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  1. Today's first offering in the WETV Law & Order marathon was "Silence" (2x21), the one about the closeted-gay Councilman who gets murdered by the ex-con who had tricked him into exchanging risqué letters and then blackmailed him, having used his attorney as a go-between. (Councilman was tired of paying; ex-con was unhappy to hear that.) And while the attorney's attorney is the main "defense counsel" part (since "Colson" could afford skilled representation) and was played by Joanna Merlin, who got guest-starring credit, I was wondering where I'd seen the ex-con's attorney before. A quick check of IMDb reveals that those five lines (or whatever) were being delivered by none other than Brian "Chief Bob" Reddy. I don't blame myself for not recognizing Reddy right from "go", since Chief Bob has maybe five lines in School Hard and IOHEFY combined. I'm just wondering if Brian should have claimed the Councilman was murdered by a gang on PCP?
  2. Oops, forgot that Saturday starts rather earlier in Europe than in South Carolina. Happy almost-belated to Charisma! (And Ziggy, of course. But even I will admit he can't rock a bikini like CC does.) And also Summer Glau, even if it's two other Whedon series. Close enough, Cameron.
  3. Hey, it's been almost 22 years since Pruitt decided that Whedon was trying to kill the woman he loved (Joss didn't like how Sophia did the "Buffy gets hit by a truck" shot in Anne and wanted a re-take; Jeff objected, strenuously), so I'm hardly surprised that he's still banging his drum any chance he gets. But I don't find him any more credible than before. I'm sure Joss has been a dick, time and again. And if he tried to blackball Jeff, that sucks. But, given what Jeff was writing about Joss during Season Four, perhaps understandable. And let's not forget, it's not as if Jeff lacks for ego, either. During Season Two, he was basically claiming half-credit for the show. Sorry, "helped out with the blocking of the fight scenes" isn't quite the same as "finding ways to break our hearts with the long-term plots, overseeing all the writing, and directing the crucial episodes yourself", as Whedon was doing. I mean, it's nice that Jeff and Sophia were a notable improvement over the "punch-pause, kick-pause" completely static fight work that the justly-fired Jeff Smolek turned in during Season 1 (did you know that Smolek got bumped back down to "stuntman" after that? No more coordinator jobs for him, it seems), but they were not irreplaceable; John Medlen and the new stunt girls eventually got their chops together. I don't think anybody complained about the fight work in Fool for Schmoop or Very Pretty Crap, my mocking of the episodes as a whole aside. And I still adore the overhead flip-kick that Buffy nails Glory with during Tough Love. And there are times when Pruitt is just plain wrong, such as his saying that SMG was rude to fans during the location shoot for I Only Have Eyes for You and those fans came out on a cold night and omg what a bitca Sarah is! Unfortunately for Jeff, we have the dailies for that one (I think they're still on YouTube) and while they're mostly ASH tackling Future Academy Award™ Nominee John Hawkes, again and again (and I agree this is largely useless unless you're trying to envision a Uther Pendragon/Sol Starr pornfic, for whatever ghastly reason), they also do show Sarah freezing her tiny ass off and utterly spent emotionally and unable to properly cry and needing Boreanaz to comfort her. So the idea that Sarah was just being an egocentric diva is as off-base as Xander's suggestion of nuking the school…and nowhere near as much fun. So I take Pruitt's critiques with a very jaundiced eye. Which, to be fair, is almost as longstanding as Jeff's own grudge, so you may take me with appropriate grains of salt as well, I suppose.
  4. And now, the dramatic climax! Yeah, seriously, G-Man. I'm a big fan of caution and skepticism, generally…but what part of "Willow saw Oz turn into a werewolf" are you not getting, exactly? I grant you she doesn't specify this until her next line, but still. I'm having a hard time imagining what "mistake" Willow could be making here…she saw Oz toweling off after a shower and mistook his back hair for evidence of lycanthropy, is that what needs more investigation, are you thinking? I rather think "it's Oz!" pretty much clinches things, IMO.
