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  1. That's Keir Labelle. I think he was a radio personality or DJ back when Whitney was Producer Whitney. I don't know what he has been doing since then, but he started to show up on her social media, teasing and flattering Whitney, after she rented her apartment in Charlotte. At some point in the last year, he was taken on by Jacob Eisenberg, the producer for MBFFL as part of the production crew. He most recently appeared in her instagram story as the crew member applying her body lotion (in what I assumed at the time was meant to be a joke, but maybe it wasn't?) To pre-empt the inevitable question - he's gay and an active advocate for equal rights.
  2. Ryan has announced on instagram that he is going to be on MBFFL. At least, he's posted a picture of himself (in jeans and a sweater, not workout wear, which has excited some of his friends) that was taken by the TLC photographer, with the caption, "Look mom, I made it 📺 #mybigfatfablife (photo by @toddturnerphoto)"
  3. One of the responses was "At least if he does, it is by the power of her lovely thighs." Todd's posted twice on instagram in the last couple of weeks. Seems he's involved in a church choir in Greensboro and has been spending time poolside at a hotel in Durham MC called "Unscripted Durham." No mention at all of the show.
  4. Poor Whitney doesn't look all that thrilled by the upcoming raft excursion, but she is very happy in her instagram account, posting a pic of her sitting with Jessica Powell while Jessica's boyfriend Isaiah and Ryan stand behind them. Everyone in this picture uses a lot of teeth whitening products! But where's the absolutely existent boyfriend?
  5. Today, in Ryan's inst story, Whitney is pictured sitting on the edge of an inflatable raft. She's at the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, which Google describes as "the world's premier outdoor facility featuring whitewater rafting, biking, zip lines, live music, craft brews, and more." The caption is "Ready to Raft!" I guess this is a glimpse of a next season story line.
  6. There's a picture of her with Lennie in the same pose in her Facebook photos. 🙂 Funny thing - there don't seem to be any photos of Lennie kissing her. Multiple pictures of her kissing her father on the lips, but not one picture kissing Lennie? (There's one picture where they are facing each other and puckering lips, but none with actual physical contact.) I wonder if that contract she keeps referring to includes limits on what is expected of the "boyfriend?"
  7. So this Life and Style article was triggered by someone on instagram asking if Chase was gay. Cue the usual "howdareyous!" from her fans,** but this time Whitney waded in herself with the "sassy" response - "Not last night, he wasn't." Implication - in between watching documentaries about alien abduction, Whitney and Chase were humping like bunnies! It's funny to me how, every time a new man appears in Whitney World, Reaction No. 1 from the fans is "OOOOOO! A new boyfriend for Whitney!!" Considering that nearly all of Whitney's male connections associated with the show are gay (Tal, Todd, Roy, Jacob her producer, Keir the designated lotion-applier, according to her last instagram story) why isn't that a reasonable question? She's certainly posted enough pictures and video of her fondling those guys, or encouraging them to fondle her. **who always seem to believe this question assumes no physically fit man could be attracted to Whitney, even though she is clearly a luscious babe, merely because of her morbid obesity. In my view, it's less her poundage and more her personality, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion.
  8. Possibly - but since her followers immediately started posting their favorite documentaries about aliens, and Whitney was exchanging suggestions and reviews with them without a single smirk or double entendre, I'm inclined to think not. Especially when added to the pictures of Chase hugging and kissing his dog with more enthusiasm than he appears to offer the Senshus One.
  9. I'm sorry Dot - I must have changed a setting or something (or my network admin has). I can copy the link, but I can't copy the photo.
  10. But seriously? This guy spends THE WHOLE NIGHT with the senshus Ms. Thore and all they do is watch alien documentaries? Oh yeah, he's REALLY into her!
  11. Ryan (according to a pic and caption on his instagram account) turned 30 in 2018. The picture is of him and Chase posed staggering drunk, with cups of "amber fluid"* in their hands, and hanging on to each other with the caption, "So this is what 30 feels like." I'm guessing Chase is also 30 or thereabouts. *a famous political in-joke in MA, having to do with a former governor who liked his likker.
  12. Watching rap videos? Plus, she has to get "inspiration" for her "dance" moves from somewhere.
  13. Ketzel

    Hired Friends: Whitney's Social Barnacles

    It wouldn't surprise me. But I guess it's also possible that single men could make do with a stipend that wouldn't support a couple of kids as well.