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  1. A lot of instructions and directions this episode. I feel like I need to take notes. And Julie saying, "I'm kidding" a lot. Great start.
  2. They should've pulled out some of that '70s/'80s canned studio audience sound effects. "Woo..Awe.."
  3. I binge-watched reruns of Curb Appeal. I loved that show. John, Kimberly and the gang were so much fun to watch. And it actually included the "g" part of HGTV!
  4. I have a hard time getting into Shetland. I think it's the accents.
  5. I'm in Season 2 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries and am really enjoying it.
  6. I remember John Saxon from Falcon Crest and the Bigfoot episode of Six Million Dollar Man. And of course, Nightmare On Elm Street.
  7. I watched a live chat with Morrison and Karen Gillan and it just felt like she talked more about House than Once. I can see where actors get sick of talking about certain roles. It's like recently, Tom welling has erally been talking about Smallville and joining in on panel discussions. I guess actors just need to distance themselves sometimes.
  8. So is Jennifer Morrison one of those actors that is just done with a role when the show is over? I never see her participating in anything Once related or talking about it. Same with Ginny and Josh. Whereas Lana, Rebecca and Sean seem to really have enjoyed and embraced their time on the show.
  9. I was laughing so hard at that fight scene. It was so clearly not Jaimie Alexander. I also laughed at the scene when Jane is at her car and you see a guy standing on his stoop in the background, watching the filming. I'll miss this show, even though I found Jane and Weller the least interesting people in it.
  10. I watched Mallorca Files. It's a fun detective show.
  11. Has anyone watched An Inspector Calls? It's really good, but I was confused at the end. I had to look it up and read some theories.
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