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  1. As soon as Morse asked that lady for a drink I was like, "This is probably bad. She's probably the killer." Oh, Morse. If only girls were like crosswords.
  2. I've always loved how elegant this show is. The classical music and the Oxford University setting, juxtaposed with the murder and corruption. Beauty and ugliness. There are always things that call to one another- the little girl who was killed in Pylon had horse books in her bag (she pulls out Black Beauty on the bus) which links to her actual killers and also, the fact that Morse was trying to catch their runaway horse when he found her. And it's not that it had anything to do with solving the case, it's just something that establishes a feeling or a pattern. The scene with Morse walking through the field after that horse was dream-like and gorgeous. But again, beauty up against ugliness- that gorgeous horse was destined for the glue factory. Even the Zep song- What Is and What Should Never Be- is a dreamy, fairy-tale song. And if I say to you tomorrow Take my hand, child come with me It's to a castle I will take you Where what's to be, they say will be
  3. When she said she worked for "Nelson and Murdock" and I thought, "YEAH, YOU DO." And yeah, the Daredevil/Murdock thing- I totally thought Frank knew, too. And maybe what Frank meant was that Murdock was a better person in general (he knows, for instance, that Daredevil or "Red" doesn't kill people- Frank talked a lot about being a monster with Karen.) Daredevil and Frank had long discussions about the justice/who deserves to die in Daredevil Season 2. It's another reason I think Frank might know- a way Matt disguises himself is that he doesn't really do that much talking with people in the suit, and when he does, he's in the shadows. If he, as Daredevil, hung out with Foggy in the suit, Foggy would've figured it out. Frank and Daredevil spent hours together, debating, and Frank listened to Matt Murdock in court. In addition to the ultimate fight with no mask in season 2. I also just love how Bernthal plays this character- he does a bunch of little things, like "Does that Matt Murdock know you're here?" instead of "Does Matt Murdock know you're here?". And I know Karen isn't everyone's favourite, but I love her in this. I wish there was more of her.
  4. Ok, so does Frank know that Matt Murdock is Daredevil? I always thought he kind of does, but that makes the comment to Karen about how Matt Murdock is who she should be with to be HILARIOUS. I guess he doesn't know. I guess Murdock is the lesser of two evils, but wow. It also discussed "Krank" as a potential couple in a way that has never been done before. All that "you can't just keep loving dreams" and "it doesn't change the way I feel about you" stuff. Way more text when it had just been subtext before. And he was totally going to kiss her before they got interrupted, right? I'm just kind of obsessed with their chemistry. I always have been. And I'm a little sad if this is the end of the line for these two characters.
  5. Guys! Ubbe gets killed by Uhtred, son of Uhtred from The Last Kingdom. It was nice seeing Fimmell again. He's such an interesting presence and I'm not sure the show has ever really recovered.
  6. I was so irritated by the Joel stuff. I thought after Susie read him for filth in the Season 1 finale, it meant they weren't going to try to keep making him be such a focus. Or redeeming him. Or having Midge go back to him instead of to any one of the other, far more interesting dudes she has in her orbit. HE STOLE BOB NEWHART"S ACT, MIDGE. It reminds me a little of what ASP did with Christopher in Gilmore Girls, an ex, who is very disappointing, that the main female character is inexplicably still attached to. (Although I think the rebound marriage thing between Lorelai and Christopher happened after ASP had left the show)- regardless, the torch for that dude burned a long, long time. Also, Shy Baldwin is a great show biz name.
  7. Pretty sure it's "never lived alone"- it went parents, college, with Joel, back to parents.
  8. Abe is also a tenured prof at Columbia- he has the summers off. Rose doesn't work. That opens us a lot of free time. For the baby in the car- I think the windows were open (closed windows are usually the issue with hot cars and kids/dogs left). I think it was more of a wink at the idea that Miriam is preoccupied by things other than child care and is so privileged that she just assumes the baby is taken care of, because it sort of seems like she is. And for the babysitter aspect, I kind of assumed that childcare was part of the experience. Almost like a non-working version of a kibbutz for the summer. And yes, with a bunch of wealthy Jews at a Catskills resort, I was sort of expecting a working class WASP there to teach the Mambo.
  9. On the last episode, and it's very funny and sparkly, in general. The Benjamin stuff was really rushed. And there is entirely too much Joel.
  10. I find it hilarious that Matt Murdock thinks Jessica Jones is less stable than Karen. Yes, Karen drinks less but she crazy. (And I say this as someone who likes her.)
  11. It was a pretty nifty how they set it up to look like the comic Karen Page death. Although, if they killed her, they'd have both a vengeful Daredevil and a Punisher situation, as Frank Castle does not take kindly to people threatening her, let alone killing her. It brings up the problem of logistics with all these crossovers- Daredevil is concerned that this guy he is fighting is a really good shot- if only Matt Murdock knew someone who is bulletproof. (Who is now free because his show just got cancelled.)
  12. It was driving me a little crazy when Karen couldn't give Ellison or Ray any details to indicate how she knew the guy in the Daredevil costume wasn't Daredevil (besides "Because he isn't Matt Murdock".) Maybe she couldn't say this to Ray, but to Ellison she could've said, "His voice was different, he has a cleft chin and the other guy doesn't." Also, this Daredevil used a gun. She's written a lot of stories about Daredevil, so she knows he doesn't use guns, ever, though there are probably plenty available because the people he fights are often packing.She just could've said, "This guy used my gun. In all the reports about Daredevil from the people he's saved, never once has anyone ever reported him using a gun." It's understandable that she didn't, but I was like "Come on, Karen...." It did allow Ellison to yell, though. So that's nice.
  13. The scene between Karen and Fisk was pretty great, very intense. I like her pissed off. I've always liked Karen (though I know not everyone likes her), mostly because I like Wohl. I roll my eyes a bit when they call her a "great journalist" when I really just think she's good researcher with a reckless need to get to the truth.
  14. Re. Lawrence's clap- it would make for boring TV, but a friendly public health nurse would make those calls for you: "Hello, this is Public Health- someone you have slept with has tested positive and it would be a good idea for you to get tested. Here are our clinic hours." I think a show about a young woman of colour who takes job as a super for a building full of eccentric people with interesting life stories would be a good show. Sigh, Nathan. Also, yes, Dro ain't shit.
  15. She did a "Get Ready with Me" video for Vogue (they have done a whole series)- her lips are very....just very. She's actually pretty good at the makeup part (in the Instagram beauty way that is straight from drag culture), but she's really mastered Kim's studied Calabasas rich person blandness. I, too, find it very depressing that someone so young has had so much work done of her naturally perfectly attractive face. Rihanna's is the best, because OBVIOUSLY.
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