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  1. Sadly the show didn't stick the landing and the ending was underwhelming. Betty's entire plot being dispensesed with in the first five minutes was a let down. I was picturing something truly horrific for her like the milkman bleeding out from his injury so no one would know she was trapped below ground. It would be like Poe's Cask of the Amontiado (or however you spell it) Anyway Epps was right about one thing...no happy ending. As soon as the credits role Henry would be arrested for assault and the gun would possibly be linked to the murder of a policeman ending in a trip to death r
  2. That was a nice ending with some great touches like the Raccoons packing it up and going to find a new home. Very happy with the flashforward seeing happy endings (though I was confused if Amy's executive job was back in St. Louis as Jonah was clearly running for office there) Hope the Sayeed actor is okay. He looked very frail and it made me wonder if he had been ill explaining his recent abcenses. Happy that Carol did not come out better than anyone else. Suprised Amy had another kid just when her executive career was taking off. Oh well, guess they wanted to do something
  3. Yeah...take away the theme song and the opening credit with the ghostly Robert Stack and you have basically any program on INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY meshed with drone shots ala MAKING A MURDERER. I would kill (pun intended) for them to bring back the old format...I would guarantee it would be even more succsseful. What's more (some may think this sacriligous) but with the blessing of Robert Stack's family they should hire a voice impressionest like Rich Little to do off camera narration in Robert Stack's voice a bill it as a tribute to our beloved Robert Stack. Oh hell yeah...you're not al
  4. Just watched the missing tots one. I truly believe the boys are out their alive and hopefully well. We can only hope they see this and start to suspect something is amiss. Shane's snatching was especially heartbreaking in that he was her miracle (and apparently) only child and then to lose him like that. I would suspect though that Shane didn't vanish as quickly as presented...rather that there was probably a good bit of flirtation going on with the man on the bench next to the mother and she lost track of him.... From a production standpoint I couldn't help thinking that while these
  5. With the show ending I really hope that they don't have Mateo and Cheyenne become friends again. Take a page from real life...sometimes friends have a falling out and they never kiss and make up. Besides...Mateo has always been a horrible person, not worthy of the sympathy everyone showers on him over his immigration status (we never saw any acknowledgement on screen that Jeff risked his career to try and warn the store the feds were coming) No...let them stay estranged.
  6. Now this week was more like it. A true return to form. Very funny and all the plots seemed to be clicking. I LOVE the supporting characters Justine,Sayid and Carol. Why does this series have to end?! I want to see more of them. Seeing Beau in action again tonight only underscores that he and Cheyenne cannot carry a series. They need to spin off some of the others! Speaking of Cheyenne she looked stunning in the final moments of the episode with her hair down. So whatever happened to Mateo's immigration problems...they just dry up and blow away? Enjoyed Amy being name drop
  7. Yeah, no...this was a poor choice to come back from hiatus with and I had been looking forward to the shows return for weeks now. With so few precious episodes left this was a waste because it was simply not funny. It felt like a script written by someone who had NEVER watched SUPERSTORE before. Garret and Deana's characterizations were so far off they felt like different characters. The only tiny flicker of life to the show was the Cheyenne, Mateo and Sandra subplot and of course anytime Justine opens her mouth guarantees a laugh but that was far from enough to salvage the episode. Okay wel
  8. So sad about the cancellation! It's the only half hour sitcom I watch anymore. The rest are all revolting SEX-Comedies. Hey I like Cheyenne but how on earth could a spinoff not be on DEANNA (pobably the best character) and GARRETT? Bo? Seriously? I can only take him in small doses.
  9. Well, a horrific season deserves horrific winners I guess. Will and James were often mean spirited, petty and little more than spoiled brats and if that weren't enough they cap off the race with an on camera proposal? Are you serious? How many times have we seen that trotted out on a reality show. Well at least in theory I never have to see them again. Can you imagine if this turns out to be the final episode? Talk about going out on a whimper. TAR faced so many challenges since it began starting with the 911 terrorist attacks knocking it off the air right after the pilot episode a
  10. Infuriating....absolutely infuriating and I wasn't even rooting for Gary and De'Angelo. That last 20 minutes of this episode violated everything about the spririt of a race! At the start I think Phil was so disgusted by all the helping that he actually advised against it but no...did not matter. This alliance thing has been crap all season but that was a bridge too far. If TAR doesn't get cancelled because COVID makes world travel impossible for years to come and it does return they ABSOLUTELY must put rules into effect banning any alliances or working together. Please Reality S
  11. I was thinking tonight now sad it will be if this is the final season of THE AMAZING RACE and what will we have to remember it by....a petty and annoying pair of boyfriends mugging for the camera and the whole alliance garbage. Aparna trash talking Gary was the highlight of the episode....finally we got to jettison this whole kumbaya vibe and things got cut throat when the alliance had to turn on each other. The NFLer is a sloppy racer and would still be searching for the meaning of a scrambled sauerkraut but for Hung. Speaking of Hung...dive into the shallow end here but Hung
  12. What more can be said other than the boyfriends are loathsome vile people who would waste time constructing the Yurt to prance around outside in order to encourage the use of the yield. They look alike, they talk alike and act alike...just on amorphorous vile blight on the race. Also Hung...stop helping the people that screw you over and give Chee back his cojones you are carrying around in the Amazing fanny pack. Thanks editors by telegraphing the ending early on with the female nerd's demeanor during the confessionals. MVPS: Stern female movie director and the Great Khan
  13. These racers really need to wake up! Alliances may be baked into the DNA of SURVIVOR and BIG BROTHER but this is THE AMAZING RACE. The entire purpose of a race is to BEAT everyone else. After losing Victoria who I was rooting for Hung and Chee moved up to my favorites but I would have sadly acknowledged if this had been an elimination and they had someone how came in last the elimination would be earned. That was foolish to wait. So much so even Phil I think was disgusted by it and called them out for potentially sacrificing $15000. Also I was completly lame where other people were givin
  14. Well, that was dissapointing on so many levels. Victoria...my eye candy is gone! So sad to see her go but it was surely a spectacular flame out....6 hours in the car?! If there was ever a time to find a "Fern" that was the time. On a side note I can't help to wonder if the Cajun Asians were half sisters...I hope this doesn't sound the wrong way but it seemed like Victoria had more Asian features than her sister. All season I was speculating if that was the case and maybe one of the reasons they weren't close not having the same parents but maybe they do who knows....all I know is a l
  15. So that happened...was there anyone in the known universe who didn't see that coming? It was a foregone conclusion from the very first episode and we were all dragged along kicking and screaming until the bitter end. One of the worst final two the show has ever produced. The Annointed one and his stooge. Only two things made tonight's slog bearable. Kaysar and Janelle! At least somewhere out there is a universe where one of them was the winner tonight and Cody was voted out first. Second: Nicole's expression and body language from the moment she joined the jury was PRICELESS...i
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