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  1. Why do shows think that ex-football players make good hosts? 2 people from my area were competing. Unfortunately, one was the first one to go.
  2. "From Farm To Nostril" had me laughing.
  3. They should've thrown Lori Loughlin a bone and brought her back as Canary.
  4. How was Earth-1 going to sustain all the billions of people they took there?
  5. I liked seeing Huntress, too. As bad as it was, I kind of loved Birds of Prey. I just kept thinking about Infinity War and this didn't have the feels for me like that did.
  6. I hate this smarmy version of Lex Luthor.
  7. What I meant was that even though The Monitor got the "when" of Oliver dying wrong, he still died. So why would Iris think that would mean Barry wouldn't die at all?
  8. I felt like the Iris' line was weird, because it seemed like she was saying "The Monitor was wrong. Oliver died differently than he foresaw, so maybe you don't have to die at all." And I was like, "But Oliver still died!"
  9. Yeah, Welling is huge next to Tyler and they had Brandon padded out in that suit.
  10. So why are there different versions of Superman/Clark as opposed to other Earth doppelgangers like we've seen before? And none of them thinks that's odd?
  11. Writing Wrongs

    Cats (2019)

    Every time they show the commercial for this, it creeps me out. It looks so weird, I don't get it. I can't believe the names they got to be in this.
  12. How many times has JLo been married and or engaged? I get she's excited, but her track record ain't great. I've never cared for her.
  13. Neil Dudgeon gives good expression face. That kid grew up fast. And Paddy is still adorable. Midsomer Murders always delivers on the most bizarre ways to kill people.
  14. The episode spoke to me. I have diabetes and the visual of Scott always checking his glucose is totally me. I also related to the cable vs. streaming thing. I recently cut cable and just stream and use an antenna. And yeah, the cable guy "window" stuff cracked me up. I once had an appointment for between 12-5 pm, took off work for the afternoon and got home to a "Sorry we missed you" note because they had shown up at 9 am.
  15. It was weird too because she seemed to be doing fine controlling her powers when they were playing. It was just an accident when she hit Anna. Kids have accidents when they play. Erasing a whole kingdom's memory over it and closing the castle and keeping the kids apart was overkill. Elsa only got self-conscious about it when her parents freaked out. Imagine dropping your kid when you're tossing him up in the air. Does that mean you should never pick your kid up again?
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