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  1. Yeah, right, Buff. You ran away from home, for what you thought would be forever, and crammed all your worldly possessions into one shoulder bag. We saw you. Claiming that you over-pack makes about as much sense as claiming that you over-eat. So, wait a second. Cordy and Oz think their beloveds are in mortal danger, they get to the factory and…they don't call out? No "Willow? Are you okay?" No "Xander, where are you?" Yeah, surrrrre. I mean, maybe they were busy listening to the soft guitar, but still. Again, why on Earth are Buffy and Angel listening to this clod a
  2. So, wait…suddenly Giles is "cool" and a "rebel" because he smokes? When did this happen? Didn't we just have two years' worth of anti-smoking messages? Poor Laura, getting beaten and bloodied in Nightmares for taking a smoking break (with the camera zooming in on the "Smoking Kills" poster). If she'd waited a couple of seasons, she could have been the subject of swooning, just as "Ripper" is here. Smoking used to be a way to code evil characters. Spike lit up at almost literally the first moment he set foot in Sunnydale. Right after the Judge proves that Angel is soulless, Angel
  3. But Buffy doesn't get to tell that story, since Xander cuts in to ask Faith about the alligators (in Missouri??), because we're trying to get "poor Buffy!" sympathy for our suddenly self-involved lead character by having all her friends ignore her for the new girl. As David Hines pointed out, this is the same thing David Greenwalt pulled in his last script, Ted. The difference is that back then, the gang had an excuse, since they were drugged. Here, they're simply (and inexplicably) written as gossipy assholes. Thanks, Greenie! Okay, I grant you that Eliza Dushku's underage ass in tig
  4. It's been noted that Angel should probably have figured out that it's his blood that's needed since, after all, the spell says so. "Sanguimentum meum." I mean, as noted, I took as much Latin as Oz did, but I'd like to think I'm sanguine enough about sangria and other sanguinary-related words that the penny would eventually drop, no Drusilla performances needed. I guess this means that Angel shouldn't have zinged Spike about being a poor student last episode. The dunce cap doesn't fall far from the tree, it seems. ******************************** Alley Box was all, "well
  5. So, wait. Last episode, Buffy and Xander and Giles were devastated at the thought that Willow had been killed and now, like a week later (if that) Buffy and Giles are perfectly fine letting Xander and Willow think that Angel is "back"? You know, what's pretty much been one of their worst nightmares? Never mind the punch, it's that scene above (where Xander has to tell Willow the "news") that's pissing me off. Fuck you, Buffy. Fuck you, Giles. (And of course, fuck you, Angel, but that's about other things besides this, and I have different standards for him.) How dare you scare your
  6. Let's face it, I probably don't give Oz as much credit as he's due. But not only does he raise practical points here ("Did I mention that I didn't take Latin?"), but he has the sense to lay the book flat on the table so it stays open, instead of needing to mark his place with his thumb, as I complained about Giles doing in the Part 1 thread. Indeed, I think he even outdoes the G-Man on pronunciation; where Giles went "Quod perditum", Oz says "Per-DEE-tum". Latin is supposed to favor open vowel sounds, right? (Disclaimer: I didn't take Latin, either.) ************************
  7. Well, apparently he still has fond memories of those "imminent-death exemption" smoochies he shared with Willow in Lovers Walk. (Subsequent complications [including Xander's current girlfriend] aside.)
  8. Awww. I just noticed that when Xander wins the "I must consult my books" bet with Willow (re: Giles) and she pays up, he says "Thank you". I love that he's polite. In contrast, Buffy sweeping out of the Bronze after the Bitch of the Year Dance, without even a cursory "goodbye" or "see you" to Willow, kind of frosts my cupcakes, the more I think about it. Grrr. (No, I don't know where I got "frosts my cupcakes" as slang for "pisses me off". Don't mind me.) ********************* Amusing that Giles zings Snyder with the sarcasm about how he "enjoys" these "pep talks"…and t
  9. Say huh? Dickie, Faith was at your door before you even knew Trick was dead. She volunteered for the job less than a minute later. I don't usually stand up for HR departments (I'm a person, not a fucking "resource", thank you!) but I think even our local labor lawyer would agree: hiring is generally a bit tougher than that. You lazy bastard.
  10. Reactors have been good about noticing that Giles is holding on to Jenny's rose quartz throughout Act II, which I had frankly missed. That's really sad; he's literally holding on to the only piece of her he has left. That said, Giles does do a good job of saving Janitor George's life, by preventing him from following in James's music-room suicide footsteps. I mean, it doesn't do anything for poor Mrs. Frank and the likely murder conviction still means George is metaphorically boned (and perhaps literally boned as well, depending on what sort of "special friends" he'll need become with
  11. Well, as this episode makes clear, it is a school library. The presence of students may be surprising, but it really shouldn't be cause for alarm. (The amount of time the gang spends there after hours, perhaps…but would Snyder know about that? Presumably he leaves at regular hours.) ****************** Honestly, I've always found the "this is a school library" scene a bit much with the meta (and there's really no excuse for the gang leaving and leaving Jonathan alone), but I did find it funny to notice that when they go to the four-shot (B/X/C/G), Buffy is looking Jonathan like he'
  12. So I'm wayyy behind on Birthday Bufferations, because I'm in miserable health (and there are complicating factors that can't be discussed here, due to the "no politics" rule), but lets do a few new ones for team 5/28, shall we? Hall of Fame boxing trainer Lou Duva once guested on Living Single, which starred Erika Alexander, who's on Black Lightning with James Remar, who was in the epically bad The Blackcoat's Daughter with Lauren Holly, who was on Designated Survivor with Kal Penn. Famed cinematographer Gordon Willis shot many excellent films, including The Paper Chase, which later
  13. Er, Spike? Not to bring you down, bro…but you're half-fried and in a wheelchair, on account of how Buffy dropped an entire flaming church on your head. I'm not really sure you should be giving yourself the same value as Angel or the Judge right now. Just saying. Given that the climax of the ep sees the other three going to the mall without Spike, and his having to hide in the shadows when the Scoobs come to the Factory, it does seem a bit…premature. I'm just saying.
  14. Sorry, that's meant to be a spoiler in the above post. I didn't realize I'd used "quote" by mistake, and now my edit button is gone. My bad. ***************** Not from the episode: I know, expecting Joyce to pick up on this may be a bit much (because…Joyce, after all). But it is a little odd when you think about it, I'd say.
  15. One reactor I haven't been able to much get into is an English fellow who bills himself as "Cult TV Sofa", his hook being that he gives his reactions whilst lying sideways on his couch, which strikes me as a touch twee. I mean, this episode especially, you might wish to be on (the edge of) your seat, I'd think. But I will give him credit for being detail-oriented; he's the one who told me about how romantically hopeful a song O Soave Fanicuilia is in the context of La Boheme, thus making it into "music to find your beloved's corpse by" even more cruelly ironic. And when Jenny was
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