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S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

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So, far, best episode I have seen in a long time. Why? Because they are finally interjecting  meaningful DR's as opposed to the usually crap. 

BB should give All Access payers exclusive footage of more DR;'s then shown on the show.

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Good thing Bella twit didn't try that shit with me. Nicole is one laid back gal. I'd have been off that bed and in that twat's face in a nano second. Twat is a bully (as is whole freaking H8ful alliance).

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I am so disgusted, the only thing that would make me happy is camp comeback being the actual house. These people are vile, racist, bullies!!! Smacking your fist in the opposite hand when talking to someone is flat out threatening...how is CBS letting this fly? 


Ps I don’t throw out the racist/bully shit  often, but any idiot can see what’s going on here. 

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Even more disgusted, Bella sucks.
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The joke will be on Isabella and Nick when they are voted off by their alliance and I’ll laugh, because they chose to believe the likes of Jackson aka Michie and co.

Sam and Tommy are decent but the rest are jerks.

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4 minutes ago, Booklady1017 said:

The joke will be on Isabella and Nick when they are voted off by their alliance and I’ll laugh, because they chose to believe the likes of Jackson aka Michie and co.

Sam and Tommy are decent but the rest are jerks.

Tommy is a jerk too. Don't buy the sweet edit. If you look closely you can see the mean vibe.

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These people are disgusting and stupid.  And annoying and stupid.  Or just plain stupid. 

Kat is comedy gold, David seems OK, but doomed even if he "comes back".  Nicole seems nice, but also not too bright.  

This could be the worst season ever.

Kaitlyn was a riot!  How many pieces were in her puzzle?  Like 6?

I hope Nicole survives somehow.

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I knew the big blowup was on this episode but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. (Or maybe the worst was left out.) But my pulse still went up and I went into anxiety mode watching it. Bella is awful. I hope Nicole is not voted out.

Jackson looks like he's put on weight.

It was fun to see Kaitlyn again. I wonder if she had a little work done since she looks different.

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Phew, that was intense. The first half hour was pretty horrifying, including Jack's incredibly condescending and insulting treatment of David and Ovi in the pantry. I'm glad they showed us that Ovi absolutely had his number. 

Nicole seemed like such a flake in her preseason intro, but she handled herself incredibly maturely and well with Bella. Good for her. The best part was her talking calmly to Nick while Bella ranted in the background then got fed up and left. Master class. 

The only good news on the horizon is that at least the last person in Camp Comeback will be white. Yay?? (Talk about grasping at straws.)

Christie's whole meltdown sequence was hilarious. So there's that. 

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1 minute ago, Cutty said:

Best part of this episode was definitely Kaitlyn. She's gorgeous. 

Nobody can say Kaitlyn doesn't have a sense of humor about herself.

She actually does seem like she'd be fun to hang with. She'd tell you all the good dirt.

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That was one of the most draining episodes of BIG BROTHER ever for reasons that are two-fold.

First, I HATE everyone one of those nine pricks! And it pains me to say that because on night one I wanted to root for Bella as I adore Asian women, but they are all just so horrible...the way they were ostracizing people and beating up on Nicole when she was trying to HELP them but the dummies are so easily snowed it was pathetic. The two Jacks are especially loathsome since Jackson set this all into motion and I was actually fearful for Ovi with Jack in the storage room...he was very passive-aggressive intimidating. "I can't touch you." that seemed to have a double meaning.

Second was Nicole herself...before it spiraled out of controll I was like just TELL THEM THE BRUNETTES and CHRISTIE are lying! Spell it out...I think Nick might have listened at least, but her actions actually made her seem guilty when she wasn't!

Is Christie on drugs or psychotic? I couldn't decide or was she punking us? That was some nonsensical paranoid ravings 

The puzzle! Perhaps the greatest example of producer manipulation exploding in their faces ever. I wish there had been one of the cameras in the production booth when Katelyn blew their thinly veiled attempt to get her back in. That was classic.

Speaking of manipulation...if there was ever a time to do it...is now to turn the HG to vote out card-carrying dud Cliff. We can't lose Nicole....normal, decent people are dropping like flies and we'll be left with the dregs!

