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  1. Oh dear. NoBSDance's Facebook group has dropped to 32. NoBSActive's, on the other hand, is now up to 634. Even if only 500 of those group members are paying customers, Whitney and Ryan are grossing in the neighborhood of ten grand a month. (Maybe a little less if a bunch of the customers took advantage of the discount if you pre-pay for a year, but I suspect the $20-a-month-pay-as-you-go-and-cancel-at-any-time plan is still what most people sign up for.)
  2. Don't go neg on me, boo. No need for drammer, aight?
  3. Alas, no. It seems Whitney seriously misjudged her ability to give up pork products, and was politely asked to leave the conversion class after she was spotted in the hallway stuffing a slice of sausage pizza into her mouth. Don't worry about it. Personally, I'm not sure anyone in this thread has a moral high ground when it comes to any form of interaction with this show! 🙂
  4. I guess I was hoping Chase would back out of another season, once he learned how obnoxious living in WhitneyWorld can be. Or that Whitney would be even more full of herself than usual when it came to planning the wedding, and TLC said to her production company, "Who the hell does she think she is? Kate Middleton? No, the budget for the wedding episode is the same as for any other episode, and if that's not enough, she can peddle her show somewhere else."
  5. Argh, Whitney has put up an instagram story in which she is wearing several pounds of eye makeup, obviously applied by a professional, with the caption "testing lewks for next season!" They've renewed this crap for yet another season? I thought Dot said the ratings were on a downhill slide?! Or is this just Whitney teasing the fans (and giving us haterzzz headaches?)
  6. I'm assuming Whitney is already parking herself with them any time she wants to overnight in Greensboro. Unless the whole "Whitney has to rent out her house to a local disc jockey and his girlfriend, so Buddy must leave" imbroglio was just part of the script.
  7. I believe she already has. Have you seen the pics on her instagram, shilling torrid swimsuits? (If you don't do instagram, I think they've been re-posted in the Social Media thread. But I'll just put one here . . . )
  8. Why would friends come to your new house to throw a party? Isn't a housewarming party supposed to be given by the person whose house it is? Whitney was worried about Chase and Ryan's friends seeing her as Chase's girlfriend? Did he say or do anything to demonstrate that they were a couple? Even when she won the drinking game, he gave her a kiss on the cheek that was the equivalent in enthusiasm to a high five. Whitney making a point of asking Heather in front of Ryan if she was wearing spanx was a total mean girl move. Reminded me of the time in high school when I was talking with a boy I had gone on a first date with and liked a lot, when another girl who was rumored to like him too, came up to us, peered at my face and said, "OMG, you have a mustache!" I responded, "OMG, you're as blind as a bat!" I wish Heather had said, "Not all of us need foundation garments to get our pants on, porky!" Yes, there may come a time when parents and children reverse roles, due to the parents' mental or physical decline, but Babs and Glenn both have a very long way to go before they need Whitney to take control of their lives. On the other hand, they raised the bossy narcissist that she's grown up to be, so they just have to deal with her now. They seem joined in a passive aggressive refusal to take her seriously, a strategy that is probably the best they can do for now, and at least has the benefit of irritating the shit out of her. The idea of Whitney as a personal trainer is yet another of her clueless insults to people who actually possess the skills, training, discipline and ability to qualify for whatever she imagines herself to be. True, I was certified as a personal trainer back in the dark ages, when it meant attending actual classes, and the final exam was done by demoing your skills on a volunteer "client" in front of a live examiner who asked you questions as you worked. At no time was a plastic skeleton involved, although I had to be able to name the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints involved in each exercise I taught "without hesitation." And showing poor form while demonstrating any of the exercises was an immediate fail. Looks like Whitney is planning to do it all online, where no one can see she can't demo a proper push-up because her belly protrudes so far, her arms aren't long enough to get it off the floor. I wonder if Buddy is planning to make amends to Kerryn Feehan? I'd love to watch that happen.
  9. But is he normal? I keep flashing back to the butt-sniffing instagram story from their time on the cruise. (There are two screen shots from the video on page 206 of this Social Media thread, and they are strange enough, but they don't do justice to seeing the two of them in action on the [now presumably erased] video.) Maybe he is a chubby chaser, or has a fetish for large derrieres. I know Ryan expressed surprise at the connection, because he had never seen Chase with a larger woman before, but is that preference something a bro would necessarily be open about with other bros? Mostly I am convinced this is all for money and laughs on Chase's part. But then I have flashbacks to that cruise vid! How much would you have to pay someone to do that??
  10. Social graces aren't his long suit, for sure. But remember that she'd already spent part of the day before with his sister and her boyfriend, his father obviously knew who she was, and she was technically the hostess of the dinner. Maybe the cameras made it awkward for Harry?
  11. It's likely even less than that. Every time we are shown snippets of the nobsactive routines, there seem to be breaks for Whitney to act silly, or a pause for Ryan to fiddle around with the camera or to talk about the exercise to come. I doubt the routines are 24 non-stop minutes of action.
  12. I like the argument between the ones who think she took the picture herself and the ones who want to know who took the picture, and isn't it kind of creepy to have someone photographing you while you sleep? (Also, the one who asked, if it's a selfie, where's her elongated rubber arm holding the camera?) I also wonder why he's wearing a hat. Interesting that Whitney thinks this pic (which she "just found") ... "pretty much sums us up. 😂 💤" What does she think the picture conveys? She gets naked and he starts snoring?
  13. Try as I might, I cannot "hear" Chase Severino referring to Whitney as "my love." It's such an old-fashioned term of endearment. Makes me wonder if the Valentine's Day instagram message from him was another Whitney Thore Social Media Production. In which case, she might just as well have sent herself a bouquet to photograph. Maybe she didn't think of it? Maybe she didn't want to pay for it herself? There's just this strong sense of cluelessness or indifference on his part, and of a very juvenile sense of how a couple in love should behave on her part.
  14. On the other hand, Whitney responded to this with "Love you, too, Baby. But ... it IS next year already." Severinbro7 replied: @whitneywaythore lol I meant next year’s Valentine’s Day when we’d be married, SHEESH I'm guessing the rush is to stage the marriage asap, or TLC might lose interest in another season. Or else it's part of the "she ends up with Buddy" storyline, so they have to rush to the end of the Chasney portion of the script. 🙂
  15. And Chase's mother said, "Heck, no, you can leave me out of this nonsense wherever it takes place." "Fine," said the producers, "Go to a conference for work, or something." "Fine!" says Chase's mother and walks away muttering "to think I was upset when he tried out for The Bachelor! Who knew it could get worse than that!"
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