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  1. A local animal shelter cleverly names their kittens that are up for adoption. I'm not a cat person, or I'd adopt John Pawlover in a minute.
  2. Am I the only one who finds it icky when Anthony makes boob jokes about his mother?
  3. I feel like the judges are even more irritating this year since they ask every single act that comes through the door, "Aren't you surprised to see US? Aren't you so nervous now that you know that WE are here?" or some shit.
  4. 2 of 5. Good thing this teacher wasn't in the tournament!
  5. 3 of 5. Consistently mediocre.
  6. This was my exact reaction.
  7. I need the state of Illinois to change the time of its daily Covid briefings. Especially since this is the only channel that I get that shows Jeopardy, and I don't even live in Illinois.
  8. All that matters to me is that Jeremy is still in. Not that he's my favorite or anything, but I have him in the office pool.** If (and I realize it's a big IF), he wins, I win 100 bucks. **blind draw - I didn't pick him.
  9. I am just so very glad that leanin' Marshall didn't win. I guess now I root for Tyler. My masters is from Indiana. That's as good a reason as any, I guess.
  10. I feel like 2-3 times per year I have to come on here and say that I hate all of these people. I hate all of these people.
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