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  1. I can finally return to watching the View! The exit of Meghan McCain is the best news I've heard today.
  2. Just give Jean Smart an Emmy right now. She is perfection in this role. I appreciate the way she isn't afraid to look haggard and with her hair all rumpled. I just want to see her in every scene, because she is such a great actress. Ava almost lost me in episode five, but she came around to show some sweetness in this episode. Kudos to the writers too. This show is fantastic.
  3. I guess not many people are watching this show. I don't know why I am. It has such a ludicrous plot, and this episode was full of Allie (Ally) and his wife (I can't remember her name) running around Mexico City guided by some random guy on the phone, while their two children are abandoned in the hotel and decide to wander about getting high and acting stupid. Who wrote this terrible series?
  4. Young Sheldon is the only sitcom I watch. There is rarely a dull show because the writers are excellent and the cast is wonderful. This episode was so good, featuring MeeMaw and her bus mates, Marla Gibbs, Diane Ladd, and the guy form L.A. Law (I'm old too). This is just a delightful show.
  5. I'm with you, BrownBear. I think Bill lost his mojo a few years ago. He's just a cranky old man who seems to be behind the times. I'm older than Bill, and I think he is way past his prime. I only watch now if he has an interesting guest on the show who Bill MIGHT allow to talk uninterrupted. I couldn't watch the Megyn Kelly segment because she makes me retch.
  6. I'm waiting for the day to start watching The View again. That will be when Meghan McCain is gone from the show. I don't see how the show's producers believe that it's a good idea to keep her on, but I suppose they think the hate watching ratings are worth it. Surely there have been a lot of viewers like me who became disgusted with her and quit viewing. It's been a couple of years for me now. When she's trending on Twitter, I know it's not a good thing, unless it's the news that she's left the show for good.
  7. After an almost two month vacation, I would have thought Bill and the writers would have come up with some better material. I've watched this show for years, and Bill Maher is coming across as an old whiny sourpuss who only occasionally cracks a pithy line. Sad.
  8. Ok, they are trying to gin up something about knocking on doors. Do you really think at this point that a couple of Trump people are going to convince anyone to change their minds about Trump and vote for him because two masked people with Trump hats come to your door? How many doors go unanswered? I have a doorbell camera and a peephole in my front door, and I don't open the door to anyone I don't know or expect. It's best for me to avoid all of these types of stories for the next weeks before the election. I don't need the agitation.
  9. I am done with this show. Joe Scarborough is a pompous, repetitive, blowhard. My husband and I often fast forward when Scarborough is on the screen (we are on Pacific Time and record the show), but today we listened to the endless introduction of Rev. Al, while Rev. Al listened patiently until Joe stopped. Then Rev. Al gave a concise, great explanation about looting and violence and how it hurts the cause, and Joe INTERRUPTED him, to repeat back what the Rev Al said, only in Joe's drawn out, repetitive, bombastic way. I yelled at the TV, Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!, alarming my husband. How can
  10. I find the show much more enjoyable if I fast forward through Bill's solo routines. I enjoyed the guests, although Colonel Wilkerson really alarmed me. Bill seemed tired and listless, and for such a rich guy, his indoor home scenes are dark and depressing. Bill Maher really needs a studio audience who likes him for his schtick to work. I like Paul Begala and love(!) Chris Evans, but Meghan Daum was not impressive until she told Bill that we really don't need to bring up the Clintons right now as an issue when so much else is going on. I agree.
  11. It looks like this is another Bill whine fest, so I'll skip it. He really is a grumpy, repetitive bore.
  12. Poor Bill. He's lonely in his lovely, spacious home in the California sunshine. Sure, let's open up sports arenas with a lot of drunk fans, most of who would definitely not wear masks and would be yelling and hugging all over the place. And if only all of the dead from the virus had been health freaks like Bill, we wouldn't have had this shut down problem. How soon he forgets that the shut down prevented many more deaths and many health care workers were overwhelmed. Bill is a so self absorbed. Watching him makes me angry, so I've had it with his repetitive whining.
  13. I don't watch the show much anymore because Mika and Joe are so repetitive and boring. It irks me no end to have Joe ask a question of Lamire or Rev Al and then drone on forever before they can answer the question and then they are usually interrupted when they try to answer. I just fast forward through Joe and listen to the guests. I hope they pay the guests a lot of bucks to sit through the endless Joe monologues.
  14. I'm afraid I am watching because I just want to see how it ends. I wish they had condensed the story down to three or four episodes, because it is just extremely slow moving. I'm waiting for the last episode and will be relieved when it's over.
  15. I totally agree with your post. When writers inject the F word into practically every sentence, it becomes so boring and repetitive. That word has no shock value any more, so why use it so much?
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