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  1. Angeleyes

    S06.E05: Stiff Competition

    Did you see the giant ring she was wearing on her right hand in that same scene? That was a lot of large jewelry at once. I strangely loved that necklace though. I’m surprised Charles didn’t have a non-compete clause that would have prevented this from happening. It’s a huge conflict of interest. At the very least, he should be required to sell his remaining shares in Millennial.
  2. Angeleyes

    Robotic Media Coverage

    New promo for season 4
  3. Angeleyes

    The Spoiler Collection

    Same. He will always be Lujack from Guiding Light to me.
  4. Angeleyes

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    I haven’t watched this show, but wanted to check on this thread because of Bill. He was on a local morning show (Good Morning Texas) last year before this show was ever announced. He had teamed up Richard Branson to build a new Virgin Hotel in the design district of Dallas. He took the show’s female host on a tour of the construction site. I got a creepy “Richard Branson knock-off” vibe from him even then. Last week, he and Briana were on the show together promoting this show. Briana came across as trying too hard to seem more mature than she really is. Found this article from 2015. Apparently at that time he was married and making the reality show Hanging with the Hutchinson’s with his daughters from his first marriage. https://www.papercitymag.com/real-estate/the-anti-kardashians-dallas-beautiful-intelligent-driven-hutchinson-design-sisters/
  5. Angeleyes

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I’m pretty sure it was established that Perry cut off all contact with Mary Louise and moved to California to start over. It’s a bit fuzzy on the timeline, but it seems like maybe that happened after whatever went down with Perry’s brother. I recall Perry mentioning to the therapist that he and Celeste bonded in part due to their lack of family. Mary Louise has only known her grandsons a few months from when she showed up after Perry’s death. She’s only recently permanently moved to that state when she purchased the apartment in Jane’s complex. All of this would be taken into consideration with Mary Louise’s bid for custody.
  6. Angeleyes

    American Princess

    @ElectricBoogaloo: I’m pretty sure Delilah is one of the performers that moves around to various faires during the year. (The final scene was at a different faire than the one they had been at all season) It’s unclear if Maggie is normally queen at some of the other faires or if she does something else the rest of the year. As for the custody thing, some states allow grandparents to ask for visitation rights. Stating it as joint physical custody may have just been how the state they were in requires the judge’s order to be written. It may not necessarily mean 50/50 custody. It sounded like the judge said joint custody with terms negotiated later, meaning a visitation schedule.
  7. Angeleyes

    Grand Hotel

    When Alicia was speaking to El Rey about flying in the food from his mama, I yelled at the TV that it would be cheaper to just fly his mama there to cook for him. So funny that they did that, but he also got an ear boxing and a lecture. He was sorely in need of coming down a few pegs.
  8. Angeleyes

    S01.E01: Chapter 1

    Yes! Pronouncing it as “shecky” just seemed weird to me.
  9. Angeleyes

    S01.E01: Chapter 1

    My husband said to me, “If she picks the blue key this is going to be a really short series.” Lol. I enjoyed the first episode. I wasn’t familiar with the book so I thought it was just going to a a spy thriller type series. It’s interesting that it has sci-fi elements as well. I will have to check out the books this is based on.
  10. Angeleyes

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    Me too. I have my suspicions that the stories of how his dad and brother died might be significant and come into play later.
  11. Angeleyes

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    She’s also filming a series on HULU based on the book Little Fires Everywhere I’m also loving the wardrobes on this show. I wish I could afford the Balmain jacket Renata wore this episode. I don’t normally go for crocodile things, but I loved the design of that jacket.
  12. Angeleyes

    Grand Hotel

    I could be wrong, but I got the impression that he changed his story about his leg with each person he slept with to seem more sympathetic. My guess is that it was caused through some reckless accident through either his own fault or his father’s.
  13. Angeleyes

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    When Guiding Light was at its end, they began to save money by filming outdoors. That was sad in its own way, so it is hard to say which is better. Maybe they should have just had a scene at the coffee shop where they celebrated his win. At least that would have been less ridiculous than Christian pummeling his grandparents with a giant bat.
  14. Angeleyes

    Murder Mystery (2019)

    I cringed when she had to drive the Ferrari in those strappy stilettos. I loved that red dress! The movie wasn’t perfect, but it delivered on being a fun summer escape movie. I wouldn’t have wanted to pay full price at a movie theater for it, but to watch it on Netflix was just fine.
  15. Angeleyes

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    It seems like this leg of the race was short compared to some where the contestants are racing all day. I thought I saw a sign on the funicular that it would be back down the mountain at 10 (an hour from then according to Phil in the voiceover) when Bret and Chris arrived there. It makes me wonder when the last teams arrived. On the one hand, it made speed more of a factor on this leg. On the other, it was probably good for the show to have some built in down time for the racers before the final few legs of the race.