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  1. Wow, I had no idea. Okay, YouTube started randomly suggesting videos to me about him a few weeks ago. Just out of the blue. I don’t know why I thought he was still alive.
  2. Okay, you were right both times, though I misstated my point. Originally I meant to say it was back on the charts after all these years. I didn’t necessarily assume it was a #1 hit, even though that’s what I wrote, though I figured it must have charted pretty high for the song to be an enduring classic the way it is. I corrected myself in my follow-up post and still wound being confusing. Sorry! As for Maren Morris, yeah, the vibe I get from her is that she wants to be a star more than anything. And I feel bad for nitpicking her fashion sense because maybe she just likes looking cute, so who am I to judge? But she just gives me Halsey vibes. Like, early on Halsey seemed more into playing the role of pop star even when she didn’t quite have the hits yet. Maren Morris was three singles in to her solo career before she featured on The Middle.
  3. Pentatonix is too YouTube-Gimmick-Made-Good. I don’t think a capella singing is a gimmick per se, but it does kinda have its place. Caroling, recital halls, in front of the quad of college on TV...that kind of thing. Not on drive time radio or harmonizing with Stevie Wonder on the Grammys, y’know? And they even look a little bit like the creation of some Lou Pearlman type (currently incarcerated founder of *NSYNC and BSB). They’re like the Planeteers of singing groups. But really, I just think they’re filing the void left by the industry not signing actual talented people. People want to hear vocal harmonies and runs and riffs. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe we could hear that in the context of fully fleshed out music compositions. Not from kids who look like extras from DeGrassi.
  4. Yeah it is neat that that song hit #1 at the end of this decade. Not sure why I figured it was a hit when it came out. I guess it’s because out of all the Christmas pop songs that have been released that seems to be one of the few original ones that has legs. Anywhoodle, I came here to talk about “The Middle”. I kinda feel like we need more pop songs like that. Maybe not in that same vein, but songs that encourage large groups of people to sing at the top of their lungs. I listened to it today and I realized that I kind of wish they had kept looking for a singer. Quick backstory: they went through over a dozen vocalists and no one could sing it like Sarah Aarons, one of the co-writers, who did the demo. NYT did short film about the song: Go to 1:20 to hear her do the first take of the chorus. It’s so...good. Affecting. Emotional. I wind up going back to listen to that part from time to time. There’s a mixture of anger, frustration, and sadness. They really wanted to find a singer who could conjure that up. They settled on Maren Morris whose tone sounds like Sarah’s, but Maren’s not emotional enough. She’s way too into being hot. IJS. Every time I’ve seen her perform I’ve thought she put more effort into dressing snazzy than how she performed. Anyway. I find myself listening around her during that song, if that makes any sense. It’s a good pop song. Close to “pop perfection”, a concept I’ve talked about before. Just wish the vocals gave me more life than they do. I’ve often thought that some songs would work well if the singer learned the song then sang it in like 1-2 takes. This is one of them.
  5. Ha! Why? I do too kinda, but I wanna hear your take. UO: We might have to cancel Camila Cabello. First, uh, not sure if you guys heard but apparently Camila Cabello is in some hot water because her own Tumblr resurfaced where she had posts of all kinds of racially insensitive things back when she was a teenager (including a photo of a white female basketball player holding a bucket of chicken away from a black player and a redrawing of Piglet with an Afro and brown skin, and yes, they renamed Piglet, and yes it’s what you think it is, and no, I won’t be repeating it here). She’s come out and apologized but there’s a line between finding offensive jokes funny because you’re immature and devoting a portion of your social media presence to Racial jokes. And she’s been propped to an extent because of her Cuban heritage and the cultural moment we’re in. I’m normally not a fan of canceling people but aside from the racial stuff, I’m tired of them pushing this plain chick on us. She’s an average singer, average in the looks department, makes mostly uninteresting pop music, and yet they want her to be everywhere. I think it’s starting to slow down, though. Apparently her album Romance that just came out flopped, she’s scheduled to be in this ridiculous adaptation of Cinderella that not too many people are interested in, more and more people are convinced her and Shawn Mendes are fakety fake fake, now this. Maybe Camila needs to take the next year off.
