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  1. I'm laughing so hard at the comments where her suckup celeb friends are going on about how stunning she is. These people know damn well she doesnt Iook remotely like that. On the other hand shes being mocked and laughed at all over twitter.
  2. Very happy for Paul! But this was me seeing freaking Norma Desmond got nominated
  3. My God. That poor woman has been through too much already. Those injuries sound scary.
  4. I wouldnt be shocked at all. In fact the woman they are suing isnt backing down and is still saying Tristan is a liar. Shocker, huh? Khloe was probably hoping the money would keep her quiet but it seems like Khloe is going to end up looking like a fool, again.
  5. Skims is a goldmine. Not only does Kim have the fanbase that will buy anything she slaps her name on but some of the biggest celebrities have posted that they wear Skims. I dont begrudge Kim milking whatever she can with her brand, but this is making me roll my eyes. If she managed to find a material thats effective and actually does its job and is also supposedly breathable I'll give her credit but I doubt it.
  6. I tried really hard to soften a bit with CIN today so I could tolerate Hope being so accepting, but that line about the washer/ring being a sign that Bo was giving his blessing? Hey Ciara
  7. Stormi is such a sweet little girl. "Patience patience" 😂
  8. Kim has shown numerous times her books/notes and mentioned the baby bar in interviews. All her practice tests are customized for her. Taking the exam and actually passing it is a whole other thing. My friends son is brilliant and he failed it his first time.
  9. Wow so Maggie was drugged?! Hope's face upon hearing about the engagement 😂
  10. I have no clue what impact Sofia has on Scott. I know nothing about her. I only see brief snapshots. But I do know if someone has underlying issues that go untreated it will never get better. Scott never grieved properly when his parents died and for that I put a little blame on Kourtney. She obviously isnt a counselor but she is so damn cold and emotionless. I remember that time she was pushing him to go to the Hamptons home and Scott broke down in teara saying he wasnt ready to face going there. Kourtney with that blank, monotone voice of hers and without even reacting to Scott having a meltdown just said something like "well its time you need to move on with your life". Scott may still have deep issues with his parents death. I cant even fathom losing both in a matter of 3 months. IMO he also needs a long, strict rehab stay. Bad drug and alcohol problems dont go away on their own.
  11. What about that big bed!? Not so much an identity clue but I saw that and immediately thought hmm Jake gets his own apt set, prominent bed, sparks flying with Gabi= those two should be banging soon 😂
  12. I couldnt stop smiling today watching those two. Brandon and Camila havent missed a beat! It speaks volumes about how much of a great actor is that he's playing this character the way he is. I keep going back and forth between thinking he IS Stefan or that he is playing it off like we are just meant to think he is. Regardless, I hope somehow whether if he is Stefan or not "Jake" is used to fuck with Chad's smug ass.
  13. Can we officially say now Brady is the biggest idiot on this show? Rafe held the honor for so long but I can't believe they are writing the character so laughably moronic.
  14. Wow and the reaction on Twitter is total shock. Usually when a major character leaves even temporarily there is some notice. The article inside didnt indicate this is a temporary thing, but yeah we can't be that lucky.
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