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  1. Exactly. The problem is that Clare treated the experience like a shopping trip. She looked over the "catalogue" (ie, the guys' social media), made her selection and expected a "no-return" policy. At no point did it seem like she was interested in what any of the guys wanted, Dale included.
  2. Now if only AG would release her steely grasp, we might have a shot at a good season!
  3. Agreed, both Kaite and Victoria (I refuse to call her by her royal moniker) just seemed like they were there for the screen time, but the mean girl vibes were coming off Kit in waves. She may think of herself as a "CEO", "President" or whatever, but that scene between her crew and Victoria was pure Queen Bee. I guess it's no surprise since she's the real world incarnation of Blair Waldorf.
  4. Absolutely! I completely understand why people would give her the side-eye and question her authenticity. I also get that people do not like religion/religious ideals forced on them in the context of a reality tv show.
  5. I know that mileage varies greatly...and religion is the touchiest of touchy subjects, but Julie's recent need to share her faith doesn't bother me as much as it does some. I'm not saying anyone shouldn't be bothered, I just wanted to provide a different perspective. It may be that this new faith--or renewal of faith--is what she needs to get her through everything that is going on with her husband and her career. If it's helped her, and it's something new and exciting to her, I can understand her wish to share it with others. I get that it can be annoying (I had a friend who discovered "The Secret" and would not shut up about it, lol) but so long as she's not advocating hate or using religion to exclude people, I don't have a problem with it. I do find it surprising that the producers haven't put a stop to her on-air remarks because as the "neutral host" she could be (and seems to be) alienating many parts of the audience.
  6. I thought Blake's "save" contestant (Taryn?) was the weakest of the four, but of course she was voted through. I guess I shouldn't complain since I didn't care enough to vote for any of them, lol. While I like them both, I don't think Dez or Cami did themselves any favors by performing covers that were (IMO) weaker than the originals. In contrast, Payge - who I haven't really warmed to - did a fantastic job on her song, so kudos to her.
  7. When she said that "Sparkling Diamonds" was in her "top 3" favorite songs, my eyes couldn't have rolled any harder. Sure, Jan. It was a meh ending to a meh season. I would have preferred Justina winning and when Nelly was announced as third, I just turned it off. Nev and Kaitlyn were two sides to the same coin for me and while I don't dislike them or feel that they were undeserving, I just didn't care which won.
  8. I like Johnny, but this sounds a lot like sour grapes coming from a professional skater. Yes, it's a different skill set than ballroom dance, but at the very least he probably has the most experience with learning/executing choreography.
  9. The less said about Clare, the better but a couple of things... Why didn't she admonish Dale for saying that when he got out of the limo he thought she was beautiful? Didn't that one guy get sent home because he said the same thing instead of admiring her strength, resilience and ability to show up?? I guess now that she has Dale she doesn't need to be strong anymore...or she can be strong because he's there...or whatever it is she was trying to sell. Also, someone should tell Dale that "Lets Do This" is Becca's catchphrase...Clare is all about "Showing Up." Honestly, I don't wish them ill, but her expectations for the future seem a little unrealistic. That's great that he's shown up for her during the run of this show, but let's see how the relationship fares outside of the spotlight. She seems pretty high maintenance and once the shine wears off it seems like she's quick to cut and run. Tayshia almost lost me in the first few minutes with her use of "Cheers" as a verb. ("Cheers me" or whatever she said) I know that's what the kiddos are saying these days, but it's a personal pet peeve. That being said, she was so much warmer and more articulate than her predecessor that she's getting a second chance.
  10. Based on the hair, I'd say Jennifer Lopez, except Tyra was trying (and failing) to personify her in the opening get-up. That dress wasn't even CLOSE to the famous JLo one except they were both green prints. Maybe Ariana Grande? I don't recall if they gave Carrie Ann an icon or not. Guess I'm not paying that close attention either!
  11. Bruno was George Michael, Derek was supposed to be emulating David Bowie. (as @Koalagirl already mentioned --sorry!)
  12. Was that Emma Lee (NOT emily)? I thought she had a great voice, but it seems like she's kind of arrogant. Based on her interactions with the coaches, she had a "know-it-all" vibe about her. It's just a first impression, but Kelly may have a hard time coaching her if she already thinks she's the greatest. None of the singers impressed me as much as Thunderstorm or Cedrice did during last year's blinds. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong in the coming weeks, but overall this season seems blah.
  13. Halloween costume modeling must be like the farm team for reality contestants. Angela from Big Brother 21 got her start as a loofah.
  14. If David hadn't gone for the $$, Cody probably would still have won the whole game, but the curse would be standing as he would've been first out. David truly is the Disruptor! Speaking of which, why wasn't his comic The Disruptor? That would have made more sense than David and Goliath. Was it still supposed to be a secret that he won that power? More importantly, Why do I care?? The season is over. I am FREE!
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