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  1. I think it's been mentioned on here how google seems to know what we've been thinking of and sets it's ads to correspond. This twitter thread explains how it can happen. I don't get the whole gist of it, but I've already resigned myself to the fact that nothing in my life is secret. Except maybe the ebooks I read; which I only learned today! https://twitter.com/RobertGReeve/status/1397032784703655938?s=20
  2. I still want to listen to the ones he's done, but it is sad that it's bringing up bad memories. I'm glad he realizes it though.
  3. I have always been envious of your camping in a minivan plans. The fact that you can figure out the power station and hook up solar panels to it, just adds to my jealousy!! Good for you!!!
  4. I'm surprised anyone believed he was working late; doing what? How busy could his lot have been? If it was a last minute customer, I'd think he would have said he was with a customer.
  5. The best thing for Mrs Rebar would be to assign Josh some major tasks around the house. I’d have him mowing, weeding, digging new garden beds. And for sure he should cook his own damn food - after paying for it himself!
  6. My DH & I both had Pfizer and had little to no side effects. Everyone I know had chills, headache after 2nd dose of Moderna. Everyone is different though, so pick which you’d like.
  7. I can't figure out why there is a photoshopped part near Jinger's hip.
  8. I am assuming there won't be witnesses since it's CP, so I don't know who the attorney could go after. Unless, JB and Josh throw a brother or employee under the bus.
  9. The girls have been using Instagram to be influencers so Josh has ruined income opportunities for most of the family.
  10. This is a far-fetched guess, but could JB have set Josh up for a financial fall in order to get Josh confined with no opportunity for his vices?
  11. I started giving my DILs and sons a combined Mother's Day and Father's Day gift. One year I got them Garrett's popcorn and Fannie Mae chocolates, this year I ordered a gift box of Girl Scout cookies. I used to gift separately and give the girls a pot of flowers for their porch and the boys some BBQ spices or such. I've made it a point to tell them that since they're parents now they should celebrate with their kids. My mother always said the same for me. In fact, the day before she died was Mother's Day and I was visiting her in her rehab facility. She wasn't feeling well and after abou
  12. @thehorseofpowerThat is a wonderful story. I am so glad you kept going and started dancing. With the year we've all had, it's good to hear it's improving for some!
  13. I got my first Pfizer shot yesterday! No side effects at all. Hoping the 2nd dose isn't horrible, but it's got to be better than covid!
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