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  1. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    My guess is the producers asked if she was interested in keeping Matteo or JPJ around and she said No. So the rose was taken away.
  2. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Press Your Luck

    I was more thinking of the target demographic for a game show airing at 9 or 10 at night. I could be wrong. In the interim, I did think of one more famous out-of-work game show host: Wink Martindale. But he's 85 years old himself.
  3. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    There was a conversation between them, most of which was NOT shown. Maybe one or both started talking about what the producers were telling both of them or some other topic that pulls back the curtain more than Harrison and co. would like? My best guess (and I claim NO inside information): Luke S. asks Hannah if she is keeping him and Luke P. She says Yes, and they will all go on a 2-1 next episode. Luke S. either tells Hannah that he won't debase himself by directly competing with a guy he hates, or tells her that if she believes Luke P's version of events, he wants nothing to do with her.
  4. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    I assume the plan was for Luke P. and Luke S. to have a two-on-one with Hannah. When he left, that plan became unnecessary, and Hannah had already decided who she was going to dump.
  5. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Press Your Luck

    Watched the "Special Preview" last night after The Bachelorette. Banks was fine as the host. I wondered why they didn't just get a game show host until I realized there aren't any of her age anymore: the disappearance of daytime game shows (other than The Price is Right) means there's no place for a conventional host to develop. Even Chuck Woolery (literally the only out-of-work conventional game show host I could think of other than 95-year-old Bob Barker) is 78 and probably wouldn't appeal to the demographic ABC is shooting for. The layout and format were 100% old school. The Bachelor-themed Whammy was cute. The bonus game is a little contrived and hokey, but I understand the need to fill out an hour. It airs again tonight (along with new versions of Card Sharks and Match Game) and we'll probably tune in.
  6. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    It Wasn't Like That in the Book... Book vs. Movie/TV adaptations

    A few exceptions aside, the James Bond movies were (in)famous for having almost nothing in common with the novels they took their names from, aside from the bad guy's name and maybe one or two very loose plot threads.
  7. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Stephen King

    In Rage (which I've also read), the school shooter ends up convincing the entire class to torture the attractive All-American jock into drooling, mute insanity. The sticking point is that he ends up leading his fellow students down this path, which would be appealing for the kind of mentally ill psycho who would shoot up a school. As much as I hate censorship, I can agree with King's decision (although I wish there instead was a way to make the book available to adults only).
  8. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    It's so linear. First you go here, then you go there, then you go to this other place, and so forth. There's no choices about how to complete a given level, which levels to attack first, etc. The only time I totally rage-quit a game was after an escort quest in Matrix: Path of Neo. My job was to keep Trinity alive on a rooftop whilst fighting off agents, helicopters and whatnot. After a bunch of tries, I managed to defeat all of them only to have Trinity WALK OFF THE ROOF ON HER OWN, causing me to fail the level. Never played the game after that. I loved Witcher III, but could not stand how they kept trying to force Gwent on you.
  9. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Internet Pet Peeves

    How about clickbait articles that say "You won't BELIEVE what Steven Tyler looks like now!" or "This video will leave you ROLLING ON THE FLOOR with laughter!" Quit trying to dictate my emotional state, please.
  10. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    It Wasn't Like That in the Book... Book vs. Movie/TV adaptations

    Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is an example of a great movie that's a terrible adaptation of the original novel. Kubrick, much to King's chagrin, took the source material and went his own way with it.
  11. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Book Moments That Anger Up The Blood

    The entire second half of Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee's Garden of Rama. The Rama ships arrive at Earth and a bunch of humans pile aboard for the journey to the alien world. Cut to 10 years (or whatever it was) later, and some mob boss has opened a casino and become fabulously rich whilst reducing most of the populace to poverty (how would a casino even work in cashless society? Don't ask.). The idiots now running the human settlement decide to break into one of the non-human areas of ship; upon discovering the other settlement does contain alien life, they decide to kill it all because "What if they attack us first?" Our heroes object and are immediately sentenced to death. The book ends right before their execution. It was the first and only time I've wanted to throw a book across the room. Rendezvous with Rama is my all-time favorite science fiction novel, but the sequels (including Garden) are mostly garbage.
  12. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S15.E03: Week 3

    The first night of (I think) JoJo's season, former Bachelor Jake Pavelka was wandering around the mansion making small talk with the guys, most of whom were giving talking head interviews resenting his presence since "he already had his chance." Turns out he was just there to wish childhood friend JoJo well and report on a few of the douchier guys. Doing a 100% comprehensive background check is much harder than you'd think. When people recall the mid-2000s trainwreck Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?, they think it was pulled off the air after one ep because the winner Darva Conger hated the guy she married. It was actually yanked because right after the show aired, it was revealed that the "Multimillionaire" Rick Rockwell had had a restraining order slapped on him a decade before by an ex-girlfriend who'd claimed he'd hit her. A Fox spokesperson said that since they'd done the best background check they could possibly do and still missed something that would have been immediately disqualifying, it would be difficult to continue the show. For me, it's two things: 1) Insisting he be referred to by his first, middle and last names is a sign of a major pretentious asshat. The fact that he shares the name with a member of my favorite music group of all time (Led Zeppelin) just makes it more irritating. 2) His affected surfer-wannabe manner of speaking just grates.
  13. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Flip Or Flop

    Desert Flippers is entertaining enough, although I wonder if Eric and Lindsay are required to say the phrase "Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle" at least once per episode. And do people in Palm Springs actually eat their dinners outside? I live in Scottsdale (not too far away) and we would never dream of eating our meals in the backyard.
  14. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    It speaks volumes that Angela didn't want her husband to wipe her butt or put cream on her cooter or give her showers because she thought it wouldn't be appropriate, but had no qualms forcing her grown-ass daughter to do it. Screen name: It's a combination of my two favorite football teams (the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders and the Oregon Ducks), and my status as a Knight of the Principality of Sealand.
  15. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    A few thoughts: Some posters have said she's worse than Steven Assanti. I respectfully disagree because I believe that if Steven Assanti had the physique and mobility of a normal man, he might well be a serial killer. I don't say that lightly, but think of all the times he would say or do hurtful things and then giggle when called on it: he sees other people as there to either serve or amuse him. Angela, on the other hand, sees others as there to either serve or "be there" for her. A small distinction maybe, but an important one. Having said that, she's hateful and horrible and definitely in the Top (or is it Bottom?) Five Worst Ever. Angelogic: If I don't like my apartment, they don't give me the one I thought I was getting, and I voluntarily choose not to live in Houston as a result, it's exactly like the apartment managers are murdering me. Angelogic: HOW DARE Dr. Now imply that I might be taking drugs, even though I actually am? Angelogic: Dr. Now OWES me the surgery no matter what I do because.... er.... well, because..... um.... WELL, I DESERVE IT AND I'M NOT LETTING HIM TELL ME OTHERWISE!