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  1. Apparently next week we get a “sing-a-long” episode (clip show of previous performances)
  2. Who knows with this show? IIRC lightning was a part of Zeke’s experience in the cave so I assumed they meant for it to be a part of his resurrection.
  3. Some takeaways from this episode: The Stone family apparently keeps their back door unlocked. Seems like a good idea based on their past experiences. No danger in that at all. Wakanda Forever is their family safe phrase as evidenced at the failed kidnapping drop off point. The Major was ultimately a lame big bad and I’m fine with her dying if it means we never have to see her again. Obviously, people come back to life on this show so we can’t completely rule that out. I’m still not sure how the clue Dug meaning the Dugout restaurant in the Catskills lead to an exact pinpoint location of the kidnappers’ cabin. Cal is bad luck for everyone around him. Although, I guess their group getting struck by lightning on the ice ended up saving Zeke. The part of the plane recovered did not have any numbers on it (that we could observe). It could be a piece of another plane by that airline and not 828. I’m sure it will be connected in some way though. It makes me wonder if the government entity the Major was a part of had blown up another plane to possibly cover up the 828 disappearance in some way. I’m sure we’ll get a convoluted explanation next season.
  4. Tom Pelphrey who played Jonathan is now in Season 3 of Ozark on Netflix.
  5. It makes me wonder if we’ll get a satisfying ending. Will they be able to answer the questions about the car explosion alluded to in the the flash forwards earlier in the season or will that now just be dropped?
  6. It’s pretty certain now that Kitty is Kate Bosworth after the Robert Redford clue. Her first film was with him in The Horse Whisperer. She also has the two different colored eyes thing.
  7. Yeah, at this point there’s no way to deny Bret’s voice. The judges have to be purposely guessing wrong.
  8. All signs point to Kitty being Kate Bosworth
  9. Do they have two more days? I could have sworn that she said that this would be their last night together. I thought that when she told Jared it was the day before the wedding and that the two days would be the wedding day and the day after. Who even knows with this show though.
  10. I’m so glad they kicked JoJo/T-Rex off now. I was worried they’d keep her around until the end since she has such a young following. I’m not in JoJo’s demographic. From what I’ve seen, she’s this annoying teen girl who continues to act like a pre-teen so that she can sell hair bows and concert venues to young girls.
  11. Hunter Hayes does a coffee house type meet and greet for VIPs at his concerts
  12. Hunter Hayes is from Breaux Bridge, LA so that could be the bridge clue.
  13. Rhino’s voice just sounded like Andy Grammar in the group performance
  14. At least with Bridget, she grew up with her family in the industry so it wasn’t as foreign a concept as Dr Peloton suddenly wanting to give everything up to go in that direction.
  15. I wish this storyline was about Sally getting revenge on Wyatt and Flo instead of wanting him back. This way still makes Sally look way more pathetic than she deserves. I was wondering who was going to take over as designer for Hope for the Future now that Thomas skipped town. The answer is obviously a doctor with no real fashion experience who risks her medical career to get into fashion. Fashion is about taking risks y’all!
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