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  1. Wow, Javicia Leslie, who played Ali, just got cast as the new Batwoman on the Batwoman TV series! What's with this series and superheroes (as Violett Beane was previously a superhero on Flash)? Congrats to Leslie! I gotta be frank, she's not the cast member who I would have expected to break out big from this show. Good for her!
  2. I believe Guggenheim was effectively already the showrunner (Lenkov obviously was in charge overall, but I think Guggenheim still had a lot of say over the day-to-day running of the show), so I imagine things won't change much. Still, it's quite a shock.
  3. What a tragedy. Nick Cordero passed away. https://www.today.com/health/nick-cordero-has-died-coronavirus-complications-age-41-t182190
  4. Also, as an aside, the mob guys were the least imposing mob guys imaginable. They seemed like punk kids.
  5. I don't mind when Nolan makes some mistakes. I agree that it humanizes him. But there's a difference between making a mistake and just being woefully incompetent and I think Nolan tended towards the latter this episode. Nolan going rogue isn't too shocking, as he went rogue to take down the government agents a few episodes ago (it was even a pointed thing, as the others were all, "Man, Nolan would never do something like this" and he was all, "Oh yeah, I will"). It was clear that this was the route they were going with Armstrong when the serial killer lady gave Nolan a warning about him (I mean, come on, what writer has a cryptic warning like that not pay off?) and then the clincher was when the computer expert went out of his way to tell us how Armstrong was the best cop (the computer expert whose technology was completely unreliable that episode). So clearly, this was what they were always planning with Armstrong, but it's a shame, as Perrineau is an excellent actor. However, with the show almost certainly adding new cast members next season to give us more rookies (if the show is renewed period, of course), then there really wouldn't be a lot of room for Armstrong, anyways.
  6. The thing that consistently sticks in my craw is not that Liz keeps doing such dumb stuff, as, well, whatever, characters don't all have to do logical, normal things, ya know? I'm okay with some characters just being incompetent/foolish, etc. It's not like The Godfather films are bad because Fredo is such a dipshit, ya know? So what gets me, though, is when I read Jon Bokenkamp talking about the show and it is bizarre how poorly he achieves the goals he thinks he is achieving. For instance, he clearly thinks that Liz IS a competent, badass. He also thinks that it makes perfect sense for Liz to work with Katarina. It's mind-boggling. Also, not for nothing, but Liz's "big decision" this week is to...do what she has already been doing all season? "I am on mother's side to get to the truth." Yeah, we know that, Liz, that's been the case since you helped her fake her death. This isn't new. You're just acting like it's new. It's weird. So, yeah, my concerns with the show are typically more that it thinks it is doing stuff that it is not actually doing. Like it really thinks it is portraying Liz like a badass and that they've actually introduced a true conflict between Katarina and Red, when they clearly have not (and I also can't get over how shitty Laila Robins is on this show. She's not a bad actress normally, but she is botching Katarina in a stunning fashion).
  7. How weird was the sequence where the brothers were using the woman as a human shield to protect themselves, but then SHOT HER and Liz and Ressler both DIDN'T shoot them until the doors were closing. What the what?
  8. It's funny, due to every other show's ratings going down a lot, Big Brother's relative steady decline has led it to becoming one of the top 20 shows of the season in the demo rating! https://deadline.com/2020/05/tv-ratings-2019-2020-final-rankings-masked-singer-sunday-night-football-fox-cbs-1202935271/ That's why people always seem silly when they predict this show ever getting canceled.
  9. How fucking bad is Laila Robins? Great roles for older actresses are hard to come by, so there is a surplus of AMAZING older actresses out there and this meaty role is just wasted on Laila Robins. She just keeps shitting up the place in every episode she is in. Absolutely zero charisma. Holy shit, why would anyone want to follow this woman?
  10. Fisher Stevens looked TERRIBLE. So emaciated looking. I hope he's feeling okay.
  11. Isn't it weird that we're near the very end of season SEVEN and they're still just telling us how great Liz instead of ever actually SHOWING it?
  12. Kind of rough to have to do the wrap-ups through flashbacks, but hey, at least they got to wrap things up well enough! Thank goodness they were told that the show was canceled before they wrapped on the episode, because that would suck otherwise (with the series ending with Miles and Cara just friends).
  13. Yeah, especially with Pilot Season wrecked by the pandemic, this is just shocking news.
  14. Wow, I was not expecting a cancellation at all. Shocking news. And not just cancelled, but cancelled early enough that they were able to write a series finale, so they cancelled it a WHILE ago. Dang. https://deadline.com/2020/04/god-friended-me-canceled-end-after-two-seasons-cbs-series-finale-date-set-1202908162/
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