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  1. I remember that as well....but I didnt' see the mask or hear that excuse at the start of the season, when she sprung the news on Michael. So....was the breaking news at the tell all a fake out reinactment (he already knew cause they had filmed these eps)???
  2. Do you say this because she is overweight? She is, but, in the US, that is more and more common. I think she is beautiful, just needs a few lessons on how to dress ;) Even if no one in the states hit on her, she went to Samoa for vacay----where big is beautiful, big equals health and wealth (Baby Huey even said that when he saw her size he knew her family must have $$ to take such good care of her)....I can't believe there wasn't a guy with smoother moves than Asuelo. The man seems barely verbal at times.
  3. Finally got to watch.... Kalani/Asuelo---I FF'd through their scenes, thanks for the heads up/tip. The whole sex shop visit was cringe worthy and not because I am a prude. I love how she was all about how she is sex positive (another now en vogue phrase I keep hearing), yet uh, you were a virgin until 28 and picked a one night stand with Baby Huey to lose it? Seriously? If you were not holding out until marriage, then why in all that is holy would you pick THAT to not just have sex with, but lose your virginity to ? I can't believe she didn't have opportunities in the States or prior to a
  4. Tiffany better hope Ronald doesn't come to the US, drag out a divorce for a long ass time and then keep his green card (first one is just for 2 years, or at least that is how it was when I did the process with my now ex husband, then you get one for 10 years) and fight for custody or visitation with his daughter. Lots of legal aid resources here to help him (at least compared from trying to fight it trans atlantic). Even near poverty living in the US is sometimes better than what a hard working person in some of these countries could ever hope to achieve. Just to say that even if Ronald
  5. True....or even more likely, pops a Hungry Man frozen meal in the microwave and eats it on his tv tray while she does the dishes from cooking her veggies and fish.
  6. When asshat Mike was talking to his Mommie Dearest about Nat, and she made a comment about "what, she doesn't cook or clean when she is there all day?" and he just shrugged and didn't speak, I wanted to smack him upside the head. We have plenty of footage of Nat cleaning away at that disgusting mobile home when she arrived, scooping litter, complaining about the funky smell in the closet, etc. The place was foul. I realize that some have posted that this trailer was just one on the property and that there is another house where they actually live, but still....even more reason that place shou
  7. From what I recall from past seasons, Daniel mah boy's biological dad was no prize.....First of all, Tiffany had no idea she was pregnant and only realized it when she was in pain, went to the hospital and they said surprise, you are in labor. Yeah.....Sort of shocked she hasn't been on that show "I didn't know I was pregnant!" The sperm donor was not involved in Daniel's life and was actually murdered in a bar fight last year or the year before......so yeah, the real victims in this whole mess are Daniel and now that sweet baby girl, Carly.
  8. Color me shocked that the engagement to a man you knew for a few months, who popped the question while still married, didn't make it (eye roll). Darcy seems like a sweet person.....full of insecurities, immature a bit and superficial, but sweet. She seems to love her daughters and they have a decent relationship, which with teen girls is no small thing. It pains me that she seems to feel she needs a man to be truly happy and fulfilled. Once those girls leave the nest, watch out---if she is single the desperation will go into overdrive.
  9. Any updates on Darcey and Georgi??? Still together....? I would have guessed she would have locked him down by now....or maybe they are filming teh wedding for TLC
  10. Had the same thought, Natalie was TRYING to be pleasant, and right off the bat, his mom took it to a negative space. No one will ever be good enough for her alcoholic oaf son. THIS. Times 1000x. I guess maybe she was super drunk while on vacation?? But good lord, there had to be more attractive guys working at the resort that would have hooked up with her. She is a larger woman, but she is beautiful, and from what others have posted, being larger is a plus in that culture. I mean, thinking of the ladies who hooked up with Jamaican guys on their vacays (Mel/Devar, the other blon
  11. Maybe I am bougie (sp?) or whatever but I didn't think she was that all made up. I mean, I read some of these comments before I watched and I expected someone with heavy makeup and a revealing outfit. I think she looked nice and yes, put together for a date out at a brewery (jean jacket, hair curled) and knowing she would be on camera. Her boyfriend had as much personality as the benches they were sitting on...guess he wasnt good at reciting lines. I always want to smack the smirk off Brandon's face....maybe this particular scene struck a nerve with me....my ex was into craft beer and in
  12. So....assuming this isn't 100% scripted... Julia/Brandon: That was shitty. His "friend" was a snide little bitch....even if you think that about Julia's intentions, FFS, they are already married. Why don't you voice your concerns to your "dear friend" (I call BS on how much of a friend she really is if she found out about Julia through social and didn't even know they lived at the farm) in private? Like Julia pointed out, if she is in it for the green card, does anyone expect her to say that when they ask? LOL. And her snide comment about length of time in the relationship, I read that mo
  13. In a previous season, he mentioned that when he met her he noticed her size and how that meant her family must have money to feed her well (paraphrasing)---maybe when they saw the counselor? Which makes me even more confused as to why she picked this man child. I mean, I have heard that before about various cultures prefering larger women, so in Samoa she should have had her pick of men. And she chose THAT?? I feel bad but everytime he is on my screen and speaks, I feel bad because I feel like we are watching someone who has a severe mental handicap. I cant' imagine him flirting?!
  14. Or he went to a wonky corner bodega type market with very limited stock even on a good day.....just guessing since they do live in the city and she mentioned he didn't really buy any of teh stuff on her list. He ran to the corner market instead of driving or ubering to an actual full size store to get supplies
  15. Yeah....I became newly single 2 years ago after 16 years married.....the dating world has def changed. I did online dating and that is how I met my current BF....early on he commented that he knew I was a "decent" woman because I didn't send nudes. I said what ? Women do? He said," yeah typically after one or two texts, they send a p&*sy pic. or would offer to come over to my place and screw." Yeah....if that is true then it makes sense why a lot of the guys I matched with ghosted after a few text exchanges (where I tried to genuinely get to know them better).
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