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  1. Will and James couldn't even produce a real tear after the proposal. My 7 year old niece is a better fake crier than these two phonies. Beard Bros absolutely bombing the finale after sending home the weakest team was too perfect.
  2. I don’t remember Wendall being this big of a douche his first season. Fame went to his head.
  3. Rob, Parvati, Yul being the next three boots would be so brutal.
  4. I'd guess it's Ben who goes. Adam doesn't trust him and wants Denise all to himself so I could see him capitulating to Rob/Parvati to vote him out. Most boot lists have Ethan last well into the post merge, but who knows. vidcaps also show red way ahead in the immunity challenge, and Sandra sitting out yet again.
  5. Rob: Everyone empty their bags. Me: Shut up Rob. The nerve of this guy! *everyone empties their bags* Me: Oh what the fuck! I feel like that was shaping up to be an interesting tribal before Danni imploded. Rob was directing the target to Ben, and that could have been glorious to see.
  6. Based on the spoilers and the first episode, I'd put my money on the winner being Yul or Tyson. Tyson's confessional after he jumped ship from Amber and Kim saying "I have to concede this battle to win the war" wasn't lost on me.
  7. I can't believe they agreed to do it knowing they'd be auto targeted. That CBS money must've been worth it.
  8. Never thought I'd say this but I'm officially over Sandra's act. She's just flat out annoying at this point. Queen doesn't remember she was a pre-merge boot the last time she played. And being mad at Rob is so absurdly contrived and fake. Ugh! Really surprised/disappointed in Kim. About 45 minutes in I asked my wife "where's Kim? She's on this season, right?" Apparently she wasn't doing much, though I did think she perked up a bit at tribal. Watching these old timers is like watching over the hill boxers having one last rematch. You still tune in but the magic is gone and it's sad to
  9. Dan is a talent manager? Casting couch? Can’t believe I was rooting for Missy. I hope she feels complete shame and humiliation watching this back.
  10. They have handlers with them who are supposed to make sure they don't talk game, but like you I'm not sure how much I buy it. I really hope the handlers weren't present when Nick and Kat hooked up because no amount of money is worth that visual.
  11. I barely even watch the feeds anymore. Just reading the updates is enough to make my skin crawl most days. Actually hearing these people was starting to give me agita. I've had people tell me that maybe just watching the episodes and not following spoilers would make it a more enjoyable experience. And it might but I don't see myself ever going that route. I'd like to say my habit is being broken but I think my real addiction is following along here and enjoying the banter. Although I don't contribute nearly as much as I used to. I'm sure I'll be back next season. I just hop
  12. There's a Kemi bashing compilation video on YouTube that runs 40+ minutes in case you think these scumbags weren't obsessed with her the entire season, including well after she was voted out. Whether it was racist or not, these people said some absolutely vile shit about a person they don't even know. Jack despised her so all his mindless drones just followed the herd. They should all be put on blast, not just Jack.
  13. I think a former HG once said CBS doesn't officially release you and give you your phone back until the press is over the day after the finale.
  14. Yeah, this season was so long I think people have forgotten that he was so bad in the beginning of the season that production stopped showing him on the live feeds. Think about that. They were actively censoring him because he was saying so much awful shit. I can't remember that ever happening before.
  15. She should have played the clip of Nick saying he wanted to spit in Kemi’s face.
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