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  1. Me too! In the Bradys vs Partridges, I always picked The Partridges. This show is interesting to see how they recreate the original. Man, they had some ugly colors back then. I was born the same year as the show debuted.
  2. See, I hated his scrunch face, "oh I don't know this answer" fake surprise that he got it right thing. Sometimes I wonder if this show is rigged. And how he always manages to hit the DDs. :)
  3. It's not about being smug. For me it gets boring having the same person smoke the competition each day. Plus I don't like that he starts at the bottom of the categories.
  4. I just binge-watched the entire series this weekend. What a great show! As an 80's teen, I loved seeing all the stuff from back then. I loved seeing Wyatt's Cafeteria at the mall. We used to eat there on Sundays. Yeah, the Russian stuff was pretty cheesy, but then I remember how prevalent it was back then with movies like Red Dawn (1984), Russkies (1987) and Little Nikita (1988) involving teen drama. Good times. It's funny that as central to the story as Will was in S1 & S2, his purpose in S3 was basically to let everyone know when he got goosebumps.
  5. Me too. I couldn't figure out what they were saying. This show always makes me hungry. I love bread, but can't really eat it because of the carbs. ☹️
  6. Yeah. He's really getting the asshole edit this season.
  7. I always thought Brandon was self-righteous and smug. I hated how the parents clearly preferred him over Brenda.
  8. I cracked up at Aaron and Joe's outfits when they walked out. Because that's how all Englishman dress, right?
  9. Denise looks like she has been hitting the botox. As soon as I saw the writer said her mom was an actress, I knew it would be her. Yeah, that story line is weak. Her husband's nicer than I would be. I thought they were gonna explain Shannen's eating?
  10. Unpopular Opinion: After a series re-watch, I really don't care for Hook. From the moment he shows up onscreen, I can't stand his smarmy, sleazy innuendos and all I could think was "Emma marries this asshole." Admittedly, he gets better as the show goes on and he is easy on they eyes but I have a hard time getting passed my initial feelings. I much prefer Wish Hook from Season 7.
  11. I consistently have Amazon Prime (I share with others to keep the price down). I have Britbox and Acorn (through Roku). I have Netflix on occasion. I also watch some stuff on Tubi TV. I'm trying to get all the British shows I like. I noticed looking through the free channels on my Roku, like Tubi and Roku Channel, they all have pretty much the same titles. I'll probably get a monthly subscription to Disney + as well.
  12. You can find Midsomer Murders everywhere now. Amazon Prime has it as well as Acorn and Britbox.
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