  5. This was the Big 5-0 for Robia, right? Feh. I'd still if she'd still. I'd very still. 😍 (And ditto for Charisma, coming up soon.)
  6. Fun interview. Juliet still looks gorgeous. LMAO that Adam's audition for Warren was doing an impression of (his idea of) Joss. I wonder if the IWTMLY auditions overlapped with the shooting of Crush, which was only the previous episode? Or did Juliet not meet Adam until Lessons, rather down the road? Warren and Tara don't actually meet in 5.15…but they're both in that party scene. I wonder if Adam and Amber made a connection that night, little knowing he'd be putting her out of a job the following year?
  7. Well, the good news is you know which day it will be on next year 🙂 Set your (mental) DVR.
  8. Yummy, as I wrote last year. So this year, I did NOT miss TCM's annual airing of 1776 (right now I have it paused right in the middle of "Waiting for the Chirp, Chirp, Chirp") and it's always a comfort to see, especially since they started airing the full version about a decade ago, including "Cool Conservative Men", the song sung by John Dickinson [Donald Madden] which was cut from the theatrical release at then-President Nixon's insistence. (Donald Madden is, as always, killing it in the dramatic scenes that survived Nixon's edit. He didn't even live to be 50. [Lung cancer. Don't smoke, kids.] Wow at that…and at my having reached an age where dying at 49 brings forth an "OMG, so young!" of sympathy for Madden, lol.) And I seem to find new things every time. For example, I've only just realized that in one of John Adams's fantasy duets with Abigail ("fantasy", since the whole point is how much he misses her when they're apart), his lyric about "and is my favorite lover's pillow still firm and fair?" does not refer to actual bedroom decorations but to…well, see above ^^ Dang, Hex, do try to keep up… (And "firm and fair", indeed!) Indeed, no offense to Virginia Vestoff as noted previously, but now I can't help but imagine MT in the part. Even if Michelle doesn't exactly sing, so much, exactly. Of course, this rather quickly declined to imagining Mr. Feeny being married to Dawn, to invoke one of William Daniels' other famous roles*. Which is probably going a bit far, even for fanfic. Although never say never. (I randomly searched for "Sweet Child O' Mine" on the ukulele last night. Found multiple versions. Huh. "Roundabout" was a bit diminished and unenthusiastic, I thought, but still.) Moving forward in the film and I'm glad to see that the parts with Ned Rutledge (John Cullum) opposing the anti-slavery provision on behalf of my not-so-new home, South Carolina**, have survived these censorious times. I was a bit worried they could have gotten the chop. Which would be a pity, because not only is Cullum excellent, but because I always enjoy "singing" along with him on "Molasses to Rum to Slaves [The Triangle Trade]", despite my complete lack of either the bass voice the song requires or, you know…talent. Piffle, I say! Piffle!*** Molasses to rum to slaves! 'Tisn't morals, 'tis money that saves! Shall we dance to the sound of the profitable pound In molasses…and rum…and slaves? *-You may recall, for example, that Daniels played Dustin Hoffman's father in The Graduate, despite being only 10 years older than Hoffman. Which means that Dusty's getting up there, too, as Daniels turned 93 earlier this year. But obviously better to turn 93 than not. (I was completely depressed by the recent deaths of Marvel Comics inking legend Joe Sinnott and Carl Reiner this past fortnight, even if I had to admit that 93 [Sinnott] and 98 [Reiner] qualified as decent runs. But if you've made 93, what's 94, I ask? Hang in there, Daniels!) **-I'd think I was fairly well-established in the Palmetto State by now, as it's almost two years. But apparently BestBuy thinks I'm still in California, as they shipped my latest packages to the Ghost of Hellmouths Past, despite having properly delivered to Carolina the previous five times. But apparently computer databanks never forget anything, regardless of how many times you update your info. (Moloch, is that you?) I barely stopped them from giving whomever's in my old apartment a surprising (and expensive) gift. In words of one syllable…Sheesh! ***-Overdriver Duo, the Brazilian pair shown above, has done several ukulele covers, but they disappointed me by choosing to do a bass-and-guitar version of AC/DC's "Back in Black". Not only because it's less-creative, not only because if you're going to do just one AC/DC tune it should obviously be The Happiest Song in Rock ("Highway to Hell") and not only because with Evandro (the guy) singing lead, we don't get to see Fabi's legs as they've wisely featured in the uke covers…but because Evandro sounds about as much like Brian Johnson as I sound like John Cullum. Did I say "sheesh", already?