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Wow, I've seen some shit on this show but these people?? There isn't a strong enough word for how much I hate them and how vile I think they are. I am so close to tapping out on this terrible horrible season. I didn't sign any waivers to relive my high school days...

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It’s amazing that none of the hamsters are able to see the ridiculous irony of being so insulted about being called bullies when one of them stands there smacking his fist into his hand with a wide adversarial stance; the other one not allowing a word in edgewise and a THERAPIST would be so horrible to a woman who has little power in the house. Actually spoke the truth about Bella and they all know it but it’s much easier to just mark the weaker players. I’m now on theNicole train but I don’t hold out any hope for her.

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I read some of the live feed thread this afternoon & "Oh, it can't be this bad !"  But it was. Most of these people are both mean & stupid.

Where did all that come from Christie ? Did anyone actually tell her she might be put up or did she invent that idea in her own mind ? 

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This episode was not fun to watch. This group of eight (Sam should stay far away) is truly loathsome. Watching the pretty, popular kids single out the ones they don’t feel fit their standards is pretty gross.

I really wish Nicole had stuck up for herself a little more. It wouldn’t have done any good, but I still wanted to see it.

Bella’s the worst kind of bully - the kind that honestly thinks she’s a good person.

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This epi actually came fairly close to mirroring what reportedly happened on the live feeds.  It wasn't mentioned, but the misfits must know the size of the opposing alliance and who's in it by taking roll call in the HOH.

Bella basically is one of those bullying beyotches that talks over everyone to "win" arguments.  Her conversation with Nicole made me flashback to every conversation where I was blamed for something I didn't do and everyone believed the opposite.  Nicole just kind of shut down because it seemed no matter what she said, everyone was convinced she was lying.

Regarding that confrontation: Tommy wasn't there as a mediator, he was there to be complicit in Bella's bullying - so he's just as guilty a Bella by NOT intervening or trying to de-escalate the situation.  He just watched the bully beat up the victim and then passes out a band-aid and a hug after watching the carnage.  He's a sycophantic asshole.

I'm truly tired of hearing about Camp Comeback and couldn't care less who fights for their way back.  There's STILL way too many hamsters in that house!  

I'd have to say at this point in the season, there is NO ONE I'm really rooting for.  The "nice" misfits are just too bland and passive to even care about and the mean "populars" are just famewhores, bullies or assholes. 

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Fuck these nasty 9 people, fuck all of 'em with a pool toy. (No, the pool toy doesn't deserve it. Let them all break their necks going head-first down the wall rung tunnel. The STDs won't work fast enough.)

And through the darkness shines Kat. First they show her cluelessly ringing the doorbell at the HoH, then during the end credits did she have her hand up as if to give someone a high-five, and when no one responded, she kinda ran her hand through her hair, in slo-mo? Did anyone catch that? Kat is my spirit animal this season. (Plus, Mensa gf rocked the challenge.)

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My only solice in this epi (besides Nicole's "Okay, I'm going to say it, it's YOU Bella and everyone knows it") was that the shit was going down and not a single member of the Bastard Squad said 'Oh, wait, where's Jack?? He should be in on this convo! Someone go get him!' He of course made up for lost time escalating things and stirring up his little squad.

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1 minute ago, Alice Mudgarden said:

Can we discuss why on earth Cliff, after being denied entry into the Lord Of The Flies commune, would go to Jack and tell him that some stuff was going on up there that he "should be there for"?

And then afterwards can we discuss why on earth Cliff, after being able to hear the caterwauling happening in the HoH, would tell Ovi to protect his game? I wanted Ovi to turn around and be all, "What game? What are they gonna do, evict me?"

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2 minutes ago, Callaphera said:

And then afterwards can we discuss why on earth Cliff, after being able to hear the caterwauling happening in the HoH, would tell Ovi to protect his game? I wanted Ovi to turn around and be all, "What game? What are they gonna do, evict me?"

And that being jerks isn't "part of the game", but who they unfortunately are?

