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  1. I agree.....I think that he was feeling her out, to see if there was still a shot with Jenny. As in maybe suggest, hey you live an hour away (um, yeah sure), let's keep in touch and stay friends. Then, anytime Evelin kicks his ass to the curb, er I mean hammock, he runs to Jenny and makes Evelin jealous and round and round we go. I thought the only person who came off well was Jenny. I don't believe she had a date, but that line was awesome. Almost as amazeballs as Alina with her "did you just slept with those women?" after he questioned her sipping the wine. lol
  2. Maybe she was "modeling" on OnlyFans? She handed over all her TLC money? Cause again, what kind of job would she find during Covid that would support that many people in Greenwich, CT?? Somewhere someone posted that his house is in foreclosure.......so...yeah. I do love when people who have shit jobs, or have jobs where they really are not high up or well known, try to act like they gave up SOOOOO much when they quit working. She seemed like a sweet, lovely girl and good person. However, I call BS on the protests about giving up a hugely successful modeling career to marry him and
  3. That always drives me nuts when they say they have been dating a person for X years.....when they have only spent maybe a total of a week together physically. There is a HUGE difference between facetiming someone for a few hours a week and living with them day in and day out, handling bills, jobs, families, etc. I mean, I think Paul and Karine are prime example of that. I am sure Paul thought she was the love of his life and his perfect woman because she was for those few hours a day she chatted with him using a translation app. And vice versa. cut to real life and she is a spoiled, lazy child
  4. I am guessing she meant as the maid.....because at this point, given the short amount of time and all the lags in processing any sort of government paperwork due to Covid, would she even have a valid US work permit at this point? Where would she work during Covid?
  5. Isn't this true with all Momma's Boys and their Mothers? THe mom will think her loser son is the catch of the year, no matter what. Reminds me of Andrew from a previous season of Andrew and Amira (long haired greasy loser who tried to get around covid travel restrictions going through mexico).
  6. I can buy that Alina has never heard of or watched this show. She is young and lives in Russia and not sure at her age I would have wanted to watch a show about marriage. I can see Steven promoting this to her as a cool documentary that would give them some $$ to document their love (eye roll).....I agree with the description of her, I hope she runs from the creep
  7. Well, that or when he said "100" that he "connected with" I assume a dating app, like Tinder or Match. In my brief time on Tinder, within a day I had over 100 requests....I didn't respond or swipe on those all but if you are bored and have time, hey--you can swipe and then send messages back and forth through the app and count that as "connecting" .
  8. I think Sumit's mother is an evil genius. LOL....and for the first time I saw his parents' point as very, very valid given their culture. I mean, Jenny wants to live in India as Sumit's wife. That role means that yes, you are expected to support and take care of your elders. Like they said, in India, nursing homes don't exist because there is not a need. Ever. Let that sink in. And here comes Jenny, older than they are! Sumit could find woman more his age who will not only take care of him as he ages, but his parents. And provide children that in turn will care for Sumit when he gets older. I
  9. I usually FF through Ev and Cory but since Jenny was popping up I had to watch. Honestly on this one, I take Ev's side and see her point. It isn't the fact that he had another woman, it is the lies and then lies to cover those lies. And, once she watches this episode, it is clear he CONTINUES to lie about the situation. He said he told Jenny he was married and they were working on their issues....cut to Jenny explaining that he didnt' tell her about his wife until over 2 months in. He said he sort of ghosted Jenny, left it at ok, going back to my wife to tie stuff up and then, silence. H
  10. People keep referring to Evelin as "town mattress." Is this something someone actually SAID at some point during this long drawn out drama? Or a name someone here on the forums gave her for some reason? I have long since stopped watching their segments....as someone who lived in Peru and was married to a Peruvian for (too) many years, it triggers me a bit. The Ecuadorian accent and mannerisms of her and her coven of sisters remind me a lot of the Peruvians I knew. As an gringa (they imagined just wanted their man) living there I experienced levels of bitchiness and cattiness the likes I
  11. Oh don't forget their business----House of Eleven (eye roll). I suspect Darcey gets some alimony and child support. Either last season or during her antics with Tom, someone posted a link to a video of her first husband's wedding to his new bride. It was a very, very elaborate fancy looking affair at a resort in Mexico. It was cheesy and cringey (the video) and the man is fugly----but he has the $$. Stacey may still get some support for her sons, but the wedding to Flo would have nixed the alimony. I actually can imagine Stacey holding down some sort of job.....she seems the slightly more emot
  12. I have to wonder if it wasn't in response to seeing how Darcey dresses? I mean, Octavia has the body to pull off a tummy baring top and jeans. Darcey does not, but still wears it---I have to say, I admire her confidence, lol. I didn't notice that about the breath and how bundled up G was in that scene---props to her for not shivering. I would have been, with chattering teeth in my scene.
  13. Never underestimate some people's stupidity/naivete/general cluelessness. I remember years ago when I had to deal with what was then called INS to get my ex's paperwork started. Back before you had online appointment bookings, you waited in line before they opened to grab a number to then get to ask your question or turn in your paperwork, etc. There was a couple ahead of me who just were AMAZED that there would be a cost to getting the papers filed for the guy's green card and OMG!! They want actual paperwork like birth certs and financial information?? We can't just walk in, say hey we are m
  14. Surprised there aren't more posts about the finale.... I didn't think their noses looked all that different. And I was dying with laughter at Florian's reaction to the "big reveal" at the airport. I could almost imagine the thought bubble over his head as he looked at them, "Oh my God...I can't see any difference. Did they actually do surgery? OK, what to say, what to say... ok, ok, 'I like, I like, your noses look.....snatched!'" 😁 I was shocked that it didn't end with Darcey giving Georgi another shot. I truly hope they are over and done....while I don't think he is some abusive mo
  15. I remember watching a documentary about Greg Louganis. And he said, his mother told him when he came out that she was sad he was gay, not because she loved him any less or thought it was wrong, etc. She loved and accepted him. She was sad because she knew how unaccepting the rest of the world was and she didn't like to think of her son facing that discrimination. I wonder if that is also part of with his father. I don't know about Mexico, but LA in general has a reputation as being very homophobic, in part due to the huge role the Catholic church plays in politics and day to day life. He
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