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  1. I wonder if they’ll have to sacrifice the music if it gets picked up by another network? It seems integral to the show, but the cost of music licensing definitely adds to the higher cost of production.
  2. It’s been replaced with the show For Life which is already in production. From the original Deadline article it sounds like there were several problems delaying the show including a change in show runner which is delaying the scripts, plus Covid restrictions in Los Angeles on location shoots coupled with it already being one of their more expensive productions and the network felt like they could make more money cutting it loose and going with other things.
  3. I think Lurch is playing a long game and trying to seek revenge on Steffy, Liam, and Hope so that he can ultimately slide into the CEO spot and maybe back into Hope’s life.
  4. The Bold and The Beautiful Casts Diamond White in Key Role Ugh Zoe’s sister Paris is coming to town. Just what we were hoping for. I did not like this actress’s acting abilities on Empire so I’m not sure how much she’ll add to B&B
  5. Netflix might not pick it up since they just canceled two of its own series for similar reasons. It’s sad, because it was a good show. I’ve been burned by ABC so many times with canceling shows I like. I’m still salty over the cancellation of Pushing Daisies.
  6. We started Season 2. I liked the first episode. They seem to be carrying a lot of things over from Season 1 like McKenna and the DA’s marriage still having repercussions from what happened to Izzy and Syd dealing with what happened with Jen.
  7. My initial guess for Sun is Jillian Barberie. She was the weather girl for FOX NFL Sunday.
  8. So a great date for Zoe is wine and cauliflower? Seems like Carter didn’t need to spring for the caterer on that one. There is such a complete lack of chemistry with those two. They just don’t feel like equals in age or maturity level. I’ve often thought he would have been a better pairing with Steffy if written correctly, but that’s too much to hope for this show. Carter always seems to be wasted as a placeholder for someone else so Zoe will likely be placed with Thomas again soon.
  9. She’s always been terrible and BB is just reminding us how bad she is. A long time ago she was in a movie called Tammy and the TRex and a Texas group that riffs on movies like Mystery Science Theater 3000 is featuring that movie and Denise’s terrible acting this week.
  10. This show is so misogynistic. Brooke is labeled a slut for kissing Bill and she’s exposed to outrage in front of the whole family. Meanwhile, Ridge gets to just have an innocent drunk mistake divorcing his wife and marrying someone else in Vegas. He wants Brooke to not freak out and immediately forgive and forget. He’s not being blamed for his actions by his family and ultimately he won’t be blamed for the whole thing once it’s revealed Shauna and Quinn arranged the wedding.
  11. I don’t understand why Ridge didn’t tell Carter to look into whether this marriage was legal and if so look into an annulment. No way would it be legal for someone to get remarried the day they file for divorce because a judge has to issue a decree for the divorce to be finalized. Plus, Ridge and Brooke would likely have further negotiations about money and custody of RJ. Will Quinn and Shauna have to produce someone who allegedly witnessed this sham marriage? B&B can just stop with the Flo and Wyatt love scenes now because the level of hypocrisy and ewww is too high now.
  12. Melody Thomas Scott was on Entertainment Tonight promoting her new book Always Young & Restless. She was asked if they were using stand-ins or mannequins for love scenes like B&B. She said that they have been filming for a couple weeks and so far she has not seen any love scenes. There are no plans for stand-ins, etc. She believes that the show will refrain from love scenes until things improve because of the level of strictness that they currently have on the set. The actors stay far apart from each other, but camera angles are used to make them appear closer. MTS was also asked about her neck lift she had this past winter and she was happy with it and wishes she had done it sooner.
  13. I missed explaining this in my first post, but cleared it up later. Rosie is the product of a fling with Amber and Marcus, but Amber gave up custody so that Marcus and Dayzee could raise her.
  14. Yes, Donna pressured Eric to adopt Marcus. IIRC, it was before it was officially revealed that Justin was his biological dad. I also forgot to mention that Amber is Rosie’s biological mom. Marcus and Amber had a secret fling. IIRC, she gave up custody for Dayzee and Marcus to raise
  15. You are thinking of Lizzie. Rosie is the daughter of Marcus and Dayzee. Marcus is the son of Donna and Justin. ETA: Lizzie is short for Elizabeth named after Brooke’s mom, Beth. Rosie is short for Ambrosia the full name of her biological mom Amber.
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