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  1. Well, the (primary) point of the Cruciamentum is to show the Slayer that she's capable enough through native skill, no powers or allies normally needed. Wouldn't have made much sense for a flying battalion of Slayerettes to come save her bacon (unlike, say, Killed by Death, where Xander and Willow each save her twice and even Cordelia chips in) and while a "you guys rock!" would always be appreciated, it would be a bit odd to see in an episode where Willow and Xander are barely seen (and Oz doesn't even resurface for the tag), Cordelia's helpful transportation and Giles's belated slayage aside. (I believe I not only shorted the G-Man out of his Blair kill here when I put up the slaying chart in the Xander thread, but also . Whoops and whoops again.) And, to be fair, Buffy thanked Xillow for both their physical support and contributing to her emotional survival just three episodes ago, in The Wish. (Where the entire point of the episode was that she needs them as much as they need her.) Considering that as of 3.09, it had been seven episodes since the previous time Buffy had showed gratitude towards Xander and six eps since she did likewise for Giles and Willow, I can't much complain about a three-episode pause as of now. But JMO.
  2. Well, Willow might have spilled the beans. Buffy and Dawn presumably met up with Xillow pretty quickly after the "tampon moment", and Will was feeling pretty vulnerable, obviously. She might have shared some details, pre-"Well, it's off to England so Giles can kill me" and all. That said, Xander's running the story into the ground and visibly boring the Summers Sisters is a bit surprising, I'll allow. (I wonder if Anya knows?)
  3. Heh, two Emmy™ awards to Joss's one. Who's the Superstar now, Whedon? (His hair seems to be headed the same way Joss's went, though. But still.) Congrats, You By the Dip!
  4. Y'all might have mentioned that Lenk was in Boogie Nights. I'm just saying. I mean, it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it part for "Thomas", but I was still "don't I know that guy?" until the end credits (because using the internet would be cheating, lol). Also Channon Roe (Jack O'Toole, The Zeppo), but that's a somewhat-well-remembered scene; Lenk barely pops his head up, by comparison. Since Roe's scene is about Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg) struggling to masturbate, should we count Channon's BtVS character name as a shout-out? (Remember, Boogie Nights was the year before.) Hmm. So long (pun?) since I'd seen that movie. Still great. The look of sadness on William H. Macy's face the first time he sees Dirk "perform" is perfect. And Alfred Molina in a Speedo™ is everything. ❤️ So, does this mean we can "link" Dirk's…uniqueness to the title character of One-Eyed Monster via Season Six, then? Seems rather appropriate, I suppose. (Are Lenk and Amber ever on-screen together? I don't think so…)
  5. [Screw it. I don't believe I'm anywhere near "the line" ("The line is a dot to me!" [/Joey Tribbiani]), but the events of last summer make me paranoid. So…redacted.]
  6. Ah, that's a promo for a repeat, then? So we get the WB calling the show "Buffy", instead of using the full title, much to my annoyance. And here I was thinking we'd be safe because that only started in S2…but the PG rerun was close enough to September, after all.
  7. Whoops. Hope Carey doesn't wear sunglasses while racing at night. Okay, one of Corey's Canadian #1s (and US Top 40s) was a remake of "Can't Help Falling in Love with You", which was originally a hit for Elvis Presley, who was in Change of Habit with Mary Tyler Moore, who was in Ordinary People with Timothy Hutton (but we've done him) and Donald Sutherland, who was Dirty Sexy Money with Peter Krause, who was on Six Feet Under with Michelle Trachtenberg. Fixed! (And we had too many Sarah Gilbert connections anyhow, I suppose. [Even if I did connect SG to a different cast-mate each time.] And the only woman we know for sure that Pink has dated is Kristanna Loken from Terminator 3. She and Linda Perry might be nothing more than very close friends, which they remain to this day. So this is an improvement, perhaps.)
