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  1. TroopinFairy

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I forgot about him.
  2. TroopinFairy

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I’d like to change my statement a little. I know that Bobby isn’t the first to win or be on DWTS with little or no dance experience. It just feels to me like he’s the first in a while.
  3. TroopinFairy

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I’m angry about the hate that Bobby is getting. I really feel bad that it’s turning into bullying and that’s not fair. I thought that people were better then that. I didn’t even know who he was going into the show. Viewers have been bitching about getting ringers and people with dancing experience on the show for years. Now, finally someone with no dance experience wins and everyone bitches and whines that it’s not fair. There’s no pleasing people. This show has always been a popularity contest and in some way it probably always will be. This is a entertainment show. If you only want dance experience then watch World of Dance.
  4. TroopinFairy

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    I honestly thought that Milo had it in the bag. Though I spilt my votes between Evanna and Milo I’m just happy that Alexis didn’t win. Like I said I don’t like showmances. Especially ones just to get votes. Sometimes your favorite wins and some times they don’t. I don’t like the hate that Bobby is getting. So your favorite didn’t win, that’s no reason to bash and say hateful things to the person who won. I’m happy most of all for Sharna. I’ve been a fan of her since she first arrived on the show and she finally got that Mirror Ball. Milo’s freestyle was AMAZING!!! I wish that they would’ve let some of the other stars dance. I wanted to see Nancy again. To all the people who have said that this show has turned into a popularity contest, when was this show ever NOT a popularity contest? Remember in season 1 where Kelly won over John and the outrage was so bad that they basically had a do-over special. They won’t do that now but, still... If you want it to be fair tell DWTS to get rid of viewer voting and just send the couple with the lowest scores home. It would be fair but, I feel like it would a little boring. To all the people who say that they won’t watch the show again. You probably will. Even if it’s just out of curiosity.
  5. TroopinFairy

    S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! How did Juan Pablo get eliminated??? I thought he was supposed to win. I’m glad that we FINALLY got rid of Joe though. I hope that people aren’t falling for Alexis’s and Alan’s showmance. It’s obvious that they’re using it to their advantage and I just hope that it doesn’t get her the mirror ball.
  6. TroopinFairy

    S27.E09: Week 7: Country Night

    So sad about John. I loved his spirit and how much fun he seemed to be having. Yes, he wasn’t the best dancer but, I liked watching him and I rooted for him. I also thought that Demarcus would be in the final. I guess I was wrong. Alexis and Alan can go. Like I said last week I don’t like showmances. It just seems really fake to me because they know all about the cameras and yet they won’t talk about it with the hosts. Only time will tell. I do feel like the producers are trying really hard to get her to the final because I think that she’s signed for the tour. Could Val dance with someone other then Jenna for once. And could Jenna go back to the troupe. She’s not a good teacher and her winning the mirror ball with AR was a fluke or something.(I admit to only watching half of that season.) She needs to get over her “All About Me” attitude. I don’t like the fact that Joe will probably be in the final. At first I was glad that Bobby made it to country week. But after I thought about it why wouldn’t he make it to country week. Country is what he does for a living. I love Sharna and I want her to finally get that mirror ball but, maybe not with Bobby. And Oh Hey the “Juniors” haven’t been shoved down our throats for two weeks now!
  7. TroopinFairy

    S27.E08: Week 6: Halloween Night

    For me Milo had the best dance. It’s too bad that it was first because a lot of people forget the first dance of the night. I feel like John was underscored. But, I also feel like the theme from Beetlejuice wasn’t a great song choice for a Paso. To me it seems like Juan Pablo could just sit in a chair and get a good score. (I’m not saying that his jive was bad because it was really good.) but, the show is really pimping him to win. I was excited to see Alison back on the DWTS dance floor but, I was underwhelmed by her and Twitch’s performance. I guess that I just expected more from them. I don’t like showmances. It’s funny that Alexis doesn’t want to talk about it with Erin but had the whole pre-dance package about it. The whole “Oh there was a camera on us” thing was just so stupid. If the feelings are there that’s great but, a lot of times these feelings are because you spend so much time with your partner that you develop false feelings for them. Only time will tell after they are eliminated if the feelings were real or not.
  8. TroopinFairy

