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  1. "Look up how my stocks did since I died. Circuit City,Enron and Blockbuster were my big three!" "...other Ivar!" This show makes me laugh out loud...love it! Brilliant writing and great intelligent comedy so in other words.... It can't last. P.S. Headless 50's biker dropped after the pilot? Maybe he used up his joke and there was no where to go with the characters but strange he should vanish without even a mention of possibly getting "sucked off".
  2. Almost wasn't going to post because I just watched now and am a day behind but I was so livid I had to. Challenge Throwers need to be EJECTED from the game because it violates the SPIRIT of the game. At the very least there should be something in place that Probst can expose them to the other players and a mini-tribal could be held and some severe punishment/penatlty heaped upon anyone participating. If its the whole team except the person they want to boot some other penalty should be inccurred. It's just so lame....I hate challenge throwers! It wasn't even a good reason for throwing it.
  3. For the life of me I can't think of one good reason that upon returning to the camp with the meds Evie didn't immediatly recruit some red shirts to go back for Riley's father by simply saying their only doctor is out there and he needs help and point them in the right direction. She did everything BUT that upon her return. Riley took an awful long time to become curious about her father and then Evie way OVERSOLD his injuries making it seem like he was paralyzed. The look and the attitude of the lady cop makes me feel like they really wanted to get Juliette Lewis after her memorable
  4. Agree to disagree on that one. OVERmoderated (for instance i got into trouble on the BB board when it was one of those votes like AFP. I posted VOTE ALLISON and VOTE OFTEN and I was given strikes against me for shouting and "telling people what to do" sheeesh! It got so bad the way they would ban people willy nilly that I had two or three names (my first was EMILYFAN after the cutie on Season 1 of TAR) before North of Eden. I kept getting banned for minor things. This board took everything that was good about TWOP and left out the bad such as Miss Alli who had a hair trigger temper, zero pati
  5. Late to the party here because I had to choose between watching SURVIVOR or BIG BROTHER last night. Glad I watched BB in order to spare myself the horrific game play on display here by tonight. I didn't like Voche last week and liked him even less this week but that was a shockingly astonishing lack of judgment on behalf of the ladies keeping in the weakest link who was blowing a challenge so bad Jeff was frothing at the mouth shouting at her. This is espcially distressing as Leanna is my early favorite and she's now in a very tenuous posistion by taking the Tiff Train. More ba
  6. Julie said it was VERY close.
  7. Wow. We just dodged a major,major moment of dissapointment! I felt bad when Azah blew her chances on one question but to learn during the exit interview she was going to THROW IT ALL AWAY like Original Recipe Cody and take the person you CANNOT win against! How let down would we have been if she'd done that robbing us of the chance to watch the jury struggle between Big D and Azah. Final Analysis: Azah's spot was completley waisted and should have gone to some other applicant if she was going to make it potentially all the way to final two and then throw away the chance to actually
  8. I tell you what...I did have to laugh at this...exchange. That was pure gold EVE: Remember the time you broke your arm in fourth grade? KID: This is worse.
  9. Not bad. I enjoyed it but first a riff on the old saying "Let the buyer beware". In this case its let the viewer beware. This is a genre show on NETWORK television with a storied history of pulling shows after one maybe two seasons at the most....usually with a huge cliffhanger and so never a resolution. The examples are legion V-The Series, Blackout, The Event, Surface. Something like LA BRAE should be a limited series where we are guaranteed a beginning-middle and and and end. Anyway on with the show. Usually the pilot blows a lot of the show's budget and can't maintain the effects thr
  10. These 99% recap shows are dreadfully boring. Instead of them I wish they would do an hour long show in the Jury House and see how those people are interacting when they are not waiting for a new arrival or watching the latest jurors "DVD". Also once again time for me to mention my number one quibble with any reality show. Confessionals/DR whatever DURING the challenge. Based on X's cheerful demeanor and cracking scripted jokes did ANYONE not believe he would win? So yes he did win and once more everything goes his way. I hope the one time it doesn't is when it leaves him out o
  11. I was shouting at the TV for Azah, Big D and Julie to STAY OUT OF IT. We've waited an entire season for something interesting and exciting to happen and I was ready for the first ever BB fist fight! That was the most real moment besides the Claire/Tiffany scene when Claire knew she was doomed. I always thought a lot of the relationships in the Cookout were a lot more shallow than we were lead to believe and its showing now. Ha! Sarah Beth will not forgive KY noble quest and all. X loses a ton of cred by not doing the smart thing and taking Azah off the block. That was poor gam
  12. Only six or sevenreplies after a season premier so far? Wow just wow. The mighty may have fallen. Anyway where to begin? Oh I know Ri-Kard! I immediatly started disliking him when he was targeting JD. Later when he didn't believe JD I pegged him as a s@#tstirrer just before the commercial and sure enough as soon as the show returned he was egging Jeff on because the rallying call of "Come on in guys!" has been a concern....said NO ONE ever. What a world we live in now that guys is considered offensive on a show that had an actual season called Race Wars. I was praying when Ri
  13. Was wondering when someone would open this thread. Either not many paid attention to Julie's announcement about a Friday episode or they are bored with X's steam roll to the finish line. Anway what show is Ky watching that big threats go out in Double Evictions? It's always the target and then the person who survived the first eviction. I believe the only way to (and have for a long time) for the Double Evictions to be any good is to NOT ALLOW the houseguests to "strategize". The HOH should be immediatly seperated from the rest and be forced to make his or her own decisions without b
  14. Yes, that could indeed be an unfortunate legacy from The Cookout. Next season ought to be very interesting.
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