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  1. The graphics shown by this local surgeon was of a very small incision being made into the abdomen of someone who had eaten their way through the very invasive type of bariatric surgery where a majority of the stomach was removed. The graphic showed how the non-invasive surgery used a few stiches to tighten the original surgery and restore the first sized dimensions of the much smaller stomach. No matter how many people need this type of surgery -- thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions -- it is so sad to me that these types of people would keep trying to get a surgical solution to a
  2. Gee, sorry to hear that. It's obviously so true that the surgery is no magic bullet. We have seen more than a few poundticipants on M600PL have that same attitude even after being forewarned by Dr. Now. So much of what these folks need to work on is above the neck meaning a lot of therapy plus major behavior modification and yes I'm going to use some politically incorrect words: discipline and self-control. Yes, these folks are addicted, not to food really, but to dealing with all of their emotional issues by inhaling massive quantities of low nutrient, high calorie junk food. Heh, v
  3. I saw a news story today on one of my local news channels about non-invasive bariatric surgery. They had a local doctor -- forgot to note his name -- who specializes in that type of surgery. I found one part of the conversation to be very disturbing. As he was discussing the different types of non-invasive surgeries and who is a candidate for them, he mentioned a procedure that he does on people who have already had bariatric surgery but essentially ate their way through it. What disturbed me is when he said that there are millions of people out there who have lost 100, 200, even 300 poun
  4. THIS so much @Grizzly! Like you and @dmeets, I thought it was a shame that he didn't get anything. BTW, is it me or did anyone get the impression that Gina never cooked one morsel of food after being kicked off the first show? Her idiotic fake Bobby Flay crush along with her I could give two shits about learning how to cook attitude really grates on my nerves and should not be rewarded, which means we'll probably be seeing this bitch on Food Network again. Also, I wonder if there's a cash option for people who, like me, live in apartments? No way would property management allow me to
  5. Really nauseating that she won "Fan Favorite" for wrapping hot dogs at a snail's pace all the while rudely ignoring Carla's gentle prodding to speed things up AND giving her major side eye in the process. Aaaargh!😡
  6. That being a definite given @Superclam, are you or anyone else watching this shit show right now? I am and it's definitely making my teeth itch. Of the four returning for redemption the two almost impossible to watch are Gina and Mike. Gina, well is just as obnoxious and condescending as she was the first time around. Mike, 'cause he really is, inexplicably, so in love with himself and I still can't figure out why. Also, he needs to quit with naming everything but chef Anne seems to like that crap so....... The other two, Rev. Adam (really nice but rather inept) and muscle head/Brett (als
  7. Well, in this time of Covid-19, at least her family was allowed to say their last goodbyes to Coliesa: https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/28/my-600-lb-life-coliesa-mcmillian-death-family-covid-say-goodbye/
  8. First of all, I have to say I am so glad that the entire household is Covid-19 free. That virus is no joke. Actually, last night's show was the most enjoyable one for me this season primarily because it contained more actual information than all of the previous shows combined. Some reasons, not in any particular order: Glad to fInally find out the triplets' birthday is July 6, 2019, a belated Happy Birthday! I kept wondering what the yard looked like and if there was anywhere for them to play. Good to see that pretty large bouncy house and how much the kids were enjoying it.
  9. From what I've read @jabinlbc, all of them, apparently including Eric (all along?) as well as GG due to the pandemic, live in a 2400 square foot, four bedroom home which is a pretty tight squeeze for 18 people. Yikes, if I had to live there and the weather permitted, I'd rather pitch a tent in the backyard, LOL!😁 Also, I had read that there are cots everywhere so maybe since that probably looks like a hot mess, no matter how neat you try to keep it, they don't show exactly where everyone sleeps; just a guess on my part.
  10. OMG, I've been tuning in and out of this rerun and I totally forgot how depressing it was watching the women and Roshunda/Rotunda in particular. I had also forgotten how much I wanted to smack that pouty, spoiled toddler boo boo face Roshunda walks/waddles around with no matter what's going on in her life. I swear, if you were to tell her she had just won $100 million on a Powerball ticket she'd have that same expression.
  11. See @sATL one of the reasons that I don't watch much reality tv is the unanswered questions like the ones you asked about Darien's "alleged" summer camp adventure. If this series was anywhere near real that information should have been up front and center. As for Deon, the only career title I can find for him is "real estate investor" which leads me to wonder why he couldn't do better for a household of 16 than to buy (rent?) a four bedroom, 2400 square foot home. Yet more questions left unanswered @Jeanne222. BTW, regarding the episode where GG had to inform mom and dad that thei
  12. Well tonight should be both interesting and, hopefully, enlightening since this will be the first episode dealing with Covid-19. I am especially interested in how they address the oldest daughter's request to go away for summer camp in Michigan which is 2,000 miles away from the family. While I definitely think that she has more than earned a reward for being such a responsible and loving big sister and needs to be around kids her age, I gave major side eye to her wanting to be that far away from her family. You can't tell me that the state of Nevada doesn't have summer camps and with the
  13. Didn't plan on watching/commenting on this episode so I kept popping in and out. Even though, except for their super morbid obesity, these two women have very different lives, I kept getting them confused. Maybe 'cause I hadn't seen this episode for a while? Well, maybe just a little. Actually fInally figured out it's their ginormous faces/heads. Did TLC purposely put the two female poundticipants with the largest, roundest faces in M600PL history together in one episode? Hmmmmm........😒
  14. Good Sunday morning @druzy. I actually don't think I ever watched that series but made it a point to look into it after a friend mentioned the series to me. She even said that their dysfunctional family reminded her of her own family! 😯
  15. Aww @chessiegal say it ain't so but like you said different strokes for different folks I guess. BTW, I'm retired too but have never done Zoom. Frankly, I don't even want to be bothered with even getting either my top or bottom ready just to have a conversation!😁
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