  9. Well, I'm hardly a fan, of course. But she is a human being (again, some more) and Buffy did seem to make affirmative choices to protect her in both 7.05 and 7.06, so "matter-of-factly" grates a bit, IMO. Indeed, I grant you that I saw this episode once, seventeen-and-a-half years ago, but IIRC, "matter-of-factly" might be a little kind to the Buffster, here. I thought Sarah played it as if Buffy was disappointed that she couldn't agree with Willow's murderous suggestion. Perhaps Anya wasn't excited enough to play defense attorney last episode? Or do we think that Spike snitched about her "seduction" attempts at Xander's and Buffy's in "Girl, you are NOT hitting on my vampire!" mode?
  10. And, let's not forget, Buffy seems to consider this for a moment! Now, let's forget the part where Buffy is the Champion of Humanity and Defender of Innocents and all that. Let's ignore the part where, four episodes past, she couldn't bring herself to kill Anya (even though Anya had butchered an entire frat house) because Anya was her friend and "Lady Hacks-Away" wasn't willing to take that final step. Let's skip the part where three episodes ago, Buffy saved Anya from D'Hoffryn's assassins and moved her into her very own house because "I don't want to lose a friend". Let's look past how, just last episode, Buffy was focused on giving Spike every possible chance. No, let's just realize that a multiple-murderer is excited at possibly committing another murder, and she lives in the same house as your (allegedly) ultra-precious innocent baby sister! Oh, and the suggested target is that "strangely literal" Anya that Buffy has just gone to all that trouble to protect, twice, within the past month. And Buffy barely blinks an eye at the Psychotic Witch's murderous suggestions. "(matter-of-factly)", FFS. I mean, what's next? It would fit right in, wouldn't it? Murderers muttering about murder and Buffy can barely raise her voice to object. Is this our "new normal", now? Bloody hell, indeed.
  11. Er, Will…you "know" Spike because he was marching up and down the halls of SHS, declaring that he was going to kill you and Cordelia if he found you. And then you got to know him better when he assaulted you and kidnapped you and threatened to shove a bottle through your face. (And implied the possibility of rape, or so you thought. ["There will be no 'having' of any kind."]) You thought you and Xander were going to die, remember? (Which did lead to "imminent-death exception" smoochies, but still.) And then he tried to murder, vampirize, and possibly rape you, "performance" issues aside. Given that you eventually hit him with a lamp, probably not a fond reminisce there, either. Perhaps it's time to wonder what you're getting out of this "relationship", don't you think?
