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  1. 😤 Jeopardy was preempted to show people walking down a hallway through the Capitol. It only came back in the middle of DJ. So I missed a Musical Theater category!? 😡
  2. Did the coffee guy really say that there was nothing to bridge the gap between making coffee at home and having to buy it while out? Uh, has he never heard of a thermos? You know, the thing construction workers have used to bring hot coffee with them to a job site for 100+ years? 🙄 What a useless product, I don’t see the point at all. And his “influencer” (🙄🙄) partner (who I have never heard of) seemed like a huge douchebro. Egg chips looked like they could be good, I would try a bag but they don’t seem to be sold anywhere near me and no way would I buy an overpriced box of them + shipping online. I also had the thought re: the baby applicator that wouldn’t it have to be cleaned each time? You wipe that thing directly onto the baby’s butt and then put it back into the bottle? Eww gross. Fizzy water drinks, eh. That’s a product I would have to try in store before ever buying. Another product where there are already a billion other varieties already out there, this one didn’t seem anything different or special.
  3. Back when going to restaurants was a things, you’d often see bottles of ketchup sitting out on the tables from morning til night.
  4. Also, ketchup doesn't have to be refrigerated. So I didn't get why they thought that was a problem that needed to be solved either.
  5. It’s a pretty famous NYC steakhouse, though looking online I see they have other locations as well.
  6. I really wish they didn’t shoehorn this whole police racism angle into the show, because it is so poorly written and heavy-handed and in the context of the show makes no sense! It just makes me roll my eyes at the writers. If they really felt they had to mention all the BLM stuff, there were so many other ways they could have incorporated that without forcing this idiotic JT plot.
  7. Cotypubby

    Your Honor

    Yeah, it was an iPhone. It’d be fine. It was only in his pocket when he sprayed himself with the hose, it’s not like it was submerged at the bottom of a pool for 30 mins. And yes, the cops that pulled over the judge didn’t do it because she was Black, they did it because they’re on Baxter’s payroll and Michael told Baxter to have them stop her. That’s why he took her out drinking. The chunk of brain was stuck inside his upturned pant cuff.
  8. I almost turned this off halfway through. This was literally just a cheesy 1950s sitcom. It felt like a bad joke that went on 25 mins too long.
  9. Can Kat please fuck off to wherever they pulled her from? I hate every single thing about that character, she is actually becoming more annoying and whiny than St Olivia.
  10. Ketchup slices sound and looked disgusting. 🤮 Just want I want on my burger, a layer of hard chewy ketchup! If a hard piece falls off the top of the bottle that is gross enough, but a whole slice of it? Yuck!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never found ketchup all that difficult to use. 🙄 A bottle has a longer shelf life, is cheaper, and can be used for more burgers. I really don’t see what purpose this has at all. It seemed like a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist. I cannot get at all interested in companies that are just one more random product in a space with hundreds of others. Yet another eyeshadow line. *yawn* Another jewelry-with-a-mission product. *snore* At least the champagne product was something different!
  11. Whistling for a taxi just seems like an old-timey thing. I’ve always just put my arm out. I chuckled at the image of a “10 meter” race. 10,000 meters answered as being less than a mile also made me laugh.
  12. I’ve now caught up with episodes 3 & 4 and man this non-linear flashback storytelling is SHIT. They have completely killed anything dramatic or suspenseful about the characters and their storylines. Half the time they are talking to people and I keep getting confused thinking “Did I forget where we met them?” only to find out they didn’t introduce them yet. The characterizations and new actors are almost all (ahem Mother Abigail wtf?) just as good, or in the case of Harold, a huge improvement over the original, but then they just destroy the actual story. I remember when I first saw it, Nick was my favorite and and I was so emotionally invested in his storyline but this time? Ehh. Not really caring that much about Nick. Because we have not gotten the chance to be with these characters for a while and know them as individuals before they all get together. Telling their stories in flashbacks robs them of any kind of urgency. So far the only person they have told correctly is Lloyd. Imagine how shit it would be if we first met Lloyd in Vegas and then they flashed back to his time starving in prison? That’s what they are doing to every other character! This show is really such a disappointment.
  13. Instaget FJ for me tonight. I laughed at middle guy’s answer. I like the new champ and her gutsy DD wager.
  14. I mean, what would have been gained by telling a grieving parent, “Yes, she did suffer. She suffered horribly and died a terribly painful death.” 🤷‍♀️
  15. Cotypubby

    Your Honor

    It was just dashcam footage from the Camry. He didn’t film him on his phone.
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