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  1. howmanywords

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Right..but the problem is with DOOL's really stupid taping schedule its hard for them to know in a realistic time frame when something happening on screen is resonating with viewers. Sure they'll milk the popularity while they can but in the meantime they're filming like 7-8 months ahead already so the sad reality is they could fire someone a few months back while they are generating interest now. I can't stress enough how much I loathe this taping schedule!
  2. howmanywords


    Wouldn't that be so nice and generous of Kylie to buy Stassie an overly inflated fake ass as a thank you for being her new sidekick.
  3. howmanywords


    Kylie's Instagram since she's on this trip has been eye roll inducing and obnoxious. Nothing but numerous gratuitous bikini pics, semi nude pics and my personal fave the multiple pics of her and her new hanger on BFF Stassie posing in either the same outfit or matching colors. Nice of her to include one pic of her daughter amongst all her other narcissistic annoying pics.
  4. Every once in a while recasts happen where they are so good I can't even remember they are a recast. That's Brandon for me. I adore him. I was already a fan on GH but he's killing it here. I was trying to remember Tyler in the role and I could barely remember anything. The fact that I hated Stefan then is likely another factor. BB has really brought something great to the character.
  5. Even though its beyond stupid to have a floor like that with kids around Kim has mentioned before about certain rooms the kids are allowed to make a mess in, there are playrooms where its ok to get paint,crayons, etc all over. I would hope at the least those rooms and their own rooms don't have that ridiculous special flooring.
  6. howmanywords

    Kardashians in the Media

    Taylor Swift, Kylie and Kanye are #1, #2, #3 on the Forbes Top 100 highest paid entertainer list. God help us. Kris must be cackling like a fool. And pfft forget son in law, I'm pretty sure Kanye will now officially take Rob's place as her son.
  7. Kanye is on the cover of Forbes. So Yeezy is expected to top 1.5 billion this year. I'm always amazed when I see sales numbers for Yeezy. The more ugly they get the more the sales rise https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2019/07/09/kanyes-second-coming-inside-the-billion-dollar-yeezy-empire/
  8. @boes let me just say I pretty much always agree with you and you never fail to crack me up..but that rant is particularly glorious.
  9. Isnt that the sweetest? Strangling her grandson to (almost death) is such a minor little memory. And tbh Marlena telling Ben that he would make a great therapist felt like foreshadowing. I fully expect to see him pursuing that.
  10. Holy crap you weren't kidding. I did enjoy all the goodbyes with Claire and her family but at the same time we were smacked over the head with the reminder that Ben is redeemed. Tripp apologizing was not enough..nope! We had to hear Claire tell him he's one of the good guys. And Marlena and Ben Oy. Forgot to add..farewell to Olivia Rose Keegan. Such a talented girl who I will really miss 😣
  11. Khloe, the Photoshop queen posted the original of that pic so no surprise there its been touched up heee. Its really adorable though. True has been with P and North a lot. Poor kid may have a douchebag father but hopefully she'll have her big cousins close by growing up. That kind of bond is important.
  12. howmanywords


    Yep I always believed this. That actually makes a lot of sense. For all the talk of this being a publicity stunt it seemed more like a sure fire way for Tristan to get Khloe off his back. That video of Khloe twerking trying to dance with Tristan showed just how uninterested he really was (not to mention a buddy of Tristan leaked it).
  13. If you look through this Instagram you can find the occasional pics/video of Chi being animated. Certain people seem to get more emotion out of her than others (namely Saint and Kanye). The videos from March of her playing with Kim's bags are probably the most I've seen her really interested in something.
  14. howmanywords


    While she no longer looks like that on the left, she also doesn't really look like the right picture. The right pic is one of Khloe's overly edited pics where she photoshops a picture to death and to what she wants to look like. That is of course if she had a nose job in the last few weeks (tbh it wouldn't shock me).