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  1. PaperTree

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    I admit that, but I still can't stand him. (He's not worth the effort to hate.)
  2. PaperTree

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    Sort of saw that coming. Wow. "You wanted a blindside, you got one". Ouch! Another idol goes unplayed.
  3. The primary and his wife are returning, with a new group of their closest friends.
  4. Courtney is such a bitter pill. She needs to find another line of work. At least none of this crew seem to be mean drunks. So no Ashton Abbi hookup. Another misleading preview. How did her radio end up in the wheelhouse? Or did she leave it somewhere and Lee found it. She did realize it was gone and was looking for it, unlike just ignoring it.
  5. It's hard to tell with the editing, but she seemed to just wander off without anybody noticing. I thought grabbing some ashes was proof enough, the film crew can back up he was right there 🙂
  6. Karishma! If you were worried about about solely representing a billion Indians knowing what TV SHOW you were signing up for, maybe you shouldn't have signed the 500 page contract. She is horribly annoying, but an important number for the girls alliance, for now....
  7. Girls alliance keeps the numbers, the beef and flushes an idol.
  8. This is such an improvement over Sandy's constant mugging for camera time. The stifling heat is going to cause problems.
  9. I hope the chef isn't contagious.
  10. Because Rob is the King of Smug. Smaartest guy in the room. Always. Whatever you do, he has a better idea. And Peachy so man-crushed, he got 4 tries to finally win.
  11. It's going to be interesting when that 2nd IOI winner comes back. Abi Marie made F4 doing exactly that.
  12. They didn't use those terms, but believed themselves to be a solid 3 with 5 allies and told the other 5 that the votes were to be split between annoying Noura and Jason, the evil idol searcher. Easy Peasy, let's take a snooze.
  13. Welcome back! Just don't waste any time on S 38 last Spring. One of the worst.
  14. She's really grating, but! she's a very useful idiot for everybody else.
  15. Awesome blindside! Another Law student bites the dust and the "cool kids" get burned. LOL Aaron is an idiot. After a vote like that, you grab any ally that comes to you. An "Army of One" attitude won't work for him. Vince needs to realize he was the fake out that made the blindside happen and STFU. Kellee gets the random trip to IOI. Harvard Smarty Pants. LOL Sandra eggs her on, but she pulls it off. Wow! Good move hiding the idol, but! The lie will catch up with her as well as Elizabeth, we just don't know the impact yet. Cool Immunity! I like when the power shifts. Oh no! Not the She-shed fire!
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