  8. John "Bonzo" Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, which featured guitarist Jimmy Page, who had been in The Yardbirds with Keith Relf (vocals) and Chris Dreja (bass), who were part of the original lineup where the guitarist was Eric Clapton, who was in Tommy with Oliver Reed, who was in three Musketeers films with Christopher Lee (how is Lee in Return of the Musketeers [based Dumas's sequel, Twenty Years After]? A flashback? Rochefort got better? An equally-evil twin?), who was in multiple Lord of the Rings films with Ian McKellen, who was in Gods and Monsters with Jack Plotnick and Todd "Tom Warner" Babcock. (You have no idea how hard it was not to take a detour to Faye Dunaway here; her Milady de Winter is one of my feminist icons. The poignant climax of The Four Musketeers is my original Jenny Calendar moment; I can hardly think of it without a lump in my throat. I tried to watch the 2011 Logan Lerman version recently [not understanding it's meant to be in 3-D, which explains some of visual issues] and their apparently thinking they were remaking The Fifth Element instead, with Milla Jovovich as a ridiculous Milady, made me turn it off before I even got to the airships.) (No, I'm not kidding about that. Airships. I'm sure it was awesome.) Tom Berenger was in The Big Chill as one of the horrible assholes you can hardly blame Kevin Costner for committing suicide in order to get away from (all of Costner's scenes were cut, probably a mistake, but you can still recognize him by his hands when you see his corpse in the casket during the opening credits sequence) and Costner was in The Untouchables as mentioned above, but more importantly was in Man of Steel with Cousin Beth, Amy Adams. Chris Elliott, son of Bob and father of Abby, was recurring on How I Met Your Mother, as the father of Alyson Hannigan's Lily. (Abby was also on the show, as Ted's last girlfriend, Jeanette. It was a ridiculous character, but one of the few good episodes of the later seasons was built around her, and so was a great moment in an awful episode. OTOH, there's a completely-execrable episode devoted to trying to whitewash and fluff Chris's character. Ironically enough, that episode ["Nannies"] comes directly after the episode ["The Pre-Nup"] that made me stop watching the show in real time and only finish up seven years after the fact. So I was right to quit when I did, because if I'd soldiered on after "The Pre-Nup", I would have only lasted one additional week, anyhow.) Jim Craig was, essentially, the Joe Namath of hockey, goaltending on the 1980 U.S. Olympic Team that pulled the famous upset of the Soviet Union and then beat Finland for the gold medal. In the TV-movie Miracle on Ice, Craig was played by Steve Guttenberg, who was in Diner with Paul Reiser, who was in Bye Bye Love with Eliza Dushku. Corey Hart, who wears his sunglasses at night, is not in fact a one-hit wonder…he's had no fewer than nine Top 40 singles, including one ("Never Surrender") that out-charted "Sunglasses at Night", reaching #3 as opposed to #7. But still. He's married to Pink, who apparently used to date Linda Perry, who is married to Sarah Gilbert, who was on Roseanne with Sarah Chalke, who spent a year on How I Met Your Mother with Alyson. Lea Thompson (whom I've met, and who is a sweetheart, btw) starred in Caroline in the City, where Willie Garson guest-starred. (But not apparently as the character I remember, when Caroline had to deal with an obnoxious doctor who eventually hit on her, and when rebuffed, snitted that she'd be lucky to have him, because "I'm the Anthony Edwards type!" A line which made me laugh, thinking how true it must be that the success of "Dr. Greene" on E.R. had a bunch of mediocre balding M.D.s convinced they were sex symbols. But apparently that wasn't Willie. Huh. I guess whoever played that doctor was "the Willie Garson type" as well.) Brooke Shields, who got a shoutout in Go Fish, was in Pretty Baby with Susan Sarandon (who was in Bull Durham with Kevin Costner and The Hunger with David Bowie, but we've done them, so let's take the long way around…) who was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Charles Gray, who was in Diamonds Are Forever with Bruce Cabot, who was in King Kong (1933) with Fay Wray, who was in Gideon's Trumpet with Nicholas Pryor, who was in Less Than Zero with Lisanne Falk, who was in Heathers with Shannen Doherty, who was on Beverly Hills 90210 with a number of people who were still on the show two seasons after Shannen left, in Season 6 when Emma Caulfield was recurring. Phil Keoghan hosts The Amazing Race, which one season was won by Jessica Graf (<----------- pictured, above) and her now-husband, Cody Nickson, who met on Big Brother, which is hosted by Julie Chen, who was on The Talk with Sarah Gilbert, who is on The Conners with Laurie Metcalf, who was in Scream 2 with SMG. And others, but let's save some for next year, shall we? See you in 365!
