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  1. The only one of those titles I knew was “Winter’s Bone” and that was because of the movie. No clue on any of the others. No clue for FJ tonight either. The only “Clarence” character that I could think of was from “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  2. Put almost anyone, male or female, in the ring with Tyson and they would lose. I don’t know what that has to do with her being able to suckerpunch someone who wasn’t expecting it.
  3. I couldn’t remember if the Taft-Hartley Act was “Hartley” or “Huntley.” First thought was Hartley, then switched to Huntley. Doh! FJ was an instaget though.
  4. Present day. I suppose technically probably 2019, but there is no specific date.
  5. Aw I don’t know why Temple of Doom always gets so much hate, I love that one! It’s probably my favorite of the three because it’s just so much crazy over the top fun. I first saw it as a kid and loved the total creepy weirdness & horror of the dinner scene and the bug tunnel and the spiked-ceiling crushing room, and the roller-coaster mine ride. Raiders is the better film, but Temple is just fun. I love the first and last thirds of Last Crusade but I always think that one drags a lot and gets very slow in the middle with the whole castle in Germany/Berlin diary section. Crystal Skull
  6. Instaget FJ for me tonight. I liked the middle guy so I was fine with him winning, though Katie was great too. I think Savannah thought Katie made up her FJ answer by the way she said “We’d all like to know that!”
  7. What’s the problem with Katie? I quite like her and hope she continues to do well. I always read “trough” as “trow” in my head, like it goes with that other thing on a farm, a plough. I used to always think that a “troff” was a totally different word. I didn’t notice anything about Savannah’s voice, she sounded perfectly fine. 🤷‍♀️ Add me as another who thought FJ was laissez faire, even though I thought, “Well that’s French, so they probably don’t mean that… but isn’t that what that term means so it has to be that?” Never would have come up with the Monroe Doctrine in 1
  8. This episode was better than the last few! Very tense, I knew Hudlin wouldn’t be the Big Bad, he never seemed like the one who was actually running everything, just the guy who’s called to get things done. I also like how Catherine’s story is at least tying into the main plot now, instead of being a completely separate entity. I like how the filmmakers are bringing in Demme’s style of close up faces looking straight into the camera. It’s not an angle often seen in movies/TV.
  9. Yes! I was expecting him to be docked the money when they came back from the break but I guess the judges didn’t catch it. They do seem sloppier than normal. “Miss” Maisel is a big mistake because her being a “Mrs” is a huge element of the plot. I immediately knew they wanted the singer of “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay” and was trying to remember if it was Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke. 🙄🤦🏻
  10. I had no clue on FJ. Because “since the war” was in quotes I was trying to think of a two-word phrase from WWII that had to do with food. Verlinda answering without buzzing in was awkward! I’ve seen people speak before Alex called on them, but this was the first time I remember someone answering when someone else rang in first.
  11. I was rooting for Verlinda because she knew the UK TV shows! Doctor Who and Broadchurch, two of my faves! Though I also got Coupling, and for The Weakest Link question I knew it was Anne something. I dont know why Mayim seemed to struggle reading Olivia de Havilland, it was like she thought it was a made up name. Weird. I actually pre-guessed her but could not come up with the correct response.
  12. I had the EXACT same reaction to those scenes! First she is utterly outraged that only 2 of the 80 patients in the study are Black or Latino, and she threatens the hospital administrator to let Pray in, and then as soon as the woman says OK, we will allow you & Pray to join the study in the very next scene Blanca is complaining that "well doctors experiment on Black people and don't you remember Tuskeegee?" Bitch what!? You literally just browbeat that woman into letting Pray in by complaining that people in your community were dying and they needed to be in the study. 🤷‍♀️🤨 It felt l
  13. OK I admit it, when the entire choir was in black with their backs to the audience, I started sobbing. 😭 That was a beautifully moving scene.
  14. Worst parents of the year perhaps? I hate Ali so much, he is such a jackass narcissist. I was rooting for the cartel. I’m certain the kidnapping story is just a ploy, the government is not going to devote that many resources to a child kidnapping from 9 years ago. My guess is the wife (whose name I totally forget) did some kind of eco-terrorist thing in the past that killed people and then Ali took her on the run. In an earlier episode she told the daughter “Your father never killed anyone,” with an emphasis on “father.”
  15. I think that’s what the comment meant? That the host was also a woman. There have been many times when all three contestants were female, but if you include the host, then yes this would be the first time. NYC ran the past few episodes a day late so today I saw Friday’s and am now caught up. No clue on FJ but I was happy that I knew the ts of Bessie Coleman! Strangely I had just learned about her on Wednesday so it was right in the front of my mind. I like Julia and find her displays of emotions refreshing! I can’t stand contestants that are dull and lifeless.
  16. That wasn’t the finale, at the end it said “Stay tunes for scenes from our next episode.” Ugh, I hate that they are trashing Clarice’s backstory by implying that her father did something sexual to her. That is such bullshit. I can’t stand how they on the one hand slavishly recreate scenes from the movie in extreme detail and then completely shit on other parts by ruining everything about Clarice’s character.
  17. I thought she had to scrap the bloody plates and quickly replace them which is why the others ran to help and she didn’t get all ten done?
  18. Honestly I think the dessert decision was a bit suspect. As soon as they said they had to discuss that one first, instead of everyone voting what they actually thought of the dishes, I knew it’d be Byron going. He lost both first rounds overwhelmingly and Dawn won the Quickfire so they were not going to send her home.
  19. 😲😫 Well damn, guess I better start seeing all the episodes I wanted to re-watch before the end of the month.
  20. That’s quite common, the leader just doubles the score of the person in 2nd place and does the math for what they need to overtake that score by $1. Some pretty surprising TS’s today: Amazon, Inherit the Wind, the Gettysburg Address!? I got FJ instantly only because I know the animated film “Madagascar” had lemurs and it’s an island.
  21. That was a scripted comedy bit. She wasn’t actually annoyed by them…
  22. Add me as another who has never heard that Newcastle saying. I do watch a lot of British stuff but if that was ever said I didn’t notice it. Somehow I guessed FJ correct! Don’t know how, but Rossini was the name that came to mind when I thought “Just name an Italian composer.” Would not have been able to even tell you anything he wrote lol.
  23. He actually always makes me think of Jonah from Veep. It’s the eyes and teeth.
  24. Oooof. I always FF through the interviews so did not hear that. I gave him the benefit of the doubt his first episode in the TOC because being overly excited when you get a DD correct is understandable. But being a sore loser and weakly clapping when you lose, plus that story, ugh no thank you. I thought she said PalaNtine, with an N in the middle. I didn’t know the answer so don’t know which way was right, but if it’s Palatine and she added an N, that would be incorrect. They judge that kind of mistake wrong all the time.
  25. Yeah, I just did not get this at all. Elektra gives this big inspiring speech (which sounds incredibly fake and out of place and it clearly just the writers speechifying for the audience) about how amazing it is that Angel will be “the first!” Uhhhh, the first what? Do the writers expect the audience for this show to think that never before has a transwoman married a male partner in a commitment ceremony? Because it certainly would not be the first legally recognized wedding, not in 1998. Which their audience would also know. So, what is she supposed to be the first of!? God this epi
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