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  1. Amber seems like one of those women who makes her husband her moon and her stars. And not in the romantic way. In a cautionary tale way. It seems like right now she's a stay at home wife -- is that a thing? I worry for women like her when relationships go south, not just the emotional toll but also women like that are usually aren't left with anything because they are used to someone taking care of them. As for Damien and Francesca - that had to be fake. The Too Hot to Handle cast seems to be popping up on different Netflix shows ... Francesca did not look like she was interested
  2. Not true. Carnie Wilson was on Daily Pop a few days ago and publicly stated that guest hosted the show for 9 or 10 years and always hoped for a permanent spot. She was very gracious toward Jerry and said he's fantastic.
  3. Terrible. With everything that happened this year and last - the writers could have made the show a bit lighter and not so depressing. Not sure I will tune in for season 4.
  4. I think Sutton is one of those people who let's things stew - meaning the more she's thought about Krystal's comments the angrier she got. Plus, she is wondering how it's going to look on television. She feels defensive because who wants to be perceived as doing anything creepy especially if it could have sexual connotation. That said Sutton def. worked herself into a frenzy. I'm torn on this because Crystal didn't do anything wrong - she expressed how she felt about the situation and she felt violated. Those were her feelings and they are valid. But Crystal is just sooooo smug, it almost
  5. It's interesting how one's lived identity really can influence how one see's things. I remember watching Rachel's after the rose episode and thinking it had a lot of racist undertones. Peter used a lot of racist coded language as did Chris Harrison. I think Rachel continues to bring up Peter because it was so blatant.
  6. Privilege at its finest. Megan is rude for several years and never has to apologize. EGOT Whoopi Goldberg is rude once and has to immediately apologize...to Megan.
  7. This. I was thinking the same thing. If that's true, Paulina is the worst type of woman, bringing you into her drama and then blaming you. They should all just nod their heads and smile next time. After 10 season of Reza having each Shah be a target, I'm glad he's finally the one being targeted. At almost 50, instead of lashing out, why can't he simply pull MJ aside and talk to her about it? Yikes.
  8. Incorrect. With the exception of Asa, all of the original cast would be considered rich by most American standards. MJ and Reza throw people off because they are tacky, but alas they are rich. That condo MJ used to live in? That was a million dollar apartment. She and her mother owned the building. Reza's house is modest because it's in LA but it's still very expensive. All of the OG Shah's except GG went to Beverly Hills High. And GG's from a very expensive area outside of LA. Also - the Shah's families were RICH in Iran - hence the name of the show. They have all been wea
  9. He also failed to mention that Bella Hadid is Palestinian.
  10. Thank god for Sunny.
  11. IMO, The Circle France is the best version on Netflix. Just caught up with the latest 4 episodes. Hated the twist!
  12. Putting together the right panel (with the right mix of people) for a talk show is difficult. The only person who was good at it was Barbara Walters. After she retired, it took The View years to find the right mix of people. Let's be honest - before everything that happened with Sharon, The Talk was limping along. I can see cancellation in its future.
  13. Arissa was soooo over the top. Is it that serious? And I don't remember TJ being so obnoxious to the contestants. When did THAT happen? He needs to keep his opinions to himself.
  14. Poor Antonia. Did Melissa have to do that on camera? Also, Melissa's mom is so sweet. I loved the way she hugged Teresa.
  15. Well, per Norman, Charlez Perez dumped him and then held Real World viewing parties every week so his friends could see him on TV. So I don't think he was closeted.
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