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  1. Did anyone else think that kegel contraption presented by Joan Lunden and her daughter yesterday was weird? I don't appreciate these advertising segments staged liked bouncy, faux interviews.
  2. Even though I quit watching the show in the past couple of years since I could not stand M.M., I seem to remember that she adored Erika Jayne, that Housewife woman who is married to the rich old embezzler dude, who they discussed today. They even had her on the show to sing at one time. Was it my imagination, or did the ladies seem to really enjoy dissing this Erica woman, which would infuriate MM? I hope she was watching the show today.
  3. Exactly! I was waiting for someone on the panel to bring that up, because my state too (Oregon), offers many trade programs in community colleges. If they know a topic like this is going to be brought up, they should do some research before they start discussing it without knowing the facts.
  4. All of these episodes have been difficult to watch, but what a master class in acting this show has provided. Both actors deserve an emmy. I'm wondering how they memorize all of that dialogue and are able to express such nuanced emotions. I'm so impressed.
  5. I think that breaking the fourth wall at the beginning of each episode takes my attention away. I don't want to see the house props and the crew before an actor starts performing. I guess the director took the title of Scenes from a Marriage literally and must think it is a clever artsy device. I think it was a mistake. I think I'll fast forward through it on the next episodes while closing my eyes!
  6. The reason I'm watching this show is for the superb acting of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. After this episode the director said that that bedroom scene where Jessica reveals her affair was about twenty minutes long, and it was all done in one take. That's really amazing to me.
  7. Was that Nicole Kidman warbling Moon River? Was it in her contract that she could sing songs in her light, breathy voice? I think she's going to look back on this series with embarrassment due to her frozen look and terrible accent, along with the ludicrous, jumpy plot. I am a big fan of Lianne Moriarty, and although I didn't enjoy the book as much as her others, I don't remember it being this disjointed. I am usually a fan of Nicole Kidman, but this and The Undoing haven't been very good showcases for her acting ability. Unfreeze your face, Nicole. It's too distracting.
  8. My husband was watching Morning Joe today while I was in another room (I can't stand to watch that show anymore), and I faintly overheard Ben Sasse come on and talk non stop for the longest time. I put on my noise cancelling headphones, but then noticed that my husband finally turned off the TV and was fuming mad at the fact that they let Sasse spout his dishonest and misleading crap for 20 minutes. I keep telling my husband to quit watching the show to improve his mental health, like I'm trying to do.
  9. Nicole Kidman is an excellent actress most of the time, but the look that they gave her and the terrible Russian accent that she's trying to attempt make her acting ability fly out the window. Could that wig be any more fake looking? The close ups of her filtered face are strange. Maybe they should have chosen another actress to play the role, but then not as many people would have tuned in. I'll watch for the other actors who are intriguing.
  10. Mike White and the casting director did such an excellent job in choosing actors for their roles in this series. I can't think of a bad choice that they made. The actress who plays Belinda, Natasha Rothwell, especially impresses me with her nuanced reactions to Tanya's behavior. She doesn't want to grovel, so she delicately tries to promote her business plan to Tanya, and she displays her disappointment in such a sad, sweet way. There are so many other examples of great acting in this series, and to think they got this crew together in Hawaii with the pandemic going on is really impressive. Pl
  11. I can finally return to watching the View! The exit of Meghan McCain is the best news I've heard today.
  12. Just give Jean Smart an Emmy right now. She is perfection in this role. I appreciate the way she isn't afraid to look haggard and with her hair all rumpled. I just want to see her in every scene, because she is such a great actress. Ava almost lost me in episode five, but she came around to show some sweetness in this episode. Kudos to the writers too. This show is fantastic.
  13. I guess not many people are watching this show. I don't know why I am. It has such a ludicrous plot, and this episode was full of Allie (Ally) and his wife (I can't remember her name) running around Mexico City guided by some random guy on the phone, while their two children are abandoned in the hotel and decide to wander about getting high and acting stupid. Who wrote this terrible series?
  14. Young Sheldon is the only sitcom I watch. There is rarely a dull show because the writers are excellent and the cast is wonderful. This episode was so good, featuring MeeMaw and her bus mates, Marla Gibbs, Diane Ladd, and the guy form L.A. Law (I'm old too). This is just a delightful show.
  15. I'm with you, BrownBear. I think Bill lost his mojo a few years ago. He's just a cranky old man who seems to be behind the times. I'm older than Bill, and I think he is way past his prime. I only watch now if he has an interesting guest on the show who Bill MIGHT allow to talk uninterrupted. I couldn't watch the Megyn Kelly segment because she makes me retch.
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