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  1. Like the character of Richard Harrow on Boardwalk Empire, a sniper with only one eye.
  2. That shameless product placement shilling for Hyundai was terrible.
  3. That’s not what that link says. They don’t have the rights to use the name of Hannibal Lecter because he was introduced in an earlier novel, there’s no mention of anything else from the film being off limits. They use the same onscreen text as the film, they reshot the ending of the film where Clarice shoots Buffalo Bill to look exactly the same, they had Clarice wearing the same outfit that Jodie wore in the film. The music is meant to sound very similar to Howard Shore’s score.
  4. Wow, well now I wish he had given a brief mention of what that charity did because until I read this post I thought the “Media Fellowship” was something to do with journalism and media, especially since he’s from 60 Minutes. I’d never have guessed it was named after a town called Media!
  5. This show is supposed to be a direct sequel to the “Silence of the Lambs” movie, they reshot the films ending with Buffalo Bill to match the movie exactly, they have the same costumes and music, etc. So where the hell did Clarice suddenly having a family come from!? In the film Clarice says that her mother died when she was young and she had no one else so her father was everything to her. Lecter even specifically says to Clarice, “After your father’s death you were orphaned. What happened next?” And she tells him of going to live with her mother’s cousin on the cattle ranch, and trying to sav
  6. Yeah, but isn’t that pretty much true? Tom said Gabriel cooked the best piece of meat they had that challenge so they lost because Nelson screwed up the fish. I think it’s pretty crappy that the best food of the night goes home because someone else messed up. I hope Gabriel gets back in the competition.
  7. For “loudmouth” I came up with “trouble-rouser” to fit the “double ou” category 😂 Don’t know if that’s actually a real term but it sounded good to me!
  8. Did NOT expect that ending so bravo show writers! I kept thinking the FBI woman would somehow be involved.
  9. Ugh why even bother trying to create a new L&O series if it’s just going to be constantly attached to the millstone that is Olivia Benson?
  10. Is this streaming anywhere? It sounds very interesting!
  11. Semantics. He didn't say "I just gave birth to a baby boy," he said "I just had a little baby boy," which is true. He did. I think it's great when fathers acknowledge their kids.
  12. Jamie’s chicken looked gross, plus it was too messy to eat in the car. At least Gabriel’s fit the occasion. Not too sad to Jamie go, her noises were really starting to get excessively annoying. I don’t know how much Gabriel really forced her to do anything, it seemed like she said something about wanting to do a “white castle” because it would be funny (why would that be funny? I don’t get it. What’s a “white castle” other than the burger chain?) and Gabriel said, “how about chicken? There’s a lot of comedy with chicken,” and Jamie said OK. She didn’t push back or anything so that’s all on her
  13. The 14/88 thing is also not recent. I first heard of white power groups using it in the mid-1990s. That is a well-established code that is actually used to only mean one thing and was created by them. The OK sign , I don’t know… that was started by alt-right groups to troll people. I feel like actually now saying that it’s only a WP symbol that no one can use is giving those groups way too much power they don’t deserve. What if they next decide that they’re going to use the V-fingers peace sign as their next code? It’s just as random and innocuous as the OK symbol. Are we supposed to say, “No
  14. It’s not a fact for these winners. Anthony Hopkins won because he gave the better performance, not because he’s white.
  15. Hopkins winning was not “an egregious mistake” (I’d argue neither were several others in that list!) and it’s really annoying and disrespectful that certain people are also now claiming “racism!!” 🙄🤦‍♀️
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