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  1. ITA with everyone who thinks Susan Olsen looked bad. Maureen McCormick and Christopher Knight looked more or less like Marcia and Peter decades later. Olsen looked like she'd been sleeping under a bus stop. Hats off to Food Network and HGTV for getting all six Brady kids involved in the same project at the same time. Historically, each of the Brady spinoffs has been missing at least one of the actresses: Jan (recast) for The Brady Bunch Hour in the mid-70s, Cindy (whose character was away at college) for The Brady Brides in 1981, Cindy again (recast) for A Very Brady Christmas in 1988, and Marcia (recast) for The Bradys in 1990.
  2. So let me get this straight: Derek and Wells are hanging out at the bar, minding their own business, then JPJ shows up for the express purpose of telling Derek he's not interested in speaking with him. SO WHY GO UP TO THE BAR IN THE FIRST PLACE? This is something a grade-schooler would do. Caelynn: When someone specifically tells you they're a rambling man uninterested in anything more serious than a weekend hookup, BELIEVE THEM. They're not telling you that for kicks, and you are unlikely to be the one to convince them to settle down and take you seriously. I would be seriously interested in watching BiP with Demi just mocking everyone's conversations as they appear on screen. Maybe they could get her and Chad Johnson to trade off weeks or something. Ben will be hosting The Bachelor Live On Stage when it goes on tour next February. You can expect to see him attending every franchise shindig for the foreseeable future (not to mention CH specifically mentioning him as a candidate to be The Bachelor again at some point in the future).
  3. Probably because their buy-in convinced the others. Once Jackson let it be known that voting for Analyse was OK, everyone else fell into line.
  4. My guess: They told Nick to pick a backup nominee in case he and Holly picked the same one. Other random hits: What a truly obnoxious punishment. Yes, Analyse was waking people up in the middle of the night as well, but she was at least offering them food. Imagine being woken with a pie to the face and then having that crap all over your sheets and bedding? Christie on Thursday: "Save me and I'll be your pawn ANYTIME YOU WANT FOR ANY REASON!" Christie on Friday: "Whaaaaat? You want me to be your pawn NOW??? WHHHHHHYYYYY????" Christie in the DR: "I just feel like America hates me..." Me and the Mrs: "That's because America DOES hate you!"
  5. It's not just cities that struggle with the money. Ever since the OJ case and the CSI franchise later on, you have a lot of criminal defendants who will tell their public defenders to "independently test" the DNA evidence, only for the defense attorneys to basically respond "With what money?" Atlanta's a big city and there are a lot of sickos out there. Some of those kids were killed because murders happen in a big city. Other thoughts from the season: 1) When Holden returns to the cafe for the last time and one of the mothers asks him "Did you come in looking for thanks?", you tell he totally did come in for that, but read the room real fast and realized it wasn't forthcoming. 2) Hated the subplot with Tench's adopted kid. Too much of a coincidence and the child has too much of the "soulless kiddie psycho" cliche we've seen recently in Sons of Anarchy, Ozark, and others. 3) By contrast, I didn't mind Wendy's subplot. A lot of people now don't realize how frowned-upon homosexuality was in that time period. The girlfriend could easily lose unsupervised visitation rights if the ex-husband went to a family court judge and said "She's gay." 4) I thought Holden's quasi-friend who worked at the Omni was awfully abrupt with him in their last meeting, but maybe the show is commenting on the popular culture myth that the FBI has unlimited power to just do whatever they want. In reality, as we saw, their scope is limited and they've got all kinds of red tape. 5) For all of the media hype about Damon Herriman playing Manson in both this show and Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I'd guess his screen time in both projects combined was less than 15 minutes.
  6. Hypocrisy, thy name is Christie. Between the Tommy/Christie shower exchange and Analyse's chicken cluckings earlier this week, the editors are really having their fun. As he's an engineer, I would have thought Cliff a shoo-in for the Veto challenge.
  7. IMHO, Jackson put up Analyse as a pawn because his real target is Christie. He didn't clear it with her beforehand because she might have said "No," and he didn't have any other pawn options besides Holly, who probably wouldn't have agreed to it. So he followed the philosophy that it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission.
  8. For two people who pretend they've never met each other before the show, she sure has detailed information on how to get to his place...
  9. Analyse was adorable in her chicken outfit. And the editors' overdubbing of her clucks with ''Salmonella?" was hilarious. So Christie's become so annoying that even Tommy is thinking of cutting her loose? Nice move of Cliff to 'fess up to Jackson about the alliance he made last week, then quickly point to the others and say "But THEY'RE the real brains of the outfit, not little old me!" Just keep them underestimating you, Cliff.
  10. The difference (to me) is that Jackson doesn't pretend to be something he's not. He's an arrogant, self-absorbed wannabe alpha male and knows it. Christie, OTOH, pretends to be sensitive and caring and blah blah blah, but is actually a whiny, manipulative, passive-aggressive narcissist. She has little or no ability to perceive that people are doing things for reasons that have nothing to do with her. It's "Me, Me, Me" from her 100% of the time.
  11. Tommy gets to take Christie off the block but isn't required to put anyone else up? So "America's Choice" ended up as Jackson getting immunity for a week and Analyse wearing a chicken suit (which, to be fair, she does look cute as hell in). Meanwhile, Christie is a hypocrite who goes off on crying jags the minute anything doesn't go the way she wants or whenever she is required to make a tough decision. No wonder Tommy's aunt dumped her.
  12. A "GOOD person" wouldn't go on and on about Kat and Holly knowing each other being some big "betrayal" while she and Tommy have known each other and been actively in cahoots from Day One.
  13. If I remember anything from this season, it will be Christie sobbing uncontrollably while telling us all what a strong person she is.
  14. What a trainwreck. Very little of the episode actually dealt with any nuts and bolts of property flipping and instead seemed to center on Steve Aoki's home (and NO WAY IN HELL are you getting me to jump in that pool: one slip or misstep and you're breathing into a tube in a wheelchair the rest of your days, assuming you even live), and the manufactured drama when the contractor Miki kept whining about the designer Willa's staging. Question: Why even have the contractor there at that point? I mean, seriously: WHO CARES WHAT THE CONTRACTOR THINKS ABOUT THE DESIGNER'S STAGING? Tell him he can go work for someone else if it bothers him so much. The whole episode boiled down to a lot of whining by Disick and his buddies.
  15. He was going on the VERY slim chance that the top 4 prizes would be so awesome those getting them wouldn't want to give them up. Shows how aware he is that his head is on the chopping block. When Jessica was debating whether to switch to Nick for one of the nominees, we were yelling "No. Don't overthink it. One of the Jackholes is guaranteed to go. Just keep it that way." Having said that, I totally agreed with her assessment of them both: Jackson/Michie is arrogant but at least makes the effort to be courteous and personable towards everybody. Jack's just a jerkass to anyone not in his clique.
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