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  1. adhoc

    So What Are You Listening To?

    Dimash's latest. It's amazing.
  2. adhoc

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I thought one of today's contestants looked pretty demoralized. Guess I would, too--you wait a long time, score a spot on the show, and then you're up against a human encyclopedia who's gobbling up all the cash/clearing the board like pac-man...
  3. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    How badly do I want to hear him say "Cassie, you complete me"?
  4. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    When they had Garrett on (and seriously, he couldn't put on an undershirt? I had to see his stomach thru the gaps in his shirt?), did Chris ask if Becca was there, and Garrett sort of mumbled she should be there somewhere, only then she did not show up when they called her name? At first I wondered if Garrett was going to announce their wedding date or something, and that was why Chris asked if Becca was there. When she did not appear, they dropped it. But I thought that was strange.
  5. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    I totally wanted Colton to open that door and find that Cassie was already gone.
  6. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Hannah: "But you told me to trust you, that you were falling in love with me, that you were being honest with me, you asked my dad's blessing.." Colton's response: "Yes.. and I..um... but then I knew I didn't want to lose Cassie. It's Cassie. C-a-s-s-i-e. Not you."
  7. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Quick, can someone find us a sad piano? Is John Williams available to score this episode?
  8. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    What, does Hannah smoke a pack a day? That's some serious vocal fry. But her points are well taken.
  9. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    Hannah, Colton, are they on a train? What's that noise?
  10. adhoc

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    yeah, Colton does know how to dig the knife in. "Memories...I respect you...but my heart is with Cassie. 100%. Like, totally. Cassie. It's Cassie. Not you." Oh, this reminds me of the Nick Viall/Dean Unglert parody video where Arie tells Becca that it's Lauren. :-)
  11. adhoc

    So What Are You Listening To?

    Enjoying this from Jam Hsiao, though I don't know a word of Chinese. A Love Song for You - but who exactly is "you"? 😉 🐶
  12. adhoc

    S23.E09: Week 9

    1. I feel like I'm watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. Or maybe a really really bad Lifetime movie. 2. "I'm dumping Colton's ass tonight, but I brought this silver dress that makes me look totally hot, and damn if I'm gonna leave here without getting a chance to wear it!"
  13. adhoc

    Season 16 Discussion

    Well, not a saint--but he was Jesus. (BTW, the JCS Live show was awesome, if you didn't see it but get the chance.) My strategy is not to watch the show, but to just catch the top-viewed performers on youtube. The two stand-outs for me are Maelyn and Domenic. Did not watch the trio--that's just wrong. Also, Adam said to Domenic something like "I think you're my favorite voice ever in 16 seasons." Besides the fact that I think he says this to most of the auditioners that he really wants on his team, I think it's a douche-y slap in the face to Jordan Smith et al.
  14. So what exactly is the show based on? What are the criteria for winning? How much does audience vote count? I missed the last couple of episodes, but the judging criteria were always a little murky for me each week.
  15. adhoc

    A Star is Born (2018)

    I'd rate this a B-. Never had any interest in the previous versions because I knew it didn't have a happy ending. But so many people liked it, I thought I'd try it. First 45 or so minutes were really good; the rest kind of plodded along. From my POV, a lot of issues brought up and then not followed up on sufficiently. For 2.25 hours, I thought we should have had more insight into what drove the characters. I felt kind of cheated. Other stuff: Gaga's acting was competent, given the fairly superficial dialog she had to work with. BC--I had a hard time getting past his greasy looking, too long hair. On the plus side, he has nice chest hair. I approve. Did not like when BC sobbed almost uncontrollably without shedding a tear. I really liked the final song (I'll Never Love Again) a lot. Now *that's* Oscar worthy, IMO. It reminds me of some other song, but I cannot figure out which one.