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S14.E21: Top 10 Perform

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Adanna - Yeeeah. That was like Deena singing an Effie White song.


Daniel - I give this kid maaaaybe two more weeks before the fact that he's a baby sinks in and we vote him off. He's got some innate talent and appeal, but...he's out of his depth.


Rayvon - He's like this season's Justin Guarini. All grins and girly high notes. That wasn't a bad performance, but he needs to stop performing like he has 90 minutes to make an impression. It's one thing to have an easy stage presence, but Rayvon tends to get up on stage and take a huge chill pill and ain't nobody gonna buy that shit.


Nick - He was one of my favorites last week just because he's one of the only ones (if not the only one) north of twenty-five and seems like he knows what he's doing. But he doesn't know what he's doing without a guitar. And he sounded a lot like Chris Daughtry. Also, Nick looks like he recently lost a lot of weight. Like his head seems a little too big for his neck or something.


Joey - she was my favorite from last week, hands down. I loved that rendition of "Fancy". It sounded like something Amy Winehouse would've done if she was still alive. I don't know if the tough Brooklyn accent she has when she sings is an affect or what, but I enjoy her. She's a weirdo and awkward and endearing. Her rendition of Mad World was solid. Kiiiind of a downer, and I feel like she's a tad bit affected, but it's okay.


Tyana - Ugh. What's up with homegirl's hair? This was yelly amateur night at the Apollo. And we're two for two with J. Hud songs. Jennifer Hudson sang this much better. Oh, by the way, when she sang last week, I was on the phone with my mom and she said, "well, I'm not watching it, but over the phone it sounds like some bullshit". Always listen to your mother, folks.


I'm not sure J. Lo can sing but that was a cool performance. And it's kind of cool that she has, like, DivX inside her coochie where she could project the trailer for that movie on her dress.


Quentin - Damn. He's dressed like a Pomegranate Pimp in costume jewelry. I...liked it. I don't think it was off-pitch much. I think at the end he went almost operatic and his pitch got a bit pinched, but that was good. Best of the night, really.


Maddie - That was some bullshit. I mean, she's cute and she has an okay voice, but girl, what? That was like a bad USO Tour performance.


Oh wow, there's Kenny Loggins. Doing that song from Footloose. Do women consider still Kenny Loggins fuckable?  Just wondering.


Clark - Eh. I liked it and I guess I like him, but it was just okay. I feel like that's...all we're gonna get from him. It's a little Coffeehouse Idol for me.


Jax - That was kitschy and cute. I liked it a lot even if I'm not a huge fan of her.


Qaasim - I was all ready for Qaasim to get his Rick James ass off the stage, but then he freaked the entire fuck out and got bold with the shit. I don't think he should've been saved, but I'm glad he did. He got right up in the judges' faces. A real shot in the arm.

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Holy crap!  Qaasim gives the best performance of the night while singing for the save.  He totally earned that mic drop.  And that look on his face at the end like, "Save me or I'm gonna cut you!" was awesome.  


As soon as I saw it was down to Jax and Qaasim I figured they would use the save definitely for Qaasim and probably for Jax.  My theory is that the judges have a list of 3 or 4 people who they consider good enough to use the save on if they end up on the bottom and whichever of those comes up for elimination first gets it.  I'd say this season that list is pretty much Jax, Qaasim and Joey, and pooosssibly Clark.  I don't think they would have wasted the save on anyone else, nor should they have.

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The mentoring on the show is a major step up this year. Having said that, there were about… 7 song choice missteps the mentors should've fixed before they got out on stage.


Adanna – Her pitch issues have greatly improved over the last couple of weeks. She's one of the few contestants who has a consistent sense of presence on the stage and a connection to the lyrics. J. Lo is nuts.


Daniel – *Sigh* I give him this; I think he could sing the shit out of that in a few years, once the voice is fully matured. That was the worst performance he's done.


Rayvon – Weird, ancient-aged song choice for him coupled with his (seemingly standard at this point) boring presentation. He may be doomed.


Nick – Song is dated, but it was a good effort and in tune. Best performance since his T24 performance, but he's still not serving great.


Joey – She reminded me of Kristen Schaal in her intro piece. How lovely and focused. Joey could have pushed her performance and look even further than she did, but that was still excellent. She's becoming the one to beat. J.Lo is astute for once with the Sia comparison. "Do you know who Sia is?" Oh, J.Lo.


Tyanna – That song was way too big for her and she oversang it terribly. It sounded shrill at numerous points throughout. That could send her home and that would be a shame.


Quentin – This made me really want a Joey/Quentin finale full of quirky darkness. That was not "horribly out of tune." He only said that because Quentin made a dumb comment in his intro. There was some pitch and tuning issues, yes, but there was no reason to make it sound like it was terrible. Maybe this is the performance that will divide the Idolsphere tonight.


