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  1. The biggest tease this show has given me isn't that unnecessary 10 minute montage at the end, it's another week where the idea of voting Ben out is floating through the air only to have it not happen again. A big part of me wants Michele to win just because I called it when the cast was announced and I want the bragging rights.
  2. Nadja always has the best turns of phrase. Last ep it was saying the old lady looked like an elephant's knee, this week was calling someome a piss snake... keepers, the lot of em.
  3. Tala Ashe and Matt Ryan (and thus John and Zari) have so much chemistry, it's giving me the vapors.
  4. When Kim whispered to Jeremy something about a plan and then they cut away without letting us hear a name, I really hoped the plan was Ben. I know that's just because it's my heart's biggest desire, but I was ready to go all Jessica Simpson on her if I was right and it worked.
  5. What I want to know is what that little snippet of Tyson saying to Wendell that Adam won't be able to handle losing was all about. It felt like they were laying a foundation for something that's gonna happen but I can't imagine a superfan like Adam bailing on the game before it was done, even if it's to be a jury member. Jeremy: "Everything Ben does annoys me."
  6. She'd so be a member of Team Free Will.
  7. This show always manages to make me care about someone so that it always hurts when they die. Please let there be a way Behrad comes back. He wriggled his way into my heart pretty quickly and I don't want him to stay gone 😞
  8. All of those little peanuts were so smishable, I'm just saying.
  9. "I know, it has a face on it. Don't worry." Best reply ever. Just Jeremy was, by far, the best part of that crazy camp scene before tribal. His confusion, his amused resignation at another vote change, his old man "WAT" at suddenly hearing Tyson's name thrown out... just wonderful.
  10. Okay, this is officially my favorite part of this whole mess.
  11. Tyson: We need to protect the big targets, the threats who aren't flying under the radar. Ben: So who are the big targets? Me...
  12. Haha not what I meant, though I suspect you knew that 😉
  13. Personally, I'd like Kevin to meet someone entirely new and have that be his great love story. One that doesn't play out in the grand "Jack and Rebecca Pearson Love Story For The Ages" way he has romanticized in his head. Someone he didn't see coming, without ties to anyone but him; who snuck up on him after building just a regular old friendship. Considering what a romantic he is, I think the most romantic thing would be for him to find his love when he wasn't looking for it. Then he'd know it was for real.
  14. ISN'T IT FANTASTIC?! No, Jeff. No it's not.
  15. I think, in a bubble of just this fight, Randall and Kevin would be pretty equal on the "heinous remark" meter. Where Randall comes off worse is when you look at the sum of the parts of what we've seen in the show. A few people mentioned Kevin before his growth and maturing, and I personally view his behavior then as a result of the favoritism Randall clearly got. I don't necessarily think Kevin would just resent Randall or would have been particularly attention-seeking and bratty when they were kids without that occurring. For me, it's important to recognize what they *both* went through, how *both* of their lives were affected by Randall's adoption and the subsequent actions and moments related to that. I'm having trouble trying to get it out succinctly (too verbose for my own good), but I think that, because of Randall's set of issues connected to it, it naturally gets understood and cared about. Rightfully, mind you; not trying to argue what he had to adjust to isn't important whatsoever. Because Kevin's set of issues isn't generally seen as "heavy" as Randall's, it gets forgotten about and ignored; weirdly appropriate, considering what those issues are. What Randall isn't seeing are all the times Kevin took it on the chin with regards to his part in the family. His *own* issues prevent him from seeing beyond the surface-y success Kevin has, while at the same time passing judgment on it. We've seen him pass judgment on Kevin with no prompting action from Kevin (ex: his snide behavior regarding Kevin's acting workshop) and we've seen him outright dismiss Kevin's perspective and feelings when Kevin was simply trying to be open in order to better himself (like the family therapy session in rehab), with what feels like little acknowledgement for Kevin's support. That goes for when he was young (helping Randall with forging Rebecca's signature on a school note, helping Randall win Beth over) and now (bolting on opening night of his play to help Randall in his breakdown). When you put it all together, it starts becoming more "Kevin said something harsh in a heated moment; Randall was an arrogant jerk who was far too cruel, especially as the wrong party". For me, the most compelling part was their reads on each other and the situation. Randall was way off base, while Kevin was spot on. That jives with who they are; Randall is intellectually intelligent but socially tone deaf, Kevin isn't as book smart as Randall, but is far more socially adept. And Randall doesn't see that, because he believes his academic intelligence gives him the ability to understand anything, failing to realize that it doesn't work that way at all. Kevin's dumber than him, so Kevin's read on him *can't* be right. It's all the history and layers that I think wind up making Randall seem way worse overall.
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