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  1. You owe me for almost killing my daughter, your beloved daughter with peanuts.
  2. missyb

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Yes, Rachel and Elissa were on seasons of Big Brother. Rachel was on first season 12 ( where she met Brandon , her husband and played with Brittney) and won season 13 of Big Brother. Elissa was on season 15 of Big Brother.
  3. Jack was good today. So what does he wish ???? That he had Ashley to talk to ??
  4. missyb

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    ON WWHL Andy asked Rinna about the video that has been going around social media asking Dorit about a lawsuit and the money she owes. He asked why it was never brought up on the show. She said after bringing up the lawsuit against Ken and Lisa, she thought it best not to bring lawsuits up ( a i guess until it "suits" her).
  5. missyb

    S04.E04 Overton Window

    My problem with Chucks public confession. He went too far. Bad enough he is going to out his wife as a consenting partner as well as himself. But, he could have stopped at admitting to being a sadomasicist . He did not need to go into detail on his likes and dislikes. That he needs to be pinched, whipped, hurt, tortured to get off. Maybe I have been watching too many criminal minds but I would not trust nor want to be around anyone who thinks that is okay to let everyone know. Does he expect to meet new willing partners this way ? Or be kidnapped and sexually tortured and then left for dead. He just sent out an invitation. The speech really bothered me and him thinking he achieved hero status sickens me. If he wants to get ahead of the news, fine, but taking the "shame" off of it? I dont know.
  6. Agreed. I can visualize Lisa Rinna rubbing her hands in glee for a chance to set up LVP .
  7. Good post. I think it is pretty spot on. Based on LVP's past "cheeky" or throw away comments, meant to incite or prod someone else to voice what she will not, One of the Johns heard LVP make a comment like, "maybe we can get Teddy to call Dorit out. She does not like Dorit". And John Blizzard gets the ball rolling. Everyone one is so anxious to do her bidding, especially a new young employee who is in " look mom, I'm on TV" world. I dont honestly think it was anyone else who sold a story, leaked, etc. Well, maybe Brandi ! I think it was one of the Johns. LVP may be guilty of egging Teddi on a little bit, but I think Teddi and John Blizzard got this ball rolling.
  8. And another thing, good for Lisa to stop filming with a group of women who think the worst of her. She doesn't need them . She appreciates the show for giving her a platform for her restaurants and causes but she doesn't need to film with these women who are feeling so hateful towards her. Kind of funny she gets to dictate to Bravo, NO, I will no longer film with them ( except Denise and Camille). Follow me, film me but you wont get me going on any trips or any events with these women. Bravo.
  9. I think people from the dog center sold the story. John Blizzard for one and maybe others confirmed. These are young adults, in hollywood, in the spotlight, a moment of fame and maybe they thought they were helping Lisa. Maybe Lisa did voice something about getting the story out there but I dont believe she sold any story or even did it for free. I think what Lisa reacted to the most, was Kyle outright saying, she did not believe Lisa. That was her truth and Lisa was lying. Now, I also believe that Kyle believes that all the texts that Teddi show her prove that Lisa was involved in maybe setting up the VPD scenario and reveal but it says nothing about the radar story. I also think Lisa Rinna is behind most of this. This is where she thrives. It is sport to her. And, if someone was so concerned the impact this would have on her small children, and it is completely reasonable to be concerned, she should have dropped out after the first season. And another thing, why has it never been shown on camera Dorits explanation of how the woman who loved the dog so much let it end up in a shelter without telling Dorit she could not handle the dog. This part of puppygate makes no sense. It sounds more like a "get rid of this dog situation". Did none of the girls ask Dorit, who did you give the dog to ??? And, because Teddi later confesses to being in on the scheme to out Dorit, she gets a pass? She was asshole buddies with LVP during filming of Vanderpump Rules, taking her kids to play with puppies, doing charity events. But an hint from Lisa Rinna that she was set up by LVP has her doing backflips.
  10. missyb

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    This episode annoyed me on so many levels. These kids are not kids. They are in their 30's. How can you be preparing for the opening of your business for months and the day after, go out of town?? So annoying. You have a business to attend to. Over and over again you drink to you are incoherent and rejoice in it. So annoying. Schenna , you come off so vapid and boardering on stupid. So annoying. Stassi, you have a good man. He loves you and treats you well. And you do berate, abuse nitpik at him. So annoying,
  11. So, timeline. After the opening of TomTom, the two minority partners go away for vacation??? Nice way to run and grow a business.
  12. Just a quick ht and run post, from twitter. I dont know what to believe. I think everyone had their part and John Blizzard, a young 22yo , got caught up in the chance to be gossipy and cur favor with LVP. He should never have been privy to any of Ken and Lisa's conversations. Lisa can not do this over and over and think she wont be caught. The assumption that everyone is an idiot ready to jump hopes for her always backfires. Not on the Lisa hate train, just an observation. Dr John Sessa‏ @johnfsessa 11h11 hours ago More I’m aghast at the fact that Teddi would continue to reveil more information regarding a matter that has become very uncomfortable for our foundation. We never intended for the extent of Lucy’s journey or the entirety of what was told to us by the shelter manager to be revealed.
  13. This is exactly right and it was all I could think about. Luann should be avoiding those situations where alcohol is the key food group. It is much to early in her sobriety to be at an alcohol fueled party. Bring me to another thing that annoys me, why have Luann on WWHL on a wednesday night where Andy loves his shot ski? It is a total lack of respect on Andy's part. They should all have water. If you care about someone, for a little while or one ridiculous show, don't bring out the alcohol. Is that so hard ? I know Luann is a self absorbed , its all about me kid of gal, but in this case, Andy should have made it easier on her.
  14. Wow ! Thank you. I really had no idea. It is a gift that he chooses to make comedies that make people laugh. Whoa! Really had no idea. I am kind of blown away. That clip was powerful. I did think it was funny that Dorinda choose to send a quote from Tyler Perry. My mistake. He clearly knows something about forgiveness and moving forward. This clip would have delivered the message with a punch.
  15. Bethany's pause , then full on belly laugh may be the most genuine thing I have ever seen on any of these shows.