Siderant: These judges collectively need to clean their ears out, especially when they barely criticize the horrors or Daniel and Tyanna's performances tonight.


Maddie – Interesting? Her best attempt at being engaging, but that was moldy cheese. After Maddie, I began to wonder if the Idolsphere was drunk when at the Top 24 some folks were saying this was a year full of full-fledged contenders.


Clark – He may have single handedly put the season back on track with that performance. I still think Joey's "Fancy" was the performance of the season, but this was phenomenal. He did kind of turn a 21st century song into a blues song, which… I'm not sure how that would work as IDOL 2015 champ.


JAX – I dunno, she seemed like a joke after Clark's game changing performance. Cutesy, inauthentic, and technically in tune, so I guess the judges are A-OK with that *eyeroll*. On the merits of the performance, I think she redeemed herself for the Taylor Swift silliness, but that performance should have been in the middle of the show, not in the pimp slot.


Qaasim - Gets the boot. Should've happened last Thursday (if Daniel is never going to be an option), but oh well. He was… manic and I would've rather listened to a Yoko Ono version of "Come Together." Plus, did we really need to hear "Come Together" again? And of course they don't... no… they saved him? WTF.


So remember how last week was the one of the worst results of Idol history? Qaasim's save is the sequel. Are they going to save everyone until Daniel gets the boot? Is that the plan?


Anyway, despite the debacles tonight, give me a Top 5 of Quentin, Joey, Clark, Adanna, and Tyanna (based on her string of previous solid to excellent performances), bring back Sarina-Joi and then send the rest home.


The Only Good Ones – Clark, Joey, Quentin, Adanna
Worst Four – Tyanna, Maddie, Daniel, Qaasim
Going Home – Tyanna and Quentin (Should be Daniel and one of Qaasim/Maddie)

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Qaasim. For Pete's sake - pointing to his eyes, stroking his hair, pulling out the joker card, all in accordance with the lyrics - yikes, and stop it.  Add in the stank face, the dropped mike, the hulking around like he owned the joint, and the glaring at the judges (and me!).  First off, no.  Second, calm the hell down, please.  Third, still cannot sing. 


Honestly, I do not know why I watch this show.

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Turned it off when Qaasim starte to sing. They used the save on him? Really?  Whatever.


This night reminded me why I mostly stopped watching Idol (except for the last couple of weeks of each season). Lackluster performances for the most part, overwhelmed as usual by the acoustics of a large performance hall, the band, and the backup singers. (Remember back in the early days, when they started with a small venue, such that folks at home could actually hear the contestant better, and then gradually worked up to the full orchestra and big performance hall? And there were no back-up singers, so we could actually hear the contestant's voice? Ah, those were the halcyon days of Idol.)  


If someone put a gun to my head and said, you must pay good money to see one of these performers in concert, I would have to pick Quentin.  He had some pitch issues tonight, but man, his intensity is mesmerizing. Plus you never know what song genre he's going to choose and what he's going to do the selected song.  If he is voted through, I'd like to see Quentin given the, oh, #3 or #4 performing spot next week. You know, just for a change.


Also, I don't get the judges' love for Joey's Mad World tonight. I found it very slow--she seemed one step away from a coma to me, or like she was trying to remember the lyrics or think about the technique--and I just didn't feel any connection. When you go that slow, and the song is not that dynamic, I think you need to use your eyes to convey the feelings behind the words.  Sadly, Joey's eyes were barely there for me. Had she kept them open more, and used her eyes and face to tell the story, I think I'd have liked it. As it was, I give it a golf clap at best.

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Singing "You're the one that I want" as a power ballad is something I didn't think would happen. And Harry? Don't say Quentin is horribly out of tune (which, no he wasn't) and tell him to think about the singing as well as the performance on a night Qaasim is saved from elimination. Hooker, please. 


Joey is great, though the way she sings words sort of taps on my nerves. I enjoy Clark. I'd say Tyanna (who was a bit rough tonight), Clark, Joey and Quentin are my favourites. Adanna sounded good though.


Would it kill one of these kids to sing Purple Rain on one of these movie song theme nights? Please?


And Mad World- sometimes I think it might be a good idea to retire a song that another contestant killed with. Adam Lambert owned that song. 

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Joey's Mad World showed how far Idol has fallen. Remember Adam Lambert's version? Ah, the good old days.

Would it kill one of these kids to sing Purple Rain on one of these movie song theme nights? Please. 

I doubt Prince allows it.

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Qaasim sang better tonight than some of his prior...performances...but color me surprised the judges used the save on him. What does that say about the lackluster talent left, meh.

I love Mad World, and though I doubt any Idoler can top Adam Lambert's rendition imo, Joey did an ok job with it.

Daniel remains out of his element here.

I just can't get excited about this season, so disappointed in this amateur-hour competition.