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I know it won’t happen but at this point I would LOVE a twist where everyone in Camp comeback gets back in the game. 

Bella is horrible. She’s totally that girl in school, that wanted to hang with the “popular” kids,and now that she’s been accepted,she’s a total mean girl.  Since Nick, or as I like to say ,her “2 minute man” (watch the feeds) is HOH she feels invincible. 

Nick- he’s so worried about Nicole,but I’m more worried about that hairline 

Sam -Stop hanging with those jerks! 

Tommy- I rolled my eyes so hard at his over the top comments about “Katelynn“ being his fave houseguest ever” he seems to play up his accent in the DR clips. How long until they all realize that tommy is at the scene of everyone’s conversations and knows a lot of information

Cliff- forgot he was even on the block

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Just now, Hellohappylife said:

Tommy- I rolled my eyes so hard at his over the top comments about “Katelynn“ being his fave houseguest ever” he seems to play up his accent in the DR clips. How long until they all realize that tommy is at the scene of everyone’s conversations and knows a lot of information, 

The husband: "Wasn't Tyler his favourite HG ever?"
Me: "No, honey. That was last week. Tyler isn't there this week so it can't be him anymore."
The husband: "And Kaycee?"
Me: "I can't wait to see what he says when Rockstar comes back."
Both of us: "DIS-GUS-TING."

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Good episode imo. Starting to show some true colours.

But omg I can't with Kim Kardashian Jessica's DRs in the last two episodes. They sound identical, and similar overall affect too. Irritates me. Too bad, I was hoping for more from her. 😕

Also I suspect Bella's mother is just going to die of shame.

Otherwise I can't wait to see these vermin turn on each other. Karma Christie! 

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All these houseguests fawn all over Jack and Jackson, kiss their asses and don't want to make a move without their approval.  

The two Jacks are probably expecting that after one of them wins and the other is America's favorite, they will be one their way to fame and fortune, because EVERYBODY loves them.  Wait, people outside the BB house DON'T love them?  how could that be possible?  

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1 hour ago, Wandering Snark said:

Wow, I've seen some shit on this show but these people?? There isn't a strong enough word for how much I hate them and how vile I think they are. I am so close to tapping out on this terrible horrible season. I didn't sign any waivers to relive my high school days...

So well said! Bella is the worst "mean girl" I have ever seen. Jackson is a vile man who seethes hatred for women who do not fit into his idea of "hot." It is so obvious. 

I want Bella, Jack, and Jackson OUT! Yesterday! They have created a high school lunch table. 

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Usually it takes me over a month to get sp disgusted with the bully group hamsters that I need to remove this show from my DVR.  Now after reading this, I'm happy I deleted it last week.   Poor man's Drago makes me ill and I just want to punch that bitch Bella in the mouth. And I'm fucking 65 years old.  

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What the hell did I just watch?  I am behind at least 10 pages on the feeds, so when Christie started her insane meltdown about being on the block, I actually started to hope for a moment that something exciting would happen.  I wish she had freaked out to the point where she used her power and Kat turned around and used it to put Jackson on the block.  That would have been epic!  Instead, we got the result that has been telegraphed all week.  

Bella is awful, no doubt about it, but I really need to see Jack/Jackson/Christie/Analyse/Tommy and Holly get theirs first.  Bella is at least a known evil, the rest of them are horrible behind closed doors.  Again, too late now, but if only Nick and Bella had believed Nicole and took that shot at H8ful.  There was just so much glee in that room when they went on and on and on about what a horrible snake Nicole was,..for telling the truth about them.  

Christie telling Ovi he had no place to comment on their rudeness???  It wasn't much, but at least he made an effort.  They are all too full of themselves to realize how horrible they really are and how their actions are coming across.  

I'm not a violent person, but I would not be opposed to several someones getting punched in their smug faces...verbally, of course.  😉

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Wow.   Nicole says they told her Bella was a bully, they all deny it.  then they show a clip of them doing exactly what Nicole said.  then Nicole is called a liar, and "the devil" by the person she confided in.  

what a bunch of assholes.  

