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  1. In every discussion that Dani has, about who should win the HOH, Dani never says " I'll win it". Its always someone else.
  2. I may or may or have heard this before.
  3. I really want Janelle to stay and tear up the house for at least a week. So, maybe if Kaysar wins veto, he will save use it on Janelle. I am sure he would not mind making the house miserable. Thus, Janelle has two chances.
  4. Some HG's just dont know how to have fun:
  5. A random thought, this All Stars season would have been much netter served by starting out in "teams". Any pre-gaming would have to be "rethought". Sure you would still need cross alliances but, they would be in more immediate jeopardy. Your team is your survival. It would have been much more interesting to watch. Especially now that everyone plays this as a numbers game. I am a little disappointed BB did not come up with a more divisive twist
  6. I love this. Julie making Nicole feel worse over her treatment of Janelle.
  7. Love the Janelle edit. On tape ! Roll back the video Nicole.
  8. The funny thing is, Kaysar and Janelle will just crack themselves up about what bad players they are . They will be laughing at how they were running around trying to get votes . While everyone else is waiting for a very different reaction. I love those two together.
  9. The only people I really do not want to see in the final are Nicole F and Dani D.
  10. There is a slight threat and edge to her side of the conversation. She is talking to him like he is a little boy. And they say Kaysar is the condescending one ? At least he talks to people like they are adults. She wants to be a top dog.
  11. Xmas talking her poison to David. Trying to "subtlety" point him at J and K being the evil duo and if he stays and wins HOH, he needs to target them. If he can commit to that, he can get the votes. She is slipping and sliding about asking him outright to do this. Says Nicole has taken her stand. She asks him over and over. I am not sure if he is evading or doesn't get what she is asking. I think he is evading. Xmas is starting to sound more and more like the Xmas of old. Like when she comforted Jessica and then threatened her not to use her power to save Cody.
  12. I find it curious that Nic A has been "collecting" all these facts and has yet to ask Janelle and Kaysar to sit down and her tell them what she has been hearing and thinking and feeling. The speaker of her truth, the defender if the outliers. The girl who doesn't back away. Can not even verify this garbage with the two that are suppose to be responsible. Where is her big girl " if you have a problem with me, come to me?" I loved Nicole in her season.It was too early for her to come back. She is falling in lock step with the herd. A sheep.
  13. Does anyone get why Nic A refuses to accept that Janelle has been advocating for her ? That she would rather go home than accept Janelles help? That everyone else in the house with the exception of Janelle and Kaysar will continue to put her on the block? She thinks they are using her for a number? Is being the perpetual block sitter for the other side a better position ? There should be a new mental health rule about coming back to Big Brother 2 seasons in a row!
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