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  1. Yup. This. On the positive side, no twerking this episode. And thanks to Mother Nature, no screaming, squealing, or caterwauling during the tubing trip. Was the Will thing was a setup for Whitney giving up on the personal trainer accreditation because of the studying /test? She's even more obnoxious than usual in this cleaning up Glenn & Bab's house plot line. Enough already With LeBlur. Tres dull. That truly awful bathing suit - and nothing else! No, you know what, I take that back. It wasn't the suit, it definitely didn't work for her - the color, the
  2. Something I saw in the show in the past makes me think Todd's a runner, and (IMO) a lot of those serious runners have a gaunt look to them. Anyone else recall?
  3. I think I recall her saying in one of her Instagram video streams a while back (talking about her hair situation or her lip botox), as a quick aside, that she wasn't happy with how the tattooing of her hairline had gone and was pissed about it. Sorry to be so vague about it, but I rarely watch those videos, can't stand more than a few minutes of her at a time.
  4. Whit looks heavier than ever to me, but maybe I need to go back to the early seasons for a comparison/refresher, lol. She really does have a disproportionate body shape - carries most of her weight on her bottom half. At one point the camera panned up her backside from ground up - camera crew is not kind sometimes- to her or us viewers!!! As for Buddy - rude to be late, but she was just awful ripping into him in front of everyone at her "dinner party". Buddy, keep up the avoidance tactics!!! Whit's "life plan" is to keep you around at her beck and call for as long as she can.
  5. "I feel like a walrus in the best way." Whitney says, in the pool with her (real) friends. Of course, in the pool, where else would you make such a silly statement? And of course the editors knew that blurb *had* to be part of the show. Wait...I get it now There's also feeling like a walrus in the *worst* way - hauling all that weight around on land (and even up a waterfall) without the benefit of the water to support some of that weight. Sorry, just thinking out loud.
  6. The contrast of Todd and Whitney on the hike/climb as filmed by the crew was masterful. I'd love to sit in with the editing folks when the go through all the footage to create an episode.😁
  7. My favorite part of the episode was Jessica & Whit's conversation re Buddy living with Whit, paraphrased: Jessica: He's such an enabler. Whit: Yes, isn't he wonderful? 😄😄😄
  8. It might not be fair to judge based on just the nobsactive Instagram posts to-date, of which there are few in the post-Ryan period, but it doesn't appear either Jessica or Whit are doing much to shill it on that account. I don't see Twit mention it much on her account. I don't look at Jessica's account - does she post about it?
  9. Yeh, she could have at least bought her some clothes for the doll! Oh wait, this wouldn't occur to someone who doesn't like to wear clothes... Though I must say Whit is at least wearing more real clothes in public this season.
  10. They once again didn't show Whit in the act of standing up from the ground. She was getting out of the kiddie pool and she got on all fours, but then the next thing you see is her already standing and ready to do Jessica's workout. And speaking of the workout...I didn't catch everything Jessica rattled off in terms of reps and rounds of the exercises, but I'll give Twit the benefit of a doubt that maybe we didn't see her doing the entire workout. Not that she did any of it with good form or anything...
  11. Didn't Whit and/or some of the barnacles attend a performing arts high school? I'm wondering if the need to perform is part of their willingness to continue with MBFFL. I believe I've seen Tal and Heather sing a song (individually) on Instagram every once in a while...
  12. Having watched the episode following this one, I had to come back here and post that this one was much more interesting than any of them this season, IMO. I find Ryan so much more interesting than Whit or any of the barnacles, with the exception of Todd, of course... I hope they take Todd off probation or detention or whatever reason it is they aren't letting him say much. I guess they - the producers -can't upset the balance of cast such that it tips the scales heavier in favor of Whitney snarkers vs. Whitney supporters. Must we wait until Ryan makes his departure??
  13. No, she probably can't. 1. Lazy 2. Physically unable (remember Hawaii?)
  14. Agree. I'm wondering how much filming they could even have been doing...and I'm not sure on the timing anymore, but between post-breakup wallowing and COVID self-quarantine, she said on Instagram that she never even left the house. So I do fear it'll be all breakup - over that lame fake-o relationship to boot - I can't imagine anything worse than all flashback clips and her endless talking heads.
  15. Came across this (it's work-related) and thought it looked a lot like Whitney's engagement ring, lol. Ok, her's is square. BTW, on this site, it takes 10,000 points to buy a $50 gift card....
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