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  1. hummingbee

    S20.E36: Head of Household #13; Nominations #13

    Angela showed me tonight why I can’t truly dislike her. She at least knows that she she is cold and heartless. She seemed genuinely glad to find out that she does have a heart capable of feeling things after all.
  2. hummingbee

    S20.E36: Head of Household #13; Nominations #13

    I’m still laughing over Tyler’s comment. “I’m in love with Angela, I guess.”
  3. I am waiting for the day when JC gets evicted. How fast will he run to the door then?
  4. “Scottie, you have been evicted.” JC runs straight to th door. Scottie hugs everyone goodbye. JC prances at the door. Scottie hugs everyone again. JC jumps up and down. Scottie exits. JC holds the inner door open. Scottie holds the outer door open. Then Scottie runs away from the door as fast as he can so the camera cuts away from the door and crowd behind it. Brilliant!
  5. hummingbee

    S20.E25: Power of Veto #8

    They cut to commercial right as he was reaching out and clawing her back into bed with him. I could hardly believe my eyes. I just can't stand jealousy and possessiveness. And I don't blame her not leaving, I blame him for being someone to be gotten away from. Sorry that Scottie didn't win veto. I was rooting for him.
  6. hummingbee

    S20.E24: Head of Household #8 cont; Nominations #8

    ....and he tried to stop Haleigh from going out to talk to Scottie, like he owns her and gets to decide who she can talk to...that really creeped me out.
  7. hummingbee

    S20.E24: Head of Household #8 cont; Nominations #8

    Oh he’s definitely jealous. JC: Scottie likes Haleigh. Faysal: So Scotty and who else are going on the block? Meep meep!
  8. hummingbee

    S20.E17: Live Eviction #5. Head of Household #6

    30 x 60 =1200 ( Rockstar's math).
  9. hummingbee

    S19.E33: Power of Veto #11

    The whole episode should have just been the houseguests being punched, slapped, and kicked while being mocked by a celebrity. This must be production's revenge for throwing the comp last time. "Don't you walk away from me! I will tell you when this conversation is over!" Chilling words from Christmas. Whoever would have guessed that Josh would become a sympathetic character? But I guess it happened to Cody, Jessica, and even Mark...
  10. hummingbee

    S19.E32: Head of Household #11; Nominations #11

    They ALL threw the competition? Because Paul told them to? As much as I dislike Paul, I have to agree with him--I can't believe that worked. Dullness has reached a whole new level this season, in more than one way.
  11. hummingbee

    Big Brother Canada Season 5

    Please don't attack me personally. Best parts of the finale were watching grown men cry with happiness, grown women who can't climb the stairs because of fashion, and getting to hear from the jury and pre-jury evictees. Really happy that Kevin won.
  12. hummingbee

    Big Brother Canada Season 5

    Ika says she respects Kevin, but.... She trashed Kevin's room and made Demetres help her. She called Kevin slithering. She told to shove the veto up his ass. She accused him of lying when he said he was looking for his glasses. These aren't things you do to someone you respect. Ika is a straight up bully. I wish we could have gotten at least one episode without her.
  13. hummingbee

    S03.E05: Week 3, Night 2

    I thought it was HER dinner that he was eating. It looked like he was thinking about rescuing her, but then he changed his mind and just stated eating her supper instead.
  14. hummingbee

    X Company

    BTW, I wan't criticizing the show for being predictable. I quite like that about it. I like that they can keep our attention without constantly doing look-at-me "surpirise twists" . It's like a comfortable old shoe. Slightly off-topic, but if anyone's interested in this sort of thing, an excellent book to read is Kristallnacht:Eyewitness Accounts of the Night of Broken Glass. The title pretty much sums it up.
  15. hummingbee

    X Company

    The predicitbility of this show. Rene's not dead. Rene's back. Love triangle. Nure Irish is not to be trusted. But nazi boy with a heart of gold is. Tom and Neil learn to walk a mile in each othe'rs shoes. Harry's mistake costs the team. Aurora can't shoot Alfred. Lessons on how people are neither truly good nor truly bad. Etc. I saw it all coming and yet I want more. By the time the show returns, I will have forgotten everything.