  9. No problem; let's do more! Clint Eastwood, whose name is an anagram of "Old West Action", starred in In the Line of Fire, where the villain was an Academy Award-nominated John Malkovich, who was in Places in the Heart, for which Lindsay Crouse got her (unsuccessful) Oscar nomination. Denholm Elliott was in Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford (yada yada, several links to Martin Landau, see above), but also Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd, who was in Spies Like Us with Chevy Chase, who was in Funny Farm with a creepy young Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sharon "Chris Cagney" Gless was a regular on Switch, with Robert Wagner, who was in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (and sequels) with Seth Green. Super Bowl hero Joe Namath later tried his hand as a sitcom star in The Waverly Wonders (think The White Shadow with Namath in the Ken Howard role, fewer racial issues, and a girl on the team) with Kim Lankford, who was in the straight-to-HBO Night of the Running Man with Todd Susman, who was the villain in the Angel episode "Guise Will Be Guise" (Virginia's dad) with David/Charisma/Alexis. Famed German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder's œuvre includes Satan's Brew (1978), which featured Ingrid Caven, who was in the Dakota Johnson remake of Suspiria, which included the star of the original, Jessica Harper, who was in my favorite Brian de Palma film, Phantom of the Paradise, with a wonderful turn by Paul Williams, who got his start in The Loved One, which starred Robert Morse, who was on Mad Men with Vincent Kartheiser, whom Alyson Hannigan snarked on in her final Angel guest spot. More later, likely.
  10. 5/31 crew: Prince Rainier III of Monaco was famously wed to Grace Kelly, who starred in High Noon, whose theme song was sung by Tex Ritter, father of John. Menahem Golan, Israeli schlockmeister, numbered amongst his "classics" Deadly Heroes, featuring Billy Drago, who was much-beloved as Barbas, the Fear Demon on Charmed, but probably best-known as Frank Nitti in The Untouchables, where he, uh, made an impression on Oscar Wallace, played by Charles Martin Smith, the director of Welcome to the Hellmouth. The RMS Titanic was launched from Belfast on May 31, 1911. (Hey, it had 10 good months, right?). Titanic featured David Warner as an evil valet, and Warner was in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with Kim Cattrall, who was on Sex and the City with Chris Noth, who was on The Good Wife with Matt Czuchry, who made it through the pilot episode of Jake 2.0 as the best friend of title character Christopher "James Stanley" Gorham…before new show runner David Greenwalt took over with episode 2, decided Gorham didn't need a best friend, and sent Czuchry's character to Alaska, off-screen, never to be seen again. Or we could connect Star Trek VI: Enough with the Shakespeare Quotes! to IOHEFY by noting the cameo of Iman (who also had an off-screen one-nighter with Chris Noth's Mike Logan in an episode of Law & Order, but I digress…), who later married David Bowie, who had been in Legend with Mia Sara, who was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off with Alan Ruck, who was in Speed with Keanu Reeves, who was in at least one of those awful John Wick movies with Ian MacShayne, who of course was on Deadwood with our own John "George the Janitor" Hawkes Or we could mention that Warner was in Time After Time, playing Jack the Ripper to Malcolm McDowell's H.G.Wells, and that McDowell had been in A Clockwork Orange (infamous Fringedwellers quote about Spike, wrt the Sodding™ Chip: "Oh, no! They've chocolate-oranged him!"), where McDowell is, ahem, unkind whilst singing "Singin' in the Rain", which was of course from Singin' in the Rain, starring Debbie Reynolds, grandmother to Billie Lourd, who was in Scream Queens with Lea Michele, who was on Glee with Dianna Agron, who was in Bare where there's…a certain scene with Dianna and Paz de la Huerta in a car that rather explains how Dianna was the subject of All Those Songs by Taylor Swift (when TS sings "I'll do anything you want, if you say it with your hands" in "Treacherous", she's not praising Dianna's facility with American Sign Language, I don't think…) and Taylor was in The Hannah Montana Movie with Miley Cyrus, who in 2011 made a trip to the North Carolina filming of The Hunger Games to see future husband Liam Hemsworth, but (allegedly, but alleged in