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  1. I watched this last night and after it ended, I just kept saying "BUT SHE SOLD THE DINER!" I felt like that was a large gaping hole that was unresolved. Plus I always hate when the women on a lot of these movies give up their lives for love. So now that he loves her, she isn't going to Paris?
  2. I wanted her to give him at least one "I told you so" after all that. It wasn't like she said cannoli once. She said it multiple times and each time he was certain it wasn't.
  3. I threw all my votes to Casey because I figured she was in trouble. Oh well. I loved her duet with Chayce. I firmly believe Chayce will win this whole thing. AI voters love the WGWG.
  4. I started out the evening voting for my favorites (Casey and Grace) right off the bat because I was so tired that I knew I wouldn't make it through the whole show. By the time I went to bed, I threw votes to someone I hadn't voted for yet: Willie. He has a great voice but I've been a little bored with him. But his version of Yellow - WOW. That was a moment. I'm not the biggest Coldplay fan but I've loved Chris Martin after seeing a documentary on the band. He seems like a good dude. I loved him as a mentor, especially when he pushed Grace toward Fix You. That was a moment for her
  5. Same. But I figured there was no way the show was going to have this big twist only to have them eliminated right away. I wouldn't put it past them to have put him in even if he didn't have the numbers. I was an Arthur fan last season but he hasn't wowed me at all these past 2 performances - everything just sounds the same. I loved that Graham DeFranco was with Chayce's family/hometown watchers. That was cute. I'm over Chayce though and ready for him to go.
  6. I had to go look up who made the Top 20 last year (since I had completely forgotten about Jonny West). I loved Julia Gargano so glad to hear she got a record deal. A lot of these comeback kids made the Top 20 but were eliminated before the Top 10 week. Franklin, Olivia, Aliana, Faith, Nick, Cyniah, and DeWayne were all eliminated after the Top 20 performance show. Makayla was the judge's save. Looking at the Top 10 and taking out the winner and those with record deals, one has to wonder why Jonny, Jovin Webb, and Sophia Wackerman weren't part of this. Especially Jonny since , like was sa
  7. Count me in with those who think this "twist" is completely unfair to this year's contestants. This group had their chance last year. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned but those are the breaks. Really, if Olivia needs to be on a stage to be good, then she isn't that great. If you have talent, you can perform anywhere. I forgot how much I loved Louis though. I voted for him and Aliana because girl had a serious glow up since last year. Both in style AND confidence. I was super impressed. I had a hard time remembering most of these contestants til they performed. I still have no re
  8. Ohhhhh! I would have loved to hear her do Blaze of Glory! I loved her Over The Rainbow though. For a second, I thought she might try to do the ukulele version since they were playing that under the Bobby Bones segment but I'm so glad she didn't. That belongs to Jason Castro to me. I was a Chayce fan until tonite. That Bryan Adams song displayed every weakness in his voice and now I'm firmly off his bandwagon. I couldn't believe Luke called him a frontrunner after that performance.
  9. I knew Orca was Mark McGrath from the first time he sang. It was almost as obvious to me as Bret Michaels/Banana. So I was thrilled that I was right. I rarely guess these. That said, if the Russian Dolls aren't Hanson, I'll be shocked. Those voices are pretty recognizable (and I"m not a big Hanson fan) so I"m surprised no one on the panel has guessed them. I have no idea who the others are. Seashell was great. But no clue who she is.
  10. My bf and I now call her Sideshow Bob. For a hair model, that hair was BAD. The outfits are all too pagenty for me as well. She doesn't have a bad voice - I think if she was a little more natural in her style instead of trying so hard, I might like her better. I was not happy the judges let her though. Not looking forward to the TWIST next week. Just let this year's group shine in their own way and leave the others in last season where they belong.
  11. The Idol Pad has posted the Top 16. I was super surprised to see Mary Jo on the eliminated list but the others were expected.
  12. He did it during his season on Idol. I remembered that because he called it a cover of a Jessica Simpson song which confused me and then I found out she had a hit with it in the US. I can't believe I forgot the whole "unison" thing in my post. Shades of Kellie Pickler, I guess. She went down a few points in my book after that - she's 19, she should know what "unison" means. Anamoly is my favorite Incubus song and I would have loved to see them sing that.
  13. Just wow. After Sunday's show, I was expecting so much more from last night's performances. Most were awful. This is why I hate when they split the Top 24 in half to decide who is going through. Someone who was good Sunday night will go home over someone who was unbelievably bad last night. I'm so used to Katy's odd get-ups that I was almost shocked at how beautiful she looked last night. I forgot how pretty she is. Still beautiful is Brandon Boyd. He has definitely aged well. I am not a Josh Groban fan. He's talented but it's not my thing. Robbie Williams lives in LA
  14. I heart Andre SO much. I was glad to see he has aged well. Apparently they were going to do this with Hawaii as well but Amaya tweeted about it and she thinks that may be why it was scrapped. I too would love to see one with Boston. One of my favorite RW seasons. I subscribed to CBS All Access/Paramount Plus last week with that 50 percent off offer you mentioned and they have 20 seasons of the RW available but NOT Boston. (Or New Orleans, another one I'd love to watch again and see a reunion of.) The Washington Post did a story in the Entertainment section while the Boston season wa
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