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  1. I listened to the interview but I don't think it was very good. I wish the season was available so the interviewer could have recently re-watched and asked better questions especially about specifics about the season. Was it a LGBTQ podcast? The first part really focused on Gensis contribution to LGBTQ representation on television and there was mention of that now iconic scene with the young after schooler. The interviewer seems like a white feminist in her glaring omission to Kameelah's contribution to tha that scene and her allyship. Gensis had to bring it up. I felt that she could hav
  2. So the fact that they played the original theme song at the end of season 2 brought such a smile to may face. I grew up with the HBO/Disney series and that song brings back such memories. Nice touch. I thought season 2 was really good. It's nice to see wholesome entertainment where they show teens who are still kids -- not every teenager is popping molly in the bathroom and twerking on their own live cam! The actresses are all fantastic - although the actresses who play Kristy and Claudia really have star quality. I can def. see them booking future roles. Claudia wasn't one of my fav
  3. That was obviously the point I was making.
  4. I agree with the commenters above - I think what the Wonder Years did so well was make everything feel personal. Vietnam was part of life at that point - the original Wonder Years shows that the news of it is always on - Kevin isn't really paying attention. But when someone he knows is killed, it becomes personal. There were other fantastic touches that discussed Vietnam later on - like when Karen dates a guy who is against the war and Mr. Arnold is pro war, or when Wayne's best friend comes home from Vietnam and he really struggles. It was beautifully written. I wish they would have foun
  5. The original Wonder Years is one of my top three favorite series of all time. I would argue that the pilot is one of the best half hours ever made. So my expectations were high. I don't think they should have called this show The Wonder Years. Other shows have borrowed the narrator format - a great example is Everybody Hates Chris - and made it their own. The "voice" of the show felt very Black-ish to me. And not in a good way. I did find the ending to be very powerful - but it just wasn't as good as the original pilot. The original show was almost like listening to poetry. The music was perf
  6. If Andy doesn't directly ask Dorit about her racism at the reunion, he isn't doing his job. That was awful to watch. Garcelle shouldn't have to cry for the rest of the girls to like her.
  7. Dorit is annoying and exhausting when it comes to Garcelle. I personally believe that after Dorit made the comment about her POC help, she assumed that Garcelle was going to say she was racist. So she decided to go on the offense by calling Garcelle a bully. Get over it, Dorit. Oh and these women aren't nice to Garcelle.
  8. THIS. I wanted Michelle to visit one of the other players to PROVE that she was the real Michelle. That info could have been lethal to blue Michelle. I would have visited Kai. That said - it's obvious Michelle is a really nice person. She even gave blue Michelle advice.
  9. I'm probably in the minority but I loved it. I thought it was really done and set up the players well. I do wish it was more from Monica's perspective in the first episode. I predict another Emmy for Sarah Paulson. She def the best villian of the year.
  10. Boston was the first Real World that I watched in its entirety. I loved it -- but I was far too young to be watching it in the first place. I was curious how it would hold up with adult eyes. I'm so pleased that I was able to revisit it - IMO it's one of the best re-watches of the franchise because every cast member is interesting to watch - whether you like them or not. I noticed a few things this time. I don't remember Elka having an impression on me at all when I first watched the show. But this time, she just seems so young. Now I see the obvious "Julie" prototype that they casted eve
  11. IMO. Erika doesn't like Sutton because she's on the case like Nancy Drew. Erika HAS been lying and Sutton has figured out EVERY lie. Sutton is messing up Erika's game plan. Sutton wins because I don't see her getting subpoena'd (look at you Rinna!)
  12. It's interesting that LVP got the reputation of being a Svengali when Rinna does the same stuff. She's itching to go after Garcelle but she can't. She's still getting blowback about Denise. So instead, she clearly pulled Dorit off camera and started using certain language. "It's a pattern, she goes after people, ect." Except she said everything but bully. She saw that Dorit is tonedeaf on the topic of race (and most likely racist)- and would walk right into it. So Dorit uses the word "bully" not at all noticing how racially charged that would be. Rinna gets someone to go after Garcelle without
  13. I thought the majority of the women appeared very fake during their dinner with Erika. She's going to see what you said, ladies. I'm really not liking Dorit this season - between her tonedeaf comments about race last episode to her calling Garcelle a bully next episode. I'd like to see her leave the show soon. Also, has anyone noticed the toxic clique that has developed between Rinna, Erika, Kyle, and Dorit? They make sure to stick together and pick one person every year to go after -- usually so that person will leave the show. I think they picked Garcelle this season but all the E
  14. Michael Jackson was Kathy Hilton's childhood best friend. They were neighbors. They even made a childhood vow to name their daughters Paris. LOL. Perhaps she doesn't believe the allegations? Either way - he was her good friend, so I'm okay with her referencing him.
  15. Amber seems like one of those women who makes her husband her moon and her stars. And not in the romantic way. In a cautionary tale way. It seems like right now she's a stay at home wife -- is that a thing? I worry for women like her when relationships go south, not just the emotional toll but also women like that are usually aren't left with anything because they are used to someone taking care of them. As for Damien and Francesca - that had to be fake. The Too Hot to Handle cast seems to be popping up on different Netflix shows ... Francesca did not look like she was interested
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