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  1. Keaton should have aimed his one shot squarely for Madeline. Did he think that Madeline was going to let his family go once he died? His whole plan seemed for naught.
  2. I still think it wasn’t cool to suddenly make Maya trans. If B&B wanted to step up and have a trans character then they should have hired a trans actor.
  3. I just saw an interview with Patti LaBelle on The Talk today and Marie asked her if singing 9 to 5 or Eye of The Tiger was more difficult. Miss Patti said that she wanted to sing 9 to 5 and made that decision with the producers. As for Eye of The Tiger, she hated that song and was unhappy the producers chose it for her battle round.
  4. I always liked Sally and this version of Thomas. It sucked that the writers kept having to pull them apart due to the availability of the actors. Then we got the whole Thomas recast and they act like they barely know each other. I also hate what they’ve done to Sally’s character. She deserves better. I wish they’d show some of the older episodes with more of the siblings including OG Felicia. I always thought she came across as having a cool vibe, but they squandered her character. The later recast just made it worse. The episodes with Kristen and Clarke (the nude photo scandal) or even Kristen and Tony’s love story would be good.
  5. I didn’t buy the chemistry with Dana Sue and the farmer guy, even when he said, “You can taste anything you want.” He was nice eye candy in a man-bun sort of way. He seemed more like someone she’d have a quick fling with and then it’s over. That could get messy from a business perspective though.
  6. Ty should have given Annie a heads up that her message was shared. Regardless of whether he has feelings for her or not, she’s been a close friend and he owed her that much. I think Ty is freaking because all of his important relationships are changing at once and it’s too much for him. He might have feelings for Annie, but in his need for stability it’s too much for that relationship to change too.
  7. Because even though he’s a doctor, he’s also a doofus?
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/amanda-seales-not-renewing-the-real-contract-black-voices-not-respected-160323161.html I wasn’t a fan of Amanda being added, but I thought she was settling in. I guess she feels she was being stifled. I think Amanda is in that place in life where she is young and brash and likes to stir the pot and say things for effect without respect to repercussions. That doesn’t always translate on this type of format where they have to consider ratings, sponsors, and legal issues with what is said. I think she’s very talented and I hope she finds a spot that is right for her. Maybe a podcast?
  9. I hope no one created a drinking game based on the number of times Courtney said Pat’s name in this episode. The basement scene alone would be enough to cause alcohol poisoning.
  10. Guess I’ll have to wait for On-Demand because it was preempted in the DFW area due to protest coverage.
  11. Apparently Justin Hartley (former Adam) is now dating Sofia Pernas (former Marissa). https://amp.tmz.com/2020/05/29/justin-hartley-kisses-new-woman-divorce-chrishell-stause/
  12. I was aware of their ages before my post. I still believe that Noa and Daniel should have been in their twenties and that Lewis should look older so he can come across as more of a mentor and father figure. I believe this production hasn’t done enough to foster the believe that Lewis has been there since she was a young teen. The Israeli version did this by showing old photos of them together and they reminisced over the things they’ve accomplished together and how tough it was when they were starting out. Since this Noa and Daniel are in their 30’s it leaves the audience having less sympathy for them and we’re left wondering why these characters don’t have their lives more together by now. Noa should have long ago kicked her dad out of her company. Daniel should have his own place and should have figured out if he wanted to train to be the next owner of the bakery or pursue his own dreams.
  13. As much as I’ve liked the actors, they really miscast the ages of Noa, Daniel, and Lewis. The actress playing Noa should have been able to pass for a low to mid 20’s to truly capture that “it girl” phase. This Noa seems older and less free spirited. With Daniel, we’re left wondering why a guy in his 30’s still lives at home and is being bossed around by his parents. Lewis is supposed to be the guy who has been guiding her career since she was a young teen. He looks way younger and closer to her peer than the father figure manager he’s supposed to be.
  14. I did some internet sleuthing and it seems like the only couple from Season 1 that’s still together is Alex and McKenzie and they are dating long distance.
  15. Brandon who was rejected by Erin in episode 1 and Melissa who was rejected by Alex in episode 5 are now dating.
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