I still find it odd these 'kids' are singing so many songs from MY youth, many years before they were even born. I don't fault Quentin for not having seen the movie Grease. Next week is 80s week, lol.

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This was the worst night of Idol I have ever seen. Clark can stay. The rest of them can GTFO. Even the people I like!

The Chanel commercial Quentin cribbed from is 10,000 times better sung.

Adam Lambert pretty much sealed Mad World off limits. Not sure I would have tried that Joey.

Tyanna? I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.

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May the curse of the early save burn AI. I can see it now: Tyanna goes home next week in the DE and we get the JLo shock face a la Pia Toscano, Keith berating America, and Harry giving a lecture.


That being said, Qaasim gave an unforgettable performance. It's too bad it had to come at the expense of others who will go home next week (with the exception of Daniel, who was abysmal as usual).


Clark pulled out the guitar and may be the last guy standing in the end. All he needs is a little of Qaasim's personality.


I'm waiting to hear what Joey does next week. I can see a Clark/Joey final two with Clark winning.


The rest? Quentin was interesting. Nick is Daughtry! with hair. Rayvon sang a group song as a solo artist that didn't work. Adanna gets a chance to sing next week, but I became fearful about the mini dress she wore and the cameraman's bad angles.


As for the kids, none were worthwhile this week and all three may be in trouble. It's too bad because Tyanna overthought and over sang the song. I'm praying she's not in the bottom two.


Yeah, LAX kind of redeemed herself with the Adam Sandler song, but what made that song appealing and endearing was the scene where he sang it. She made it a bit too cutesy and coquettish for me. LAX attempted to do Joey, but she's slowly becoming Siobhan Magnus to Joey's Crystal Bowersox (in the case of where they will finish in the competition).


Finally, JLo must've taken her twins to see Cinderella, because she TOTALLY copied the dress and the lighting from the movie. 


Sexagenarian Kenny Loggins can still get it. I wonder if the kids in the crowd knew who he was.

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Can we just retire Songs from the Movies night? Tonight was just a hot mess with a couple of really good performances, Clark being the standout. I liked Joey performance but compared to Adam Lambert's version it was just okay. And not one of them made me sit up and listen like Kris Allen did with Falling Slowly.


What's your favorite soundtrack? Really, When Harry Met Sally is a classic and one I listen to a lot. Loved Keith saying Moulin Rouge but was really surprised Jennifer didn't say Selena - didn't she sing on that?


I must be in the minority because I thought You're The One the I Want was horrible and terribly out of tune, not to mention terribly affected.


The save was wasted this season - all I'm saying about that.


I think either Daniel or Maddy is going next week.

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I actually thought Joey came closer to rivaling Adam Lambert's performance than I ever would have thought. I just wish they'd given her (everyone, really...it didn't seem as though a lot of performances approached a minute) time for a second verse. She really made me pay attention to the lyrics even more than I had in the past, and I thought I was pretty familiar with them already (I've always loved the song, but for whatever reason it's never been among the things I go out of my way to listen to).


Most everyone was pretty rough tonight, though. Tyanna shouted her way through the song and disappointed me. Hopefully she will be ok.


Daniel was painful and I hope this does him in.


I still don't care for Clark and was not paying that much attention to his performance other than it impressed me even less than normal, so I was totally surprised to hear all the praise.


Nick needed a different song...his tone sounded kinda nice on it, but it allowed him zero scope for doing anything memorable.


Maddie was totally karaoke-lite


Adanna did OK-ish, I guess, but I don't remember her other than thinking she seemed marginally more comfortable


Rayvon was also very forgettable and I have zero recollection of what he did


Jax did reasonably well and made me smile, but Adam Sandler songs kind of have that effect on me. He's been a guilty pleasure of mine since way back despite a lot of cringingly dumb movies just because there was always a fundamental sweetness there that appealed to me. Which has nothing to do with Jax...just throwing it out there


Surprised they used the save on Quaasim, but it makes some sense because I feel that even though there are a couple of standouts and a couple of laggers in this season's field, it's a closer race in many ways than they have had in a very long time. There is quite a variety of styles and types and the potential for almost anyone to suddenly break away from the pack, so I think they are sort of just letting the chips fall where they may

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Oh, I forgot Quentin...which is odd since he's made me sit up and take notice for better or worse all along. I really liked what he did, and still love the way he really brings you into his performances with that haunting sort of intensity he has. Unfortunately is WAS pretty badly off-key throughout, but I hope he makes it through.

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I can't believe the judges used (wasted) the save on Qaasim.  I'm glad that I recorded this show so that I could fast forward through most of the performances after listening to a few bars of each song.  Clark and NIck had the only performances that I felt inclined to listen to in their entirety.

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Count me in on feeling disappointed that they used the save. Not that Qaasim isn't talented, but his performances have been so manic and all over the place that they all started to blur together and became unpleasant to the ear. He needs to keep his ego in check, because his constant mugging for the camera and acting like he's all tough and hard is NOT going to earn him votes. Be humble kid. 


