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  1. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    Well, I doubt the spelling is his idea, of course. And plenty of words have the "ch" where the "h" is silent. Anyone who ever checked their school schedule to see when they were due in Chemistry knows that. As far as proper names go, S16's Christine Brecht could well be the former houseguest who would dispute the idea that it's a rule that "Ch = tch" in pronunciation, perhaps more than any other. (No matter what Rachel might say against her.) The late writer Robert Bloch might even say that insisting on the "tch" pronunciation was Psycho, for that matter.
  2. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    There will be 12 people in the House after this week; even if the 6 survive intact, there will be six others left to take shots at them. The odds of 6 Sh66ters firing off six consecutive HoH wins to reach the Final 6 unaltered seem daunting. (Also, it might actually take seven HoH wins, assuming there's a Jury BattleBack on the schedule, down the road. Even more difficult.) Whereas if just one of the Jacks gets bounced before then, it will give Christie/Tommy the chance to make a new four-person alliance with whomever remains, where they wouldn't be outnumbered, and still have the edge over the remnants of Jack/Son/Sis/Holly. Also, to my knowledge, the Jacks and their Jills do not have a formal alliance, and I wouldn't count on a "widow" staying loyal to the other couple, necessarily. Should the Final Five reduce to Jackson/Holly/Analyse/Christie/Tommy, for example, I don't know that flipping AnalFleas to take out Jackson as the major "threat" would prove anywhere near impossible. (Not to mention that HoH and Veto complicate F5 scenarios in ways that the direct votes of Survivor do not entail.) But JMO.
  3. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    That would be a horrible idea for Christie, even if it were possible. (Neither Jessica nor Nicole has shown any particular interest in aligning with Christie/Tommy, no more than the Staten Island Famiglia has wanted to align with them.) It would leave her and Tommy outnumbered, 3-2, and with her two comp wins, she would be the primary target. Aside from her record, she's more of a physical threat than either 54-year-old Cliff or 5'4" (if that) Tommy. Whereas keeping the Jacks in the game leaves her doubly-guarded by douchemeatshields. Christie would foolish, IMO, to toss that protection away. There will be plenty of bullets to take out Jack & Son down the road, I'd think. No sense in exposing herself to those, before she needs to.
  4. Halting Hex

    Small Talk: On The Outside

    And if you click around enough (I'm never exactly sure how) you can get to ALL your content, and read how witty and insightful you've been, again and again. (Not that I've ever done that. Not that I keep a link to the final Waybacked version of TWoP handy, just so I can periodically re-dazzle myself. Never.) I just never thought to use that as a safety valve to my "damn right I deserved that heart! I slay me!" self-validation excursions. Intelligent precaution noted. Thanks, IM.
  5. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    But it probably wasn't how she "literally" starts the year. She might write her name on the board, greet her students, assign seats, take the roll, etc. "The first lesson I give" or "One of the first things I do" could live up to that "literally", but "start the year" is over-broad. (Sorry!)
  6. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    I could quibble with all three of those usages that I've bolded, just to be a jerk. But I've found that even though I intend it lightheartedly when I do things such as that, it sometimes annoys the recipients of such "humor", so I won't give the chapters and verses here. No, I merely wanted to note that I'm old enough to remember that President Carter had a different variation of "nuclear"…he would pronounce it "nukier". As in the comparative of the adjective "nuky", I suppose. The irony, of course, was that Carter himself was a "nukier" engineer, having studied the subject in the Navy.
  7. Halting Hex

    Rachel Swindler: the Long Con?

    You should have been Boogie and Krista's match-maker, Nashville! "Whah, ahve coahse Ah'd love to live in LA with you, Mike! Y'all's gonna LOVE Opelousas!"
  8. Halting Hex

    Big Brother Universe: Fashion, Casting, Comps, etc.

