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  1. In Chicagoland they showed Tuesday's Jeopardy at 3:07 AM Wednesday morning under the title "Daytime Jeopardy." Hopefully they'll do the same for today's episode.
  2. Thanks for the reminder! 2 of 5, 1*
  3. Me, too. I am currently reading Q is for Quarry to satisfy a prompt on a reading challenge.
  4. Same here. Not a fan of Bratislava. This is the second time in less than a week that I was able to answer FJ based on my travels. And this is part of the reason why I hate 2020 - no travels.
  5. My week started 0/3, and I thought I would have my first 0/5 of the year. Turns out I do know some stuff and ended up 2/5.
  6. I got Malta right away. I visited there in the summer of 2019 and would have never forgiven myself if I'd missed it. I really enjoyed that vacation. Remember vacations?
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