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  1. Yep. Remember when people thought the end of KUWTK meant them being gone? Never happening. At least not for a while.
  2. My God why?! Kim is hosting SNL on 10/9. First time ever for a Kardashian
  3. Bill Hayes at 95 is a better actor than some of the younger people on the show. DevilDoug continues to crack me up!
  4. Holy shit! I've been too busy to watch every single day plus keep up with spoilers, so this was me at the end of today's show 😱 DevilDoug!! And Doug calling Julie a bitch?! I mean, this is like Christmas!
  5. I spread my hate equally. I despise them all so much.
  6. I LOVE Younes for blasting that DM😂
  7. Exactly. These are the same fans and who spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on his ugly clothing and sneakers. Like they won't have a problem dropping a few bucks on any shit music he puts out. They have been waiting for this album for ages. Also forget the Kardashians, Kanye sold massive amounts of albums before he met Kim so he has loyal fans.
  8. Shocker. Last week it came out he dumped Irina Shayk. As soon as the family vacations and matching fugly outfits started I knew it. Kris must be giddy. 🙄 What Kanye West Said to Kim Kardashian While Leaving the ‘Donda’ Event: ‘His Face Lit Up’ "He was smiling so hard you could feel his energy radiate as he was looking at her,” an eyewitness tells Us Weekly exclusively. “If you watch the video from the [event], you will see he said, ‘You look pretty.'”
  9. They're certainly getting people talking. Kanye fans seem to think the putting himself on fire was symbolizing getting rid of the past, being reborn through the ashes and the marrying Kim thing, well is obvious. Tbh I've been saying for weeks now I bet the divorce is off. Eta: another sign is Jay-z being off the album..probably said "so you back with her? I'm out" lol
  10. I read an article yesterday that he's bringing in huge millions the longer he keeps delaying the album release. So this listening party last night, he actually rebuilt a replica of his childhood home in the stadium, he set himself on fire in said home and then Kim came out and they recreated getting married (the K's are all reposting this so yes it's her. Shit is getting weird. He also took off the album the song about abandoning your family
  11. Yep https://www.tmz.com/2021/08/20/kylie-jenner-pregnant-expecting-baby-travis-scott/
  12. Not to mention the album still isn't finished yet.
  13. She's quickly becoming the trashiest out of all them.
  14. Insane. Who are these people?? https://theshaderoom.com/kanye-west-sells-out-over-half-of-the-tickets-for-the-second-donda-stadium-show-in-one-hour/
  15. Well, ED may be enough to get me to watch but I do hope they brought her on to finally end Kristen since the character has become total trash.
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