I was the happiest with Nick, Quentin, and Clark tonight. Loved them! 

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Movie night and next week's 80's night should defiantly be retired. And if movie night is continues, limit to movies that are of this century.

I'm so happy that Harry made fun of JLo's dress. It was very inappropriate for a family show and a contestant that is only 15 years old. AI continues to be all about her.

Enjoyed Jax and Joey. They stayed within themselves and didn't over sing their songs. IMO the save was used too early and it won't be there for someone is more deserving and has a bad night.

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OK, after checking: American Idol songs are not on iTunes.  How does this happen in the middle of the season?  My understanding (per !MrsHB) is that they had been until this week,

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Nile Rodgers?  Damn, pulling out the big guns, eh?


Adanna was okay, not great.


Daniel is going to win the whole thing, isn't he? He actually wasn't quite that bad, though.  Though he needs to quit smiling whatever song he sings.


Don't really care for Rayvon's all falsetto all the time.


Nick was okay, not bad, not outstanding. From the crowd reaction, it seems like he's popular.


Joey sang well, but I didn't feel a connection.


Ugh, Tyanna was terrible.


Why is JLo wearing a tent?


What the hell is Quentin wearing? Interesting interpretation.  I liked it.


So next week we're going to be relevant by singing songs from the 80s with Boy George as the mentor?  Okaaayyy...


They didn't really address Maddie's health problems.  Why, JLo, does she have to bring some weight to a song?  What's wrong with fun songs?  And why can't somebody do both pop and country?  Not that Maddie was all that good.


Speaking of relevant, Kenny Loggins?  Really?


Clark is the best performer of this batch.  Well done.


Jax was horrible, she sounded like a breathy Marilyn Monroe. And not very good. And far too cutesy.


What was with the short skirts with starched petticoats under them?


Had to bring out the joker playing card, huh, Qaasim?  Literal much?  Actually, this was the first time he actually sang, and he wasn't bad. JLo was having an orgasm, I think. The jumping around and kicking his feet was silly.  As was the single glove (or was that a sleeve?)  Qaasim is far too affected, but I kinda liked this one.  I think they're going to regret using their save this early in the season. And two cut next week.





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This was the worst night of Idol I have ever seen. Clark can stay. The rest of them can GTFO. Even the people I like!

The Chanel commercial Quentin cribbed from is 10,000 times better sung.

Adam Lambert pretty much sealed Mad World off limits. Not sure I would have tried that Joey.

Tyanna? I'm going to pretend it didn't happen.

I wanted to say all of the above. Tyanna was flat and screechy or maybe singing in a completely different key. Could she not hear the track? That was just awful.


Qaasim entertains more than he sings, but I felt his performance was all over the place tonight (all that mugging!), even as "just entertainment".  I like Joey but have to agree that Adam Lambert owned that one.


With the theme of "movie songs"--so many great ones to choose from--why did they wind up with a night like this?


I haven't really felt one way or the other about Clark till now, but he was the best of the night--really good when everyone else was so bad (And, Harry, how can you say Qaasim was the "best" tonight? This is a singing competition, no? Clark was far and away the best singer--and the guitar playing was nice, too).

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Qaasim was dreadful.  I think he was saved because:  the producers don't want the season to begin with a procession of black-Americans eliminated;  Qaasim has some TV entertainment value that most of the others have none;  and a double-elimination for next week will almost assuredly include Daniel who might have continued to survive because someone else has a really poor week.  It also has the benefit of not wasting our (and their's) time on the sing-for-the-save nonsense.

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This was a bad, bad night for singing.  Even the best of this group were not up to par tonight.  These people make me think back on those who could sing well and didn't use  gimmicks -- Kelly,  Clay,  Ruben,  David Cook,   Daughtry,   Bo Bice (I still watch Bo's  a cappella "In a Dream"  occasionally on YouTube -- sooo good), and others, too.


I have not really enjoyed Adanna that much up to now, but I thought she did okay tonight.   She looked better, too, more covered and without the distracting loose boobage.


Last week when Daniel announced that his "cute factor"  was part of his popularity,   it was apparent that he's buying into the gooey praise.  He sounded awful tonight.   His ego needs some maturity before he can handle this, and his voice needs some years to get past puberty.    Jennifer, quit telling him how cute he is, because it's making him less cute every week.  


I like Rayvon, but he needs to occasionally lose the hat.    I don't care if he's bald or balding.    He has a sweet smile and a nice face.    This was his worst performance ever,  and I don't want to hear any more BeeGees covers unless they're sung by anyone from Season Two.


Nick is cute, but I'd like to see him with a different hair style.   I thought he did fine, not a stand-out, but a nice performance all the same.   I agree with Harry in that I wish he'd done a different song.   


