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  1. I also thought they were doing this so they could be on another show, something about couples in trouble/getting back with your "ex", etc. And I'm still not ruling it out.
  2. 1. I agree with folks who called Dom out on his unnecessarily detailed description of his intimate activities with Kate. Not cool, I don't care how hurt or angry you might feel about how things turned out. 2. Go check out Kate Griffith's (or David Benadivez's) latest post on Instagram. Good luck, you two lovebirds. Also: Maybe Dave has a magic peen, is that it?
  3. I saw the "where are they now" episode posted yesterday (Friday) as Episode 22 of M:TP Season 12. However, a few little parts of it, such as the brief chat with Gary Maclean, had the sound cut. Maybe to comply with Fair Usage requirements? After visiting some of the former contestants to see how they were faring, the judges held a competition for them back in the MC kitchen. I get that it was a repeat, but I had never seen it. Very enjoyable.
  4. Yes, episode 20 is available now. Our chefs chef'ing in a 2-Michelin star restaurant. It's tense as each chef has a couple of dishes to bang out during what I think is lunch service. And by "bang out" I mean "create with flawless precision again and again". Oh, did I mention 1 chef is eliminated before this challenge? 😩 😢
  5. Oh, that's right, I forgot about Katherine losing to Taylor Hicks. Still, I figured that the clue referred to her and Chris in their season of AI.
  6. Ha, the Rottweiler says he lost to a Cat, but he's not going to lose to Flamingo or Fox. Chris Daughtry lost AI, Katherine McPhee won that season. Case closed. Right?
  7. Just caught Episode 19 - "Chef's Table", where they cook for other well-known industry folk. Honestly, maybe my favorite Chef's Table ever!
  8. Haha, that sultry promo has jazzy, bluesy "Feeling Good" playing, and then suddenly, there's Beaver Cleaver.
  9. TVbitch, you are so right! Second pop-up was also good; I noticed that this time Marcus/Monica did not say "everyone got votes".
  10. Recent winner of The Voice Germany, Claudia Emmanuella Santoso (also look for her cover of Run by Snow Patrol, it was great):
  11. I just realized, this season isn't the same without Adam there to throw someone under the bus....
  12. Who won the sing-off? I turned off my TV after the two girls were voted into the sing-off. So Ricky Braddy didn't go through, but Kat Hammock did. All righty. That's why I usually stop watching about this point--because the world as I know it just stops making a little more sense the longer I watch. Also, I think John Legend was surprised that Marybeth made it through. I think he expected Kate and Will, and then he was going to pick Alex. Oh, and remind me again: Who is Marybeth Bird? I'm drawing a blank. ETA: I'm glad Shane was selected. Maybe Kelly figured the 2 girls would ha
  13. What is that... that... that... garment Kelly is wearing? 😲
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