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  1. The first round should have been so easy for them. The potluck list clearly listed all the possibilities and even specified that only 1 fruit should be used in each dessert. Even if they didn’t notice the name on the coffee cup, the list plus the other clues should have narrowed it down for them to a cheesecake or tart. Coffee cake or galette was nowhere on the list. I’m surprised that none of the teams familiar with croquembouche knew to wrap spun sugar around the tower. I remember learning about it from Martha Stewart years ago and finding the process of creating the spun sugar nes
  2. Speaking of which, the trailer for Lin Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut Tick Tick Boom just dropped. It was Rent’s Jonathan Larsen’s semi-autobiographical musical. I saw this today at the theater and I’m so so glad I saw it on the big screen. I cried way more than I thought I would. The movie is so good and it was an emotional experience to be back in a theater again. I’m planning to watch again on HBO Max because I missed the after credit scene. I loved the staging for 96,000. The water scenes reminded me of some of the ones I’ve seen in old Hollywood movies with Esther Williams.
  3. David Archuleta Says That He Is A Member Of The LGBTQ Community I hope David’s admission helps others who are dealing with the same issues.
  4. Justin also didn’t go after Thomas for running Emma’s car off a cliff. The writers didn’t even allow him to care enough to be angry about his niece’s death. So much missed opportunity and it really further watered down his character. He only ever reappears to prop up Bill.
  5. I read something that said the producers invited other people to participate, but not all were available on the day of filming (April 7th) because of Covid restrictions (some people couldn’t fly or leave the Covid bubbles of their current shows or movies) and other scheduling issues. Paul Rudd was filming the next installment of Ant Man and Cole Sprouse was presumably still working on Riverdale. Found the article https://www.eonline.com/amp/news/1274638/heres-why-paul-rudd-and-cole-sprouse-were-missing-from-the-friends-reunion
  6. @janie jones It depends on the author, some keep it more concise and others like Stephanie Laurens go on and on. I think Julia Quinn that wrote the Bridgerton series falls somewhere in the middle. I guess on the TV show they have so much story to fit into each episode that they can’t go as in depth with such things. I’m sure it’s a fine balance for the show writers.
  7. At least with a TV show from this genre you just get the visuals. I definitely think that helped the story with Bridgerton and it can do the same for other books that take pages and pages for one love scene. I need to see some visuals of Royce.
  8. I think they gave JoJo a crap arrangement of that song. I get that it has to be cut down for time, but this arrangement totally removed the buildup that makes it so heart wrenching. It was just a bunch of runs. She’s a way better singer than Nick Lachey and Whiz Kalifa, but Nick’s song was better.
  9. @Snow Apple It was on last night, so I’m assuming Tuesdays will be their normal day. It was the first episode of the new season.
  10. The first lady proved that just because you’ve been on four games shows it doesn’t mean you’ll be the winner.
  11. I don’t understand why the guy who kidnapped his son didn’t go and check on him after the earthquake happened? He didn’t seem concerned about his son at all except to get him away from fellow 828’ers. It made no sense.
  12. I’m halfway through season 2. I’ve enjoyed watching the series so far, although I do realize it’s far from perfect. It seems like the actress is playing her as more ditzy this season compared to season 1. I know that Suzy is a producer on this show and head of the company that controls Selena’s image and music. I’ve been wondering since the first season how much input she’s had on how the story has been portrayed. Here’s an article about Suzette https://parade.com/1178556/jessicasager/selena-sister-suzette-quintanilla-now/
  13. Meg says that she would address it on the show if a family member is in the news, but she hasn’t addressed what happened to her mom being formally censured by the Republican Party in Arizona. I think Chris Cuomo tried to play fair by not advocating for his brother on his show. I’m not sure what more Meg thinks he should have done. Brothers are going to talk to each other. It would be weird if he didn’t. As long as he’s not trying to use his position to sway future juries then he’s playing by the rules.
  14. Meg was referring to the unwarranted fears that some people have (including people she knows) that the vaccines can cause fertility issues. Meg then said that she’s the only one left on the panel who is child bearing and might care about such things.
  15. Same here. I’d love to see a series based on the Bastion Club and Cynster family by Stephanie Laurens. There’s a lot of material to work with there.
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