I guess I just don't get Joey.   The clownish appearance is so artificial.     I can't understand most of her words when she sings, and I don't enjoy the nasal quality of her voice.    Instead of the "artistry" that the judges praise,  it looks more like pretense.     On the other hand,   I do think that she's a nice diversion from the attempts at sexiness put on by some other girl singers.   


Tyanna was way off tonight.    I actually cringed during her song.   I hope its just one bad night,  because she's been one of the few stand-outs so far.   


Jennifer -- meh.    That was mostly backtrack vocals to cover up her weak singing. 


I'm liking Quentin's take on these old songs.   I don't know why I'm enjoying him despite his quirky costumes and at the same time not liking Joey's quirks.   But Quentin connects more with his songs, and his voice is good listening, mostly.  This wasn't his best voice tonight, but his rendition of the song was interesting.  


Maddie is forgettable.   She seems like a nice enough girl, and she's pretty,  but she doesn't wow.   


Thank you, Clark, for being someone worth watching tonight.   I love that he showed a different side of his voice in this one.    Harry had it right when he said that Clark is a musician who understands what it means to "arrange" a musical composition.


Jax just doesn't come across as authentic.    It's as if there is a secondary contest this year between those who are trying to out-weird each other in appearance.


Qaasim for the save?   Really?    He finally sang a little,  solving the mystery of whether he can sing well.   He can't.  Or doesn't.  


It was nice seeing Kenny Loggins.    Saw him in concert a few years ago, and he still entertains.    Since he's been around since forever, he has lots of stories to tell, and he can still sing, which is nice.


Jennifer Lopez looked tacky.   If she had more than just marginal talent, she might be sort of tolerable, but tonight she was all T & A and too-heavy make-up.  


Keith has at times had bad haircuts that detract from his basic yumminess, but right how he's looking pretty sexy.

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It would have been interesting to hear what Simon would have said about Qaasim's performance tonight.... 


That was one of the most disappointing weeks ever.  Aside from a handful of good performances by contestants the best thing was JLo's gown during her performance.

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I'm not sorry they used the save on Qaasim. He's entertaining and I think he's made good song choices. "Come Together" worked well with his berzerk edge.


I wonder if there's a scenario under which Daniel could actually win. It shouldn't happen, but it might anyway.

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I heard that NYPD has issued a warrant against Rayvon for the MURDER of an iconic song and beat.  Prince?  More like the artist formerly known as Milli Vanilli.  He is damn lucky he pulled this stinker out his behind early enough in the competition to get by this week.  


Something is most definitely up about this entire  enterprise going forward.  No mentions all audition season about trying again and no mention of even a tour this year.  If I were a betting man, I'd put some serious quid on this being it.  Full stop.


TPTB must really have it in for Adanna.  They open the show with her and the mix was so lousy that the jidges, sitting right there, couldn't hear her for the first 1/3 of the song.  Literally could not hear her.  We, at home, had no shot of enjoying her, did we.


Nile was an uncommonly real guest.  He was most clearly not playing the BS games.  Much respect to the man.


Joey's make-up was the most conventional I have yet seen on her.  This was not the song to go for that look!   Once again, the audio mix was crap.  There was no way for us to appreciate her intonation.  It all came out as karaoke as anything AI has seen.  This may have been a live vs. transmitted digital deal.


Lord, Tyanna was brutally sharp.  What a vortex this show has become.  The arrangement was actually quite excellent.  Should have been a "moment."  


How was it that JLo's lower register came through crystal clear?  Even against the chorus, her voice was plainly heard.  Either she was tracked, or it is prima facie evidence of the shenanigans involved in the presentations of the contestants.  Haaaated the song.  Looooooved the gorgeous dress and staging.  Truly magical.


I'm with Melinda Doolittle:  Give me "Pooh Corner" if Kenny Loggins is singing!


"Sunday Morning" just begs for an HCJ arrangement/performance.  It would kill.  Clark?  Well, he may just get marooned this week.


OK.  I about melted when I realized Jax was busting out "Grow Old..."  Perfect and inspired choice for her.  I so loved the scene in the movie it is from, too.  Billy Idol!!!!!  It truly is among my favorite "musical" moments in any film.  She was horrible tonight.


So, was she truly bottom 2?  Was it ever said?  I replayed  the announcement and Ryan most definitely never claimed a true B2.  I also very, very, much doubt Jax was close to the bottom.


Easily the most absurd use of the save EVAH.  It more tells me there really is no one worth it than it is an endorsement of Qaasim.   However, if there is to be a tour, at least he brings some pizazz.  


If Daniel must stay, I want Qaasim to go.  Again.  C'mon Ameriker, you can do this!

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On what was overall a disappointing night, the three best performances for me were from Joey, Quentin and Clark, in that order.  What the three have in common is that they brought a fresh take on songs that have been beaten to death.