    S27.E05: Week 3: Most Memorable Night

    I liked tonight’s show. I Loved Bobby and Evanna’s dances. I’m starting to feel like Juan Pablo and Tinashe are getting dances that the people behind the scenes know that they will be good at. I want to see more hold and ballroom from them. Did you really think that Tinashe was in trouble...please... That was so lopsided. Obviously they want more votes for Tinashe. Damn It! When did I turn into a conspiracy theorist!
  9. TroopinFairy

    S27.E03: Week 2: New York City Night

    I feel like the judges think that they have to wait a few weeks before giving tinashe 10s. It’s only a matter of time. She’s obviously had training and is the ringer of this season. Jenna is annoying to me and I don’t understand the GS Joe hype so, they can leave. I don’t think that Alexis has a very big fan base. I didn’t like her dance because I felt Swan Lake doesn’t go with the AT. I like Evanna but, I felt like she’s getting lost in all the big personalities this season. Danielle has a courage for what she’s doing. I love Artem and I love that he took on the challenge but, I don’t see them lasting long.
  10. I wanted any other team to win but Cody and Jessica. They had their chance on BB and personally, I didn’t need to see them on my tv screen again. I feel so bad for Henry. He had it but, then he switched it. That’s got to be really painful if he watched it back.
  11. TroopinFairy

    S25.E11: Week 10: Season Finale Part 1

    Yes, he did dance in the role. The movies were choreographed by Kenny Ortega. Seacat was the best friend of one of the leads so, he had a fair amount of screen time.
  12. TroopinFairy

    S25.E11: Week 10: Season Finale Part 1

    Jordan also played SeaCat in both of Disney channel’s “Teen Beach Movie” movies. Strange that this hasn’t ever been mentioned on the show.
  13. TroopinFairy

    S25.E10: Week 9: Semi-Finals

    I feel like Val let Victoria down. I feel like he didn’t didn’t really know what to do with her so, he just relied on her past for votes. She wasn’t great but, she could’ve been better. Also she didn’t really dance in her contemporary. It felt more like a “trio”dance. It’s not the first time that Mark as used one of his songs and it probably won’t be the last. But, when you think about it most of the time when the “star” is a singer they end up dancing to one of their own songs. It’s tacky to me but, it almost always happens. It’s obvious that Jordan is going to win. I might not watch the finale because of it. It’s boring when you know from the start how the season is going to go. I think that Frankie might be out next which kills me because I like him and vote for him. It should be Drew but, I thought that Drew would’ve been gone weeks ago and he’s still here. Also I’m mad and I HATE that Great July ruined “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.
  14. TroopinFairy

    In The Media: DWTS

    I don’t want to make light of Lindsey’s injury because I feel bad every time someone gets hurt but, this happens every season. Tonight it will be a “Will they or won’t they night where the viewers are kept in suspense the entire night because for the sake of drama Lindsey will probably go last. I could be wrong about this though and I hope that I am because I hate this kind-of drama.
  15. TroopinFairy

    S25.E04: Week 3: Guilty Pleasures Night

    I only saw about half of the dances because we had storms here and our basement was flooding. I liked Drew’s dance and I thought that it was his best dance so far. I agree with Len that when you love the concept or song of the dance it makes you want to do better. I enjoyed watching Frankie. I didn’t think that I would like him as much as I do. Like I said before I don’t understand the gushing over Vanessa. I don’t know what it is about Sasha but, I like the fact that Gleb isn’t doing his “sexy dancing all the time” bit like he’s done before. Too much going on in Victoria’s dance. I feel like Val’s now going for distractions to avert the judges eyes. Jordan was good as usual. I don’t really like it when they’re good right out of the gate. I like to see progress and be able to root for them when it’s good. I wouldn’t call him a “broadway star” though. Yes, he was in Hamilton but, not for very long and he’s done a lot of other things besides that. OT: My 12th grade english teacher made us analyze and write papers on various Chumbawamba songs.