    Not to bag on Ovi, specifically, but I thought it should be mentioned that his eviction means we've now had seven consecutive "powers" go fizz. In reverse chronological order: BB21 Nightmare Power: Ovi gets backdoored before he can use it; loses Comeback Comp and leaves with it in his pocket. BB20 Identity Theft: Bayleigh is backdoored onto the block and leaves with the power in her pocket…and blood in her mouth. The Cloud: There's a reason the season is titled Big Brother 20: Everybody Sniffs Tyler's Balls. The "Loveable" Lifeguard is so well-guarded by lackeys that he never feels the need to use his power. If this were Survivor, he'd have brought the Immunity Idol home to show his mom. Second Life: Sam's power eventually force-activates, giving Kaitlyn the chance to return by completing an 8-piece puzzle. Special K of course duffs her chance so thoroughly that her failure becomes iconic and is the basis for a Veto this season that gently mocks Kait, in part by having Kat's puzzle be more than twice as complex as the original. (17 pieces as opposed to 8.) BB19 Tree of Temptation, third iteration: Nobody took an apple. IIRC, this is where Jason gave the DR claiming he was going to, then laughed at the idea, since he was so safe there was no reason to put a target on his back, right? (Of course, the backdoor that took him out of the game was already in motion as he spoke…) Tree of Temptation, second iteration: Nobody took an apple, the HGs playing it safe like the good little Paulettes they all were. Tree of Temptation, first iteration: Mark took the apple, winning the "Save A Friend" power. Of course, as Mark himself was the obvious target, this was pointless and useless. Mark had no friends left in the House at this point, and the only person in danger (himself) was the only one he couldn't use the power on. Nope, that's seven consecutive flops. The show hasn't had a Power be successfully used since My Girl Jess invoked my namesake, and kept both her and Cody safe from eviction. For a whopping one week, of course. But, by the standards of later "Powers", this was an epic success. No wonder Nick calls Jess "the Baddest Bitch of All Time". Man, has the bar for "changing the game" gotten ridiculously low around here, or what?
  9. Halting Hex

    Rachel Swindler: the Long Con?

    Rachel supporting Winston on Love Island: I like how she knows the exact distance from LA to (I presume) his place in Kentucky. I'm guessing this is a gentle reminder of how little she was interested in moving Bluegrass-wards to play dog-mama to Dixie, per a discussion they once had? "Dude, I'm from South Carolina. I'm not doing Kentucky, too." (Disclaimer: Remember, I moved to South Carolina last year. I love it here. But I am not Rachel, obviously.) She's also apparently doing something show-related for AfterBuzz, but her Twitter is spoilerific (she's a Feedster), so I just went hunting the Winston tweet and zipped past. I did catch where she said she'd been a fan of the show for 20 years, so all the way back to S1, in other words. Aww. Can we have her back, please? If it's too late to insert her into this season, then she can keep Kat company in the January edition, okay? Aw, c'mon!
  10. Halting Hex

    S21.E11: Live Eviction #3; Battle Back #1

    You know, the more I look at this, the more I wonder if it was deliberate. There's a certain amount of thrust behind that backhand, and it's not as if Cliff lacked motivation here. Which, much as I'm not on the Bella train, would be severely unacceptable. Not only from the "don't hit women" perspective (I mean, Pigg is not only twice her age, he's twice her size), but obviously if you let that genie out of the BB bottle, all sorts of Dick-ish things could follow. Hell, Jack's been threatening violence half the season, it feels. I know Cliff may be Production's new hero, but they should really be looking into expelling him. I do not like this…at all. Justin said words (ugly words, but it's not as if Krista was scared, much less scarred). Scott threw a chair. Chima wouldn't dance when Production whistled. (And dunked a mic, but that wasn't an immediate trigger.) Only Willie Hantz has been expelled for actual violence. The line needs to be drawn firmly. JMO.
  11. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    He wanted to be a pawn against Nick or Bella. Going up against his bromance was not in the plan. (Although, as noted, all it takes to save them both is a Veto win for the Six, Christie using the Panic Power, and an agreed-upon backdoor where somebody would be willing to be the sixth vote to save the remaining nominee…most likely Kat voting out Bella or Nick, but there's plenty of room to hunt.) His inability to influence Cliff frustrated him. Well, yeah. That, too. :)
  12. Halting Hex