I really liked Joey's interpretation of Mad World.  Even though it doesn't come close to Adam Lambert's version (or even Taylor John Williams version from last season of The Voice), it was just different enough that I could take it on it's own merits.  Besides, the level of talent on AI these days is so far below what it used to be, that it doesn't take much to stand out.


I loved Quentin's arrangement of that trite old standard.  Yes he was a bit rough in a couple of places, but I thought this actually kind of worked to give greater emotional weight to the song.


I recognize that this may have been Clark's best performance so far, but my hate for that song is such that I just couldn't enjoy even his rearranged version as much as I might have.


Moving into the middle of the pack, I'm kind of impressed by Adanna's increasing comfort on stage and the way she keeps improving vocally.  She maintained her gradual upward trajectory.  I would also include Jax and Qaasim in this group as they both somewhat redeemed themselves from last week with imperfect, but much improved performances.


Next come Nick and Rayvon, who are okay vocally, but once again gave us completely forgettable performances.  I inevitably find myself drifting off on to other things when those two are on stage.  While they may be more consistent than Jax and Qaasim, I much prefer singers who actually take a risk and offer some entertainment value.


I thought Tyanna and Maddie gave us their worst performances of the season, in part because of horrible song selection.  Tyanna should not be trying to imitate a diva and Maddie needs to get back to doing ballads and country songs.  Not only does she perform those songs better, but they also give her the best chance of consolidating a base of voters who could keep her in this a little longer.


Daniel was just plain horrible, to the point where I had to turn down the volume a bit and just grit it out until he was done.  That just may also have been his worst performance of the season, which is saying something given how many bad performances he's had.


I'd really hate to see anybody else leave before Daniel, but if someone else has to go, I hope it´s Rayvon or Maddie.  Among those two, at least Maddie had been showing some progress before this week.  Plus spending all those days in the hospital probably didn't help her preparation, so I'd be willing to give her one more chance.

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In the past I've always loved the early rounds of competition shows like this because they have the most variety.  However, until almost the very end I agreed with the poster upthread who said this was one of worst nights of idol they had ever seen.  I was glad Harry quit his nice guy routine... I think he saw the ratings were already in the shitter so he had nothing to lose by just letting it rip... and he was on point with his critiques.  i thought Joey maybe Adanna were the only competent performances until the last three when Clark, Jax and Qaasim stepped it up.


Normally I'd be annoyed that they wasted the save on the good performing yet mediocre singing Qaasim... but then I realized that I wasn't invested in anyone enough to truly care if they got booted.


I think I'm done with Tyanna...  her style, personality and stage presence bores me and if she can't hold her pitch then there's no reason for her to be there.


I'm also pissed at Daniel for butchering that nice Adam Levine song.


I get why Jax annoys the fuck out of people but she's one of the only people on the show that moves me as a singer.  I too am turned off by her personality but if I listen to her sing with my eyes closed... I can truly enjoy her music.


Quentin looks cool, and his performance was in the upper percentile of a very weak field... but his interpretation of the song didn't make any sense.  Big difference between incongruous and ironic.


Hope two of Rayvon, Qaasim, Maddie, Tyanna, Daniel or Nick goes home.

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Singing "You're the one that I want" as a power ballad is something I didn't think would happen. And Harry? Don't say Quentin is horribly out of tune (which, no he wasn't) and tell him to think about the singing as well as the performance on a night Qaasim is saved from elimination. Hooker, please. 


Joey is great, though the way she sings words sort of taps on my nerves. I enjoy Clark. I'd say Tyanna (who was a bit rough tonight), Clark, Joey and Quentin are my favourites. Adanna sounded good though.


Would it kill one of these kids to sing Purple Rain on one of these movie song theme nights? Please?


And Mad World- sometimes I think it might be a good idea to retire a song that another contestant killed with. Adam Lambert owned that song. 

I told my daughter the same things last night, along with Tracks of My Tears, Whole Lotta Love, A Change is Gonna Come, Ring of Fire & Feeling Good should all be retired, lol


And Quentin would have killed When Doves Cry.  

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The only thing that will make me think it was okay to use the save on Qaasim is if Daniel and Maddie get booted next week. 


Daniel's performance was so bad.  It  was high school talent show level not AI.  Agreed with Harry that Maddie's performance was pageant-like.  So wooden.  And that beginning where she was twirling around in motion with the camera holding her arm up awkwardly?  Was very E! Red Carpet 360 Glam Cam. 


I did not like Qaasim's performance.  When Harry declared it the best of the night I was shocked - it may have been best performance wise but not vocally.  Get all up on Quentin for being off key (which I didn't think he was) but nothing to Qaasim. Just stunned they used the save on him, especially this early. My sister gave up after the opening of his performance and went to her room  - I had to bust in there when it was all over to tell her they used the friggin' save on him. I almost wish a front runner/ producer's fave would get booted next week to spite this stupid show.


