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  1. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Restaurant: Impossible

    This show, which originally ran from 2011-2016, returned with a new episode (one of four in its abbreviated new season) Saturday night. Thoughts: It was nice seeing Tom and Tanya again. Loved Tom giving Robert a gold sledgehammer, then being mortified when Robert actually used it. We need more of this kind of owner: enthusiastic and wanting to work hard and do the right thing, just in over her head with no clue how to run a restaurant. These types of restaurants/owners usually result in a happy ending (i.e. Robert can show them what to do and how to do it). Liked the makeover. The owner and the mom seemed genuinely touched that Tanya had included the grandma's picture in her redesign.
  2. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Zombie House Flipping

    So they find hidden treasure instructions in the back that lead to Duke DIGGING A HOLE IN THE FLOOR? I like the show, but why must it continue to insult my intelligence? "We're making the kitchen cabinets blue in a nod to the previous green decor!" Wrong color, geniuses. Plus the new homeowners will have no idea what it looked like before, so your "nod" will be lost on anyone who could possibly appreciate it. Also, that fake clover wall in the breakfast nook was just hideous. If another team of house-flippers does this house 20 years from now, no doubt they'll endlessly mock it.
  3. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S03.E06: Ideal Orgs

    I occasionally drive by the "Ideal Org" in Phoenix (it's on North 44th Street between Thomas and Indian School Roads). That huge parking lot is rarely more than 1/10 full, and I suspect most of the cars belong to the employees.
  4. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Observations: *Oh, look. Another oxygen tank. Maybe she and Penny could get a bulk discount. *Why is green mold growing on her legs? *So she sits at the table…using a piano bench?? *And she’s eating enough breakfast for three people. What a shocker. And is that another loaded plate I see on deck? *Lacy is adorable. *Angela’s life is just a series of terrible choices. *Cheating on her first hubby? Great move. *The fact that she kept running through babysitters tells me she was cheap as hell and/or totally unreliable in terms of when she got home. Babysitting sleeping gradeschoolers is one of the easiest jobs in the world. No way she’d be constantly looking for new babysitters unless she’d made it unpleasant. *She’s damn lucky that flake babysitter “only” walked off and left the kids, as opposed to molesting them or whatever. Demanding money upfront makes zero sense unless he’s going to bail the minute your car drives away. Does this woman have one goddamn ounce of good judgement? *So she whines about being so large, then curtly tells her son to back off when he questions her terrible food choices. *”If we don’t find a way (to get to Houston), then we’ll just use all the money on my credit card to make funeral arrangements.” Psychic vampire much? *She’s using the “voice cracking” technique made famous by manipulators worldwide. *So this Eric dude just happens to have her favorite cologne just sitting around? How convenient. *He seems awfully willing to just upend his life to drive her from Ohio(!) to Texas. *Wait. Eric is on oxygen too? *”The first thing I seen….” Must she constantly butcher the English language? *Christ on a crutch, lady. Could you whine just a little more? *”If I am being a bitch, just tell me.” You’re being a bitch. *Now SHE’S lecturing someone on their health? Just…wow. *And her response to Dr. Now calling her on her bullshit is to fall back into her crying cracked voice. *Only 40 pounds in two months? I’ve never seen Dr. Now set a goal that low. *For what it’s worth, she and Lacy interact well. *And now she’s making excuses for not following the program. What happened to the idea that she was all ready to move, blah blah blah? *And in a medical first, she knows she’s lost 70 pounds without the aid of a scale or other measuring device. Someone call the Nobel committee. *Dr. Now has Angela’s number. Her patronizing replies are infuriating. *And here we go again with the voice cracking. *Oh, look. The local hospital said there was nothing wrong with her. I’m shocked. Truly. *Dr. Now must have the patience of a saint to deal with people like her. *And he continues to have her number. Her constant bullshitting is beyond tiresome. *Your excuses are your own, lady. What a waste.
  5. And almost none of the performers were paid. The only big act that was paid in full was The Who; they'd helicoptered in and immediately went to see the Woodstock promoters for their payment. At that point, the Woodstock promoters had declared the festival free and were refusing to pay anyone. The Who's manager told the Woodstock honchos: "If you don't pay us, we'll go on stage, tell everyone we're not playing because you won't pay us, then we'll take our helicopter out of here and let you deal with it." The promoters, who had nowhere near enough police and security onsite to deal with 500,000 pissed-off fans, paid up. No. Once Blink-182 pulled out, the other acts never even flew in. Some local musicians took the stage during the evening, but that was it. And with all due respect to Blink-182 and their fans, having them headline a festival geared towards young twentysomethings in 2017 (when their big hits were almost two decades old) was a little ridiculous: It would be the equivalent of putting on a musical festival geared towards twentysomethings in the mid-90s and having The Bee Gees or Peter Frampton headline it: Your targeted demographic is going to view your headline act as "Mom and Dad Music."
  6. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Best Quotes from the show

