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  1. Yeah I have completely forgotten why Axe wants a bank and why it’s such a big deal. Honestly most of time my eyes totally gloss over whenever they start going into the technical details of whatever stock market/banking/political intrigue thing they’re doing, they might as well be speaking Klingon. All I know is Axe wants to be a bank, Chuck doesn’t want Axe to be a bank, and now Chuck, Taylor & Prince are working together to stop Axe from getting a bank.
  2. I’m not sure what the timeline is exactly, but anyone else think some of the other evil children we have seen were all created from Kristen’s eggs by RSM? Her already having so many kids seems like such a big plot point that I would not be surprised if she also ended up being the real mother to several others as well. (Sure they say there are 11 left but maybe that’s a lie and they’ve been using her eggs for all the evil kids.) And even though I don’t know what was really going on with Cheryl and Leland and that weird procedure, I am very glad that scene did not go where I thought it was
  3. I heard her say “Soulja” with no R…
  4. What a strange homage to do. I don’t get the point of adding that here or why it has any relation to this series. The scene in this show was just so whyyy?
  5. They had made several references to the very beginning of the pandemic in previous episodes, Bobby mentioning something about “coronavirus” during the last episode before the hiatus last summer, and then more recently in these new episodes Rhodes Sr’s doctor mentioned how it was good he was getting the new kidney now because the hospitals will soon be overrun “by that Chinese bug.” I think there was also something on one of the TV screens in the premiere that referenced it. This appears to date the first two episodes of this season as being set around February/very early March 2020. This new o
  6. Unless I May Destroy You wins, this is a bizarre choice for final award The Emmys taking a bit out of this years Oscars playbook I guess.
  7. Awwww Michael K Williams gets the final spot. 😭
  8. So over The Crown. Yeah, it’s a good show but Jesus Christ every single award! Enough!
  9. I can’t anymore with these stupid skits. Who even are these people!?
  10. Does anyone know who the black guy in the strapless white dress is? He kept standing for the Hacks people and getting a lot of screen time. He looks familiar but I don’t know who he is.
  11. I’ve always thought the goat therapist was just in Leland’s mind and he wasn’t actually taking to anyone. 🤷‍♀️ There have always been strange unexplained things lurking around in the episodes even when the main mysteries have always been explained, but for the show to take a hard line that Leland really truly was having therapy sessions with a goat demon seems way over the top and just makes everything about this show silly. It also wouldn’t make any sense for him to say that the goat had human blood. I just hope the show actually gives answers at some point.
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