    S21.E12: Head of Household #4; Nominations #4

    Scorecard time! As noted in other threads, I've already been accidentally spoiled for the HoH result, which sucks, but at least allows me the luxury of Zaprudering the pre-comp scenes without feeling compelled to see the HoH action. Because, you know, the problem with my posts is they're not long enough. (Oh, eyeroll!) • Cliff, the Camp Segregation evictees were not "more than half [your] age", they were "less than" half of your 54 years. (Kemi is 25, Ovi is 22). Except for David, who's 29. So really, either way, this "half" concept doesn't work. If all petroleum engineers have as weak a grasp of math as Cliff does, suddenly the Deepwater Horizon disaster makes a bit more sense. • "It's the old guy." Tommy, your mother called. She'd like me to tell you that 54 is not "old", it's middle-aged. (56 is the new 36, jerk!) "Older" would have been okay. "Old"…not so much. Maybe you'll understand once you're a little older. • "I really feel…betrayed. Disgusted, really." Amusing to see Nick struggle to process his emotions while the "Nick: Therapist" title is on the screen. How does it feel to be on the other side of the [DR] couch, Dr. Fraud? • "I could have tried to flip the vote last week!" Er, Doc…you did, remember? You/Bella/Sam/Cliff/Nicole all wanted to keep Kemi; you just abandoned the idea once you couldn't find a 6th vote. (Kathryn being loyal to Jessica, as further shown by her use of the veto in Week 3, and the 5 "Shooters" who were eligible to vote wanted to help HoH Jack eliminate the "threat" to his game.) The fact that you were invested in trying is probably where Jackson got the idea to impugn you by casting the hinky vote in the first place. Nice retcon…don't you know that altering medical records is a felony? (Thanks, Law & Order ep 1.01, "Prescription for Death") • Poor Kat. Her possible new showmance got the Golden Toe, and her "pump-and-dump" ex is still around, probably looking for Round Two once Holly finds what's left of her self-respect. (I can only dream…did she check the Storage Room?) Icky, as in "mICHIE". • No, wait, it looks as though Jackson's lining up Nicole as Bachelorette #3. Oh, joy. I mean if he wasn't an utter dick and…problematic in so many ways, I'd probably be happy for her. She's never even written the equivalent of "Michie & Niccie" in her [non-existent] trapper-keeper before, I'm sure. I think one of his legs has more muscle than her whole body, honestly. But…he is what he is. Careful, girl. Seriously. • Hey, Nicole, they have to play to their strengths, you know? You can't say they weren't convincing in the part, can you? "[Act] what you know" and all that. • "That doesn't happen to me a lot in my life." Eek! She's just sitting on the plate, ready for him to scoop her up, isn't she? If they're banging before the middle of the episode, I wouldn't be that shocked, honestly. No, no, Nicole! And here I thought that my knowing the comp result would kill all the anxiety-making suspense… • Trashabella calls the people who just blindsided her "stupid". Yeah, that'll help. Keep digging that grave, babe. • "There's not an alliance." Says the man who's in at least three alliances (6 Shitters, H8ful, Nasty9), not to mention a showmance and a bromance. Right, that's gonna fly. Good one, Jackson. • Which is also not a denial. Well, at least you can't say they weren't honest with you…this week. So there's that. • Trashabella says "unde9able" so loudly that Jessica [apparently] overhears it through the door. Even when Trashabella's not outing alliances on purpose, she still does it. Know your role, I guess. • Jack keeps smacking his fist right in front of Bella. Aww, and here we thought he'd be lost without Kemi and Ovi to intimidate! As long as there's even one PoC left in House, the "hits" will keep on coming, I suppose. • "It's like they all had some final eight or something!" Boy, nobody's putting anything past you, huh, Jessica? And it's only Day 30! Girl Power! (Except for the part where she can't count