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  1. Who won the sing-off? I turned off my TV after the two girls were voted into the sing-off. So Ricky Braddy didn't go through, but Kat Hammock did. All righty. That's why I usually stop watching about this point--because the world as I know it just stops making a little more sense the longer I watch. Also, I think John Legend was surprised that Marybeth made it through. I think he expected Kate and Will, and then he was going to pick Alex. Oh, and remind me again: Who is Marybeth Bird? I'm drawing a blank. ETA: I'm glad Shane was selected. Maybe Kelly figured the 2 girls would have a good shot at the audience vote. Or maybe she figured they were CHILDREN and they had had a good experience on the show, and they'd be fine, whereas Shane needed to continue and get that little extra bit of exposure and experience. If so, good on ya', Kelly.
  2. What is that... that... that... garment Kelly is wearing? 😲
  3. TBH, her song started fine, and then I noticed a little flatness but thought it was a fluke because, like you said, it was a breathy moment. Then--to my ears, anyway--it happened a couple more times, and then again. She has an interesting voice, but that was not a great performance, IMHO.
  4. I'm confused. Kat Hammock just sang really flat and she got all 4 judges to stand. What am I missing?
  5. I'm going to comment on the November 5 (Tuesday) episode here. During the Blake portion of the show: All four judges give Ricky Braddy a standing ovation when he finishes his song. All four judges remain seated and politely clap for Ricky's competitor, Zach Bridges, at the end of Zach's song. Blake: "This is such a tough decision. So tough... I just don't know...."
  6. I will never accept a two-person "contestant". It's not fair to the other contestants. Period. It's The Voice, not The Voices.
  7. I was moved by Jake Hoot's performance. I hope being on this show gives him a boost in his career.
  8. And I thought just the opposite about the green dress--I though it was a great color on her and looked good with her coloring. (Though in general I'm not a fan of Kelly's fashion sense or hair color sense at all.)
  9. Max was amazing. In this battle, I agree with Kelly, he beat out Katie (no mean feat).
  10. Must be my TV. I thought Cali ("Wicked Games") was very average. Marina was amazing, but I think her age (37, which she looks every bit of, and maybe more) and incredible vocal expertise (like, what does Blake have to offer her, compared to Marina?) worked against her.
  11. Reading all this stuff, I went to watch what I thought was the Leopard's performance on Youtube. It was actually the "clue" part, not the performance. Take a look at 00:41 seconds in. Is that a rose i see on the top part of the backwall? If it's Seal, that would make sense. (But I'm not sure how "J'adore," written on the wall and also visible, fits.)
  12. Thank you for the update and commentary, PhD!
  13. Great show! I'm so thankful that someone posting in the MasterChef (US) forum recommended this show! I've watched the last couple of seasons now. Must admit, I'm not a huge fan of fine dining, but I do enjoy this show. And I love the skills tests.
  14. I usually skip the audition shows and just watch the performances on YouTube. Last night I made the mistake of watching the TV show. Waste of 2 hours. Other than the final contestant, Ricky Duran, I was not that impressed by the rest of the singers. There were a couple who were promising (like the one who was told she sounded kind of like Kelly Clarkson, or the nice looking guy who sang a kind of jazzy song). But that's it. A great deal of the 2 hours was about the singers' back stories. Family members who tragically died, growing up in a poor family, immigrating to the U.S., etc. Singers who put their singing careers on hold because of unexpected pregnancies/tragedies/etc. THE USUAL. Sorry to sound hard-hearted, but I'm just not interested in that stuff anymore. Is Kelly taking some sort of "upper"? IMHO, that's how she's acting. A little too fast, too chatty, too out there. Yikes.
  15. Good lord, who was more embarrassing, Kelly or Gwen, especially with the last contestant (14-year-old boy)? Come on, ladies, tone it down--it's "The Voice," not "The Judges". Have a little decorum, will you?
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