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  1. I couldn't help but laugh. All this "drama" did was solidify how much Bravo wants Denise on the show. How much do you want to bet she'll get paid double to come back next season. Lisa Rinna must be seething.
  2. This. That's what I got from it. Brandi can say whatever she wants but body language doesn't lie. She looked like she was in love with Denise at Kyle's party/event. She was following her around like a puppydog - and Denise couldn't look less interested. Maybe Brandi thought it was going to be more but then realized she was just being used for sex. Denise seems like like she pulled a move that a lot of guys do and maybe Brandi wasn't expecting that from a woman? Either way, Brandi's acting like she's upset because she became the other woman but it actually seems like she's upset that she was rejected.
  3. When was Rachel asking for sympathy? Why can't she speak up about diversity? The fact that she has been the only black lead proves her point. The franchise DOES need more diversity. What's there to argue about? And why is Rachel's socio economic background being brought up? Almost all of the leads come from upper middle class backgrounds. JoJo's family was extremely wealthy but it wasn't thrown in her face on message board. I'm tired of reading racial microaggressions on this forum from people who are upset that a black educated woman who isn't from the projects participated on the show. Throwing in Andi so it doesn't look racist.
  4. I completely agree. I think sometimes Whoopi assumes that if a person hasn't done anything to her, it means they haven't done it all. I'm not sure about this logic. Especially since - Whoopi has been really famous for 40 years. People can be racist to the people in their lives but be nice to famous black people. It reminds me of the Tyra Banks Show episode where Tyra had on this white family that thought the races should be separate. They came on the show and said a bunch of horrible things. At the end of the episode - Tyra pointed out that they claim to hate black people but the family wanted photos and autographs with Tyra! All the children and parents. They didn't have a response. They were America's Next Top Model superfans.
  5. Couldn't stop rolling my eyes during this episode. They do this in every housewives franchise. Two people in the group are legitimate friends and the rest of the group get's threatened and treats it like it's some sort of alliance . (eg Phaedra and Kandi) They eventually break up the friendship and move on to the next storyline.
  6. I no miss manner but that dinner party did not look fun at all. I miss the old RHOBH with Yoyo's dinner parties. They seemed so elegant! And RE: The previews. Why would Lisa Rinna bring up Kim to Kyle?
  7. Could Whoopi be any less unenthusiastic about academic achievements?
  8. Congrats to Meghan. Looking forward to her maternity leave. 😊
  9. I might be in the minority but I'm team MJ and Tommy. I don't condone violence and Tommy was absolutely wrong. But I understand the sentiment behind it and why they would both be hurt and angry. Again, I watched this all on social media. It wasn't just that Reza made the comment about "being 50 and having 10 abortions". On top of that, Reza posted instagram posts on social media and disclosed MJ's medical information. The way it's filmed - we already know this information - but in real time, I'm sorry that was disgusting. Why would you post personal text messages on instagram? Also, if your best friend's husband tells you medical information - why are you so sloppy to post it to your thousands of followers? I believe Tommy thought it was intentional and went to confront Reza. Again, he was wrong but I can see why he'd be pissed off. IMO, Reza dropped the ball as a friend. He claims that MJ is his best friend of 30 years. If that was really the case he should have showed up for her at the hospital. It was serious. And if MJ had died - I wonder if Reza would be carrying on like this. I'm not saying MJ is a saint -- she clearly isn't. I just wish the whole stupid Ali/Adam stupidness could have been put on the backburner in a medical crisis.
  10. But she didn't take Sara's spot. If you remember Sara and Meghan were on the show at the same time. Abby Huntsman took Sara's spot.
  11. Mike is insecure. He knows Paulina is a good catch. Paulina met with Neema to stick up for Mike - and both guys are making it seem like something underhanded. What I got from that conversation was that Neema came across as mature and deep down Paulina knew he made sense.
  12. The reason MJ hasn't been on the show is because was on bed rest - but also- she was the only cast member not to sign on for the new season. She felt that she deserved more money. Reza accused MJ of plotting off screen (.i.e. with the Adam drama) as a way to get herself back on the show. But I think he was upset that MJ thought she deserved more money. Something tells me that Reza made the most because he's always referring to the show as his. The show was kind of slow without MJ - as we can see - and Bravo gave her more money and she came back. This bruised Reza's ego, as Bravo giving MJ more money confirms that she is a vital part of the show and it isn't just Reza's. So, yes, MJ does come back.
  13. If I were Jennifer I would not want my husband to drink with that crew again... And even if Teresa did tell Danielle to do it -- she still did it! It was her choice. Nobody made her do it!
  14. My favorite part of the episode was when Sunny was responding to Bloomberg and said she has worked with white privileged people who didn't know how to conduct themselves at work. No comment, Meghan?
  15. I feel like Bravo really didn't show how bad MJ's pregnancy was. I followed all of this on social media and MJ almost died. I was actually surprised that Reza and Mike weren't at the hospital. It was touch and go for awhile and Tommy confided in Reza because MJ considers him her brother. I think Reza should have been at the ICU waiting with Tommy, just my opinion. It shows how self centered he is. Who cares about the town gossip when your best friend is in the hospital?
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