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  1. DaVonne, Bayleigh & David were the ones who literally said they wanted an alliance of Black people, and yet when jocks team up with the cheerleader types, but say nothing at all about race, somehow because they are white they are suddenly the racists. 🙄 Why would a jock alliance of people who already know each other ever pick David at the beginning, he’s a nobody who before this had played less than one day of BB!
  2. Just turned on the feeds and all I see is puppy penis! 😳
  3. DaVonne has such a terrible read on this game. Has she been right about anything so far? She’s so bad at this.
  4. So Atticus is a piece of shit and I’m rooting for his death. (Which won’t happen because he’s the “hero.”) I’m sorry, but crying and saying you feel bad about what you did means shit when you murder innocent people in cold blood and torture women by ripping out their teeth. How is he any different from concentration camp guards who shot and tortured Jews because they were just “following orders”? You think there’d ever be a TV show where the hero used to do that and then we’re supposed to root for him? Hell no!
  5. You'd think viewers of Big Brother would know that just by putting a bleep sound into a sentence you can make anything sound bad! How many comps have there been now where they have to guess the bleeped words? No. If the twidiots actually listened to what was said, and the context around it, it's pretty obvious he was going to call David "an idiot" and stopped in the middle. Because David is an idiot.
  6. I swear it seems like every time someone says something tonight about how bad Ian is behaving, the feeds are cut. Why am I even watching!?
  7. Exactly. That makes sense. “David is an i-“ vs “David is a ni-.” People are trying to make something out of nothing.
  8. I mean, that accent he’s doing in that clip sounds like the stereotypical white “good ole boy” Louisiana accent. It doesn’t sound like he’s putting on a Black accent. I don’t know what “coon asses” refers to but that accent doesn’t sound Black, so... 🤷‍♀️
  9. Wow people are reaching so much to find something objectionable in that clip. Why would he even say “David is a n*****”? What’s the context for that in that conversation? That doesn’t make any sense.
  10. Except that it did change the pronunciation. I couldn’t remember if it was Barry or Berry either. But they are different names that are not the same. As for tonight’s game, middle contestant was cute at the beginning and very quickly wore out her welcome. One or two exclamations, fine, we do the same at home. Constantly throughout the whole game? No, stop, just control yourself already!
  11. Wow, an actual good episode where I did not know what would happen and the reigning alliance did not win! I actually like Tyler, but I hope he gets voted out to shake up the house and get some other people to do something finally. If Ian goes, nothing has really changed.
  12. The conversation in my brain during FJ: “Parthenon! No, that’s in Greece. Stop thinking Parthenon, I know it’s not that!” 🙄 And I’ve been inside the Pantheon!
  13. I wish David had had to use the Disruptor power at the nomination ceremony, that would have flustered and surprised Dani and she'd have to name a replacement with no deliberation. I'm sure now what's going to happen is an announcement will be made that a power was used anonymously and David is saved, and Dani will have to name a replacement before Veto players are picked, giving her time to strategize (and in all likelihood nominate Ian.) Boring. BB stop denying us what little drama can be wrangled out of this season!!
  14. That’s what I thought. So Tamara wasn’t chosen over Ruby if Ruby didn’t apply in the first place. I thought her anger towards her because of that was really misplaced. Tamara didn’t do anything wrong, Ruby was just too late.
  15. It looked like he had the torso of a Black man grafted onto his body like some Frankenstein creation. Which I don't really understand why so I assume that will come up later in the series.
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