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  1. Whiney dude whines his steak is dry! Boo blanking hoo!
  2. Not sure I believe in Sandy's, sudden growth of a spine, time will tell....
  3. What is behind Adam? Looks to me like an indoor swimming pool. So much for living in your van.
  4. What is up with Jenna in the giant Joan Collins shoulder pads from 1984?
  5. Adam and Jenna can take a long walk off a short pier. They deserve each other. Adam's dog needs to find a better owner.
  6. There's no wine shortage in Italy. 🙂 eta: Jenna is just as disgusting as ever. I think Canada wants to revoke her citizenship.
  7. Really Georgia? Telling Sierra you have the hots for her almost husband? wtf?
  8. Jenna's not a bully! The poor baby has been bullied her whole life! ( insert eye roll emoji here).
  9. I'm hoping they get zero tip, but production won't let that happen.
  10. Just when I thought I could not despise Jenna any more....
  11. Chris hurts his back. Can't help much anymore. Paggg pulls his hamstring. Ciara goes down with heatstroke. Karma for how they treated Parker? Paggg was funny whining about carrying the heavy suitcase. One with wheels.
  12. Her edit will be scathing, I hope.
  13. Let's overhype the Drug War.
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