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  1. I can't find the episode thread so I'll just say "Ugghh"
  2. She won't, and it's too late if she did. Sad
  3. Looks that way. And it's Marcellus level stupid. And at worst gotten Derf out.
  4. Azah is such a disappointment. Does she really think the guys will get her to F2? The jury parts were fun.
  5. I think Lexi wins the prize for "Most Horrible Person" ever to be on this show. It should really help her future career😎. Even chef Mila wasn't this nasty. Katie should get up in the morning and fire her ass. Delaney might not be as skilled, but she tries hard and is pleasant to be around
  6. I'll guess many will consider her a "floater" I think the generally accepted definition is "one who floats to the power" Azah got into a 6 person alliance early on and has floated along with them without having to actually DO anything other than being a reliable vote. (DF too.) Any winning strategy is a winning strategy. (Josh beating Paul, ugh. That was like a "Blow Up the Stadium" game.)
  7. Yes. Would she be the youngest winner?
  8. My Mom was a people pleaser and got burned regularly. Me, not so much😎 witnessing it.
  9. As so many do, unfortunately. Now we soon have a new "Survivor" season coming so we'll have something new to argue about 😎 I love this board and my fellow "Primetimers".
  10. About the same time, Dad always wore steel-toed safety shoes and later I had to do the same, no matter how hot it was. 😎
  11. Smug X is getting on my last nerve. He needs to go.
  12. Just fire Lexi. She's useless and that would solve a lot of problems. These guests are awful. I'll be happy to see them go. Sandy can go any time, too.
  13. 😎 Furniture is very useful. DF is as useless as "****" on a bull.😎
  14. And for the "beauty" discussion, Azah gives me Iman vibes. Alyssa is the snotty pretty girl still in HS. Claire has a very natural beauty, Very comfortable in her own skin. SB is cute like my baby sister. Hannah is lovely.
  15. Wow! I've been checked out for a few days and finally caught up. Thanks to all you feedsters for doing what you do. I appreciate it very much. I was never on the Tiff train, but she seems to be messing this up really badly. And so it goes.......😎
  16. You are the best! I had all I could to not fall out of my chair. Thank you Mrs. Vancouver (one of the coolest places I've ever been). My dad survived the Tenerife crash in 1977.
  17. She can still say she's second stew, it's just a 3-way tie now. Then she whines how Katie shouldn't be chief any more. That's just dumb. Co-ed bunks were never a problem before. Production did this "musical cabins" bit for drama. And hey Sandy, if you don't ask, they can't say no.
  18. I watched it with one eye and the sound off, hoping a real episode would appear. It looked dreadful.
  19. DerekF isn't kicking anybody's butt anywhere. You have to win a competition first. What a waste the "Coin of Destiny" is. It's one of the dumbest "twists" the show has come up with and there's plenty to choose from. Bye SB if she doesn't win veto, if she does Alyssa will go, infuriating Tiff.
  20. The conversion rate is always changing, but it's very close to 20,000 Euros at today's rate.
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