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  1. I would rather have Hannah in an emergency than clueless Sandy.
  2. So Junior finds a nearby boat with not one, not two, but three spare fuel pumps aboard that they are more than happy to give away while Junior carries no spares. Right! Too bad they brought him back. He's still an a**hole. Loving Captain Harley. No drama. No nonsense. No overinflated ego. Takes care of his crew. I know a lot of posters hate Josh, but I have an irrational soft spot for him. Must be because of Phil. Casey is totally the brains of this operation.
  3. That would have been hilarious. Somebody needs to take Helicopter Sandy down a few pegs.
  4. I never saw the Chef Leon season, but from reading lots of comments, he was a first class a**hole to everybody. Kiko only pissed off Captain Cranky. And Hannah when his timing was bad. FWIW, the Twitterverse is just ripping on lyin' Sandy. I'm not a huge fan of Captain Lee either. He's ignored all sorts of crap as a way out of making tough decisions, then claims "Well, I had no idea!", but at least he doesn't hover like a drone waiting to pounce for more camera time.
  5. The "you never saw me doing all the dishes" BS.
  6. I think it was a seven course meal for 12, but yeah, he totally killed it (with lots of support). Queen Sandy basically leaked on WWHL that she was gunning for Kiko from Day 1 because he wasn't making pots of stock like chefs are supposed to do and she was totally shocked and disapproved of his approach. As someone upthread said, if I was getting on a mega-yacht and saw her, I would walk away. Glenn. Who started off well but let the whole thing collapse with Adam/Jenna, ending in the ridiculous drug raid.
  7. Bravo is saving that juicy tid-bit for next week. Should be fun after the way she weaseled around on WWHL.
  8. She is desperately lying to try and save her sorry self. "I'm not a micromanager" LOL!
  9. Good luck Kiko!!! Well Hannah, you created that awful menu. I wonder what the guests think after watching this. Not smart to fire the chef mid-charter. Sandy was very lucky he stayed. Captain Cranky simply had to tell him the meal was bad, no more fried food, do what you used to do and drop it. Her management “skills” are horrible. So she fired her nephew. Bfd Now she wants to “build him up” to save her sorry ass. The island is magnificent! I really don’t care much about all the lovebirds. Rob needs to pay attention to his job. Malia is really turning into Sandy Jr., ratting on Hannah. Then of course Sandy has to hover in the galley. I kept picturing a cartoon frying pan to her face. Kiko should tell her to gtfo or he stops cooking. This “entertainment” is really lame. I hope her new chef is worse than (ed) Mila. Would serve her right. But no, we’re going to get this set-up with Malia’s squeeze. ugh
  10. You can't fire me 'cuz I quit! (He's not losing his unemployment $ 🙂 )
  11. Bulent rocks. He comes in unusually humble and the gang jumps all over him. Suzaaaane quickly reverts to her real self. Sara turns nasty and Gwen thinks she’s the Queen of France. Little Jon is firewood boy. The whining gang of 4 are a bit over the top. “I’m sorry. I overslept because I was up all night surrounded by hyenas and failed to come over here in the dark and report to Queen Gwen and her court. GFY” German Shepherds on steroids indeed. LOL “Lift your fat ass up and do it yourself” “Had every opp to prove himself and dropped the ball.” So what have you killed Gwen? I haven't seen her really do much. I was once a fan of hers, No more. That “meeting” was funny. Bulent tells them to f**k off before they get the satisfaction of “banishing” him. He should have stayed nearby the spring water, and built his own blind, but he’s moving closer to extraction. “The wind blew and took my arrow” Waaah!! LOLOL Sara OK Gwen, it’s the blinds’s fault. Kicking Bulent out solved everything. lol Bulent moves on catches a big ass fish all for himself. LOL I was hoping for a few 1000 bee stings, damn! Nice how the Queens and kiss-ass Jon are using the duct tape from the dude Queen Gwen banished about Day 3. And they laughed at him for bringing it. He should have taken it all with him. So at extraction, the gang wants to show some phony respect to Bulent. Barf. They are pissed their "banishment" failed and he survived on his own. So they tell each other how great they are.
  12. I've lived alone for 35 years and do that all the time 🙂 Amos' shelter looks flammable. A spear is not a bad thing to have. Nice job snaring the bunny and getting to it before Mr. Cute Fox. Callie. Spruce brushing. LOL. Down 20% body weight is not good. Good bunny catch! I love Halloween. Kielyn. Getting lonely. I feel bad the Lynx (or something) chowed all her bunnies, but If you need somebody to hold your hand and tell you it’s ok, you are in the wrong game. What did you think you were signing up for? Stoicism. OK. She’s made the final four, but I think Rock House Roland has this in the bag. Amazing how a no fat, no carb, all protein diet is really bad. /s
  13. Nachos. It's not that hard. Mom had this amazing recipe. Brown and drain gound beef, with garlic powder, onion powder and taco seasoning. Line casserole with tortilla chips. Layer on beef, sour cream and cheddar. Repeat until dish is full. Sometimes there was a refried beans layer. Cheddar and taco sauce on top. Bake for half an hour. It's like a Tex-Mex lasanga. eta: forgot the black olives.
  14. Exacty! Hannah should have asked the guests what their idea of a "Vegas night" dinner was and informed Kiko accordingly.
  15. What exactly is the menu for a “Vegas Night”
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