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  1. Was that seriously a Two Jakes reference in that joke by Gary about how there are two guys in this scenario versus the Sophie/Jake one. If so, well done.
  2. I'm very sad that I totally nailed this back in his first appearance, as I really liked Eddie.
  3. That was my take early on in the series when they did the same thing with Grace's partner (used gender-neutral pronouns). I thought THAT would have been the most interesting person to make bisexual (or a closeted lesbian). Imagine finally being in a relationship with a woman when your husband turns out to not be dead? But in any event, yeah, whenever a show uses gender-neutral pronouns to describe a character that we don't see, I assume they're trying to hide that a character is gay (or, in the case of the current show, All Rise, which played the pronoun game in their pilot with their main character, I assume they're keeping their options open - that could have been the case here, too, honestly) By the way, speaking of Grace's boyfriend, Danny, what if Danny is ALSO a survivor, but from a different event, like Zeke? And so that's why Grace's baby has callings. Duh duh duhhhhhhhh!
  4. Brenner's "go home Carmichael. We'll pick this up again tomorrow" was such a weird thing to say. Who talks like that? Otherwise, another fine episode. Bret Harrison (the judge's son) looks SO different as a grown ass man!
  5. Oh yeah, it's not like she should wait a couple of months to start, but as that quote notes, waiting a month or so is very normal. And the time needed is all based on where Ali is in her cycle. If she just started ovulating, they could get it done in a week. The month is if she just happened to have JUST finished ovulating, so they'd have to wait until the next month.
  6. Women delaying chemo to freeze their eggs is extremely common. I mean EXTREMELY common. Like, it's absurd how common it is and for the show to not get across how common it is was annoying. Very few oncologists would ever give a patient shit over it. Quality of life is a major deal for ALL patients, so if you want to have kids then yeah, chemo would probably keep that from happening, so patients freeze their eggs before starting chemo ALL THE TIME. "If this would affect your chances even 1%, you shouldn't do it." What the fuck? No, dude, a 1% chance change in exchange for her being able to have kids is an easy deal for many, many women and there's unlikely to actually be a 1% change in odds due to waiting a month. I don't even mind the father making the argument (as obviously, he's in an emotional state with his daughter having cancer like his late wife) and Miles had a similar excuse, but the oncologist shouldn't have come on as strong. This is SUPER common for women to do.
  7. It really was cringey when Regina was talking about much she wanted a BABY. It really just didn't track with A. what we knew about her and B. her given reasons for wanting to adopt. It really boils down to, "That woman didn't know what she really wanted, but we let her know it was a baby."
  8. I think Hurd has such a confident personality that she doesn't play nerdy/awkward well and that's the take they wanted to go with her in the past (she was this straitlaced, awkward first officer who is now a hardened, cynical drug addict), so Hurd's attempt to be awkward was, well, awkward (but not the way they were likely thinking).
  9. Oh man, Larry Joe Campbell's character is so dead, right?
  10. My issue with Luke going to the DA's office is that, due to the conflict of interest situation, we're in this weird position where we will never see Luke OR Mark in front of Lola and logically won't see Luke vs. Emily, either. It just seems like it reduces the amount of possible interactions a bit. So I think Luke as Lola's law clerk would have been a better idea. Also, Luke, you get being a law clerk for a judge is just as good of a step towards a future judgeship as being a prosecutor, right? Also, I was shocked that Lola didn't just dismiss the case once the cellmate/lover admitted that her cellmate/lover had asked for a shiv to attack Emily's client and that she had taken away the shiv, which is why there was no evidence of a shiv at the crime scene. How could any jury possibly NOT find reasonable doubt there? The case should have been dismissed as a matter of law as soon as that testimony was finished.
  11. Don't you speak this evil into the world! 😄
  12. The worst way they are handling it is by having Regina wanting to adopt a BABY. They were set up PERFECTLY and (and I know that this is a dirty word on this show) AUTHENTICALLY for her and Rome to want to adopt an older child, but nope, it's baby time instead! I actually bet we'll see them struggle with getting a baby and they eventually WILL go for an older kid, but that won't be for a while, when they realistically should be there right now.
  13. Yep, that's it exactly. They give us just enough human moments and most of the actors are so good that I can't quite give it up. But it really sometimes seems like the authentic stuff is almost accidental than anything.
  14. There's a whole bunch of stuff that could be interesting plots on the show, but they're too human and not sensational enough, so they don't get brought up. Like how Maggie's recurrence should not be dealt with with "Oh, okay, I'm cured now" but rather, "If I got one recurrence, the odds go way up that I'll have another and I might not be so lucky next time." Or the fact that she is that weird no man's land where people with breast cancer with non-metastatic recurrences live, where there really is no support group for you (you scare the people who didn't have recurrences and you depress the people who have metastatic breast cancer). But nope, who needs real human drama when you can have Eric faking a heart surgery!
  15. How is Alison Luff not already a big star? I mean, she's starting to get more roles (and it looks like she's the female lead in Stephen Amell's followup series to Arrow about wrestlers called Heels), but wow, she's so good! She's almost TOO good for a recurring love interest for Max.
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