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  1. Nick Cordero, who played Danny's nemesis, Victor Lugo, is unconscious in intensive care, likely from COVID-19. https://ew.com/theater/broadway-star-nick-cordero-is-unconscious-in-icu/
  2. And that, in a nutshell, is why the show is still worth following. There is still some there there, as it were. The writers aren't bad overall, they just have some weird, glaring blind spots.
  3. Man, it's a shame that Jim True-Frost is hard up enough for work that he's playing a minister in, like, one scene on Manifest.
  4. Because he's clearly behind the God Account! Just like every other person who was clearly behind the God Account until they were revealed to not be behind the God Account.
  5. Right? I was complaining about that the other episode and so then it happened right again this episode! When you're wrong EVERY TIME, why are you STILL SO CONFIDENT?
  6. I know that they're ALL not going to work out, as they're just killing time before the romantic leads eventually get together, but even with that in mind, I don't recall ever seeing a more "this is obviously not going to work out" side romance for a lead character before than Cara and Adam. It's mostly been offscreen, the guy's barely in any episodes, how can we possibly take it seriously? It's the most oddly half-assed thing. It's not even like Chris Conroy is so super busy that he can't commit. They're just not using him for whatever reason. So how can we possibly take him as a serious love interest for Cara?
  7. The big difference is that the others all get called out on it (some of them CONSTANTLY). She doesn't, and instead, we're constantly told how GOOD she is. Basically, it's the cardinal sin of storytelling - Nash doesn't SHOW us Delilah being a good person, he just has everyone TELL us how great she is, and when what we're seeing versus what we're being told don't match, it's annoying, and it reflects poorly on Delilah. If they just copped to her poor behavior, I think it'd be a lot easier to take her seriously as a character. But it never actually happens - even when characters got to disagree with her about telling the kids, it was super brief and it was quickly those same characters apologizing to her for making her feel bad (and then we had a fast-forward to skip over the worst of the repercussions for her, so when we return, it gets to be, "Man, isn't Sophie unreasonable for STILL being mad?") That said, she definitely had been a lot better in the second half of this season. They've actually SHOWN her doing some occasionally legit good things, like her sex talk with Sophie and the office bit with Katherine.
  8. I think it COULD have worked a lot better, but the kid's line deliveries are so obnoxious that it came off as way more aggressive than it was likely written. It was clearly written as a sort of playful banter, but it was delivered like the kid was a little dick, to the point where it was like, "What? Huh? Who let's their kid be such a jerk to their friends like that?" I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a bad line period (as Theo hasn't been established as having that sort of bantering relationship with Gary and Rome - has he even had one-on-one interactions with either one of them all series long?), but if the actor wasn't so terrible (to be fair, most kid actors are terrible), it wouldn't have come off as quite so aggravating. Again, it was Nash saying, "Real life anxiety that real adoptive parents go through during every newborn adoption? Fuck that, let's just have some made up soap-y shit!"
  9. The thing that continues to gall me is that so much of this is so fixable. Nash seems like he goes out of his way to suck sometimes, like he actively searches for the hacky and cliche when he doesn't have to. There's a famous story about the excellent TV series, Friday Night Lights, about how the network pushed it to be less realistic and more soap-y, leading to the most absurd storyline in the show's history in Season 2, but then there was a Writer's Strike and the show basically just covered up the bad story and then was a normal show again for the rest of the run. This show COULD be like Friday Night Lights, a relatable, heartfelt show filled with good actors, only Nash goes for hack and artifice every damn time. Gary and Maggie don't have to get back together - but to have Rome break Maggie's confidence to tell Gary that Maggie was going to England but then NOT break her confidence to tell Gary that Maggie was still in love with him, which, in turn, allowed Gary to think that Maggie didn't want him until she saw him happy? That's hacky, unrealistic bullshit that doesn't match how actual humans exist. It doesn't have to be like that. You can have your "they don't get back together, but maybe do later" or whatever story while still being true to actual human emotions and behavior. But it's like Nash doesn't want to put the SLIGHT extra effort in and instead pushes the OTHER direction in a big way. "What happened with Alex's death?" "I'm going to say a whole lot, Eddie, include travel to your home, but I won't say anything about what you asked, because I am a walking cliche and not a person who could ever exist in any reality."
  10. Did they seriously have a scene where Chen GOOGLED fucking HUNTINGTON'S? Was that seriously the best that the writers could come up with to explain what Hungtinton's was? Chen, a well-educated child of doctors looking it up on her phone and reading what Wikipedia said?
  11. This is far (FAR) from the only show to do this, but man, I really hate "You owe it to your parent to give them a second chance" platitudes from TV shows.
  12. My prediction rests on what happens with the rest of the TV season. If there's major delays in all of the other shows coming back in the Fall, then yeah, I could see BB having a chance (as it would basically just push Summer programming to the Fall). Otherwise, I think we'll have to wait until next summer for BB. Since the former scenario is more likely, though, we probably WILL end up getting some BB.
  13. The more that I think about it, the more that I'm steaming over Rome betraying Maggie's confidence to tell Gary that she's leaving for England, but NOT to tell Gary that Maggie still loves him. What a total dick move. A dick move that doesn't fit what any real person would do, of course, just for extra annoying measure.
  14. Yeah, excellent point about how they had no real avenue to logically redeem Delilah, while Eddie had Katherine to play off of and their great chemistry to redeem him. Yeah, that's the retconned version of the story. "You guys were in a loveless marriage" now, while back then it was, "Leave your bitch of a wife."
  15. Good point. But the same thing applies, he's just parroting back something he just learned. It's like how the kids of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" know certain things because they literally just learned them and can repeat them back now, but an adult can't remember them anymore.
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