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  1. Yeah, don't get me wrong, with the plastic gun angle, they at least ATTEMPTED to explain how it went down, but come on, no way you even let a TOY gun get through your security. You just hold the bag until they leave.
  2. When she was introduced, we had already pretty much written how they were going to handle it. Adam was going to be interested in her and then, at the end of the episode, he DOES have that drink with her father that her father mentioned before. It will be all, "Duh duh duh....is Adam really turning evil?" and then it will turn out to be him working undercover to take the criminal empire down, even if it means breaking his new girlfriend's heart. While true, Nick Jonas is also a lot busier than Joey Lawrence. 😉 By the way, I can't believe we have STILL not yet seen the Lawrence brothers interact in an episode! Booo! They also wasted Matthew Lawrence earlier this season in a minor role (but I guess they could also have him play a different character later on. Nobody will remember his super minor role from this season).
  3. I don't mind Steve being willing to meet with the wife and the son. That's totally in character with him, but come on, you gotta do a thorough search job on them first. I agree that it was likely Jerry who was shot. Hopefully he survives.
  4. Taryn Manning is always a delightful mess as Mary. She's terrible, of course, but she's so terrible that it is kind of funny. You know, like, "Hey, check it out, they're letting Taryn Manning be on TV again! On a show watched by millions! They're not even forced to do it! This was their idea!" Damn, Tani looked good in that dress. I mean, daaaaaaaaaamn. I totally feel you in general, @ganesh, but I think it's fair enough to note that this stuff DOES happen all of the time and it's not like they rushed into it. Plus, 5-0 has been on the air for roughly 326 seasons (roughly) and this is only the second time they've had two of the team members get together (Catherine doesn't count, since she was made part of the team after she was already dating Steve) and the other example (Abbi and Chin) is a bit of a stretch since she was only a temporary member, so platonic relationships have been the rule more than the exception up 'til this point (especially with Lori and Steve, which I really liked how they kept them platonic), so I think it's fair enough for them to make an exception now. That said, did they seriously get them together to the same song that Tim and Dawn got together to on the original Office? That's....odd.
  5. Brian Cronin

    God Friended Me

    Yeah, the scene with Arthur on the podcast was great, but it really WOULD be more powerful if he was still a reverend.
  6. Brian Cronin

    God Friended Me

    Nice callback! That was the second season's end bit, though, no? I sort of recall it as that show's sort of last minute Hail Mary to get renewed ("Hey, look, Season 3 will have Satan!") that fell a few yards of the end zone.
  7. Brian Cronin

    God Friended Me

    Lilien and Wynbrandt have been working together for over a decade, so I imagine they'll stick it out together. Hull has been around in the business for more than a decade longer than Lilien and Wynbrandt (they all worked together on Gotham and Alcatraz in the past), so I bet the network just felt more comfortable with a veteran helping them out (there might very well have been some speed bumps in the first season from a production point of view).
  8. Brian Cronin

    The Enemy Within

    There was a moment where Bragg was tussling with a bad guy where I legit couldn't tell them apart ("Is the bad guy winning?"). That's how crazy generic these characters are.
  9. Brian Cronin

    As The World Turns

    My mom was a huge ATWT fan and so growing up, I knew so much about the show just from being in the same room when she watched it (even as I got older, I would keep up on the show just through her, since I knew she was into it so much. It's amazing how much knowledge osmosis you can get). I still have the last couple of episodes on my DVR (I burned them to a DVD as a present for her). She passed away in February and it's an interesting kind of pain to see these interesting posts here (she used to be a regular reader of the old TWOP ATWT board) and have that quick bit of, "Oh, hey, Mom would find that interesting" and then realize, well, you know.
  10. Brian Cronin

    Splitting Up Together

    Pretty bold of them to end with a "to be continued" when the odds of them returning are not particularly high. Hopefully they know something we don't (luckily, ratings are so low for seemingly every show that there are more fluky renewals than there used to be, so there is pretty much a CHANCE that ANY show that makes it through an entire season could be renewed).
  11. Brian Cronin

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Knighton was by far my favorite actor coming in and I thought he was an inspired bit of casting. He's definitely added some nice dimensions to the Rick character. It is still hilarious, though, to see how often this dude is just flying around Hawaii with a machine gun and/or a sniper rifle. It's pretty weird how Magnum and his friends are, like, this private unlicensed paramilitary assault group in the middle of Hawaii. "Magnum's in trouble, Rick, go get your machine gun!"
  12. Brian Cronin

    The Enemy Within

    Keaton's ass kicking of the enemy agents WAS pretty hilarious. I don't get it, really, as Chestnut looks like he is in good shape, but his fighting scenes have not been good.
  13. Brian Cronin


    Oh yeah, the early episodes are the best by far, since they were able to pick the best episodes from the classic radio show version to use (essentially, the radio show had already done the work of figuring out which episodes worked best), but I think the show has had remarkable staying power and is still pretty darn good in Season 9. I have no idea how it will last when it gets into color, but so far, so good. The additions of Quint and Festus have also gone pretty seamlessly.
  14. Brian Cronin

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Part of it is unfair, as Selleck was just a really good actor (he won a Best Actor Emmy for his portrayal of Magnum, and this was back in the days when you had to beat Daniel Travanti, Ed Flanders and William Daniels for Best Actor, which was no easy feat), but yeah, part of it is that he just doesn't have very much gravitas. But luckily for the show, he's definitely likeable. You don't get the idea that he is a jerk or anything, even as he constantly takes advantage of his friends. Like when Katsumoto tells Magnum that he'll never trust him again, we all know that he eventually will, because Magnum is too likeable to not stay friends with him. There is, which is a huge sign that we'll probably be following this show for many years to come (as it fits in perfectly with their "runs forever" model like Hawaii Five-0).
  15. Brian Cronin

    S01.E18: Homefront

    It reminds me of a complaint I've been having about a lot of shows recently. The writers on shows don't seem willing to just let drama come naturally. They seem to insist on having people do the dumbest things possible that no one would actually do to achieve the drama when they really don't have to. Nolan dealing with his first bogus complaint is dramatic in and of itself, they didn't have to add some nonsense with Nolan being a complete moron for no good reason.