how many people are actually in the room, or notice that the alliance name she just heard has the number "9" in it. But hey, by Week 18 or so, she should be totally up to speed!) • You know, if I had been able to watch any of the previous 10 Fast and Furious movies, I might like Hobbs & Shaw. At least I'm enjoying the ads. • And the traditional Week 4 endurance comp, which would make perfect sense this week since the CampBack comp already forced the HoH to Sunday's show anyhow, is somehow replaced by…a questions comp. Gee, I'm sure glad TPTB don't have their thumb on the scales for Cliff, or anything like that. Nuh-uh! • "We're going to eliminate two people every round, because we're too lazy to make up enough spare questions." • "I.Am.Here.To.Win! It's mine! I feel it." I'd like to think that even if I wasn't spoiled for the result, I'd know this means Nicole goes out on the first question. But that might be cheating, I'd admit. • Yup. Called it. A little TOO obvious, BB. (Actually, I think Nicole might have thrown it. She knows 6 Shitters went out on a limb to blindside Nick…why not let one of them be the one to put him up? Keep your hands clean. And it's not as if Bella would nominate her when she feels as betrayed as she does now.) • The bicycle appears SIX times. Not really "twice", Bella. Or even twice twice, for that matter. (Also, "syncing cycles"?? Tacky, BB.) • AnalFleas is as good at counting as she is at spelling, it seems. And at least Jessica's consistent in her miscounting. ("Getting Nailed"? Gee, the comp design team is having way more fun with the season than the editors are, it appears.) • Man, Tommy barely reaches Jack's shoulder. Is there a height limit on gay HGs, these days? • Cliff's victory celebration appears to entail mock-garroting himself. Alrighty, then. • Jackson's plan is actually…not horrible. I mean, I assume there's no way Cliff will "pawn" him against Nick or Bella, but now that he has Christie's commitment to use the Panic Power, even if two of the Six are nommed, all they have to do is win the Veto and backdoor someone whom they could vote out. With 10 votes (again) in play, they'd need someone besides the five votes they're sure of, and Nicole might feel too loyal to Cliff to vote out even Bella if he said no, but I think they could find somebody Kat would be glad to boot. I can't see Kat being 100% on Team Cliff, in all circumstances. • Kat's implants are really looking nice, I must say. I'm not sure why you would go for the Deluxe Economy Package if you wanted to be a dancer, but I guess her idea of "making the team" was more about off-field activities than on… • No, don't have Christie reveal the power, dummy! Keep that in your back pocket, braintrust! Ugh… (Sorry, I'm trying to protect my fantasy team, here. Just keep the girls safe, Jackson. The last thing I want is Christie/Bella noms. Let it go, Lego.) • Jack is both kick-ass and kiss-ass! He's a true Renaissance Douche, yo! • Cliff (and by "Cliff", I mean "Production") absolutely sucks at drama. I have no problem with nominating the Jackholes, but you put Jackson in the first spot! That way, we get a moment of seeing him thinking that Cliff went for his "pawn" deal…and then you see him collapse when he sees whom he is sitting next to. You need to contract construct these reveals a bit better, dudes! • I'm surprised they let Jack shave, as now his nomination picture doesn't match his appearance. They must not have thought he was a block candidate so soon. Oops. • "And will [the Veto] be used to save either Jackson, Jack, or Michie from eviction?" LMAO! I love it when they give Clayton good lines! (They've probably been sitting on that one all season.) Okay, so let's hope that Bella gets picked, wins Veto and locks the noms. I could live with that. (I mean, I still want Trashabella gone before too long, but she could rack up a few pts for me before she heads to Jury, I'm just saying. And it would be awesome if Jack got tossed before the inevitable Jury Battleback. Manifest!)
  13. Halting Hex

