have been completely irrelevant to anything that happened on the show or the live feeds so I understand why they didn't, but I was kind of hoping Ky's zing would reference #KyComplainsgate. Reading those tweets made me laugh and laugh. Good times.
  12. I think the fact that Claire herself says that she understands and respects the mission shows that she doesn't feel marginalized by the way she is leaving the game. As much as it may hurt on a personal level, she is able to accept that it's a necessary roughness for something that is more important on a community level.
  13. Those silly CBS producers, if they really wanted us to believe that zingbot zapped them back to regular size with that laser, why was the veto still so small? Continuity is important! I felt bad for both Tiff and Claire (although to be fair, Tiff did it to herself). She was right that you can't always get what you want--apparently unless your name is Xavier. It bothered me a little that he was complaining about his "3rd" time on the block when the first time he was randomly selected and the 2nd time he chose to be the "3rd" nominee to win veto. At no time (even this week) was he remot
  14. I think Thomas actually said it to her as they were leaving on their date. I guess he wanted to prove that he was paying attention or something.
  15. Shudder. I was getting ready for sleep, but now I'll need some time to scrub that scenario out of my brain.
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