  6. Not if you sit by and watch it happen to others without speaking up (like all of them do). Not if you yourself do it all the time (like Joy does on a daily basis). And not if you’re simply doing it to virtue signal (like all of them do). It’s more a matter of convenience at that point.
  7. As a matter of political commentary, it’s tired. And while I watch this show because I genuinely like seeing women discuss current events and like to hear their opinions, I can’t think of anything that enforces more negative stereotypes about women than the View taking the time to chronicle every unkind word or shady comment or angry tweet from President Trump, especially apart from any larger context so it just looks like he had no rhyme or reason for saying those things besides being a meany-head. And cross-reference their prickliness over Trump’s personality with how they handle disagreements on this show or social media backlash. It’s all condescension, dodginess, “you need to calm down”, and defensiveness (“w-well, you wouldn’t say that if we were men!”).
  8. Being smart means you can’t and won’t just carry the water for one side irrespective of what that side says or does. It means you understand how to call balls and strikes. And, it means you don’t leave it up to others correct blatant details of the issue you’re discussing because it doesn’t jibe with your narrative. Sunny has said way too many times that she doesn’t understand how Republicans won’t impeach Trump but they impeached Clinton. She’s been corrected, at least once, that Clinton lied under oath. So, Sunny, that’s why they’re not in favor of Trump’s impeachment! Just simplifying it down to “the President did something wrong” and expecting the same reaction is, well, not something a smart person would do. There are levels to it. Plus, Sunny was a prosecutor. Her point is like saying, why would a prosecutor give a press conference on a murder trial but not speak up about someone cheating on their spouse? After all, they’re both wrong! This is...not how smart people think. And for a long time I’ve felt Sunny was just dumbing herself down because this show is very surface, but she hasn’t had an opportunity to use her brain in awhile, so I think she’s actually lost some IQ points. One other point Is like to make. Well, two. First of all, I’m tired of them saying that no Republican has tried to defend Trump on the issue as if that means something. They’re defending him by voting against impeachment! They’re not trying to tidy up his image so they can bring him home for the holidays. It’s telling they want impeachment to be a referendum on him and not on the Ukraine thing. Just because they can’t compartmentalism doesn’t mean other people can’t. Second, Meghan said Trump lost any good will he had by saying what he said about the man who died. Oh, Meghan. Everybody didn’t grow up with John McCain as their father. Pointing out that Trump said something tacky and mean is sooo 2016 I could vomit. She’s gotta stop calling herself a conservative who won’t be quiet and start acting like one. She uses Trump’s lack of manners as a crutch to hop aboard the Trump hate train, and saying something about a veteran irrespective of why, is her ticket. But in the end, nobody’s buying it.
  9. Again I’m referring to a panel, not a show led by Joy. And I’ve seen Meghan on other panels and whatnot and never have I found her to be nasty. But that’s just my opinion. Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny...are blue state liberal Democrats. Period. I’m not saying they’re always in lock step with one another and literally have no differences, but they’re usually in lock step with one another as it pertains to the main issue they discuss as far as politics are concerned. Plus, Ana, Abby, and Meghan might be nominally Republican, but like I said, they all hate Trump, and with Ana, I mean, you’d be hard-pressed to find her saying Republican-y things in any medium she’s on. All three are tepid examples of conservative women in media, and the only reason stands out is she’s a bit more outspoken in sharing her conservative views. Hence she’s a big bitch. Yeah, I disagree. Meghan’s never going to endear herself to the View’s audience because of her political affiliation. I think Meghan gets more hate than any other co-host and having to sit on the show and constantly be the contrary one has probably made her more defensive than she is by nature. She’s a lot of things but I don’t think from a personality perspective she’s any worse than any of her co-hosts. I think Abby is the nicest, that’s it. I remember when Elisabeth was on the show and she was routinely derided as being a bitch too (Elisabitch???) and she was way less pugilistic than Meghan. I mean, it’s the reverse Halo Effect, really. Any conservative woman on this show who dares to be at all assertive in her opinions is going to be derided as a bitch, and many of those people are going to swear it has nothing to do with her political views, it really is just her personality and lack of manners. This is why I keep saying the show’s format is unfair to MM and Abby. They should understand that and at least try to mitigate a little instead of always setting them up to play the spoiler to the running commentary.
