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  1. All it takes is Linda browbeating the boss and few other people into going, and everyone else will fall in line. You're afraid that you'll stand out if you don't go. When Linda said that, my wife responded with "In New York, they'll expect you to dress in dark colors for a job interview." In my adult life, I've made it a point to ingratiate myself with every boss and coworker I've had. It got me what I wanted and made my working life soooo much easier. My ex-wife was a lot like Linda: she'd be brusque and snarky with coworkers and bosses she didn't like,
  2. I know a financially well-off gay couple who have had two children of their own. What they did was take the sperm from one of them, impregnate a donated egg in vitro, then have the embryo implanted into a surrogate mother (who was not the egg donor). Since they live in a state that is not gay adoption-friendly, they had the surrogate mother fly to a state that supports gay adoption for the birth, then stayed in that state long enough to ensure the adoption proceedings were well underway before returning home with their new baby. They did this with each child, and I believe the cost for each wa
  3. Maybe they filmed it last December/January when the days are really short? The question is whether a simple surgery (make a small incision, stuff the intestines back through the hole in the abdominal wall, sew the muscle shut, close the incision) in an Ethiopian hospital is better for the baby than waiting a week, enduring a long-ass flight (complete with air pressure changes) back to the US, going to an American pediatrician, being referred to a pediatric surgeon, and finally doing the operation, all in the middle of COVID. That baby's going to have the hernia a month longer do
  4. Derek F and Azah are still around for two reasons: 1) They were part of The Cookout. 2) The two guys running The Cookout (Xavier and Kyland) don't consider them annoying (like Tiffany) or possible comp threats (like Tiffany or Hannah). Without The Cookout protecting Derek F and Azah, they both would've been gone a month ago. Maybe two.
  5. If Corey had even a speck of self-respect, he would've dumped Evelin on the spot. She obviously knew what the soup was and enjoyed humiliating him. Who would want to be married to someone like that? And when the sister said "Now you're going to finish it" or whatever, I would have told her to go fuck herself. Steven is just weird. Alina has the look of someone who's seriously regretting her life decisions.
  6. I've had to work in close proximity with people I couldn't stand. You learn to sorta like them, simply because liking them (if only in the moment) expends WAY less mental energy than being annoyed at them constantly. Owen is a good actor and has Clinton's Arkansas accent (which some impressionist once described as "Jimmy Carter with a touch of Elvis") down pat, but looks nothing like the man. Having seen Clinton in person and shaken his hand, I can verify that his charisma was off the charts, and Owen doesn't really capture that either. I almost wish they'd gotten Darrell Hammon
  7. I interpreted it more as Azah being thoroughly sick of Tiffany's shit but being too nice to just tell her to shut the hell up. The only reason Tiffany even made it this far was everyone wanting to keep The Cookout intact. Well Tiff, you did it. Now enjoy your sixth-place finish. Nobody will miss either your smug arrogance or your ratty-ass hair extensions.
  8. Thanks for the link! Fascinating interview. I'd just assumed he went to work for GR right away, as nobody would have known who he was before the show aired. GR's Wellington is awesome, but I also recommend the American Wagyu steak: It's expensive, but after your first bite, you WILL know where your money went.
  9. Now that the season is over, does anyone have any idea how Trenton did and whether he's still working for Ramsay two years later?
  10. She really looked BAD. I'm thinking she has some kind of eating disorder. What use would she be on a disaster-stricken island? She'd just be one more mouth to feed. I'm glad the production only allowed her to go to that neighboring island.
  11. Alyssa will probably need to win HoH or Veto to avoid exiting tonight. In any case, the Cookout's knives will rapid come out for each other, probably starting with Tiffany. Her ONE strategy to keep Claire's jury vote would be to tell Claire she was a pawn, vote for Xavier to exit, then act shocked and betrayed when Claire is voted out. The only problem with that is she runs the risk of the Cookout calling her (Tiffany) out right then and there. No matter. Claire will find out all about the CO when she heads to the jury house and realizes Tiffany's been lying to her from Day One.
  12. Watching the first two famous (although I had never heard of them) chefs cook was interesting. Watching Gordon Ramsay speed-run his way through highly complex steps with difficult ingredients? All I could think was "OH MY FUCKING GOD is he good." It was like watching a Buddy Rich drum solo or David Copperfield at his peak doing sleight-of-hand or Larry Bird take over a basketball game by making every shot: the simple knowledge that neither I nor anyone I know will ever be this good at anything. I've always respected Ramsay as a chef, but had no idea he was on this level. As for the c
  13. Ramsay letting anyone keep their jackets is rare, and a major sign of respect from him. My guess is they probably had to do it for an hour or so, then were told to go back in. I like how the show FINALLY acknowledged that the HK restaurant we see on the show is not the actual HK restaurant at Caesars Palace. The right two people went home. Brynn's anxiety attacks during service are a major problem, and this was the second service where Steve emotionally shut down at exactly the wrong time, grinding everything to a halt. Brynn and Steve are both talented chefs whose fut
  14. And remember that they've already had sex, so Kenny knew exactly what he was turning down. Methinks that like a lot of people (male or female) who use sex to get what they want from near-strangers, Demi's actual bedroom skills are nothing to write home about. I've read accounts from former BiP contestants who say the actual resort (Playa Escondida) is pretty dumpy, especially the parts they don't show on TV. The producers remove the TVs and disable the AC units in the rooms so they're hot, boring and unpleasant, forcing everyone out onto the beach. So you're stuck on this crappy
  15. THIS. Tammy can make out with whoever she wants. HOWEVER, when you've been casually dating Aaron on the show and know Thomas and Aaron hate each other, you don't: 1. Grab Thomas and lead him to a make-out couch, walking right by Aaron, 2. Make out with him in front of Aaron, including MOUNTING HIM, then asking Thomas: "Is Aaron still staring laser beams into the back of my head?", making it clear you damn well knew what you were doing. 3. Act innocent to Aaron and say "I don't know how I feel about you both." YES YOU DO. STOP LYING. You wouldn't have dissed Aaron like that in fr
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