print) spent some time getting…close to star Jennifer Lawrence, who of course had just been in Winter's Bone with that same Academy Award-nominated John Hawkes. (What, you don't like random lesbian hook-up rumors as connections? Fine, Miley was in LOL with Demi Moore, who got her start on General Hospital playing sister to Janine Turner, who was in Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone, who was in Creed with Michael B. Jordan, who was in Fantastic Four but not the Fantastic Four movies that starred Jessica Alba, who was in Idle Hands with Seth Green. Happy now?) (What, you don't want ANY salacious rumors? FINE. Billie Lourd was in Billionaire Boys Club with Ansel Elgort, who is not actually the same person as Miles Teller but was in Insurgent with him, and Teller was in Fantastic Four with Michael B. Jordan…and that's still the wrong Fantastic Four flick, so…oh, hell, back all the way up… …the missing link between Debbie Reynolds and Billie Lourd is of course Carrie Fisher, who was in four Star Wars movies with Harrison Ford, who was in The Conversation with Cindy Williams [the title refers to surveillance expert Gene Hackman eavesdropping on Ford and Williams's oblique dialogue], who was the other half of Laverne & Shirley with Penny Marshall, who was on The Odd Couple with Tony Randall, who was in Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson, who was in Giant with Elizabeth Taylor, who was in Cleopatra with Martin Landau, father of Juliet. There you go! Sheesh!) (I suppose I could have saved a lot of trouble just by noting that Sex and the City also featured Willie "Fear is for the Weak" Garson, huh? Oh, well…) Ahem. Jim Hutton was the father of Timothy, who co-starred in Leverage with Aldis "Kid in a Demon Mask" Hodge. (And Christian Kane.) Or you could point out that Jim was in Walk, Don't Run with Cary Grant, who was in North by Northwest having a very rough time with that same Martin Landau…but if you disdain Jim/Timothy Hutton as only a parental link, you won't like Martin/Juliet either, so…North by Northwest also features Eva Marie Saint, who was recurring on Moonlighting, as was Curtis Armstrong, who was in Revenge of the Nerds with Anthony Edwards, who was on E.R. with guest stars such as Chad Lindberg and Clea DuVall (who played a couple). (Or, if you don't like guest stars, either, E.R. also starred Julianna Margulies, who starred in The Good Wife with Matt Czuchry, who was on Gilmore Girls with Danny Strong, okay?) More later; I have to de-bug this "dread machine". Oh, and Happy Birthday!
  11. Well, there's precious little point in wasting time and resources trying to kill Willow and Xander if Buffy isn't going be around to feel the effects of their deaths. There's hardly any need to split focus and effort that way, I'd say. Remember, this is personal for Angel; it wasn't Giles who made Angel "feel like a real human being". (Except in some of the more-obscure fanfic, I suppose. But, still.)
  12. Additionally, having already left Buffy an emotional wreck at his apartment, there's no reason that Angel shouldn't move on to devastating Buffy by killing her friends. ("It's not the kind of message you send", etc.) It's not as if he knew that Jenny was Rom and had been watching for this and had an uncle with a direct line to the Elder Woman and was getting early alerts about his reversion, much less that she would be taking to prowling the SHS halls with a big ol' cross (which Xander made good use of). Undercover Jana FTW! I grant you that he recovered well enough from her making him accelerate his plans 😢 , but I can't really blame him for being taken by surprise, here. Yes, he could have kept going at the "kill her friends and family" tactic, but once Buffy failed to wilt as he hoped and instead burnt down his home, he moved on to the "just kill Buffy, already" part of the plan (Killed by Death, IOHEFY). And once the mutual possession made him feel all soulful and ook-y, he regrouped for a bit, and then had the Aurelian Dream (ending the world) dropped in his lap, and IMO naturally went for the bigger game, rather than keeping all "Buffy-whipped". Yes, Angel's motivations change as time goes on, but I don't find anything that strains credibility. But JMO.
  13. And the bolded adjective is how I know "sister-in-law" means "wife's sister" rather than "brother's wife". 😉 Thank you. You've a celebration of your own on Sunday, IIRC. Should I see about Buffering various members of the 5/31 crew?
