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  1. Francesca Rubi. https://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/below-deck-new-chief-stew-season-francesca-rubi
  2. We will muddle through and survive! The new BD starts Nov. 2 with a new chief stew. I hope she's better than sailing yacht Jen!
  3. Mal-ia and Sandy seem to be getting very good edits these days. Bravo trying to clean up the mess they made. It won't change my mind. Lipstick on a pig and all..... The editors really don't like Tom. Alex is like the only normal person there and now he's sadly all crushing on Bugs, who doesn't seem all that into him. Jess and Rob are still so tiresome. Two more episodes?
  4. Then Tom whines about it to Mal-ia in their bunk. I suppose in The Grand Scheme of Things, Sandy really needs a chef for the last charter, but it was rather jarring to watch. Of course Tom keeps pushing and she seems ready to let him walk by the end. Could they get the meals catered for the last couple days? He's worried about his "reputation"? Here's a cliche: "That ship has sailed", dude.
  5. Keep on whining Tom! eta: The editors don't like him either. The warm fish riot at the end was hilarious! Then Princess Mal-ia and Queen Sandy go at it.
  6. She looks awful! It's the true Malia coming out 🙂 If she had surgery or injections, she should demand a refund.
  7. Andrew and Jen are just the worst. They denigrate everybody else's work, bully them into agreeing to banish Oliver, then don't have the guts to tell him themselves. I hope there's a mutiny coming.....
  8. What was that cryptic inspirational Zen whatever that Julie said when she was signing off? Oh, and Dani, even the picnic table wouldn't wear that thing.
  9. Julie looks good tonight. At least Ian now knows about The Committee.
  10. Thanks for that. Major damage control going on. Again. Sandy is just a bad captain.
  11. Indeed! And I'm allergic to cucumbers (and cantaloupe and watermelon). How bout some crabmeat dip on some bread?
  12. Inside pages? or the pic never made the cut?
  13. Westergaard. With Taylor Swift! Sadistic Sandy is the perfect moniker for her.
  14. Finally some black out drunkenesss! Bugs face plant was hilarious. Aesha bounced back very well. What't this homesick stuff? It's only 3 weeks and she's done it before. I just don't get the Jess Rob drama. Maybe that's why I'm an old single guy. Both of them are annoying. Then it's all lovey-dovey at the end. (sigh) The guests are different. The "naughty game night" has potential. Rob was solid on WWHL and Aesha brought the comedy gold.
  15. Whining Tom continues to whine. Did the guests specifically request fresh mussels? Adapt Mr. Chef! "This Englishman is being a right fucking asshole" Kiwi Aesha nails it!
  16. Rhubarb Day is as selfish as everybody else. Looking out for yourself is not a bad thing, especially in this game. Anyone who won't follow her orders is demeaned as "selfish". She should look in the mirror sometime.
  17. TPTB show a bear on the food supply graphic along with a moose and 300 fish to make 100% of the required food stock. I have doubts that would be enough.
  18. A quick "Thank You" to all the feedwatchers! I don't know how you do it, but I am thankful to read all the inside poop. I can barely make it through the episodes this year. Thanks again!
  19. Young Evan continues to impress me. He is Mr. Zen. King Andrew and Queen Jen are about on my last nerve. Such whiners! Oliver was on his best behavior cutting fish. Then Queen Jen shows up. "All of you do everything WRONG!!!" Gerrid, Christine and Oliver just eye roll with it. Adam is bad-ass! Surviving that canoe flip was amazing. Saves the boat and engine too! Umm Andrew, if these people could read minds, they would probably be in Vegas winning poker tournaments. Sorry Adam didn't build your smoker to your non-existent specifications.
  20. OK. I just don't remember. It all becomes a blur after awhile 🙂
  21. It's never been before IIRC, but Expect the Unexpected, I suppose 🙂
  22. Didn't Julie clearly state before the wall challenge started that there would be no battle back and the losers have all been sent home?
  23. The best things about this episode are National Rutabaga Day really showed her viciousness and Bay gets away from these toxic people. The rest of them are now stuck with each other for a couple months or so. First one in the jury house gets a week of peace, unless they pull a double. Why does the evictee have to wear a mask to talk to Julie from 10 feet away? They've basically been quarantined for a month now and regularly tested. Otherwise; ugh.
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