  10. Meghan usually waits until the end to speak, so I don’t know that she simply can’t control herself. Methinks some people want Meghan to be a sweet li’l lady and wait her turn because they’re not really trying to hear what she has to say anyway. It’s not like Meghan is the only person who ever interrupts anyone; she gets interrupted too. Plus, and I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but when you have three liberals and one Nice Person, there’s no reason to interrupt if you’re all saying the same thing and agreeing with one another. Meghan is the only one who may have a hot take that goes against the grain, so she’s the one who has to try to get a word in edgewise. Joy’s ebullience is due to being in a safe space. She can crack wise and the audience will cheer. Put her with a group of conservatives who aren’t here for her Eff Trump energy and she may not be as light-hearted. Conversely, Meghan on a show of other conservatives might actually seem more friendly and upbeat because she’s not always on defense.
  11. The “Meghan’s interrupting people” thing is a little unfair, IMHO. This isn’t an AA meeting; it’s supposed to be a conversation. Maybe they all need to learn how to make their points without speechifying and applause-wrangling and then maybe it won’t seem so OMG HOW RUDE when they interrupted.
  12. Eh, Sunny can be a little on the long winded side and telegraphs that she’s just looking for applause. Like, there are only so many minutes between segments. Bash Trump and Republicans all you want, just please do it at shorter length.
  13. I knew she would walk it back too. But that was complete bullshit. First of all, Whoopi, most people were praising you for dragging Meghan. So who exactly needs to calm down as far as you’re concerned? Unless somebody behind the scenes got in your ass for that, nobody was upset with you for what you said. Except the twelve people who like Meghan. And she played the sexism card...biiiitch, get the fuck outta her with that. You and Meghan were being catty. If someone said you guys were being catty, and that cattiness runs amok on this show, they’re saying it because it fucking does. It’s not sexism because you’re not a good representation for women of differing opinions.
  14. I think you guys missed my point. If Joy was the lone liberal voice on a conservative panel, she would come off as bad if not worse to their audience as Meghan does. If they always teed stories in a Trump’s Great/Dems Suck kind of way, Joy would be the bad-hearted contrarian who people wish would get kicked off the show. Meghan can be one-note as it pertains to veterans, but as I said I think that’s because of her father more than some abiding respect for veterans in general. But politically Meghan probably gives the most varied answers. Like I said, Whoopi, Sunny, and Joy don’t defend conservatives, Republicans, or Trump. So you can guess their reaction 95% of the time. I think she said she has a hard time discussing him because they know one another personally, and even then I think implicit assumption was that she disagreed with him but didn’t want to join in on the dragging because of their personal relationship. To be fair, she’s said something along the same lines about Joe Biden. So, this is another example of what I mean by her having nuance that the others don’t have and how the tenor of the show is set up to make her look bad accidentally/on purpose. First of all, they all know Meghan and Lindsey know each other. So she’s not going to drag him like the rest of them regardless. I’d have more of an issue with that if I felt that wouldn’t be the case with the rest of them if someone they knew was “wrong” and they had to call them out. If they talked about it, they would do so in the most sterile way possible to avoid a phone call. Second, not to get too political, but Meghan’s opinion, to me, seems like she’s saying, Lindsey is wrong for telegraphing how he’s going to vote prior to getting the case, but House Democrats weren’t exactly impartial and by-the-books, so turnabout is fair play. I think she resents the implication that it’s okay for the others to carry the water for a bunch of politicians they don’t know but she has to sit there and criticize a close family friend for doing the same thing.
  15. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t accuse Meghan of being a soft touch in any context. She’s not Abby. But I think Meghan’s personality grates more in this setting because of the dynamic of the show than her just being, well, a bitch. It would be like if Joy Behar was a host of The Five on FOX. Same points, same personality, just a different show. I’m sure their audience would find Joy’s personality insufferable as well, and if she was unwilling to pare down her personality and opinions for the sake of the show and/or their audience, she would be getting a lot of the same hate comments Meghan gets. On a show like the View, Joy is just the funny, brash Italian grandma from Brooklyn. Maybe you don’t agree with her all the time, but hey, what are you gonna do? Joy’s Joy.
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