Who is mixing the audio on this show?  Seacrest's mic needs to be louder - the screams of the crowd are constantly drowning him out. I'm not much for NASCAR so I had no idea that was Jeff Gordon until I got a better look at him because I COULDN'T HEAR EITHER OF THEM.


Tyanna had her first bum performance of the season. That was painful.


Unpopular opinion but I did not like Adam Lambert during his season so his Mad World had no bearing on Joey's version for me last night. I thought it was beautiful and loved her very put together look.  Especially her hair. 


I was prepared to hate Quentin's performance. My thought was that you don't mess that much with an iconic song but WOW.  Was I wrong! One of the judges mentioned it was someone else's version of the song. I can't remember who.  So it wasn't original but I'd never heard it.  I didn't think the song was out of tune - my remark was "Harry thinks that was out of tune? Has he listened to the other performances?"  I get he was ragging on a comment Quentin made in the pre performance video but the judges never seem to care about pitch so why should Quentin?  If you want off key, see Daniel. 


80's Night always gets me excited (since those were my teen years) and then they drag out the same tired tunes I hated back then (I'm looking at you, Phil Collins!) and I regret my enthusiasm.  Can someone please do Depeche Mode or Duran Duran? The Smiths or The Cure even?  Boy George should be interesting as a mentor.

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Thanks for reminding me about Boy George.  I'm excited for that.


I was totally thinking that Qaasim had the best performance of the night and then Harry agreed with me.  Weird.


Some of those song choices were wretched.  There are so many fantastic movie songs out there.  Checking the nominations for the Oscar for Best Song alone.  Ah whateever.

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Clark blew me away. Wow that was gorgeous and found myself yelling to those people in the audience who were screaming during the song to STFU. He made some of the others last night even more than usual sound like something out of a high school talent show.

Tyanna picked the wrong night to have a bad performance. I have a really bad feeling the double elimination next week is going to screw her over.

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I loved Quentin's performance, even though there were a few pitch issues.  Joey's also really worked for me.  (N.B. Not a fan of Adam Lambert, although Mad World was one of his few good performances imo; I don't agree with the whole "that's X's song and no-one else should ever do it" anyway.)  I liked Jax tonight, and enjoyed Clark for a change.  I love Nick's voice, but Danger Zone is a shit song.  He really should go in the neo-folk direction (which he mentioned last week was his usual style); it would suit him much better.


Then there's Adanna, who was better than before but still nothing special.  Rayvon has a great voice and he just bores the crap out of me with it; 2 of the 3 Bee Gees were spinning in their graves after he ruined Staying Alive.  Maddie is so pageant when she does anything that isn't country.


Tyanna spent the entire song screeching off-key, which for her is unusual.  I hope next week she's back to her excellent, if desperately in need of training, self.  Daniel has a glimmer of talent but is way too young and green for this; that was just bad.  And I've already made my opinion of Qaasim's performance apparent, so I won't belabor the point.


Should go home next: Daniel and Qaasim

Probably will go home: Rayvon and Qassim

Would serve the judges right if they did go (but I really hope not): Tyanna and Joey

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   Ugh......I think I agree more and more with others that this should be the last year of Idol.  

   I enjoyed Joey's take on that song a lot and I think it shows she can be soft and lovely as well as quirky.

  I have come to really love Quentin's interpretation of songs and his intensity.  He seems to understand and really feel what he's singing about (unlike baby Daniel who would probably grin thru a funeral dirge).

  Clark is very talented and I usually love what he does, but for some reason I did not care for this one. Same with Nick.

  Tyanna is just not picking the right songs.  They don't fit her voice and this performance was her worst so far.  I hope she doesn't go home this week, but she could.

  As much as I dislike Jax's affectation, she dialed it back a bit this week, so I enjoyed her song. Wait..........was there no gloved hand?  Can this be?

  Adanna sounded ok, but nothing special.  Maddie was just not good at all.

  Rayvon had been one of my favorites in past weeks, but this was  a really bad attempt.  I am not a big falsetto fan but he can usually hit the notes with some power and accuracy, but not this time.  I think maybe he'd be better off on The Voice with Adam coaching him.

   Daniel.  Just awful.  Besides the dumb constant grinning, he really can't sing, has no range, does not relate to anything he sings.  PLEASE let this be the week he gets voted off.

  Quaasim...... the people voted and decided he was done, so why did the judges not just let it be.  I think the mad running around at the end of his save-me song was because he thought he was out and he was making a last loser lap.  Now one of the better singers will be out due to a bad night.   Nice going judges.

  JLo......pretty in her performance gown, except for the glistening eye shadow and cheeks.  Not a great singer, never was.  Didn't care for her dress at the judges' table, but then I don't get the half-boob look and it doesn't really fit with the early teen crowd that apparently dominates this event.

