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  1. Considering Day told Nicole Anthony that Other Nicole said nothing to her after Day was the deciding vote to win until after they were in the All-Stars house... yeah, I could see it. No acknowledgement at all until you think saying thank you will net you an ally to win another half-million? Gross.
  2. Oh, so the worst possible outcome. Awesome.
  3. You guys, imagine if Nicole F. and Raven were in the same house. Someone would die from trying to out--victim the other (probably Raven from flinging herself off the HoH balcony or something).
  4. Well I just had my first music volume change jump of the season. From (utterly riveting) footage of Memphis sitting silently with bed head and a cup of coffee to STARS.
  5. For me, it's not even that she cried - whatever, it happens and it's not like I can't get emotional - it's that she was full on sobbing for HOURS. What was she even sobbing like that for? I mean, the answer is Janelle being safe, obviously, but you feel me. She's such a victim and it's such a transparent ploy to get attention that it's gross. Enzo put it best last night when he was like "it's day two; what in the fuck is going on?" He was just incredulous.
  6. "I think penguins are cute from afar, but I wouldn't want to meet a penguin." - Nicole A. Incredible. Kaysar is so fascinated by this phobia, and I think Nicole by extension.
  7. What the hell could she possibly still be sobbing over?
  8. I have never heard Kaysar laugh as hard as he just did with Nicole talking about why birds freak her out. It's amazing.
  9. I read this right as Nicole F. was talking to Keesha about Nicole A. and how she really likes her. I just.
  10. Day is so off about Cody, at least as it pertains to him targeting Janelle and Kaysar.
  11. If I thought it was in any way connected to his autism, I would never laugh or joke about it. But like you said, it's not a license to be a d-bag. They were talking about the potential for a bro alliance and she mentioned that she didn't think Memphis was a part of what they suspect from Cody, Tyler and Enzo. Kevin seemed to think that Memphis would be just as in as those other three, but it really doesn't appear to be the case.
  12. It's interesting when someone's read on a situation is right, and when another person's is off. I think Kevin's read on Memphis may be off, while I think Day's may be right.
  13. LOL Da'vonne basically saying she likes Ian the person but can't abide him beating Dan, and Kevin saying he keeps bringing it up and Ian seems annoyed. Kevin, Day and Nicole A. seem like they're forming a nice little bond. It seems genuine.
  14. Da'vonne and Kevin are talking about Nicole F. Kevin says he likes her but he also sounds kind of skeptical. Da'Vonne sounds like she doesn't trust her at all haha Day just said something about not being able to play in the safety comp when "they're" really in trouble - assuming she means Kaysar and Janelle. I guess playing and/or winning once means you can't do it again? Maybe that's why Keesha decided not to play this time?
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