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  1. The Volume is incredible, holy crap! When I watched the show I figured everything inside would be a set but that the outdoor scenes were all shot on location somewhere, never did I ever think the entire thing was shot in one circular room!
  2. I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes so far but wow, it’s like a completely different show! Thank God Peele has gotten rid of all the over the top “woke” political screeds that plagued season 1! The first three episodes were dark and disturbing and exactly what I wanted from season 1. I hope the rest of the season continues in this vein.
  3. Yup. It fit perfectly in LA Confidential, which is set in 1952/1953, but seemed way out of place for 1932.
  4. The turtle and the alligator were both from the same place. Something Alligator Farm, which I am sure will become a relevant plot point eventually. I enjoyed the second episode much more than the first, I’m totally down for watching more now. Personally I don’t find the storylines at all confusing, maybe because I recognize almost all of the actors so I have no trouble keeping characters straight. The song Drake was listening to in his kitchen was from 1951 (🤔) so I’m wondering if it was a little nod to “LA Confidential,” which used that tune, and they figured no one would notice the error? Speaking of “LA Confidential,” Lithgow’s constant use of the phrase “boyo” here keeps making me think of James Cromwell’s character. I hope that’s not a foreshadowing...
  5. I can tell you the exact moment. It begins with “A” and ends with “i”. Welp, called that one! Seriously no one else in the show notices Justin is covered in lesions!? Clay’s parents don’t notice them on his neck, forehead and hands? And geez, I admit all the flashbacks in the previous seasons have me confused in the timelines, but if Justin contracted HIV during season 2, we’re supposed to believe he goes from infection to full blown AIDS and death within what, a year, year and a half? I don’t like how no one in the show ever brought up the fact that Bryce’s murder had zero to do with Monty’s murder. They are completely unrelated incidents. No one ever said to Winston or Diego that Monty was killed because he was labeled as a child rapist in jail. That’s the only reason. Season 4 was much better than season 3 for the sole reason of less Ani! The writers teased us a bit there with the mention of Ani possibly moving away, before dashing all our hopes and keeping her on. At least they toned her way down and even got rid of her for an episode or two. The sheriff telling Alex’s father that he’s ok with covering up the murder because of “family” is... yeesh not really the message you want to send. Alex’s father covering, I understand that. He’s his son. But the sheriff covering up for a fellow cop’s son? Not a good look right now. Especially because I guess the writers want us to be happy about that and glad that the coverup will stand? Clay constantly getting out of situations that should rightly have ended in jail time became tiring. He grabs a cop’s gun, waves it around, threatens people with it, and gets sent to a mental ward which he promptly escapes, and then... nothing? Clay walks into a police station, claims he has a gun and threatens people, and then... nothing? Clay blows up a car and then... nothing? 🙄
  6. Up to Episode 7. Has no one noticed the giant injury on Justin’s neck? It doesn’t look like it’s from when Jessica threw the stapler at him. It actually reminds me of Kaposy’s sarcoma, oh shit are they going to have Justin die from AIDS?
  7. Episode 4: WTF? When did this show become a horror movie!? I don’t even know what to say about all that. Jessica, great choice in guys as always. I see you’ve certainly learned how to pick them. At least you put Ani in her place.
  8. Episode 3: Why is Clay so sorry and remorseful at Monty’s death? The killing of Bryce had literally nothing to do with Monty’s murder! Monty was in jail because he raped Tyler, and he got shivved because he was labeled as a “child rapist.” Nothing Clay did in any way led to Monty getting killed, unless “supporting a friend who was sexually assaulted and giving them the confidence to go to the police” is supposed to be a bad thing that he regrets. They could have all come forward about Bryce and admitted the truth and Monty still would have been killed in the shower.
  9. Not reading any posts in this thread cause I’ve only seen episode 1 so far, but I just want to give a hearty FUCK YOU to Entertainment Weekly for having their weekly email to subscribers include the headline: “13 Reasons Why: Justin’s tragic ending.” 😡😡😡😤😤😤 You don’t put spoilers for current shows/movies in HEADLINES for fuck’s sake!!
  10. Yeah, I ended up watching the rest just because I hate stopping something in the middle, and while the following episodes were better (some of the time) none were great or make me want to recommend the series. My favorite is probably the astronaut one. That one was actually tense, with an intriguing story that I was not sure where it was going, and no heavy-handed politics! It’s funny, even though I‘m on their side and agree with their views, the over the top messages made me roll my eyes and think “Oh come on! Get off your high horse and shut up! We get it, you’re so woke.” Original TZ was political too, but it was either more subtle or the storylines containing the messaging were just so much stronger. Original TZ felt like “We’re going to give you some creepy/mysterious/disturbing stories that can be read as parables on society and it’s ills,” whereas Peele’s version is “We need to make each episode about a different social justice issue. Oh right, and throw something strange in there as well.”
  11. This is the last new episode? Aww man, it was actually starting to get good after the terrible start. So did they do a reshoot to add in that coronavirus line?
  12. Finished the season! Now that I have read everyone else’s thoughts I’m glad I am not alone in hating Ani! That was a complete writing fail, because I think we were supposed to actually like her. Best line of the season was Justin saying “Fuck off!” to Ani. I wanted to punch her myself when she confronted Jessica with her “I slept with your rapist, what did you do!?” bullshit. I really hope they got enough backlash about her that they wrote her out of season 4. If I start season 4 and hear her grating voice start narrating, I am done for good. The Tyler storyline was excellent. The scene of him confessing what happened to Clay is some of the strongest acting I’ve ever seen, in any medium. Everything else in the season though... 🤮 Well, isn’t is awfully convenient that Monty gets killed offscreen just at the exact moment when they need a scapegoat to blame for the murder? For a moment I was actually wondering if Tony paid the cartel guy to have someone take him out in jail, but I think that’s because I’ve also been binging “Breaking Bad” at the same time. 🤣
  13. I had given up on this show after the horrible season 2, but now that season 4 just came out I thought I’d give season 3 a chance. This show is disgusting. I’m up to episode 6 and I guess what we’re supposed to learn so far from this show is that serial rapists are people too and we just need to forgive them and give them a chance, because underneath all the rape, they’re just good people at heart. What the fucking fuck? Why is this show retconning to make Bryce the poor sad victim!? I hate Ani and her goddamn stupid fake-sounding omniscient narration. I hope it ends up that she killed Bryce because otherwise her character is just the worst. Why is the discussion for all episodes crammed into one thread? I don’t remember it being that way for season 2. I can’t read anything that’s been posted because it’s not separated by episode. That’s the dumbest way to discuss a streaming show where all episodes drop at once. By the time I will have seen the whole thing, I’ll have forgotten what I wanted to discuss from earlier episode.
  14. Again someone here calls Kevin "misogynist." Why!? Can someone detail what scenes from this season paint him as a misogynist? Because I have seen nothing whatsoever for him to deserve that term. I feel like people have created this false narrative around Kevin being this vile racist, woman-hating pig because they need to have a "villain" to root against, and are trying to read into every little movement he makes to find things that aren't there. "OMG he shook hands with Bryan. That means he hates women!" "He glanced at a man but not at a woman, misogynist!"
  15. I was so off for FJ tonight. When I saw the name Oprah and that she called the author “magical” I thought, “Well Oprah had just made a well-publicized major film version of A Wrinkle in Time and I think that involves magic, so I’ll say the author of that book, what’s her name, L’Engel, that’s it!” 🤦‍♀️🤣 Whoops. (Looking online, she died in 2007.)
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