And Cliff?  you lost me.  what a simpering self-denigrating kiss-ass you turned out to be! when people exclude you from a discussion, don't worry about making sure the Alpha male knows that a discussion is happening. 

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Bella is awful, but Nicole and Ovi are too dumb (at least in the social game) to live.

Speaking of Bella, I'm going to love seeing her casually thrown away by the same alliance she tossed Nicole under the bus for.

We hardly ever see Jessica, so I'm guessing she's just a nice person everyone gets along with. No drama = bad TV.

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I thought I wasn't going to do full-blown "notes" this time, but I can't sit through the entire ep without putting down at least a few thoughts.  (A few dozen, it seems, looking at this after-the-fact.  Er…oops?)

• Bella is not only scum, she's as stupid as pond scum, too.  She's like those old computers that simply repeat whatever nonsense anyone inputs into them; "Garbage In, Garbage Out", it was called.  ["GIGO", for short.]

Although the part where she already is garbage, through and through, that probably helps the process.  

• I did like Ratabella saying that Jackson/Holly/Jack/Analyse were "joined at the [fucking] hip", though.  Not only is that correct, game-wise, but with Jackhole and Anal-Ease, it's literally true as well.

• In case you can't tell from my breaking out the nastier nicknames, I'm very much done with Anal Lice, too.  I gave her the "young and stupid" pass for a while, especially as I hadn't actually seen her fits of temper until now.  But her "offended denial" overreaction turned too nasty too soon. 

(In contrast, Holly seemed to mostly go through the motions, without threatening violence or anything like that.  And Christie I am almost thinking is so stupid that she has actually wiped the "Nick and Bella are bullies" conversation from her mind. [It was Holly/Sis who drove it, after all.])

• Ratabella DR:  "Seeing the anger in Christie and Sis's eyes, I can tell that none of what Nicole is saying is true."  Um…yeahh.  Gee, too bad you couldn't talk to someone who figured out that Jackson's over-vehement insistence that Nicole was the hinky vote meant that he was the one who actually did that.  Someone who figured out that whole "where there's smoke, there's guilt" angle roughly a day ago.

Oh, wait.  That was…you.  Holy smoke.  It's like seeing somebody get a concussion in slow motion.  (Bonus:  Ratabella now does think that Nicole cast the vote. Of course she does.  What a brain-dead yúchǔn de biǎo zi!*)

*-"Stupid bitch" in Mandarin, per Google Translate

• "Hilarious" that Gr8ful reaches peak H8ful with Jack not even in the room.  Even after he's gone, his stench lingers on…

• Cliff is a total dumbfuck, too.  Why on EARTH to do you tell Jack that his Alliance (that you're not in) is having a contentious meeting behind his back?  How can it POSSIBLY help you to help Jack repair things with the people who are plotting against you?  What a stupid shithead.

(And remember, pretty much all of this is happening because Loss Hogg couldn't keep his fucking mouth shut.  To think that the smart part of Nicole's joining The Fellowship of the Zing! was allying with the guy who isn't currently in the game.  Sigh.)

• When Nick reveals that Nicole (truthfully) said that the Jacks and their Jills were going to put Ratabella/Nick on the block this week and Jack fake-"rages" towards the door, throwing out a comical "hold me back!" as he pretends to go…that's pretty much a "you got me" confession right there, isn't it?  He's not really angry at Nicole, because…she wasn't lying, after all.  Too bad nobody who wasn't in the Jacks/Jills loop already is smart enough to catch that.  (Bar possibly Sam.)

• Cliff can eat shit, again, some more (and possibly forever) with that "protect your game, Ovi" crap.  Yeah, right, Ovi…kiss ass some more rather than stand up for your principles.  Slither and kowtow like that big Pigg downstairs!  Look how far that's gotten both of you already!   

While you're busy kissing Jack Ass's ass, Cliff, how about you let him literally shit in your mouth?  I'm sure he'll be pleased by your eternal obsequiousness and devotion!  You might last until 10th, now!  Oh, Happy Day!

