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  1. I laughed at how they are supposed to be acting stealthy and they are all talking loudly seemingly to themselves at that party, yet no one hears them or looks at them.
  2. On another forum, someone said if you call the number on Constantine's business card Gary answers and you hear Constantine in the background yelling at him.
  3. I was wondering who the hell the new guy was.
  4. She needs to disguise her voice. How are they not recognizing it?
  5. Are we ever going to see Felicity again? I've already forgotten where she is.
  6. Why does Katie Cassidy walk like she's on a runway? It looks so weird.
  7. It's the awesome sheriff lady from Smallville!
  8. Did Alex say that the DEO has a Hellmouth now? WTF?
  9. Harry and Meghan brought me back to having interest in the royal family again and now they are leaving it.
  10. Fun episode. Beebo! And I loved how excited Kara was to see Kate there. OT: What's with all the ads on the site now? I can barely read stuff without trying to dodge them.
  11. I don't care for Mike's ex-wife on Brokenwood.
  12. I started a show on Hulu called, Cardinal. It stars Billy Campbell and takes place in Canada. It's on the bleak side like the Scandinavian shows.
  13. I don't get the love for Tarantino and Scorsese any more. Tarantino can't move away from the 70's and Scorsese can't get away from the Mafia movies.
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