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  1. Dude, isn’t Cats coming out in a few days or something? Why isn’t Taylor promoting that film instead of releasing annoying Christmas music? I haven’t heard her say one word about cats. She hasn’t said she likes cats, she knows cats, she needs some kitty litter, she can be catty, one of her friends got catfished, she smells cat food, she wants a Kit-Kat bar, nothing. Instead she’s just out here singing Shake It Off with Ashley Frangipane and Cameltoe Cabezo or whatever her name is.
  2. Aww, Linda Ronstadt. Remember that time they got Jojo to play a younger version of her on “American Dreams”? I remember watching that thinking, “Now y’all know damn well...”
  3. Eh, I’m not fooled by Drake. There are several indicators: the Big Freedia feature, the Lauryn Hill sample (that particular one), struggle lyrics about bills, Hittin’ angles like Fabo (millennial dance reference), confronting women who don’t act the same way in person as they do online, nice for what to these ___. It just seems like a pitch right up the middle. I understand he had more than just black women in the video, but that’s just for the video. I don’t think it had anything to do with the song. That’s partially evidenced by the fact that he did a whole reunion with his DeGrassi cast mates for the “I’m Upset” video (after he got thoroughly trashed by Pusha T). There’s nothing wrong with the song in theory, or even in execution. It’s just really manipulative, so of course Todd liked it.
  4. This is slight off-topic, but it needs to be said. Toddintheshadows is a Youtuber who does music reviews. He’s been mentioned here several times. He just did a video reviewing Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” and he not only hates it but seems to dislike Capaldi as well. First of all, I’ll say I’m not crazy about the song. It’s okay, but I see how it works as product more than being moved by it, if that makes sense. It’s not unlike my opinion of bad guy by Billie Eilish del Rey. I get why it works. It’s the kind of song that works for the soccer mom crowd that still listens to the radio with their kid in the car. I also think Capaldi sounds eerily like James Arthur, someone I am a fan of, who also had a big hit with “Say You Won’t Let Go”, which also worked for the same crowd. Anyway. His video got suggested to me so I watched it and he wastes no time bashing this guy. It made me realize Todd has a pattern. Here’s a partial list of songs over the last decade that he hasn’t liked: John a Legend - All of You Ed Sheehan - Thinking Out Loud (and you can add in most his catalogue apart from “Don’t” and “Sing” from that one year) Passenger - Let Her Go Hunter Hayes - Wanted Lukas Graham - 7 Years Maroon 5 - Girls Like You Virtually anything by Shawn Mendes Virtually anything by One Direction I could do some digging and find a few more, but that’s enough to make my point. What do those songs have common? They’re songs for women performed by men who have either a sensitive singer-songwriter image or just a good-guy image. Todd has said before that he had a lot of female friends in high school and he seems like it. Dudes who hang out with a lot of girls get this weird kind of resentment to other nice guys. Like, “no, only I can be the nice guy who wants to hold women’s hands and not make out with them. All other guys are pretending!” It’s such a beta male trait. It’s like a heavy set woman calling thin women stuck up and skinny you-know-whats without even knowing them. What seals it is if you watch his best songs of 2018 video, he puts “Nice for What” by Drake fairly high. The pro-black-woman anthem he came out with right before it was exposed that Drake had a love child by a white porn actress who has used some racially charged language on Twitter and called him a deadbeat dad and had to hire an attorney to get Drake to accept paternity. That song. Not only does Todd put that song on his list, but he features this lengthy sequence of him walking to a karaoke party and doing that song for a room full of women who seem to be into it. It’s gross just typing that out. I’m getting douche chills. Todd’s a “nice guy” who hates nice guys, in other words, he’s a hater. He’s the kind of guy who pillow talks about other men to women.
  5. I wonder if they’re going to ever do remake of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. As crazy as it sounds, I could see it being even more controversial now than the original. We’re in the “that’s not funny” era. It would be a great diva vehicle for Carrie Underwood, but she wouldn’t do it.
  6. Everyone doesn’t have to interpret the song the same way, but it not being intended as a straightforward love song is only half of the issue. The other half is, they’re nowhere close to being Whitney Houston. Whitney was an interpreter; she imbued all of her songs with passion, a mix of drama and seduction. In hindsight many of her songs have an almost regal quality because of her delivery. She sang that song how she would sing it. They jazzed up the arrangement but Whitney sang it how she knew to sing. So that’s why so many renditions of that song sound like karaoke to one extent or another. Because they’re not singing the song in the spirit that it was intended.
