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  1. Cordy, dear…it's a little late to organize a boycott. The girls already bought their tickets. Get on the ball, slacker! Indeed, the script makes it seem as if this is the first time CC's heard about the dance. Which is pretty strange, since she's a junior and they have it every year. And are you telling me that Ms. Social Status doesn't know about upcoming school events? That she can't read a poster? Please. I think we need to stop wondering where Oz ran off to (is he chasing UFOs in the desert? Studying to become a rabbi? Picking up side money acting in gay porn?) and st
  2. I would hope that none of us have become a psychotic murderer, though. That's a line too far. Giles lost Jenny, Buffy had to "kill" Angel, Xander heard Willow call Oz's name, Willow had Oz leave her crying, Buffy took a very long walk home from that helipad. Xander had to kill his best friend. Xander had Buffy tell him she didn't "feel a thing" about him. Xander found Buffy face down in a pool of dirty water. Xander had the only woman he'd ever had sex with try to choke him. Xander (and Willow) buried Buffy. Ain't nobody got skinned for that. But wah-wah, Tara, I'm all gr
  3. So, I've been watching music reactors watch No Doubt's "Don't Speak" and be shocked that, yes, Gwen Stefani used to make music before she was a commodified clown. And then I'm thinking about how the song is about the death of a relationship and "I'm losing my best friend" and I check out the Buffy/Willow videos set to it. And of course, they include a fair few clips from these episodes. And all I can think is that the "Willow" we're presented in these episodes, the broken "loser" who's been led astray by grief or dark magic or rooting for the Clippers or whatever…how the fuck did Buffy
  4. Yeah, I hardly watch this one, but I was watching Domi's reaction video (I probably won't keep up with her, she's spoiled [slightly] for upcoming character events) and it felt so gross. I mean, Spike hits her and then he's literally straddling her. "Rape scene" indeed. Hyena!Xander and Richard Anderson and Pirate!Larry…they didn't come close to this. OTOH, as annoying as I still find the "Riley punch stupid Parker!" bit, it worked on Domi. Between that and the other Buffy/Riley scenes, she was pretty into the romantic possibilities by episode's end.So one could say that Parker se
  5. Reaction from Domi E: Domi also calls Oz playing "innocent" when Sexy Shirt Willow apologizes for making the lunch with Veruca (earlier in Act 2) awkward "gaslighting". And of course it is, in the classic sense. I've condemned him for lying to Willow before, but really, this is straight out of the Charles Laughton Gaslight playbook; he's making Willow think she's being irrational, that it's all in her head. And here I flashed back to Xander telling Willow (in Lie to Me) that she had "too many thoughts". And I started cringing from the patriarchy on display…men fi
  6. James Marsters brags and brags, and then brags some more. Did you know Joss wanted to kill off Spike, but couldn't because he was too darn popular? True facts, Jimmy sez! Gee, and here I thought Spike had killed a whopping two people before Season 7, and only one of those (the teacher in School Hard) on camera. He can't even successfully stake Harmony. He's best known for a) running from Buffy like a little b*tch the first four times he meets her, at which point Buffy gets sick of this shit and drops an entire flaming church on his head. and b) sitting in his wheelchair sna
  7. Maybe not, Buff…but there was that one about the Master killing you, which came true. And if you didn't have Xander, you'd still be face down in the dirty water, your eternal non-existence only occasionally interrupted when Ol' Nest felt like taking another slurp from your corpse. So perhaps "if it isn't prophesied, I'm not interested" isn't really the concept you want to back. (See also Xander figuring out how to defeat the unkillable planet-destroying demon in Innocence, Willow stopping you from slurping down a lethal dose of virus in Killed by Death, Cordelia running off Lyle Gorc
  8. That 16mm film covers a multitude of Hi-Def sins, it appears. And here I thought I only loved it for adding "atmosphere". Apparently, our Smidge appreciates the opportunity to be "free". (Buffy also goes braless in Some Assembly Required.)
  9. Okay, this was actually up yesterday and somehow I missed it, but my shrink wouldn't like my self-flagellating, so we move on… Yeah, seriously, Joyce. This issue isn't "How much dick has Buffy had, exactly?" It's "Buffy fucked a mass-murdering psychopath and now he's stalking both of you." Try to stay on point, okay? I grant you, Joyce can't claim much moral high ground because of the whole "was almost engaged to a serial-killing robot" deal, but still. Focus is an objective good, I say. Earlier that scene: Yes, the Latin isn't really the point. Yes, we can't ex
  10. OT, but now I'm having images of Tony Montana's most famous line taking on an entirely different meaning…
  11. Aww, yeah. "Put 'em up!" is cute and builds on the W/X history. I'm not sure we're supposed to love her hostility to the Poor Confused Innocent (Ex-)Demon, though.
  12. In sadder news, Willie Garson checked out on Tuesday, at age 57. (He had cancer; like Norm MacDonald, he'd been keeping it a secret.) Don the Sexy Security Guard will flex his perfect nostrils no more. Here's hoping Willie did, in fact, "live in the now". "Fear is for the weak" isn't bad, as mottos go, but I think the other is more pertinent. (I met Willie once, briefly. An actor pal and I went to an advance preview screening of Armageddon in 1999 and Willie, who knew my friend, stopped by for a few. He seemed nice.)
  13. If we're being that specific about surnames, then, yes.
  14. Okay, he's probably just saying he needs to leave, since he's worried about twigging Buffy's vampdar if he stays too long. But I like to imagine that Angel had to make a quick pit stop at the Little Vampires' Room. You know what they say…you don't buy blood, you rent it! Gee, next thing you'll be telling me that all my "Angel, stop talking about your penis!" moments aren't really his referencing his erection, after all. Spoil my fun…
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