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  1. II thought you just hated the PEOPLE of BB20, not the gameplay.
  2. Last year didn't count, but there was some drama in BB21 once people turned on each other. Christie really brought that crazy energy well. And BB20 had drama every week!
  3. I think there is plenty of drama left in BB, there just isn't any at this point in the week because Whitney has just accepted her BB death like a moron. I would imagine whoever is nominated later this week will fight more for their BB life. Not only that, but there are very few pawns left, so The Cookout is going to have a hard time continuing to hide itself. There is still drama to come!
  4. All that intelligence and she has NO ONE to talk to because she's put herself on Tiffany Island.
  5. Their confidence that they can get Christian out any time they want is just absurd.
  6. Tiffany's true alliance is to the Cookout, which is fine, of course, but boy, she seems to be aggressively anti-Claire, who clearly only has eyes for in this game. It's so weird.
  7. "Whitney wasn't coming after me. so this is a good move for me. Good move" - Christian's inner mental gymnastics, I assume.
  8. I mean, remember how boring as fuck the Brigade was? This is the Brigade, Part II. Just with actually good people.
  9. Excellent work by Claire, by the way, of having no impact on Christian's HoH, despite nominally being in an alliance with him. Like, absolute ZERO impact.
  10. Yeah, it's killer for me, too. You never want a steamroll to work this efficiently (and despite some sloppy play, The Cookout has been at Brigade levels of efficiency so far), but I don't want to lose Hannah! Times when your low self-esteem is just good common sense. (RIP, Cloris Leachman)
  11. It's pretty hilarious just how dim Christian is. "Xavier desperately wants me not to nominate either Hannah or Azah, neither of whom are in our alliance. Nothing seems suspicious about that to me for reasons."
  12. They played Rebecca Black's "Friday" as the wakeup song and so he's complaining about that.
  13. The bigger issue, of course, is that the Cookout doesn't want to reveal itself this soon and this is really where I think Claire has kind of fucked herself. I think she is getting suspicious that something like the Cookout exists based on how protective Ky and X are being to Hannah right now, a person who is, as far as Claire knows, not in any alliances or teams with Ky and X. Claire is smart enough to know that stuff. However, she has NO ONE to tell this to because she has attached herself to ONE person and that one person isn't even really on her side. Some shitty gameplay by Claire her
  14. What can she do? There are 10 vote and the Cookout control five of them. Will they seriously not get ONE more vote? Claire was ready for Whitney to go next, too, I believe.
  15. I would normally think that Xavier is playing with fire here by allowing the rest of Kings to think Hannah is the target while he is clearly going to have the Cookout vote out Whitney instead, but Christian is so dumb that once Veto is over, he will be so easy to sway to voting Whitney out.
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