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  1. I thought it was pretty interesting. I didn't know about any of the murder plots going on.
  2. Anyone watch Curse of The Chippendales?
  3. Wow. Tiffany got Claire to feel bad that she is white. Nice job.
  4. Even with the guest actors you could notice the distance between everyone. walking ahead of each other never crossing too close. The way when Vera went to look at the body in the morgue, the coroner went to stand by the x-rays. It was like a choreographed dance. Even the background actors standing a distance apart. Stuff like that. It was just really noticeable to me, but I scrutinize things in shows a lot.
  5. I found it very noticeable how they were all standing far apart in scenes. I know it had to be done, but sometimes I found it distracting. Was the bald cop at the station the one who had blondish red hair?
  6. There's something about Kyland that bugs the shit out of me. I think it's the way he tries to say something but just talks around it, trying to sound intelligent or something.
  7. The next season I watched has completely omitted the song snippets.
  8. Oh my God, Derek F. If he can say all that other stuff fine, why can't he fucking say "I vote to evict" correctly?
  9. Hee. It's cute how they all have their pet non-CO member. What is up with SB wearing sunglasses all the time? I couldn't have a conversation with someone like that.
  10. Even with what annoys me, this has probably been the least offensive season I've watched. I like quite a few of the people and would be ok with any of them winning.
  11. This is part of what bugs me. Tiffany doesn't like Derek F, but will protect him till the end because he's black. She claims that Claire is her best friend in the house, but is willing to lie to her and put her up on the block because she's not black. That's pretty shitty. I know what other seasons have done. It was shitty then too.
  12. Why do Azah and Tiffany keep getting upset about Britini and Claire going up? I thought the goal was to get all the white people out of the house.
  13. I felt like Julie didn't look pleased after they showed the "Derek calling Tiffany a bitch multiple times" clip. I wish he would wear a proper t-shirt so I wouldn't have to see nipple slips.
  14. I just re-watched the first 3 seasons on Discovery+. Apparently, the new season will be on there after it airs on DIY.
  15. I've been watching old seasons on Amazon. I'm currently watching the Wimbledon one. I really don't care for the 3 judges they have. It seems like they are just there to make snarky comments and try to be funny. That said, I never have gotten how you tell a story with a plate of food.
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