  14. And of course, it being the birthday of Tiny Irish Loser, that also means birthday wishes to Alexa "Electra-Gwen" Davalos, and on this series, Megalyn Echikunwoke, whose guest appearance in The Killer in Me will forever be overshadowed by her spot as Dean's ex-gf in "Route 666", the immortal Supernatural episode (1.13) about the racist truck. (Yes, you read that correctly.) And as you might recall, my trove of knowledge about the members of Club 5/28 is because it's my birthday as well. I was going to buy myself something real cool in celebration…but somebody got ahold of my card number on Monday (most likely through my grocery-delivery company's processing unit) and tried to buy some Gucci perfume (declined because they didn't have my CVV security code, thankfully) and now I'm just sitting for a week or so, waiting for the new card to get here in the mail. (I guess that's the argument for how I should have renewed my other bank's debit card when it expired. Oh, well.) So I'm stuck here with Ziggy and a fridge-full of groceries, but I'm very much "bored now", alas. So pardon me if I do a few more 5/28 Bufferations: Betty Shabazz, the wife of Malcolm X, was portrayed in Malcolm X by Angela Bassett, who starred in Strange Days (the James Cameron-Katherine Bigelow flop) opposite Voldemort himself, Ralph Fiennes. Who was in The English Patient (referenced in Beauty and the Beasts) opposite Kristin Scott-Thomas, sister of Gwendolyn Post, Mrs. (You may call her Serena, though.) Beth Howland was most famous for playing Vera on Alice, the most successful sitcom ever adapted from a Martin Scorsese film. (Think about that.) The movie (Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More) was one of the earliest roles for a young Jodie Foster, who was most recently in Hotel Artemis with Sterling K. Brown, who was in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson with Leonard Roberts. Michael Oher was the subject of The Blind Side, which co-starred Tim McGraw, son of Mets legend Tug McGraw and title subject of Taylor Swift's first-ever single. Which really doesn't get us any closer to BtVS, but if you think I'm passing up a chance to mention both the '69 Mets and TS, you must be madder than Drusilla. Ahem. Back on topic. In the film, Oher was played by Quinton Aaron, who was in The Second Coming of Christ with Meredith "Grace Newman" Salenger. (Imagines Possessed!Meredith telling the massive Quinton, "Don't walk away from me, bitch!") Roger Kumble has really only had one big success as a writer/director…but of course that was Cruel Intentions 🙂 Kylie Minogue, the highest-selling female artist in Australia's history, got her start on the long-running soap opera Neighbours and still acts, occasionally. Such as in San Andreas, which starred Dwayne Johnson, who was in Southland Tales with SMG. Cameron Boyce, the Disney star who passed tragically young last year, was on Jessie with Peyton List (not the other Peyton List), who, as a child, was on Cashmere Mafia with Lucy Liu, who was on Ally McBeal, where Callista Flockhart famously got her ass pinched by Richard Riehle. Oh, Merrick! You've got to watch those Watchers, it seems. (I'm doing versions that amuse me, not "numbers" here, or I'd have to note that Lucy didn't join the show until Season 2, and Riehle was in the pilot. But still.) Elisabeth Filarski Hasselbeck, before selling her ab workouts/co-hosting The View/marrying the wrong brother (Matt Hasselbeck quarterbacked the Seahawks to their first Super Bowl appearance; Tim barely got off the bench for Washington), was famous for being the "hottie" on the second season of Survivor, back when casting agents thought Survivor had enough viewers that the contestants might get mainstream careers. Elisabeth's predecessor on the original season of Survivor, Colleen Haskell, had the "privilege" of co-starring in the Rob Schneider classic, The Animal, alongside John C. McGinley, who co-starred in nine seasons of Scrubs with Sarah Chalke, who was the replacement Becky on Roseanne, not only dating Tiny Irish Loser, but eventually marrying him. Yes, it's a double dose of Doyle, to make up for my neglecting Glenn Quinn initially last season. (Arguably overdoing it for a guy who was only in nine episodes of the spinoff, but still.) Happy birthday, all! 🍾 (Yeah, I couldn't buy myself champagne, either. I mean, I could walk to the grocery store, but nah.)
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