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  1. It's almost impossible to make sense of the storylines, particularly the chronology, of MBFFL. But a quick check of Whit's instagram establishes that she went back to Paris and also for a brief side trip to Switzerland with Chase's full knowledge. Also, she wasn't alone, Natalie and AnnaCeleste were there, too. To quote one of her posts, "Before I left for Europe, @severinbro7 told me to 'be careful.' Don’t worry, babe, we’re not doing anything weird 😂 Scroll to the video...girls just wanna have fun." Here's the LINK to scroll to the video with. (The link might not work - I was getting
  2. I guess it depends on how one defines "thriving." According to the Facebook group numbers, Whitney and Ryan had around 2700 members in NoBS Active when Whitney gave Ryan the boot and put Jessica in his place. As of today, there are 1553 members. That's nearly a 60% loss! Whitney has made it clear she doesn't consider losing in general to be a positive thing, but perhaps she makes an exception for this! :)
  3. MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE - Premieres on Tuesday, August 17 at 9pm ET/PT This season on MY BIG FAT FABULOUS LIFE, Whitney is showing signs of life after love. With the end of her engagement in the rearview mirror, she's focused on her future. Her virtual fitness business with friend Jessica is thriving, and a recent move back to her hometown of Greensboro, NC means she's closer to family and friends. In fact, Buddy is actually living at her house, but he spends the majority of time at his new girlfriend's place. Whitney is exploring a new relationship of her own, as an online flirtation bu
  4. But look how well it sets off her tattoos! (sarcastifont off)
  5. So the word on reddit is that Chase is now officially engaged to his baby momma. While I was wondering if Whitney will expect to be invited to the wedding, and maybe perform an interpretative dance as a feature of the ceremony, I found this LINK Whether or not you are a fan of The Vicar of Dibley, this will make you laugh.
  6. I think they must have. Why else would they feel so free to take over her instagram post - agreeing with everyone who says she looks fabulous and amazing, asking her followers to come to their site and sign up for their newsletters, announcing plans for an upcoming giveaway . . . If I had actually paid $396 for a dress and the designer had used my instagram to hard-sell my one million followers, I'd be pissed.
  7. www.baacal.com The company shows up responding to each one of the Whitney fans asking her where she got the dress. She, of course, can't be bothered?
  8. Ugh, I hate it when she attempts to pose as a dancer. Her "extensions" are faked and they are dangerous. The only reason she can even pretend to have an extension is because her gut is so big, it forces her hips to roll up and out to make room for it. This is not a technically correct turn-out position, and it is guaranteed to screw up her hip joints. We saw on one of the cruise videos that it takes one strong man** to get her leg up on a railing. Here, whoever helped her couldn't get her leg up high enough to rest her whole foot on the railing. Plus, she can't get the heel of the stand
  9. Eh, not everyone gets Ryan's brand of humor, but it seems his girlfriend does. At the end of the video where she has refused to get up to let the dogs out, refused to get up and wash the dishes he "forgot" to wash, refused to get up and take out the trash (on the grounds that she'd done it yesterday) she rolls her eyes, tells him to cut it out and nails him with "What have you done for me?" The post is filled with laugh emojis and "atta girl" comments from her friends (and his mother).
  10. Or maybe she was just pissed off at him from the moment he made a move on Heather, instead of her? And it was exacerbated by Ryan refusing to apologize for saving her life at the U.S. National Whitewater Center? And then staying friends with Chase after he "cheated" on Whitney? We've already seen Whitney ready to drop her religious beliefs, to be ready for the almost non-existent possibility that a guy who had already described himself to her as commitment phobic would suddenly propose to marry her. I'm fairly certain that if Ryan had only treated Whitney as she believed she deserved,, she wo
  11. LINK For some reason, Facebook gifted me today with this old clip of Whitney lunching in Wilmington with her mother, Chase and Chase's sister. Her contempt for him, and her arrogant assumption that what she says goes in this relationship is breathtaking. She's spitefully gleeful when his sister jokingly describes his new bar as a "dive." He clearly doesn't give a damn about her opinions and expectations. I don't know how anyone could watch this and think that these two are in love with each other.
  12. She is listed at Viral Nation (also linked in her instagram bio) which is an on-line marketing agency that apparently connects businesses with "influencers." The vast majority of the influencers it represents look like they are barely out of their teens. Whitney, however, is shown in an old head and shoulders photograph. She looks a lot younger, and not at all as if she weighs over 300 lbs. Maybe this is where all the sex-toy and skin treatment shilling is coming from.
  13. So her instagram bio includes the instagram address of the United Talent Agency @unitedtalent. I wonder what her connection to this agency actually is? Her name doesn't come up when I search the list of clients, which is a list of pretty heavy hitters - Kurt Russell? Lauryn Hill? Jake Tapper? Not to mention a slew of young people whose names I am not familiar with, but who have impressive credentials (including Malala Youfaszai, whose work I am familiar with.) I am wondering if it's just that the agency supports the No Barriers nonprofit in some way? Or maybe I don't have the internet skills
  14. No, no, no. No one is supposed to get pregnant until Whitney is psychologically prepared to deal with it. And she will let you know when that is when she's good and ready. Really, how unfeeling can these people be?!
  15. They say that living well yourself is the best revenge, and I think Ryan is being very good at that. I wonder if he's planning a lavish proposal , , ,
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