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  1. This is too stinking cute. Saint is such a sweet boy
  2. howmanywords


    Awe its OK OJ I'll still always believe Alex is Khloe's father. I call bullshit though on him never sleeping with Kris. BTW I'm cracking up over Caitlyn's fathers day post. Very nice post for her father, her sons and Kanye, Travis, Scott and Rob. Nice omission of douchebag Tristan.
  3. howmanywords

    S16.E10: Heavy Meddle

    Exactly. I would think its fake, except the way Kourtney is coming off here isn't far off from what is shown off the show. Look at Kourtney's Instagram. She's become the most guilty of trying to look like a cool MILF. IMO its not just trying to look cool but to feel younger. She's upped the obnoxious "look how cool I am" and bikini pics since turning 40. Hanging around and dating men half her age she's been doing for a long time. Remember when she was hanging with Justin Bieber? And most recently Luka Sabbat who is 20 years younger and of course Younes.
  4. I always loved Carrie. The week I started watching Days my grandma had it on and one of the very first scenes I can still vividly remember was when a very young Carrie was in a coma and Wayne Northrop's Roman (the REAL Roman!) tearfully read the Christmas Story to her. Christie came on a little while later and always did such a great job with anything she was handed.
  5. These people throw the most over the top parties, but this one is making me drool. Kim and Kourtney threw P and North a Candyland birthday party complete with a Mister Softee truck. Back when I was 6 if I had a party like this I would have been the happiest kid alive
  6. howmanywords

    Rob: The (Mostly) Invisible Man

    Yeah I never thought I would take Chyna's side on anything. And of course Rob sounds like an idiot. He doesn't want Dream subjected to the long hours, the lights and the drama? I suppose those things are avoided when she films KUWTK?
  7. While i agree it was wrong of Kim to say how much North hated Saint (true or not no need to spread cruel stuff like that) FWIW I pointed out in Norths thread that there has been a noticable difference in how North is with Saint the last month or so. I had suspected the weird timing matched to when the new baby came along but I'm not sure. Or maybe she became jealous of how loving Saint is with Chicago. There was never evidence she hated him the way Kim portrayed but there was also never any pics or video of her being super sweet with him like we are seeing now (my take? I think she was jealous and maybe annoyed by him but Kim exaggerated things). Now though Kim posted an Instagram story from the Sunday Service 2 weeks ago and she singled out the moment where North had her arm around Saint and said "North is always so sweet with Saint now, since this was his first time singing for the crowd she helped him with the words'.
  8. howmanywords

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Oh my God. I'm sobbing already reading that about Wil and Caroline. I'm not ready! I trash the writing a lot but this sounds like Caroline's death will be handled the best way possible.
  9. howmanywords


    That Instagram shit she posted smacked of not just making herself feel better but also to try and cover her ass. Its been ages since people talked about how she was the other woman when Tristan's girlfriend was pregnant. She has to speak up now? I believe it. And he's probably seen True even less. Really sad. He seems like the kind of person who just seems more into his career and women than his children. Say what you will about Kanye because Lord knows he's screwed up but I have no doubt he adores his kids. When I watch him with those kids I see pure joy and a good father. Poor True got stuck with a real prize. Hopefully one day Khloe will develop some taste in men and meet someone who can be a decent male figure in her life.
  10. She's been at, hmm I wanna say the last 3 parties. They've definitely been chummy again a good couple of years. Then recently Paris recorded a song called "My Best Friends Ass" and Kim was in the video (I may have lost so.e brain cells watching it).
  11. Same. I do think Reign is cute but I mistake him for a girl and P for a boy. We can all go straight to hell together 😆
  12. That baby is sleeping like he knows he'll never have to work a day in his life
  13. howmanywords


    Holy hell what was she thinking? I'm guessing she didnt see the movie or if she did see the movie it completely went over her head what was about while she just thought how awesome the costumes were Kylie Jenner Slammed After She and Sofia Richie Dress Up in 'Handmaid's Tale' Costumes for a Party
  14. howmanywords

    S16.E09: Christmas Chaos

    It was OTT and yeah a lot of it was unnecessary but I thought that party looked stunning especially the outside Maybe Kanye should trade in designing clothes for party planning?
  15. howmanywords

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I would have loved to have seen Frankie and Max return for Carolines funeral. Kayla telling Victor is going to be so sad ugh.