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  1. I like the insta comments "what about Buddy?" He's no prize, but I wonder if fans of the show like him more than Whitney. I guess he gets more sympathy, that's for sure.
  2. Cache

    S06.E13: Game Night

    Agree 1000%
  3. Cache

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    All the hours they film just to piece together this crap. Her life is so fabulous, they have to spend big parts of the season on Buddy, Heather crying over Buddy and now apparently being over Buddy, and her folks' medical issues. But so little to draw on from her personal life, her real life. Just made up romantic relationships, for-camera only snippets of workouts, fake dance classes, etc. Someone said they thought she did voice work for the radio? Is that true? Why not show that? Because endless shrieking and peeing in a hottub are more fabulous and entertaining??!! Jeez.
  4. Re the stripper- i don't think the mixed company that others commented on was such a big deal. Both women are straight, both men are gay, so it made sense to me that all of them might enjoy (appreciate?) a male stripper.
  5. Cache

    S06.E06: Fat Hating is Real

    I think little Harper is the best part of this season of MBFFL.
  6. Cache

    S06.E05: Buddy's New Girl

    I like the list. I don't know what thread this should really go into because it's not specific to just this episode, but this can be the start of a Jeff Foxworthy-esque "Your life is not fabulous if....."
  7. Cache

    S06.E05: Buddy's New Girl

    Yup, I'm a Chicagoan and absolutely noticed the flag with the intersection that IRL is NOT close to the river!!
  8. Cache

    S06.E05: Buddy's New Girl

    Thank goodness the episodes dropped down to an hour. I actually find the little clips that come on right after the commercial breaks (called "bumpers" i think) more interesting than the show itself. Especially the clips showing people going about their active lives... Whit's life is the opposite of fabulous and the crap they have to fabricate to make up for lack of real life is so dull and repetitive. Like others here on the forum, I find myself wanting to know what Todd, Tal, Ashley and Heather do for work in their real lives, because they must have real lives that include actually working for a living. One bright spot - I do love Todd because he's telling it like it is...
  9. Cache

    Gossip Girl

    Just discovered the UK show Skins and wish I'd discovered it before slogging through the final couple seasons of GG...
  10. Re Tal drinking wine - no one thinks his rehab/abstaining is yet another fake thing on this show? Or maybe I wasn't recalling any mention of it (highly possible for me) before he became Buddy's sober buddy.
  11. Cache

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    I'm naive, but...Wasn't Liza sending a mixed signal at the tattoo parlor party when she said her tattoo still meant something to her? Guess I just like Liza & Josh so much better than L & Charles. Sad Josh is having the tattoo redone.
  12. I agree, i think it's Babs.
  13. Cache

    S05.E08: Aloha Buddy

    LOL, absolutely! And she just couldn't wait to take off the top she wore when she was done "surfing".
  14. Cache

    S05.E01: Rescue Me

    The extra footage version of this episode showed Twit using the large whirlpool tub in her hotel room. She said she was glad to be able to take a bath. She doesn't fit in her tub at home and when she stays in hotels she never knows what her bathing situation will be. She even said something like a hotel pool being an option. Ewwww. Yet her life is fabulous, right?? She needs to make weight loss and her health job #1. Of course she allegedly has so much on her plate, that'll never happen.