  12. Party City joins Hot Dog on a Stick as "companies that are only regional or sector-specific, so you weren't sure if they were real or fictional, but they're real". In fact, their stock is so cheap currently that I'm considering buying some. (Yeah, I buy stock now. I didn't, previously, because I didn't want to be the cause of some a-hole CEO sending jobs to Mexico because "I have a duty to the stockholders" and that sort of corporate evil garbage. But there were some obvious value plays when COVID crashed the market [I mean, people will drive again, eventually, so I figured Ford was worth more than $5 a share. And they had 7 months' worth of cash reserves, even if they didn't earn a single dollar, so I figured it was safe], so I at least stuck a toe in.) Obviously, hardly anybody's throwing parties right now and apparently there was a helium shortage (of all things) last year and apparently the company wasn't being terrifically managed if it fell from the $20/share highs of 2015 to the $7.50 or so it was trading at before the helium crisis sucked even more value out of the shares…but, presumably both COVID and the helium issue will eventually be resolved, so it should have some bounce-back down the road, IMO. Unless witches start teleporting goods without paying for them en masse, that is. Watch it, girls. I've got my eye on you. Don't hurt my money! [/Anya]
  13. So, I'm guessing that this means "Teen Health" class is a second-semester elective? I mean, if they'd been here since September, I think even Xander might have introduced himself to "Muffin" before this. Do we think Xander and Cordelia co-ordinated their schedules, so they would have class together? Or did they select their second-semester schedule at the start of the year, and this is just a coincidence? Checking out the script, I see that Lyle is described as "young and studly", where Tector is "large and graceless". I mean, no respect to Jeremy Ratchford, who looks better here than he would on Cold Case, but I think Marti thought they'd be dipping into the WB contract player pool again (Christopher Wiehl, Eion Bailey, Jason Behr, etc) and was surprised when casting went in a more obviously-villainous direction. Looks as though Anya, Jenny and Amy (yes, the casting ladies all had characters named after them) put the swerve on Marti here. Huh. Hmm, not a bad deleted line; I like that Giles wants Xander's thanks. (I'm not thrilled by the fractured syntax, though. You'd think Giles could manage an article there. ["A bit of both…"]) I see Marti does intend to give Angel a bit more awareness than Whedon/Greenwalt IMO let into the finished episode: Is Buffy's not being able to care and not having a choice about her just being So In Love with Angel? Or is it that she's still not over her death in Prophecy Girl and doesn't think it would be fair to try to plan a "real" romance with Xander (or whomever) when she knows her days are likely numbered? Non-spoiler, since the scene was cut: In Marti's next script, Giles tells Jenny (or would have told, had the scene survived) that "the Slayer rarely survives into the middle-20s". So even though Marti allegedly has never seen Season 1, she still might have gotten the "Buffy's not exactly making long-term plans" memo, I guess. (See also Marti's What's My Line, Part 1 script, where Buffy has zero interest in the Career Fair and gets so triggered by Willow's trying to get her to imagine future possibilities ["Do the words 'sealed in fate' ring a bell?"] that Xander has to intervene.) One more from the script: Aww, I like that one. In the script, Tector doesn't get eaten because he got curious and got too close to Momma Bezoar; he's completely a victim of circumstance, as Giles bops him on the head and he lands near Momma. I like Greenwalt giving him a bit more agency in the filmed version; I think it makes him a stronger character. It's also interesting that Tector calls Angel "Angelus"…and is the only character besides Spike to pronounce it as in "Los Angeles", where Darla and the Master both said "An-JEALOUS". I had a few theories on why the divide, but it's late and none of them were very good, anyway. So I'll leave this for the moment. Remember, don't get too close to one-eyed monsters! Or to a Bezoar, for that matter. [/cheap joke, albeit thematic]
  14. I don't really know if "other forums" qualify as "the media", but I couldn't think of a better alternative, so here this is. I read a variety of forums on a variety of topics, and one of them is not TV-focused at all, but they do allow off-topic threads, and recently somebody created one looking for suggestions of series that "never jumped the shark". Somebody nominated BtVS as such (while allowing that opinions vary on the UPN years) and, as I don't have posting privileges on that board, all I could do is roll my eyes so furiously that you probably heard it. (Sorry about that.) Fortunately, shortly afterwards, some other anonymous person said what IMO needed saying: Intriguing idea that Buffy's "General" speeches are meant as Joss railing against studio interference. Thoughts?
  15. Oh, there was a remake! I was going to say, VK would seem to have been a bit young for the Wolfgang Peterson/Jürgen Prochnow original. Gotcha.
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