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  1. Yep. That's why Whitney told Glenn that where LeBlur sleeps is none of his business. Remember, as she gleefully told Tal and Heather, he's coming to have S_E_X with her! Stand back, everybody!
  2. We certainly HAVE heard Whitney speak French! She said "croissant!" Oh wait, maybe that was at the bakery in Greensboro; nothing to do with her French suitor/tutor. Nevermind.
  3. In I Do It With The Lights On Whitney says Hunter is four years older than she is.
  4. She said the "logistics" were too difficult when both people are very fat.
  5. Whitney's mentioned her therapist before. She provides body positivity therapy, and she thinks Whitney is a wonderful example and a real warrior. Cough. I agree that this episode seemed to display a new level of Whitney dysfunction. If she seriously believes she is in a relationship with LeBlur, substantial enough to be planning marriage and IVF with him, even though she's never even been in the same room with him, there is something seriously wrong with her judgment.
  6. It's not hard. All you have to do is think of absolutely the most self-centered and immature thing a person could do under the circumstances, then double it. :)
  7. This question gave me a headache. I cannot think of a single thing a man could do that would repel Whitney. For a minute I thought, "Maybe if he hated her cats?" but then I immediately had the image of Whitney unloading Henchi & Co. on Babs and Glenn while explaining how Her Man has very bad allergies and Babs has always wanted Whitney's cats, anyway.
  8. Instagram stories expire after 24 hours; this one is gone now.
  9. Anyone who wants a major dose of Whitney cackle, check out her instagram story before it expires. She and Todd are dressing up that sad poodle in a wide range of Halloween costumes and Whitney finds each one HYSTERICAL!! Also, the sad poodle seems to have acquired another name or two. I'm Team Cat, but I still find myself pitying that poodle.
  10. Or maybe sumo wrestling? Suitable for her build and her self-image as a feminist!
  11. I guess I always thought of "An American Family" as a documentary. I think of Real World as a reality show because it hand-selected a cast of unrelated people of about the same age, shoved them into a group living situation and turned on the cameras. But I agree you could certainly make the case that the Louds were the source of "reality" television. But did any of them publicly complained about the editing, though? :) Whitney, on the other hand, has raised defensive whining to a high art. I especially like how she starts most of those posts with some disclaimer about not dignifying criti
  12. Editing? EDITING? WWT and Ashley are blaming the editing for making them look bad? Oh please, ladies. 1992 * just called. It wants its excuse back. *US premiere of "The Real World," generally credited as the origin of the reality show genre.
  13. Fencing? Karate? Hot Yoga? Kickboxing? Rhythmic Gymnastics? Synchronized Swimming?
  14. 1) She'll get sick or injured or one of the cats will get sick or something, and she'll have to postpone taking the exam. Nothing further will be heard of her ambitions to be a personal trainer for the rest of the season. (See, e.g. the dance battle re-match with the Trophy Wives.) 2) She'll claim she passed and is now certified, but for some reason she doesn't choose to start training right now. Sorry Will! (See, e.g. her placing second in a faux ballroom dance competition and then not doing anything further because Todd didn't enjoy competing.) 3) She'll claim she's certified an
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