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  1. I assume she meant she was looking in the floor to ceiling mirrors in the studio.
  2. Your wish is my command, Oh Mighty Dot! 🙂 Whitney says that from her babyhood, where she jiggled in the car seat to the rhythms of Motown on the radio, she displayed an "intrinsic" love of dance. "I instinctively understood the nuances of how to move my body to a particular kind of music because I could feel it. [italics in the original]." Once she heard a song's melody, an "electric current" would make her bones vibrate and "like a conduit, I had no other choice but to channel it through movement." When she was six years old, (1990) her parents signed her up for "ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics at the Cindy Gill School of Dance." She claims that due to her "natural ability and unnatural enthusiasm" she "quickly became Miss Cindy's star student." She repeatedly had the opportunity "to dance in every dancer's most coveted spot: front and center." Unfortunately, from that spot she could also see that she was a lot taller and heavier than the other girls, and so began her obsession with her weight. And in the summer of her fifth grade year, she decided not to dance anymore. Three or four years later, as a freshman in high school, she had lost some weight and auditioned for a high school production of Jesus Christ Superstar. She was cast as a dancer and the choreographer mentored her and eventually accepted her into the Honors Advanced Dance Class that she taught at the Weaver Center (a specialized curriculum in performing arts for high school students). Whitney admits she was at first surprised to be accepted because, although she "had the passion, the drive, the natural talent and the basic skills [she] had acquired in childhood," she was "miles behind " in "the more technical elements of leaps and turns." After that, she auditioned for a community theatre production of Carousel, was cast as an ensemble dancer and also became a pet of the choreographer because she "worked harder than anyone else." While it seems Whitney spent a lot of time in the studio,, she was being taught choreography, not dance fundamentals. At some point (in her junior year?) she was referred to a new teacher at the Weaver Center named Leslie, who asked her if she was being taught by any local professional. When she learned Whitney was not taking regular classes, she "invited [her] to take a class with her senior competition company." This turned out to be a technical ballet class and Whitney who had "never been adept at ballet," struggled hard to keep up. Also, the other members of the class were taller and thinner than she was and, once again, her "thick thighs and lack of technique threatened to shake [her] identity as a dancer." (Whitney doesn't say so, but competitive dancers of high school age would probably have been doing at least half of this class en pointe and there is no indication she'd ever graduated to pointe work at Miss Cindy's.) She does say she was dancing en pointe after a few months in Leslie's class,"albeit wobbly and poorly.") At some point during this time was the rescue of Todd's high school production of Grease, where she choreographed and played Cha Cha. She was also invited to teach a hip hop class for children and adults (why am I thinking "mommy and me?) and discovered she loved to teach. That's what she has to say about her dance background. At this point, she was taking Adderall and binging and purging to keep her weight down, and once she arrived at college, her weight went out of control and she stopped dancing for ten years. She then took one ballet class where she claims the teacher said she would have been an amazing dancer if she weren't so fat, so she dropped the class. She took one Zumba class that she really liked because there wasn't any structure - the teacher danced and the class followed. When it was over, the teacher told her she was a great dancer and should be a Zumba teacher, so she took a one day certification class, and got a license to teach Zumba.
  3. I have this problem, still - PC Windows 10/ Firefox Also, since the last update, if there is more than one thread with a new post in the forum, and I open the first thread, the clickable notification at the bottom of the thread no longer tells me the name of the next thread with unread posts. It just says "Next Unread Topic."
  4. Whitney in the gym again. She's posted an instagram video taken at the weightlifting gym, where she was being trained by Sean Rigsby's wife? girlfriend? business partner? Tayler Harris. Whitney begins by complaining that she achieved a Personal Record squatting that she was anxious to show off to Sean, only to be let down by her camera which didn't record this moment in physical achievement. Tayler, somewhat blurry in the background, seems to be suggesting Whitney go a little heavier and tape THAT PR. So the next scene is Whitney squatting 92 kilos ( about 200 lbs.**) five times. Her form is all wonky again, but Tayler, doing an impressive imitation of Jessica, is all "good job!" while Whitney shoves the bar back on the rack and screams "Let's fucking go!!" Tayler posts a picture of Whitney at Werk with the caption, "Love seeing this woman kicking ass and attacking her Personal Best every week!" Interestingly, a couple of Whitney fans responded by praising her effort, but criticizing her form in no uncertain terms. Said one, "I am so excited and proud of her for lifting heavy!!(best exercise out there) I just hate seeing people not correcting form before getting hurt. She leans to the left on every squat and her back will let her know it before long." Said another, "Next let’s work on that form so you don’t hurt yourself!! Good job! In response to the usual pissy reaction that Whitney already has a trainer and doesn't need their opinion, the comeback was "yes she does have a trainer and she should help her with her form instead of adding more weight... shes going to throw her back out." Chiming in, the other knowledgeable commenter added, "at least someone gets it lol!! Weight shouldn’t be the only goal, correct form should come before PRs! 👏🏻" Pissy commenter does not give up, "different body sizes and different (dis)abilities have slightly different form." Knowledgeable commenter is not having it. "bad form is bad form is bad form and it will cause injury no matter your size 🤦🏼‍♀️" **I find this hard to believe, but so she says . . . And now, a day later, she has corrected her post to 92 lbs, not kilos. Slightly more credible.
  5. Now, now. We have substantial proof that Whitney is an experienced and capable dance teacher. She freely admits she taught Todd everything he knows. Oh. Wait . . . .
  6. But has she said how long these online dance classes will be? If it's fifteen minutes a week, in five minute classes, she may be able to hang on for at least two weeks?
  7. But since she took up weight lifting, her knees are amazingly all healed! So she can drop it low! That makes THREE moves!!:)
  8. I fixed it for you - hey, if you're going to use Whiticisms, why not use them all? 🙂
  9. I would pay $5 for an unedited video of Whitney getting into that leg-up-on-the-barre position. And no one should consider taking technical dance instruction from someone who so clearly has no idea of proper body alignment. Stick to the ass-shaking, Whitney. Your idea of barre work is, to me, a unique mixture of stupid and dangerous.
  10. From what I understand, white Olympic standardized bumpers are one of two sizes - 11 lbs. (5 kg) or 1.1 Lbs (0.5 kg). Either one, she's a ways from competing in a legitimate, sanctioned meet. But it does look like she's showing more respect for this trainer, and is working seriously, as opposed to the whining and hissy fits she showed Will Powell, and the teasing and grabby hands she inflicted on Jessica.
  11. That was my problem, too! 🙂 Thank you, Pachengala! Now I'll know what to request the next time I twerk at the clurb. 😄
  12. Link to this on YouTube. Looks like she's deleted this from Facebook but nothing goes away on the internet! Here's a very brief clip, but you can see her do the same "roll the pants down to show more ass" move that she's doing in the Ryan vid. Random - does anyone know the song she's dancing to? I tried to find it when she first posted this but couldn't.
  13. From that remarkable piece of literature I Do It With The Lights On: "With my feet still in the stirrups, the nurse practitioner at my OBGYN's office, Liz, sat on a little wheeled stool, furrowing her brow over my medical records. The she said something that would change my life. 'I think you have PCOS.' I had never heard those four letters put together and had no idea what they meant. Liz gave me some pamphlets, scheduled some tests,and sent me on my way."
  14. Ryan Andreas replied to Whitney, "This isn’t what you told me you were feeling like."
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