  I will miss AI when it is gone, but it has lost a lot of its credibility.

And, sorry, but that Borschetta guy is just creepy.




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One of the judges mentioned it was someone else's version of the song. I can't remember who

It was Keith.  I didn't like the arrangement at all (but, I just listened to the commercial and that one was pretty good, so it must have been his tone and intensity that I was responding poorly to).  Nor did I like Rayvon's arrangement.


Speaking of arrangements:


I love Harry, but saying that viewers at home may not know what an arrangement is really annoyed me. It's not some obscure musical term.

Yeah, that one made me raise an eyebrow.  Plus this whole "arrangement" business drives to crazy every year because we inevitably get bad ones.  But, rearranging a song is a talent that some people don't have, and others need much more time than a few hours a week to do so, so, as I've stated many times over the years, if they can do it, great--more power to them--if not, then I just don't care.  Sing it exactly like the original and, as long as the emotion behind it is clear and correct (ex. NOT smiling through sad songs) and it's in tune, that's fine with me.


I thought Jax's choice was inspired, but I thought her performance was just "ok".


I ffwded through Quassim by the time he got to the joker card.  Was shocked that they saved him.


I hope Tyanna can bounce back from a bad week.


Confession time:  I hate Purple Rain with the fire of a thousand suns.  Love other songs on the album, but if I never hear that one again then I'd be one happy woman.


I'm fine with these "outdated" themes, it's just the choices these kids make!  So many movies and this is what we got?  Heck, James Bond songs alone have a wealth of wonderful songs, but not one in the bunch.

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I only watched about 40 minutes of this but from what I saw, none of the performances were very good. The best one to me was the guy Harry said was horribly off key. The Voice seems to have better performers this year. The guy who was saved? Really???

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As is obvious from my avatar, I'm one of those who wants to tell Joey, "Look into the rafters, honey.  That retired jersey you see is Adam's performance of Mad World." I guess I just don't get the Joey love anyway.  To me she's a gimmicky one-trick pony with a nasal voice.  I would listen to a whole album by her only if I were in the mood to spend an hour listening to a tranquilized goose.  (I can mix my animal metaphors with the best of 'em.)

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Qaasim had that Richard Sherman stare down after his song, like he knew he killed it and was going out a champ.  I wonder if he thought he had a chance for that save.  I sure didn't.  My daughter and I were shocked.  I did not think Harry would go along with it after his suffragette rant last week.  My only conclusion can be that the powers at the top want Qaasim for the tour because of his showmanship.  


I think Tyanna has to be scared after her performance last night.  I am scared for her myself.  The entire thing seemed off. 

Maddie seems so weak and not defined at all in who she is as Harry points out.  I can't see her going anywhere.  

I would have loved to see Quentin do "Kiss" from Pretty Woman (another Prince song)

Interesting aside: Taylor Hicks had a few things to say about Clark last week on his Twitter

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This was the worst night of Idol I have ever seen. Clark can stay. The rest of them can GTFO. Even the people I like!

The Chanel commercial Quentin cribbed from is 10,000 times better sung.


That's funny because I didn't like both the stars' vibes (I found it a total miscast) and the arrangement/vocals on the song in that commercial so I really liked what Quentin did. I remember watching it for the first time vividly because it was the first time I was disappointed with a Baz Luhrmann reinvention of a song.


Also, does AI have rights to songs on the Baz Luhrmann movie soundtracks? I feel like there are songs to sink their teeth into there. I always feel like there are many missed opportunities on those shows but tonight's choices were really weird man. The movies were really old ones and I feel like most of the contestants haven't seen the movies of the songs they sang which made the whole thing very mediocre karaoke like.

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I accidentally got stuck watching the opening of the show when it came on while my hands were deep in a sink full of soapy water. By the time the dishes were done, Adanna had taken the stage. OK, I'm shallow, but I could not get past the first time she whipped her head around with those skimpy, plastic extensions flying every-which-way, followed by a deeply meaningful look that didn't quite make it into the camera she was aiming for. Done.

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OK, I'm shallow, but I could not get past the first time she whipped her head around with those skimpy, plastic extensions flying every-which-way, followed by a deeply meaningful look that didn't quite make it into the camera she was aiming for.


Speaking of which, I hope no one in the LA area is looking for over-bleached extensions, because I'm pretty sure Jax was wearing all of them.

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Unless your name is Joey, I was not impressed with your performance last night .... Harry was right when he said an "average" performance would win the night as nearly everyone seemed to phone it the performance.


I thought Joey won the evening by a landslide.  I'd also rate Clarke and Nick as doing reasonably well.


I don't think Daniel sang one note in tune and Maddie's performance was cringe-worthy.


Why is it that I adore Joey's quirkiness which feels very organic and yet I find Jax rather fake in her affectation?


That JoLo performance was awful (and the song is pretty bad too).



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