• Did Ovi get a nice haircut?  [/momentarily distracted]


NICK the THICK-headed (in DR):  Luckily for me, I thought through it rationally

INIGO MONTOYA:  I do not think [those words mean] what you think [they mean].

Never get involved in a land war in Asia, chump.

•  NICK (still in DR):  [Nicole's] going home this week!

Er, not immediately.  And not if she wins the CattleBack and gets to take a different place in line at the abbatoir, after all.

•  Hey, editors!  This is the "pull the curtain back and show that Gr8ful are assholes" episode!  You missed the opportunity to put up a "#Nasty9" hashtag there, however briefly.  Get it together!

• It's nice to see that Sam hasn't forgotten that he really isn't in the big alliance and (apparently) feels no loyalty to it.  He might be headed to Josh territory for me, though.  Where I give props for playing the true assholes on your way to the win…but I can't forget what you did, either.  We'll see, I guess.

(Perhaps being in on the joke with Sam from the start will shape my perceptions of him in ways that watching Josh "turn it up to 30" without knowing his true agenda didn't?  Hmm.)

• Poor lost Kitty Kat!  Licked enough ass to start a niche porn career, and the (un)Gr8ful bitches still leave her mewling outside the door.  

It's hard out there for a discarded slampiece, I suppose.

• Jack can get his "perfect" hand away from David's face right now, thank you very much.  You can tell David was thisclose to removing some of Diet Drogo's fingers, too.

• What sort of a dipshit does Jack have to be to blatantly lie to Ovi about "nothing's wrong" when David is standing right there?  Does he think that David is going to keep quiet about this out of loyalty to him??  David, who not only has common cause with Ovi but has been spending the vast majority of the days with him?   There's "arrogant" and then there's "grotesquely fucking entitled".  

I should probably have just made a "what a fucking racist piece of shit" macro for Jack already, huh?

• Scumabella to Nicole:  "I don't want to have this conversation."  Except for the part where you insisted on having it, of course.  I hope Nick's tattoos are infected and he gives you several STDs.  

(I don't actually know if that's possible, but let a Hex dream, okay?)


IFUCKINGHATEHERSOMUCHABELLA:  I'm not a bully.  (Nicole reacts, mildly.)  And…you're laughing right now!

NICOLE:  Because—

TRASHABELLA:  I, no, not, no…I'm not here to listen.

Hey, Trashabella!  Delivering diatribes and not listening to what the other person has to say IS bullying.  You're as stupid as you are ugly (on the inside).  I…did not know that was possible.

• I don't believe Tommy for a fucking second when he says he's sympathetic to Nicole.  You can lie in the DR, too, after all.  (See "Moore, Shelly")

• Coming this fall on CBS!  All Rise…aka, the CBS version of For the People.  (Probably with less lesbian content, though.)  Did CBS not notice that ABC cancelled For the People, already?

Meanwhile, having axed FtP, ABC now has room for Emergence, which appears to simply be a rehash of The Crossing, only with Allison Tolman in the Steve Zahn role, and just a Scary SuperKid without the SuperMom, too.  Did ABC not notice that FOX cancelled The Crossing, perhaps?

It's bad enough when the networks ripped off each other's successes, but why are they recycling from the discard pile, now?  I mean, not that I wanted more clones of This is Manipulative Crap (ABC's A Million Little Pieces was more than enough…), but I could understand that, at least.  "Follow the money", as they say.  But why ABC thinks we want them to, er, "invoke" a show Steve Zahn probably regrets signing on to, that's beyond me.

•  Y'all can tell how not-eager I am to get back to the actual show, huh?  "Good, just so's we're clear."  (Xander to Buffy, Beer Bad)

• "Foamy!"  (Yes, the appearance of random, out-of-context lines of BtVS dialogue is a pretty clear sign I'm firmly in stall mode now.)  "Oh, je stink!"  "He's…boyfriendly?" "Let me guess. Is it…EVIL?"

•  To read makes our speaking English good.  And…scene.  (The Earth is doomed, I know.)

Ahem.  Okay, cover me, I'm going back in.

