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  1. Me too. I had to rewind it because I thought I'd missed something.
  2. Anyone watch Deadwater Fell starring David Tennant?
  3. I just stumbled across this: At home with Sean and Bex; Lana Parilla I love that they are all still good friends.
  4. "I'm going to get you the gift of being happy for someone else." I may use that line.
  5. So does no one know that Bill Nye is Patterson's dad? I would think the FBI would have all their families staked out in case of contact.
  6. I just now realized that I don't understand the coach's end goal. He wants to make his team stronger, but unless they can revert back to humans how are they supposed to compete in high school athletics? It makes no sense. Even with the weaker episodes you get good dialogue and character interaction, so it makes up for it a bit.
  7. I've started watching reaction videos to OUaT on Youtube. One thing that I don't get about "Apple As Red As Blood" is when Jefferson tells Regina he wants her to write him and his daughter a new story. I'm confused by what the power of the person who casts the Dark Curse is. When and how would Regina have been able to decide on everyone's new identity and personality and the workings of a modern town? If the Curse was to bring them to a land without magic, why didn't it drop them in a real town? Like how Bae ended up in London.
  8. Anyone watch Restaurants on the Edge? I really like it and the locations, but that chef guy comes off like he thinks he is so cool, but he seems kind of douchey to me. I also enjoyed Australia's Instant Hotel.
  9. You and me both. Tina: I like public toilets. It's like a vacation for your butt.
  10. I just noticed that Pedro Pascal plays Eddie. He looks so young.
  11. Disney is doing a live action remake of "Hercules" now. Every time I hear about a new one from them, I can't help but compare it to Once's versions. I liked their Herc.
  12. I did a "Hey!" when they said "Wine from Missouri", since that's where I live. I love "What's Up With That?".
  13. I hate to say this, but scrolling through the pages I realized that since Harry & Meghan left the Royal Family I really don't have any interest in them. Apart from wanting to see pics of Archie. I was so excited and full of happiness for them when they got married, but I almost feel stabbed in the back somehow with all that came after. It's stupid, I know. I'm not even British! LOL.
  14. I just started watching this show on Hulu. I guess it's the first season. I like their style. My biggest annoyance is: Why does he always have his arm around her shoulders?! This is driving me nuts. Especially when he has his sweaty armpits on her shoulder. Or they are holding hands. It's like the shows where couple's tour a house and they are holding hands all the way through it. What's up with that? It makes me think of some kind of controlling abuse thing. Anyway, I do enjoy the show.
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