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  1. @BetyBee I am sorry to hear about your big sister.
  2. I can't wait to get a booster. I think I'll be due in October. I'm also looking forward to toddlers getting the ok for the vaccine. Then, I'll really feel like I can start going out more and getting the family together.
  3. @SunnyBeBe I feel your frustration. My lifelong friend, 60+ years, won't get vaccinated. Since I watch my grandchildren I won't be seeing her. She won't listen to reason at all.
  4. @CalicoKitty I'm glad the accident was minor so that you could offer the kind of compassion that woman probably needed. What a sad time for her.
  5. l thought it was Jana's hair too, but can't find a picture to compare.
  6. I honestly couldn't read it. Dreaming? With a J on top of the D??
  7. If you go to her facebook page, she has a video of them walking up some path. Check out the faces of the girls behind her when she flips the camera around. It's just a quick moment, but the girls go from straight face to fake smiles in an instant. I HATE that they're not dressed properly for hiking nor does it look like anyone had water.
  8. This animal talk hits home with me, but you'll think I'm the biggest wimp in the world. I heard a noise in our fireplace yesterday and even though I couldn't see anything in the firebox, I was convinced a squirrel was in there. I called the wildlife company I used for skunks years ago. I agree to pay double the usual fee to have them come out the same day. It turns out the noise is a bird and it isn't even in any part of the fireplace. I had a blanket ready to throw over my head when he opened the fireplace doors. It turns out that the cap on top is loose and he saw some "nesting materials".
  9. @CalicoKittyI hope you won’t have to evacuate, but if so, please go quickly & safely!
  10. It's been a long time since I've listened and watched Jessa speak. Was she being held captive? Just a flat monotone voice. When is your birthday? If today - Happy birthday!!
  11. I watched the first one and I'll watch the others later. I love camping and kudos to them for having accomplished the trip last minute. Looked like a normal family camping trip except Jill filming all of the time, but considering her YouTube is probably their main income, I don't blame her. 15 minute video of probably an 8 hour day.
  12. I can't help you, but I feel the same!
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