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  1. Cotypubby


    I still don’t understand why you can’t just use a straw and pinch it closed to get more resistance instead of buying a $14 plastic gizmo. If the sucking water thing even actually works. I just hold my breath and bear down on my diaphragm when I get the hiccups.
  2. What I was unsure about was that Ricky and Phil thought Tommy had been killed by the blow to the head? And then Ricky raped him to stage an assault? After he thought he was dead!?
  3. I had not a clue for FJ. I could have sat and stared at it for hours and not gotten the right answer. I just guessed a random tall mountain (Aconcagua.) Of course, as soon as I saw the correct answer the lightbulb went on and I thought “Oh now I get it!! Wood as in from the Ark. That makes sense.”
  4. Wow this episode was actually really good! Felt more like classic SVU with the whole squad getting involved and lots of actual police work, not just Benson by herself saving the day. A case with twists that I did not predict coming from the beginning.
  5. Instaget FJ for me tonight. I didn’t know The Paper Chase was about law school specifically, I just knew it had something to do with lawyers. That plus Clueless was a no-brainer to Legally Blonde.
  6. Oof, to be the first team eliminated, twice! It’s weird because on paper they seemed like a strong team yet they were just constantly so slow at everything. Why would you think the story read from right to left!? It wasn’t in Hebrew!
  7. Was this episode aired out of order? Last week was all about Gregory decorating his classroom and all his kids loving him but this week no one knows who he is. And Jacob tells him who all the others teachers are in the break room? After they’ve already been together for several weeks? Weird.
  8. Do we know that there aren’t? We don’t yet know how they were rescued or if other people found the cabin.
  9. There has to be more to Adam’s story. The most unbelievable plot aspect in this entire show, including all the goings on in the woods, is Adam being so incredibly attracted from first glance to frumpy middle-aged Shauna. And then randomly running into her at the hotel. If there was really nothing else behind that storyline, that is some terrible terrible writing.
  10. I thought Hawaii instantly and then thought “It can’t be that easy, Hawaii will be the first thing that comes to mind when people read ‘volcano,’ it must be something else. But I don’t know what else it could be, and the year fits for a WWII memorial. But it can’t be that easy! Ack time is up, ok I’ll say Hawaii!”
  11. Not gonna lie, when that NINETEEN MONTHS LATER card came up on screen I had tears. 😭
  12. Ughhhh I so misread that FJ question! Broadway Musicals is my #1 category. I should have had this. I thought the clue was asking for two different characters that they each played, so I immediately thought “Gypsy and Dolly, easy!” …and then realized when Ken gave the correct answer that the clue said Sarah Jessica Parker and for some reason my mind confused her with Bernadette Peters! 🤦‍♀️
  13. Instaget FJ for me today. As soon as Ken said “brother” I immediately thought of Van Gogh. I’m surprised Amy missed that one (the other two contestants, not so much.) I also knew fluke, probably also from the “X Files,” ha!
  14. This was a much better ending than the original series! I’m honestly surprised they actually killed Dexter, I expected him and Harrison to get away or he would have to kill Harrison, because I thought for sure this would not just be a standalone season! Finally Dexter’s secrets and true nature have been revealed to everyone and he’ll forever be know to the world as the Bay Harbour Butcher. I think a lot of what people are nitpicking about were either explained in show or don’t actually matter. I do think something got cut with the podcaster. Her suddenly being dead in the previous ep
  15. Doh, I said Westminster Abbey for FJ. I knew it was in London and had to do with the Norman Conquest but I got my Famous London Stone Buildings mixed up.
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