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  1. I agree with the comments about the "web sleuths". What a bunch of pathetic people. They think they can solve a case without actually leaving their houses and just by obsessively watching a video over and over. I laughed when the guy said he had to check social media to verify what the news was saying about finding her body.
  2. I must be cold-hearted because I find it annoying. Every time he starts off, I'm just "For fuck's sake man, it's just pottery."
  3. This is pretty awesome: Bad Writing Never Wins
  4. IMO a child should not be the sole supporter of a family. That's the parents' job. I remember reading about how pressured River Phoenix was to keep acting to help support his family. That's just wrong.
  5. My two favorite reactions: Angela Bassett's look when Tina said she hadn't seen the movie and didn't want to revisit her past. Mel Gibson's look when that stupid interviewer brought up Ike's drug arrest. LOL I'm glad Tina found love and someone who treats her right. She was a lot nicer to her mom than I would be.
  6. I started watching this because I thought it would be interesting. I finished it feeling angry and disgusted. I hate phoniness. I can't believe Allen's Hollywood enablers and sycophants praising him and giving standing ovations, then having now hopped on the #MeToo train to (probably) save their own careers by distancing themselves from him. If I had been Dylan, I would have told them to fuck off. Where have they been all this time? I'm glad they brought up the Art vs. Artist thing because that is something I was thinking about. Was I a big Woody Allen fan? No, I could take his movi
  7. I just started watching this show with Season 4. Why is that one judge always on the verge of crying? It's really weird.
  8. I kept saying, "Dude has the jitters!". Maybe it's done offscreen, but I would think the boys would have a lot more questions. Do they wonder how Supergirl is connected to them?
  9. I watched a video of Lana and Sean talking about some incident that happened with Brazilian fans. Anyone hear about this?
  10. I really wish Jordan or Jonathan had asked Clark, "So how does the glasses thing work? Why does no one recognize you?"
  11. Olivia didn't say that, Broyles did. I'm re-watching the series and I watched the season 1 finale and then I watched a reaction video and noticed a weird difference. In the reaction video it showed the scene where William Bell introduces himself to Olivia and after he says his name, he hits a bell on his desk. In my Vudu episode, that bit with the bell is cut out. I wonder why?
  12. I think her male impressions are all starting to be the same.
  13. Still binge-watching these. Strategic scoring is exactly why the other teams shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  14. Agreed. I still think Jon will have powers.
  15. I don't know about "of a certain age", because I watch these shows all the time. They fascinate me for some reason. Murder Show and Bachelor Home Makeover were spot on parodies.
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