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  1. This reminds me that Jon Pardy flossed for the first time ever (at Neda's insistence) during his time in the BB Canada house.
  2. I forgot about it. I thought it was a winter coat when she was sitting on the couch. I couldn't really figure it out. That being said, mixed feelings are better than those feelings that make your stomach turn. I got those from Beth's top.
  3. I'm only interested in eliminating contestants who assault my eyes with their wardrobe choices. Tychon's ripped jeans moved him up to the top of my list. They were even uglier than the green, floral Henley top that Beth wore in her promo video. Josh's prison-issue sweats also have him on my radar, even though I should be angrier at his haircut.
  4. I started watching the meet-the-cast videos, but for some reason several of them were not playing. Anyway, Beth is wearing the ugliest top I've ever seen in my life. She's actually shown in my neighborhood in the video, at an apartment complex I lived in thirty-five years ago. It's a minute away from the gym where I work, and just down street from where Mark from two seasons ago lived before he moved to another province. Small world, huh?
  5. Thanks for all the great posts this season. I usually participate, but this really was the most boring season ever. What really frustrated me, though, was that three women who could have mopped the floor with the guys played the same dumb game they always play by handing power back to the guys. Cody, Tyler and Memphis shouldn't have been anywhere near the finale. Wake me up when an all-female alliance actually accomplishes something in this game. Of course, that would mean the casting director would have to stop casting women who would take a showmance over a victory playing the game. Bot
  6. Abby is the Serena Cha Cha of Holland. That glitter on her bony chest looked like stubble. She's terrible.
  7. Abby glues her wigs down too low. She looks like a Giudice.
  8. Roem looked as if she has an eating disorder.
  9. Hi everyone! Long time no see. I have a quick question for you all because I haven't really being paying attention to the feeds. Tyler is still doing very well on the Joker's rankings. Watching the live show, I've become annoyed with him because I'm annoyed by anyone who gives up. Is he doing something different on the feeds that is making him appeal to the viewers? Or is he just more appealing than the rest of the idiots?
  10. The Capricorn/Pisces relationship in a nutshell.
  11. I write a lot about the housewives and their zodiac signs. Gretchen and Slade are a Scorpio/Scorpio combo like Phaedra and Apollo. I know, right?
  12. Bella should have been nominated for that awful green ruffle top alone.
  13. If anyone can capture a screenshot of the chair with the cowgirls on it, I'll post a photo of myself in a shirt made from the exact same material.
  14. Brooke Lynn should have done Beyonce.
  15. Sometimes she looks as if she's auditioning to be the lead singer in a Kid Creole and the Coconuts tribute band.
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