• If Tommy tried to hug/choke me the way he does Nicole at the end of Bullying: Saturday Morning Edition I would…do no violence, but entertain thoughts of how I might wish I were capable of such/was permitted to do so.  "Much love", your painful rectal itch (that I just made up), asswipe.

I swear, I almost wish we could swap him for Fucking Frankie Grande, right now. "Overwhelming No" or no.

•  Nicole, in the DR:  "I have a feeling I am potentially a back door plan"  Wow, scripted.  I "have a feeling" that if Nicole were speaking spontaneously, she would use stronger language than "a feeling" and "potentially" here.  Potentially.

•  Nick, sneering at not picking Nicole for Veto:  "Jackson!!!!"   Wow, I didn't realize that it was possible to do the exact opposite of Rachel's depressed "Monet…" from S12, but there we are.

• Okay, I already knew Jessica was perhaps the stupidest person in the House.  (And by "perhaps", I mean "easily".)  But for her to pass up a chance to use Houseguest's Choice on Nicole, despite knowing that Nicole would take her down and despite Nicole likely having told her that Jessica should have chosen her last week for just that very reason?  Wow, the stupid is strong with this one.

• Shut up, Tommy.  Yes, he's only narrating the fact that Kaitlyn is here.  But still. Shut up now, shut up always.  Shut up forever.

• NOT EVEN KAITLYN CAN SAVE THIS SHIT.  I mean, obviously.  ("Add it up, it all spells 'duh'!")

My poor sweet Special K!  Sigh…

•  Do I really want to see poor Sharon Tate's murder get the "historical bullshit" treatment of an Inglourious Basterds?  Okay, granted I have no idea how Tarantino will be pissing on the truth this time…but given that Leo and Brad are playing fictional characters, I can't see anything good coming of it…

I mean, she was a person.  And QT's going to kill her (quite graphically, it appears) in service of…what, exactly?  I'm a bit queasy, not going to lie.  Malibu Barbie ≠ 6,000,000 Jews, but still.

•  The annoying Love Island narrator is named "Matt Hoffman".  No kidding.  But not Season 12's Mensa Matt Hoffman, a different guy.

Although it is amusing to imagine Love Island Matt reading those promos while wearing a onesie and grabbing his crotch, I'll allow.

• Damn it, why does this season have to suck?  That bit with the slow creepy Nick voice making "brussel sprouts" sound menacing is the editors at their best.  What a waste.  Sigh x1000.


ANAL FLEAS:  There's no way Nick and Bella, who are in our alliance, would put [Christie] up on the block.  

Uh…right!  Because nobody has ever backdoored an alliance member in this game before, nuh-huh!

(You see how I was able to cling to the "young and stupid" excuse for her for this long, right?)

• "Corey is living with metastatic breast cancer."  She's also taking Ibrance™, which (the fine print tells us) can slow the spread of the disease by an average of 10 months.  

Which, um, good for her.  Better 10 months than not.  But still…10 months.  That's all.  Bye, Corey.   (And bye, Corey's life savings.  Hope your kids weren't counting on the money.)

Ibrance™ is made by Pfizer.  Former Pfizer CEO Ian Read made $19,500,000 last year. Which, to be fair, was down from the $27,900,000 Read "earned" in 2017.  And he'll only get $14,600,000 this year.  Since, after all, he no longer has the job, having passed it on to former COO Albert Bourla.  Still, it beats stuffing envelopes.

And Corey gets to pay for part of that!  Oh, Corey…you're so lucky! Yay, capitalism!

• Is Walton Goggins really a "unicorn"?  With that hairline?  Seriously?

And now, back to the assholes…

•  So…is Christie really that crazy/paranoid?  Or was the whole thing just a bid for airtime?  Tough call.

"One member of Camp Crapback will earn the chance to be evicted again, next week!  Aren't you excited?  Tune in tomorrow for Biiiiiiiiiig Brooooooooother!"  Oh, Clayton.  Don't you make me go "sigh", too.

Ah, shitfuck.

(RIP, Ass Eyes.)

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Because "Corey" actually has her name spelled in the ad.
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