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  1. I read on another board from someone who knows the area that Carole twice said Don picked her up on Nebraska Ave, and Nebraska Ave is infamous as the place to go to for prostitution. I guess Carole left that bit out of her story. A prostitute marrying a multimillionaire john who then disappears in suspicious circumstances doesn’t exactly scream innocent.
  2. After what was actually becoming a good season they go and drop this steaming turd. Only positive note is we don’t have to hear Michonne’s whisper-speaking any more. I guess Michonne totally forgot she had an actual son, cause she didn’t even tell him goodbye.
  3. I also said Condoleeza Rice. I couldn’t think of another woman that had any connection to 9/11. I still don’t even know how Allende relates to that?
  4. re: the Mandela effect category, “We Are the Champions” does end with “...of the world!” in all of Queen’s live shows. It’s only the original album version that doesn’t. So people are not wrong for thinking the song ends that way, because it usually does!
  5. Geoffrey!! I am so thrilled for him. I was rooting for him since the very first episode!
  6. I really enjoyed this show and thought the finale worked rather well. 🤷‍♀️ There was a little “About the episode” thing afterwards that went into detail about the last two episodes.
  7. I had flashbacks to The Silence of the Lambs with a skin suit in a bathtub.
  8. I am stunned that the FJ was a triple stumper. I thought it was so easy and obvious, almost too easy that there had to be a trick to it. I didn't even have to fully read the clue to know it, just glancing at the words "doctor" "isle" "pain," duh, Island of Dr Moreau. 🤷‍♀️
  9. So far from what we’ve seen, Nancy is my favorite! I loved the liquid gown DD was wearing and I think it looked great with the cowl! The way it was bouncing in slow mo when DD walked the runway was gorgeous. I’m shocked the judges made her get rid of it. 🤷‍♀️ I really like Geoffrey, I think he’s adorable. I’d put him and Nancy in the top and Victoria and Sergio in the bottom. Victoria’s stuff actually looked better before Christian came. The looks she showed were so blah with all the beige. Sergio made a collection for the characters of “Frozen.” This episode yet again shows just how full of crap Sergio is. He is the epitome of a “slacktovist.” All of his talk about issues and causes is just air. “This collections stands for Global warming.” “This dress refers to immigrants.” “This dress represents trans people.” He is nothing more than empty words. Compare him to someone like Nancy, who is actually doing good things with her work instead of simply saying words. I loved how the judges called him out on flitting between the cause of the day and how it just makes him look shallow. I honestly don’t think he actually cares about any of these issues, he just likes to look like he does. I’m sure all four will move on to the finale.
  10. The dog food seasoning thing was so fucking stupid. All the dogs I’ve had have gone completely crazy for regular dry kibble like it’s already the most wonderful tasting thing in the world.
  11. I fast-forwarded through most of the cave scenes since I could barely even see what was going on and of course they were going to get out so it wasn't even like there was much suspense there. The only part I really watched was when they had to squeeze through the tunnel. Now I wish I had simply turned it off so I didn't have to see naked filthy Neegan & Alpha. 🤮 I really have no interest in continuing watching or care about any of the remaining characters. For some reason I thought this was the final season so I thought, "Oh I might as well stick it out," but it appears that is not true and I can't take another few years of this crap.
  12. Jojo is very pretty the way she is right now. She is tiny, large breasts will look wrong on her. IMO she looks completely female already. I can understand her wanting to have large breasts, a lot of flat-chested cis-girls think the same thing but no reputable surgeon would give them breast implants at that age. She's 15! Her mother needs to listen to grandma and tell her daughter "No, wait until you are 18." And Jazz needs to butt out since it's not her body, not her family, and not her money that will be used for the surgery.
  13. How the hell does Jazz think she can raise $15,000 by throwing together a drag show featuring her own family!? Who the hell would pay for that!? It’s so obviously something staged by TLC, I’m going to guess right now that some producer anonymous person will make a sizable donation to give the impression that the drag show worked. Otherwise she’d be lucky to get even $1,000.
  14. When they film this show, most of (if not all, depending on the set-up) the people in the background are part of the crew/actors and it's only the people at those specific tables/places they are filming that are actually reacting to the situation. So in the scenario shown on I Am Jazz, everyone else in the restaurant except for that one table of 4 people are part of the filming. I saw this episode when it first aired last year. Most of the people shown were pretty positive towards the transwoman and stood up for her, and even the few older people who agreed with the mother's objections still said she shouldn't be rude to her like that.
  15. Re: the handcuffs, my guess would be that once he was able to slide his hand out, he just pushed the cuff forward until they opened and could then be pulled through the ring on the floor. Anyone else catch the brief Dies Irae (aka the Shining theme) playing when Malcolm walked into the house after freeing himself?
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