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  1. Not a fan of the housewives or Andy Cohen so this wasn't the episode for me. It came off a little too self-serving for Bravo. It seemed to me that all of the housewives were on their best behavior. Either something was left on the cutting room floor, or Kristina has no clue about a true "diva" reaction. I thought Wendy handled her pretty gently even though it was obvious that she wasn't thrilled with the look. The high point (for me) was one of the designers saying "I'm international, so I don't know anything about these housewives". I'm going to start using that in my everyd
  2. I was only half-watching and at one point during the limo introductions they showed Jesse onscreen talking to Clayton and I truly thought they had a same gender contestant that was a mirror image of Clayton. I also missed the part where Sally explained that her wedding had been called off. With all the tears and drama I was expecting to hear that her fiancé had died in a horrible accident. Guess I need to pay closer attention!
  3. I was actually prepared to vote for Joshua (despite singing "My Heart Will Go On", lol) but Jershika really left it all onstage and I couldn't NOT vote for her.
  4. I expected them to do really well on "Mrs. Robinson", but something was missing. It was like they were two Garfunkels with no Simon or vice-versa. It's too bad that Ariana didn't have them do Cat Steven's "Father and Son." A lost opportunity there. I'm of the opinion that groups shouldn't be allowed as it's not fair to compare harmonies to single voices, but clearly the TPTB don't feel the same. Both last week and this week, Wendy's interactions have seemed off. Her voice is still incredible, but when talking and in the beginning of her duet with Paris, she seemed to be staring straig
  5. Her hypocrisy was especially clear when they played the TH of Deshawn being so conflicted over whether or not he could turn on Shan and Shan blithely ratting him out to Ricard and throwing his name around. I think if Shan had been less shady about her earlier dealings with Ricard, he wouldn't have turned on her so quickly.
  6. It seemed to me like the winner was not on the card itself, but that she had to wait for them to tell her in her earpiece. She definitely reacted like she would to being told Iman was the winner as opposed to reading it. Maybe the card was just for show and had nothing on it or instructions to wait for TPTB to let her know. Or, maybe her reading comprehension is really that bad.
  7. As the show went on, I kept thinking the producers were trying to tank contestants by giving them unremarkable song choices that gave them no chance to shine...by the end, I realized almost all of them were on a level playing field in that arena. The only exception I would say was Joshua, but while he was more than vocally capable on "The Show Must Go On", it didn't fit his personality so there was a disconnect there as well. Similarly, Hailey sounded pretty on "Elastic Heart" but she's way too inexperienced to sell the story, despite Blake's comments to the contrary. I don't think teenager
  8. There was definitely some kind of technical issue with the sound. Along with several of them being off, the back-up singers were louder than the vocalists at times. I'm sure it sounds different in the audience, but it always seems weird to me when someone is obviously off and then the coaches talk about how incredible the performance was. Speaking of which, I understand that by the lives there isn't a lot of coaching left to be done, but if every performance is going to get superfluous praise across the board, it really weakens the credibility of the comments. Not everyone can be "the
  9. Not just you...I wasn't wearing contacts on the Disney heroes night and when Mel C and Gleb started "Step in Time" I thought she was Sharna...and was AMAZED at how much better BAG had gotten, lol.
  10. I noticed the lack of tears too, despite the trembling voice, lol. I decided that even if he was able to produce an actual tear, he was only crying about leaving paradise w/o his "Bachelorette" cred and the ensuing climb in the Bachelor Nation hierarchy and all the rights and privileges that come with that status.
  11. Ugh to two weeks of Disney. It's never been my favorite since it seems so self-serving, so of course they decided one night wasn't enough. How long until there's a Tyra night? Each pair gets a different style, but they all have to dance to Tyra's one song:
  12. I actually didn't mind Tyra cosplaying Britney in the first outfit. At least it followed the natural lines of her body and didn't appear stiff and unmovable like the other atrocities she's been wearing lately. Linebacker shoulders and steel cage corsets don't do her any favors. I had to laugh when Bruno (I think it was Bruno) was complimenting Jojo on being able to magically find the camera. She's clearly learning from the best, Jenna has been a camera pig since her days on SYTYCD. Honestly they're both too "look at me" for me to enjoy but the TPTB clearly love Jenna so I'm resigned
  13. This finale has to be the polar opposite of Jackson's "confetti" moment.
  14. You know Ky is sitting there thinking "We could ask for time to talk????"
  15. What? You don't buy that Ivan accidentally found a producer's phone that was magically unlocked and open to the information he needed to find the girl he was waiting for? Sounds plausible to me. 🙄 Oh Aaron, I've never liked you since you've spent more time calling out guys and leading the right reasons police, but you almost had the moral high ground you've so desperately sought. After the Ivan situation, everyone was on your side and you had to go and blow it by doing the same thing you're always accusing everyone of doing to you. You dropped Chelsea like a hot potato and ran right t
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