    Big Brother Fantasy Game

    From 15th the last time I checked my placing, all the way up to…14th. Slow and steady wins the race. (Or…chokes on dust and gets laughed at. One of the two.) Esoterica Popular Kids (Holly, Nick, Bella, Christie): 49 pts (±0) You Can't Sit with Us! (Cliff, Kemi, David, Jessica, Nicole): 19 pts (+12; Cliff evicted, -3, wins buyback, +10; Nicole wins eviction vote, +5) Team DEstiny ("Michie", Tommy, Jack, Sam): 83 pts (±0) The Irrelevant? (Kathryn, "Sis" Analyse, Ovi): 20 pts (±0) Geography Noo Yawk, Noo Yawk! (Nicole, Kemi, Tommy, Christie): 39 pts (+5 pts; Nicole doesn't get mad, she gets even, +5) "Taylor Swift" (Nick, Sam, Ovi, Jackson): 63 pts (±0) South (David, Jack, Kathryn, Cliff): 43 pts (+7; Cliff sent to Camp Comeback, -3; Cliff Comes Back, +10) West…ish (Jessica, Holly, Bella, Analyse): 38 pts (±0) Credit Where Credits Due First Quartet (Analyse/Ovi and Nicole/Jack): 39 pts (+5 pts; Nicole doesn't want to die, +5) Second Quartet (Cliff/Kathryn and Nick/Kemi): 35 pts (+7; Cliff's outta here!, -3; Not so fast…, +10) Third Quartet (Christie/Sam and Jessica/David): 59 pts (±0) Fourth Quartet (Jackson/Isabella and Tommy/Holly): 50 pts (±0) Hex v. Hexself My "Shadows" (Jessica, Kathryn, Kemi, Nicole): 25 pts (+5; Nicole "on a raft", but stays afloat, +5) High and Low Current "Perfect" Team: Sam (30), Jack (24), Christie (24), Jackson (20) =98 pts Current Perfectly Imperfect Team: David (-3), Ovi (-3), Kemi (-3), Jessica (5)= -4 pts. Both nominees gain enough pts to pass Jess, again. And now for something completely the same: Team Good Taste (Nick, Kat, Tommy, Christie): 63 pts (±0) Is there a keyboard shortcut for the "strikethrough"? (The way "command-B" gets you bold) Because otherwise, running up to the top of the reply box everytime I need to designate a (permanent) evictee as such will make me feel like a yo-yo. Thanks in advance.
  14. Halting Hex

    Ovi Kabir: Cutest Little Camper Ever

    A little math about the "Warn an 8-person alliance that there's an eight-person alliance forming". (I'm second-guessing Ovi, obvi, but with affection.) At the time Ovi heard Nick and Tommy saying "eight", there were 15 HGs in the House. (David still being "lost in the forest" at that point.) If Nick and Tommy have six allies, and you're not one of them, that means they are allied with half of the remaining 12 HGs. So it's a 50% shot that anyone you "warn" about the alliance might already be part of it. You might get lucky and find one non-alliance member to recruit, but four? Not that likely, Ovi. Ovi "warns" Jack. 50% of the time (6/12), Jack will be part of the alliance. Of the remaining 50% when Jack is not in the alliance, that means it's now 6/11 odds the next person Ovi "warns" is with Nick and Tommy. So the odds of Jackson or Jack being in the alliance are 77.3% (6/12 + [6/12 x 6/11]). Of the 22.7% of the time when neither Jack nor Son is in the alliance, there is now a 6/10 chance the next person is. So the odds against Jack/Jackson/AnalySis all being out of the loop is roughly 93.6% against. (6/12 + [6/12 x 6/11] +[6/12 x 6/11 x 6/10]). And of that last 6.4 chance that Ovi hasn't shot himself yet, the chance of his fourth "ally" actually being in with Nick/Tommy now rises to 6/9, or 2/3. So, all in all, the odds of Ovi randomly finding four "safe" confidants in Jack/Jackson/Sis/Christie was about 97.8% against. Yikes. (The odds that he'd actually pick four of Nick/Tommy's allies, as he did, were nearly as long, but that's irrelevant. It only takes landing on one Gr8ful member to sink Ovi's battleship…and so it did.) Actually, if Ovi founded the Fam5 (another darned numeral!) after the initial nominations were announced, that made it even more likely he was "warning" Nick's allies against him. Since Nick and Tommy might be unwilling to ally with somebody already on the block. And if you throw Cliff and Kathryn out of the potential ally pool, that means that Nick/Tommy were allied with 6/10 of the remaining HGs. Good luck threading that needle, Ovi-Wan.