    Maja to her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend Christian: "YOU DON'T HAVE THE OPTION of not talking to me!" Christian: "Actually, I do." (leaves room) ------------------------------------------------------------- Jeanne: "I'm going to lose all the weight and SHOVE IT IN DR. NOW'S FACE!" (Ron Howard "Arrested Development" voice: "She neither lost the weight nor shoved anything in Dr. Now's face") ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steven Assanti: "If you don't stop the truck and buy me fast food THIS INSTANT, I will call the police and tell them you are holding me captive and starving me!"
  7. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story

    He addressed that in one episode a few seasons ago. He told some obstinate patient (paraphasing): "I see people like you all the time who refuse to put in the work. I keep telling them they need to follow the diet and move around and they keep saying 'Yeah, yeah, I'll get around to do it.' Then one day, I get a call from the morgue at the hospital asking me to come down and identify their body. And that's their story."
  8. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S03.E05: Where Is Shelly?

    Remember that when LRH died, the official Scientology explanation was that he had ascended a level of research where the human body itself was an impediment to his studies, so he "discarded" it (you can find Miscavige's official announcement on YouTube). Given that set of beliefs, it's not hard to extrapolate that he would come again someday in a new physical form (NOTE: I'm amongst the vast majority of people who think Hubbard simply died that day, never to return).
  9. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Zombie House Flipping

    This is my favorite house-flipping show (with Desert Flippers and Flip or Flop Atlanta running a distant second and third) because it's double the length, which means they can really get into the nuts and bolts of this kind of flipping job. It's a nice blend of personalities as well. I'd love to have Duke (whose aesthetic I almost always agree with) design my eventual dream home.
  10. One thing that stuck out at me: John Stennis was the almost-deaf Senator that Nixon asked to vet the Watergate tapes, not James Eastland. Schiff should have checked Wikipedia before telling this anecdote (which actually did happen) on national television. Donna Brazil suggesting the Democratic Presidential candidates ignore Trump was ridiculous: John Kerry ignored the people swiftboating him in 2004, and it probably cost him the election.
  11. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    IIRC, This is partly why Ramsay quit doing the original Kitchen Nightmares: he tired of putting time and energy into reviving a dying restaurant only to have dipshit owners ignore all his changes. Can't fix stupid.
  12. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    And we have our first casualty of the series: The Old Coffee Pot (aka The Toasted Mouse Corpse) has gone out of business. https://nola.eater.com/2019/2/15/18226552/french-quarter-icon-old-coffee-pot-closed-100-years-gordon-ramsay-takedown
  13. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S23.E05: Week 5: Thailand

    Agreed, and I think Colton's rapidly hitting that point. He didn't sign up for this to play referee, and he's obviously getting sick of it. At least Caelynn and Hannah B. figured it out in time and buried the hatchet. Other thoughts: Methinks Heather's gay and doesn't realize it, which is why she dated a dude for eight freaking months and never wanted to kiss him. She's just not wired to feel that way towards a man. My wife totally called Cassie as Colton's future wife after their 1:1. He hasn't acted that physically attracted towards anyone else on this show. Did Elyse never watch any seasons of The Bachelor prior to signing up? What did she THINK was going to happen in the weeks after her 1:1? Does Hannah G. remind anyone else of Carly from BiP (the one who married Evan the Dick Doctor)? Speaking of BiP, Demi's a total shoo-in for this year's edition.
  14. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S18.E13: An Episode of Firsts

    The right person went home. Mia got awfully flustered a couple of times, but Motto basically had to do Heather's job for her when he took over the fish station.
  15. Sir RaiderDuck OMS

    S06.E08: Chapter 73

    Observations, in no particular order: * Claire's hairstyle this season was AWFUL. It didn't frame her face well and was way too flat. When you don't even enjoy the basic act of looking at the main character, that's a problem (and I never imagined Robin Wright, of all people, could be made to look unattractive). * Stamper's arc made no sense. He was out, then he was in, then he was out, then he was in, ad nauseum. * The Shepard son's arc made no sense. I kept waiting for the reveal that he was Claire and/or Frank's child. Otherwise, why have him in there at all? * Claire acts like a total recluse and basket case, then somehow feels betrayed when the cabinet pulls the 25th Amendment on her? Whatever, show. * Did anyone else notice the final episode's opening credits had a very fake-looking statue of President Hale shoehorned in? * Speaking of which, Claire's reverting to her maiden name came out of left field. Was this just their way of crapping on Spacey a little more? * So Durant faked her own death to...do what, exactly? Record a bunch of damning crap against the Underwoods in a way that would make it super-easy to bury? I spit on your writing. * Just like the HBO series OZ two decades ago, HoC started as a near-perfect story with a beginning, middle and end (8 episodes for OZ, 26 for HoC). But then it became a big hit, the network backed up the Brinks truck, and the writing staff kept tacking on increasingly desperate and ridiculous plots which were only marginally saved by the show's awesome cast. The result: both series wore out their welcome long before the plug was pulled. And so it goes.