  7. I think the more annoying thing is that because Whitney’s version is so iconic that everybody automatically associated it with being this epic love song, like a kissing cousin of My Heart Will Go On, and that’s not really the initial vibe of the original. It’s a simple song saying goodbye to an old friend, a mentor. I hate to be a hater 😁, but this reminds me of the night Whitney died right before the Grammys. And they got Jennifer Hudson to sing IWALY to open the awards show. I remember not liking it for that exact reason. Jennifer, whose voice is better suited for gospel and gospel-tinged soul music from decades ago, who also has little finesse in her singing, trying to do a serious , stirring rendition of that song and it just...didn’t work. I remember somebody on the old TWoP board saying it should’ve just been Dolly with a guitar singing that song.
  8. I’ve said before that I’d like Abel a lot more if he were gay. As weird as that sounds, this song kind of illustrates that. He sounds, well, gay. And I don’t say that as an insult, but he just does. He sounds like a gay guy doing an approximation of modern day R&B. When he says, “I been running through the pussy/need a dog pound”, my first thought, “suuuure you have. Please stop saying pussy.” The gauche lyrics are why I can’t just say he sounds fey. That said, I do like the song. Sounds like an album cut more than a single, but I like it. There’s a deep groove to it that gives me an 80s vibe, and his voice seems less indebted to MJ than it does to El DeBarge, which I think is more his speed anyway. I do kinda wonder if he’s able (...heh) to do this song live. It’s so fast and I don’t know if he’s a nimble enough vocalist to pull it off in a live setting.
  9. Tina looks great! Congrats to her. I just came to post The Weeknd’s newest song, “Heartless”. Your thoughts?
  10. Meghan needs to stop with her obsession with showing “respect” to veterans, especially because I think it has more to do with her lionizing her late father rather than some principled belief about veterans. They’re people just like the respect of us. Thst said, I think she saw this stunt for what it was. His being a veteran had nothing to do with his opinion about Trump. And especially with everything going on right now, nobody has time for antics. So I think that’s why Lindsay bailed. Of course it looks like he was “disrespecting” a veteran, but I think the guy was probably on some bullshit and just wanted to have a moment on camera.
  11. Eh, they kinda are. Not in a criminally negligent way, but Taylor has been at this whole public figure thing for awhile. I’m sure she’s dealt with crazy people and the need for security. Maybe a newer artist wouldn’t, but Taylor knows better. You don’t tell your legion of impressionable fans to go tell the mean white men to stop being mean to you. You’re just asking for smoke at that point. But that’s still kinda not what I’m saying. Had this been a man directing his fans to give Taylor or any woman a piece of their mind, what you said would still apply, but it wouldn’t be treated that way. More than a few people would say that constitutes a line being crossed. Shoot, there were people saying Scott Borchetta was being spiteful and petty when he responded to Taylor’s Tumblr rant a few months ago.
  12. Believe it or not, the acto—er, people on Love & Hip Hip actually make music sometimes. Well, some of them. My favorite song from anyone who’s ever been on that show is this one by Margeaux. She’s Canadian, biracial, and actually came off normal-ish on the show (well, she divorced her husband Nikko, who went on to make a sex tape with another woman with a young daughter and sold it, and started dating a woman. Point still stands.). She released this song a few years ago about her breakup with Nikko, but it’s a nice slice of sleek, progressive pop. It sounds very current even after a few years. Kinda wish she would re-record it with more dramatic vocals, but lyrically it’s very good for a pop song.
  13. Exactly what did Scooter do to Taylor? I agree, but that makes me double down on my point: if the roles were reversed, would we just shrug it off if a man sicced his fans on a woman an subsequently she received death threats?
  14. Meghan and Abby both wear their biases on their sleeves and it’s a little...I don’t know. Meghan’s dad was a veteran and POW, so of course veterans can do no wrong. Abby’s dad was an ambassador to China, so everyone from the diplomatic cloth can do no wrong. Meghan was right that Sunny was going after a cheap applause line, because that’s all she does. Sunny said Rep. Hurd was complicit by not condemning Trump as if he couldn’t possibly have a different impression of the testimony he’s heard than her and Joy, who have been angling for impeachment since like 12 hours after Trump got elected.
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