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  1. I'm convinced it's Raven Symone for the Black Widow based on the voice, body shape and that she's from Georgia. Not sure on the others.
  2. I didn't pick up on all that. Thanks guys. I was thinking him or Billy Porter. He's the only basketball player I know who can sing. So it's possible. I thought it was Wayne Brady but I'm not sure the clues fit.
  3. The worst thing this time was he was the last saved, so it really looked like he was going to be in the B2. That was a letdown. I'm okay with Karamo going but Spicy needs to see the door pronto!! I feel like they announced Sean safe last just to get our hopes up and then dash them among the graves that he and his dance rose out of- I agree with this 100%!!!! I'm so happy she was saved too, it made Spicy still being there a little bit easier to deal with, even though I want him to go home like yesterday!
  4. I'm sick and tired of Spicy sliding on through each week. I can't believe people vote for him! I think if a contestant who is constantly weak gets through every week, the judges should have one veto to contest the two dancers in the final 2, like last week and have put back Sailor and put Spicy in the bottom 2 instead.
  5. I like her. She has a great attitude and is funny.
  6. I like Kel, Ally and James as frontrunners and Kate as a dark horse contestant/ underdog.
  7. I did like Leah at first but she got tiring after a while.
  8. James was definitely underscored this week. I thought that was him. Didn’t know he was friends with him
  9. I’m happy Kel had a good week. Karamo definitely showed a lot of improvement this week.
  10. Leah’s not knowledgeable but she brings a sense of humor that was needed and she’s fun. I’m glad Lamar was the one voted off but I’m really surprised that Sean wasn’t in the bottom 2. Who votes for him anyhow. I’m not surprised Kamaro is polling low but surprised he’s lower than Sean. I think it’s Hannah, James and Ally.
  11. They did mention magic and pacers and other basketball related clues, so you could be on to something.
  12. Good clues and interesting guess! Ooh interesting!! Could be it. Thanks for sharing the Video!
  13. I figured out Johnny Weir and the gamer, but his name escaped me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known who he was if I didn’t see him on Celebrity Family Feud. Interesting clues. I would have said Martin Short myself actually because I didn’t know that information you Kenya.
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