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  1. This. I love Sandra, but don't want her to win. ETA: If she does, she;s totally "The Queen".
  2. I have despised Rob since Marquesas and nothing since or tonight changed that. Parvati will cut his throat about F5. The "newbies" had their chance and blew it.
  3. Bad move. Let Rob go be with his beloved. Only one of them is coming back. Parvati is Queen of the Snakes.
  4. I'm impressed! Adam thinking with his big head. Lay off the wine Jenna. She recovered nicely. Paget gives me vibes he could be abusive. Ciera is strange. Couples fighting. A staple on reality TV. Milking almonds. LOL I like the captain. He's really hands on. These guests are, um, "challenging". The Georgia/Adam thing confuses me. Was she trying to collect laundry but not barge in on Parker? Then she's mad because Jenna talked to Adam. Not sure about Jenna's finger story. You can't really do that job until the bleeding is stopped. Madison has a couple screws loose.
  5. Courtney sends this mess off on a great note! FOAD Brian. I'm not buying Asston's "That's not who I am" BS. He's had awhile to conjure up this narrative. Buddy, that's exactly who you are. He does seem a bit nervous. Heh heh. I hope he's having serious real world consequences. Kate calls him on his "epiphany" after his doubling down on the after-shows. Rhylee's not buying it either. Has he really quit drinking? I hope we find out when he gets arrested somewhere. The brus didn't jump on Abby because she was always subservient and "girly" enough for them to drool over. ETA: She knew her place and stayed there. Courtney nails it! It's all about the expectations. She shut them down hard. Brian is still dumb. I can't follow Kevin's "logic". Cute how they all plead ignorance. "I had no idea it looked that way." barf Oh, and fuck you Andy with your bashing the women. "That mean girl threw laundry on the floor!". The brus ain't letting you in their clubhouse. Good job Lee! He's not buying their BS either. Therapist. Just this week! Right, douchebro. Sends Lee over the edge. Like hitting your head against a wall. It feels good to stop. Producers drug him back. This Ross hearsay is a bunch of crap. He wasn't a great bosun either. Ah well, time to go sailing.
  6. Yul and Ben for EoE returnees.
  7. Me too. He won season 3 in Africa - Kenya. The episode where they bled the cows and then drank the blood mixed with milk was amazing.
  8. I'm guessing this is TV games, inspired by production. Meh.
  9. She never would have won without Rob's protection. Then it burned her. So sad.
  10. Woo Hoo! Bye Ambah! eta: Survivor 101 Split up couples.
  11. Boston Rob carried him to his "win" IIRC.
  12. I've watched every season an cant't remember her or her season. idk
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