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  1. The "beach" clean-up was a nice touch. I just watched the toast thing again and I'm still confused.
  2. Why promote Izzy to Lead Deckhand? It's only going to be divisive. Leave everybody equal. I guess Bravo wanted the drama.
  3. Oh and I love all you "Primetimer" folks. Ya'all help keep me sane, Thank You.
  4. My Mom was born in Olla, LA. Raised in Houston, and ended up with Dad in New Jersey. She would make BBQ ribs and brisket to die for.
  5. I'll happily join your minority 🙂 It's a great distraction from all the doom and gloom around us.
  6. Classic "airhead". In one ear and right out the other.
  7. How could I forget the cornbread and beans! 🙂
  8. I'm going with they realized it was a pointless exercise that may have made things worse talking to her directly. She has a huge mean streak. So they are trying to manage it as best they can.
  9. I like the minimalistic look. I find Sandy's obsession with all that clutter ridiculous. Does she realize that those fancy pics she sees on the internet probably take many, many hours to assemble for the shoot? James and Liz are just disgusting. Eww Stand by your man. Props to Tammy Wynettee. Is Ashling just yanking Lizzie's chain? Rachel should have stayed passed out. She's crossing the line from sloppy drunk to mean drunk. "She's an asshole" Not a James fan, but he's right. The two of them just despise each other. Bravo must love the drama. Since when does the chef wander off to gather the provisions? I've only seen them delivered. Nice to see Izzy properly diagnosed and getting the treatment she needs Sadly, the delay in treatment has now infected everybody else. Invisible Doctor should have put them all on antibiotics. Cowboy dinner: BBQ brisket, ribs, more meat, some taters, generic salad. EZ Sad revelation from Capt. Lee.
  10. I wonder if they could lock the bunkroom doors. Not that it would do much good if Regan, um Rachel really wanted to break in.
  11. DILLIGAF LOL!! Rachel seems to be sliding off her cracker, but she's right about James. "Posing with his towel". Hilarious. Such a sloppy drunk, but still knocking out great food. Delores under house arrest. Messes up the whole crew. Lee makes the right call. Don't punish everybody for her bad behavior. Then she jumps off the tender!! OMG!! They should have sent an escort. Oops! Or handcuffed to the tender. Wow! Rob is pretty clueless. Did no one tell him what went down with Liz and James? His brothers stuffed him in a suitcase and left him in a park? Wow. His "bromance" with James is strange. No wonder he hangs out alone in the woods. Francesca has lost all interest. Just a cuddle? Yeah, right. Izzy is right to be pissed. She needs to see a doctor. Eddie was smart to let Francesca cool down before she talks to Lee. They handled the lovebirds well. We'll see if it sticks. Guest crashes the jet ski. At least the horseback riding went well. Lee had a much better time at this dinner. Pretty small tip. Elizabeth can't operate an ironing board. Then gets busted with James again. Does he know how Romeo & Juliet ends? Their little date was cute. Then they got a guest cabin to bang in. Sandy would hate these tables. I like the minimalist look. I don't need all that crap everywhere.
  12. She needs some better crystals.
  13. Yes, I was wrong. Before looking it up, I had no idea rose' champagne was a thing. Had never heard of it. True Champagnes only come from the Champagne region of France and have many variations. Everything else is sparkling wine.
  14. Interesting seeing the beginnings of the Covid mess.
  15. Lee waited until 2 hr before charter to call for a new chef? Makes no sense. So Rachel sobers up, crawls back and kills it. Impressive. Lee had little choice really. Elton John and his posse are seriously over the top, but not nearly as demanding as the preference sheet implied. They seem happy with everything. Rob seems competent, just a little strange. Elizabeth is very odd. She really needs to STHU and stop whining to everybody and getting caught. Lee really doesn't want to have to replace her The evil slide rears its ugly head. Rose is not champagne. Oy! James is taking over Sunshine's role.
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