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  1. I'm glad EJ and Max snagged the best spot. The noisy neighbors have arrived. Amazing that canoe worke, it was riding awful low. Couldn't they build a raft out of their shelter and tow it behind the canoe? That would save a lot of energy. One big happy family. Okaaaaay
  2. Bummer for EJ. I hope Max sticks it out for him. What was EJ's problem with the fish? Jeff is obnoxious turned up to 11. It was fun watching him miserable. Steven seems to be getting sucked in a bit. I hope he realizes. Matt's team was super generous with that fish. I'm not sure I would have given them any fish.
  3. Jeff probably tastes bad so the gators don't want him. Funny that two of my best friends are named Jeff.
  4. All of this! I was never a Gary fan, but it was sad to see him go out like that. Can a gator eat Jeff? Please, please?
  5. "EJ can't go. He's got stiches in his balls!" Now it's gator for lunch. Well done!
  6. I get that Dani at 32 wants kids, but I don't think JL is Daddy material. What a dumb move Daisy! Getting Alli up to the hot tub knowing Gary was with a topless Sydney. Producer shenanigans? Topless only freaks out Americans. This may be the drunkest they've been all season. This "love triangle" is soooo tiresome. They can all go away. Glenn has been blinded by Gary's radiant personality. Ugh! Natasha should be a decent crew chef for this voyage. Less people and less fancy. It's roughly 1300 miles from Split, Croatia to Palma We'll see how Colin's pep talk works.
  7. Well EJ was super happy to see Gary and Max. I hope it works out for them. Good catfishing. Is Max immune to the itch, going in the water? Glad he wasn't the gator's lunch, now the gator has a hook in him, heh. The Doctor visit was hilarious. Riley was doing better. Mushrooms? Uh oh! How does she avoid the nutria itch going in the water? Bummer she gets sick again. Is it the nutria? I hope she recovers. Great white hunter Matt fails. They didn't show much of his deer hunt. Nice dock build, then they kick it up a few notches building a bridge. Impressive Jeff was pr
  8. Tim should never been out there with 35% heart function. That's negligent of the producers. Lots of predators. Yikes! Won't that make it difficult to smoke meat, probably the best way to preserve it. Smart to keep your food and kitchen away from your bed. This should be fun. Cast looks mostly capable. Biko and the bone through his nose. Um....... *insert adjective of your choice*, some of mine aren't printable😎
  9. I'm rewatching and it is really hard to make out. They need more subtitles. This whole charter is a mess. eta: Throw Sydney over the side. Please!
  10. I'm with you AZP :) I totally agree with you, except Vern's failing grandiose schemes make me laugh. Caught an old episode with him and Scott Meisterheim. Comedy gold! I like Emily's assertiveness. I wish her well, she had to overcome Steve.
  11. Quite the cat fight! "They hate me because I'm the prettiest". Get over yourself. The STD banter throughout was hilarious! Suck it up Dani and go see a doctor ASAP. At least JL finally called one. Legitimate reason to send a dick pic 😎. The snorkeling excursion did not look like fun. Good strategy by Glenn and Natasha. A nifty escape, but it's not like she couldn't just cook him a steak and these dumb guests bought it. A mermaid party? Please. That dessert "experience" may be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on this show. Gary finally gets busted. Alli really s
  12. Steven : "We just ate his big, fat girlfriend" Too funny Fishing with smelly bait. Last time I "fished" was 50 years ago with worms. Nutria? Always heard they were bad eating, guess i was wrong. I was hoping Gary would go away or be gator food. Oh no! EJ's hooch is on fire! I really like him. He was lucky. Bummer about Amber. I didn't know her story before. Wow! I wish her well.
  13. I would give it a try versus the alternative. Looks bad, but should work. Charcoal is amazing.
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