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  1. And the show's back for another season. Last night's episode totally telegraphed who would make it to the bonus round. When Elizabeth is only shown asking one contestant "So, what's your favorite hobby?", it's a pretty good sign that contestant is the one who'll advance (note that I am NOT claiming producer shenanigans. I'm sure Elizabeth asked all three the same question, but the fact they only showed one reply was a clear tipoff). Why, oh why, when someone has a commanding lead and a bunch of spins left, do they keep spinning??? Just pass the spins and let the next-closest contestant Wh
  2. This is the first season of Masterchef my wife and I have watched (which is weird because we're both Gordon Ramsay superfans). A few observations: Similar to his Chopped appearances, Aaron Sanchez never fails to annoy with his ridiculous overpronunciation of any Latin food ingredient. God help us all if a contestant uses jicama, as we'll be subjected to ten minutes of his saying "HEE-cah-mah" repeatedly. As other posters have noted, Joe goes out of his way to be a jerk to some of the contestants. Quitting your Legal Assistant job to go on a freaking GAME SHOW??? Really, lady???
  3. Good point about Harrison not being a big presence except for the Tell All and Final Rose specials. Like The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan, he's the face of a popular show but his actual onscreen time is meager. As for the replacement possibilities you mentioned: Ben, in particular, was co-hosting The Bachelor Live on Stage before COVID shut it down. Wells was already serving as a substitute Chris when people would come to him at the bar on BiP. I could also see JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers hosting. On their short-lived home renovation show Cash Pad, they had a nice back-and-forth chemi
  4. Regarding the safety of the shuttle: When the committee investigated the Challenger tragedy, one of the members was physicist Richard Feynman. One of the things Feynman took issue with was NASA's public statements that the risk of a catastrophic shuttle accident was 1 in 100,000. That means NASA could have launched two shuttles every day for over a century with no disasters, which obviously didn't happen. The actual scientists and engineers who worked on designing and assembling the shuttle, on the other hand, would tell you the risk of a catastrophic accident was 1 in 100. They wished they co
  5. In the early going when we're being asked to remember a lot of names, "blue for men/red for women" is an easy way to keep track of who's on which team. The kitchen is a stressful place. It'll put years on you. Maybe he thought he was making an appetizer?
  6. The fish at GR Fish & Chips is nicely cooked but bland. I think they assume you'll dip it in their sauces, but I'm not a big "fish sauce" guy (I abhor anything with mayo, and don't like ketchup either), so I ate it plain and was not impressed. The Pub and Grill was good, and they sell GR's awesome Beef Wellington there. The server was a nimrod (i.e. I asked "Can we get the three-course tasting menu?" and his response was "I don't know. Can you?") so we only left him a 10% tip. The next night, we went to Mabel's BBQ at the Palms (this was in 2020 right before the Big COVID Shutdown) an
  7. They spend a lot of time on that every season, even if it's not shown on camera. A few seasons ago, Sous Chef Jocky got on someone's case when they ignored his instructions and eggwashed the Beef Wellingtons after scoring them; instead of a nice brown outside with white cracks, which is what you get if you eggwash before scoring them, they got a brown outside with dark brown cracks the color of poop. Jocky had great fun saying "See? I KNEW you weren't paying attention."
  8. When we ate there in late 2017 (several hours after getting married!), my wife remarked on the resemblance to the Chunnel. Meanwhile, we were in Vegas over the weekend and ate at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood. We asked the server how often Gordon Ramsay and Christina Wilson (who's now the Executive Chef over all of Ramsay's Vegas restaurants) visit. He said it had been a year or two since he'd seen Ramsay there, but Christina visits a few times a month.
  9. Naturally, several of the contestants immediately go for the obnoxious "It's time for the older generation to get out of our way and let us shine" shtick. Ugh. Youth really is wasted on the young. The vegetarian chef who admits to occasionally eating meat should be fine, but a 100% vegan chef should not be seeking a job in a restaurant with "Steak" in the name. You're going to have frequently sample meat dishes so you know you're cooking them correctly, and a chef who refuses to do so will be a poor fit. My wife and I debated whether Gordon, who's normally tough with adults but a tot
  10. Tiffany's mother obviously has a lot of deep-seated rage towards her ex, and encouraging Tiffany to lie to her father and stick him with a ten-year (or lifetime!) commitment to grifter Ronald reeks of petty revenge. The fact that this would permanently estrange father from daughter is of no concern to her. "Hell hath no fury," indeed. The government can certainly make any new sponsorships lifelong, but applying such a change to existing sponsorships may well be an unconstitutional ex post facto law. I'm guessing that with COVID slowing down the legal system, this change hasn't b
  11. Finished both halves of the Tell All last night. A few thoughts: Shaun was awful. Her questions were OK, but she completely lost control of the proceedings at several points, which a good host should never do. The participants may like her, but they don't respect her and it shows. Jess' dress was...something. I liked it, but only because I like bigger girls and it left nothing to the imagination. Mrs. RaiderDuck was appalled that someone would actually go out in public wearing that, let alone appear on national TV. I believe her quote was "I wouldn't even take the garbage out wearing
  12. It makes sense, though. They voluntarily entered a dangerous life that had the side benefit of meaning they didn't have to follow the normal rules of society. Even non-mafiosi such as Artie and Charmaine had no problem taking Tony and company's blood money. The FBI agents had no problem putting people's lives in danger if it meant they got what they wanted. Witness them coercing Adrianna into cooperating, laughing at her behind her back, then getting her killed. Or the lack of sympathy when Pussy was killed. Or the DoJ higher-up ordering them to investigate all the jurors when Junior's tr
  13. What the fuck? So Ibarra and his ridiculous mustache are dead, the rest of the Mayans are gunning for Bishop and Santo Padre, Galindo doesn't take the basic step of putting the wine glass in the sink and rinsing it out before Emily wakes up (if nothing else, you'd want to get a delicate wine glass away from where you might step on it), and EZ is out of the MC, then back in, then in the crosshairs of rampaging mob. Alvarez and what's-his-face are either heading back to the MC or becoming independent guns for hire or something. Potter may or may not be dead. One or more members of
  14. Either that or she has major Daddy issues, which would lead her to want someone Ed's age. I remember reading where some journalist interviewed a couple dozen Playboy models who had regularly hung out at Hugh Hefner's mansion when he was in his 70s and 80s. Every one of them had had either an abusive or absent father; Hef provided them with a father figure of sorts. Molly's shtick is getting old. Asking your boyfriend if a child is his is one thing. Cross-examining him when he answers No is something else. My response to her grilling would be something like "I've already told you the child
  15. So HEA is available early on Discovery+, but the Pillow Talks aren't on that platform at all? Thanks for making this extra confusing, TLC.
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