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  1. I just started binge watching the show after not getting past the first few episodes of Season 3 in the initial run. I've caught up to where I stopped before. I find the actress terrible and the writing for her even worse. She does so much stupid shit (as do most of the characters apart from Red), it drives me to yelling at the tv. She is always standing around with her mouth hanging open, looking confused. Thank God, for James Spader.
  2. I just watched a video about David E. Kelley's failed Wonder Woman tv show and didn't realize that Pedro was in the pilot.
  3. I'm only in the second episode, but I think it's weird how the police tell the press about every clue they have and what their next moves will be.
  4. I've been watching a lot of reaction videos and have a question: Why does everyone think Luke would be played by Sebastian Stan? Was that mentioned somewhere? I want to watch the episode again, but even the reaction videos get me crying. So the theory is that R2 saved Grogu from the Jedi Temple and that's why they recognize each other?
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I knew a soon as Grogu touched his helmet, he was asking him to take it off. So sweet.
  6. I thought maybe a mouse, but she says no. Actually, she has the tv quite loud because she can't hear.
  7. So lately my mom's dog has been acting weirder than usual. She will get up in the bed and just stare at the closet, keeping completely still. My mom sent me a pic last night and then 30 minutes later another one and Mylie was in the same position. And now tonight. Maybe she sees a ghost.
  8. I admit I got a bit teary eyed watching him struggle. Damn good acting.
  9. God didn't look pleased that he had to get out of the tub. (Let's see who gets that reference).😉
  10. I never realized that was supposed to be about him flirting with the Dark Side. Interesting. But then the cave scene from Empire still baffles me. 😀
  11. I also found Noel super annoying this time around. I hate when he bugs the bakers while they are trying to concentrate. As far as being unfunny, for me that goes to the 2 who do/did the Australian version. The showstopper is always my least favorite. The bakers always have grand designs that rarely pay off. I liked Laura as a person, but she shouldn't have been in the final. Her messiness drove me nuts and her consistently having shit looking bakes was inexcusable. ETA: I've never figured how if they haven't ever seen or heard of a bake in technical, they are able to replicate it without detailed instructions or pictures. But they always do.
  12. My heart was breaking for Mando. Grogu!!! I was a bit confused as to why it seemed Fennec was giving Boba orders, when she owed him the debt for fixing her. I also wondered why Mando didn't try shouting Grogu's name to get his attention at the stone. His meditation pose was adorable. ETA: Luke force choked Jabba's pig guards. That seemed worse to me. But then I think that mind control would be a dark side tactic and that doesn't seem to be the case.
  13. I laughed at Bob saying he could hear both sides of the conversation on the phone, because Linda's mom was so loud. That's me and my mom.
  14. I realized that to me, Grogu sounds like too harsh a name for The Child. It sounds like a fierce monster name. It's too guttural or something.
  15. I didn't even recognize Michael Biehn. I've enjoyed this show as it's own thing. I guess I'll have to stay ignorant of the backstories, because I refuse to have to watch The Clone Wars or Rebels. I also am not thrilled with the name, "Grogu".
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