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  1. It looks like this is another Bill whine fest, so I'll skip it. He really is a grumpy, repetitive bore.
  2. Poor Bill. He's lonely in his lovely, spacious home in the California sunshine. Sure, let's open up sports arenas with a lot of drunk fans, most of who would definitely not wear masks and would be yelling and hugging all over the place. And if only all of the dead from the virus had been health freaks like Bill, we wouldn't have had this shut down problem. How soon he forgets that the shut down prevented many more deaths and many health care workers were overwhelmed. Bill is a so self absorbed. Watching him makes me angry, so I've had it with his repetitive whining.
  3. I don't watch the show much anymore because Mika and Joe are so repetitive and boring. It irks me no end to have Joe ask a question of Lamire or Rev Al and then drone on forever before they can answer the question and then they are usually interrupted when they try to answer. I just fast forward through Joe and listen to the guests. I hope they pay the guests a lot of bucks to sit through the endless Joe monologues.
  4. I'm afraid I am watching because I just want to see how it ends. I wish they had condensed the story down to three or four episodes, because it is just extremely slow moving. I'm waiting for the last episode and will be relieved when it's over.
  5. I totally agree with your post. When writers inject the F word into practically every sentence, it becomes so boring and repetitive. That word has no shock value any more, so why use it so much?
  6. I think they mentioned they were meeting in Rochester, NY. I even looked it up on a map to see how far that was from Shaker Heights. Her ex boyfriend said that he had driven several hours to meet with her in Rochester, which is in upstate New York. It was still a very long drive. The ex boyfriend really got the shaft. No wonder he was angry when she wanted to meet him years later in NYC.
  7. Get off your high horse about Americans and their bad health habits, Bill. You've been smoking marijuana for years and bragging about it. Go to the American Lung Association website and learn about the damage that does to the lungs. I'm sure he thought his conversation with Willie would be a cute reminder of how Bill loves his marijuana. I am not anti marijuana (although edibles seem preferable to smoking), I'm just tired of Bill's rantings about how how pristine he thinks he is.
  8. Hmm, Sophie had so few clothes on when she was shivering and shaking, then suddenly on the pole she had a shirt and pants on. It's all set up for maximum drama on this show.
  9. I agree. The lady to the left kept putting her hand on her hip like she was a model. That was odd looking and distracting.
  10. I want to like this show, but I'm losing interest. Even though everyone seems to be trying their hardest in the acting and production, it just seems off to me. I'm surprised that not many comments have been made in this forum. Apple may have spent too much money on this project.
  11. How did Reese Witherspoon (Bradley) grow her hair about three inches in a day? Or are we supposed to believe she has a new wig as she meets her coworkers at the bar? Strange continuity for a high budget show. This episode felt boring and cheesy to me.
  12. I can't stomach Megan McCain, so I haven't been watching the show for two months, but I read all of your comments. It sounds like she continues to be a nasty, ignorant piece of work. I don't miss seeing Captain Obvious Abby Huntsman either, and it's too bad that she is trying to be more strident to attract attention, bless her little privileged heart. I look forward to the time when I can watch the View when Meghan McCain is gone. Until then, I'll keep enjoying reading all of your great reviews!
  13. I read the Modern Love column every Sunday in the New York Times. Those stories are usually interesting. So far, this series is a dud for me, and this one is the worst.This episode was so boring and went on for so long that I almost went to sleep. I don't know why Tina Fey and John Slattery signed up for this snooze fest.
  14. This episode was hilarious and every cast member was excellent. This show is a joy to watch.
  15. Do you think Bill will go on his food and fat people rant from last week when talking to Michael Moore?
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