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  1. Y'all how many times are we happy with the winner? This moment is the most "big brother" of all the moments this season.
  2. Ugh. These celebrities are so entitled and annoying. And I HATE Omarosa.
  3. Did Metta seriously just close his eyes and pick a key? Was he kidding?
  4. She is not rocking - she is TERRIBLE. And Julie did have to make her shut up.
  5. Have any of you ever seen Greek? SMF was on that show as Cappie and he had the long shaggy hair and typical fratty, grungy type outfits. But I swear he was cuter that way- more like the goofy cute college guy you crush on half because of his humor and half because of his adorableness, less because of being super hot and in shape.
  6. Doesn't sound terrible- and a few non d listers in there. Where did you see this list posted?
  7. I'm pretty sure the I read in these forums somewhere that someone found an article where Mike Schur stated that up to this season around 250 years have passed.
  8. I just want to say- I check this forum so often during Big Brother, and it's a huge part of my life while the seasons are on every summer. Thank you all for your witticism and your snark and your candor, and I'm so grateful to all the dedicated feed watchers in this forum. Specific shoutout to @Lady Calypso, @Callaphera, and @peachmangosteen for often saying on here what I'm thinking in my head. I can't wait to see you and all the rest here again next winter/summer!
  9. Will has to be trolling Raven right now.
  10. I'm pretty sure he has had Botox at the very least. I remember vaguely him spouting the joys of Botox at some point or another. I could be wrong. I think he looks weird.
  11. I didn't watch because I hate not knowing results but now I HAVE to watch this!
  12. At the end of DE nights, what time is HOH usually? Or is it just a who knows situation? Can't decide if I'd want a Josh HOH or not, as he's the only one left I have any interest in, and I want him eligible to play next week. Would find it hilarious if Kevin lucked in to a win but I doubt it.
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