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  1. "Don't worry, my idiot restaurant co-worker will definitely be able to move $500,000 worth of drugs." Teens ARE dumb, but they're not THIS dumb.
  2. What I'm really curious about is whether this show is really prepared to murder some kids. Because there really shouldn't be a way out of this story that doesn't involve at least ONE of these kids getting killed. Is the show really ready to go there, though?
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to make it seem like I was advocating for Drew sticking around. I'm more just saying that the show is confusing as fuck as to what they're planning to do based on the casting decisions. If they want to dump Drew, then fine, but then why keep his ex-wife and his daughter in the cast? Why UP David Anthony Higgins to a cast regular?
  4. The show was partially inspired by the real life kidney transplant of one of the show's creators...who is no longer with the show, so yeah, they're totally moving on.
  5. It's fascinating that I still have no idea what's up with the show's future. If the show becomes about Gina buying the old folks' home, then what about Drew's ex-wife and his kid? Is DREW even still going to be on the show?
  6. I think that there have been, like, three good usages of dreams in television history (and two of them were by Matthew Wiener), so I'm totally with you. They're terrible. My wife also recoiled a bit when it happened, but then I reminded her that, as terrible as they are, they were a regular fixture in the original, so I'm just going to chalk it up as an homage. A silly, stupid, but ultimately inconsequential (does anyone even remember the daydreams on the original series?) homage. So long as they don't go overboard, I'll give them a pass (like I give every other show a pass when they do them,
  7. Yeah, they called it "Return to Wonder Wednesday."
  8. I really enjoy a lot of the show, but at the same time, they keep making such weird logistical writing choices. Like the boys all bringing their dad's nudie magazines to school, where they read them...on the school's front lawn...with the front covers extended in front of them to make it clear to everyone what they're reading. How does a scene like that get approved? There's lots of bits like that in the show. Odd little shortcuts to get where they want to go whether it makes sense or not. Still, the good things are more than well worth sticking around and hopefully they'll work on the l
  9. It's gotta be something like that, yeah. And wow, that'd be quite the game of Chicken by her, huh?
  10. Well, they pointed out that her reaction to Leyla being gone (which, by the way, was totally a way to save money and not pay the actress for the episode, right?) was abnormal, suggesting that her addictive personality was beginning to treat Leyla like drugs. So if we're interested in Bloom (which is a big if, I know) then I think it's a fair enough story.
  11. So many weird, weird things in this episode. I will try to rank them in most ludicrous to still pretty darn ludicrous... 1. Kao's plot about how there had to be a new head of neurology as of course she couldn't do it past an interim basis, as she had only just finished up her schooling and obviously you would never give a doctor in her position the head of a department, as it wouldn't be fair to ANYONE, including her...whoops, nope, she's now the head of neurology. 2. Bloom being a total dick to an EMT, who is NOT HER EMPLOYEE, and forcing her to get her patient's bike. She certainly
  12. Oh, sure, it's a common problem on TV series. The imagery here was just particularly funny here when she was yelling at them over how they didn't take the fire seriously enough and it was, like, "Well, this show doesn't take firefighting all that seriously if they're suggesting that this person could cut it as a firefighter."
  13. Accepting Dewan as a firefighter takes a whoooooole lot of leapin' to do. What is she, 5'2"?
  14. It was a great bit, no doubt about it, but they could have just had them watching a true crime series on a very fictionalized version of the new guy's case. I don't object to him being a guy who was in the news for a big showy murder trial and then he was acquitted and sued to be allowed to be a cop because he's so devoted to making sure someone else doesn't get railroaded like him. That's a fine angle. It's specifically making it the Amanda Knox case that gets me, especially when Knox has been so eloquent earlier THIS YEAR about how much it haunts her when people fictionalize her case (and th
  15. I really, truly, honestly am TOTALLY cool with giving shows a TREMENDOUS amount of leeway with how stupid teens are, because teens are really stupid...but...yeah...these teens are just way TOO stupid. They go way beyond any suspension of disbelief. I would sooner accept that a flying monkey showed up on the show than I would accept that these teens could be THIS stupid.
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