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  1. "That is why I hide out on Mighty Big TV TWOP Previously TV Primetimer. " Fixed it.
  2. I'm just grateful that "discerning, cultured viewers like yourselves" (reference to Frasier's PBS telethon scene, which is worth a gander if you have never seen it; start watching at 1 minute 30 seconds in, thank me later) suggested Master Chef: The Professionals. Wow, it's as good as The Great British Baking Show. Thanks again!
  3. saber5055 - my point exactly. The Powers That Be are woke, but not that woke. They are "woke" when it's convenient for them. Say, like when they can exploit flirty behavior between two attractive, skimpily clad women.
  4. Can we stop talking about Stagecoach and Stagecoach-adjacent events already? OK, ETA: I guess not. No wonder this show is 3 hours tonight.
  5. After watching two attractive blondes cavort, kiss, etc., I couldn't help thinking that this oh-so-"woke" show would never have a gay MALE couple. Can you imagine them showing us two guys (however nice looking) snogging, waking up together, etc.? I certainly can't. (I mean, I'd be down for it, but I cannot imagine TPTB being on board with the gay couple consisting of two guys.)
  6. I didn't like any of the songs for Puth, so I was fine with that. 😥 And TBH, I wasn't ecstatic about tonight's 4 Ryan Tedder options, either. I guess I'm just out of it; none of them was what I would call "memorable". I think he picked the best of the bunch, though. Overall, I would say the only episodes where I really liked the winners were the one with Aloe Blacc (Just Gettin' Started and Same Blood, both quite good) and the one for Jeep (Young, which turned out really on point for the commercial, IMHO). Songs I liked that were not selected include Crush (Daniel Feels) and Crowded Places (original arrangement by Rynn).
  7. Seriously, it seemed like every few minutes the editors foreshadowed Noah's auf'ing with a carefully selected sound bite. "I feel really confident tonight...", "This is gonna get me to the final 3..." and so on.
  8. I thought JPJ lived on the East Coast and Tayshia lives on the West Coast. I never got the impression that either of them was jumping at the chance to move to where the other one was so they could continue dating. That said, I imagine if they had lived in close proximity, perhaps they would have continued exploring their relationship for a while.
  9. To hear Sidney, she has not been able to find love in the Bachelor Franchise, so she's never going to find anyone. To me, it sounded like she didn't have any notion that maybe she should try to find someone outside The Franchise like the rest of us do. Fine, whatever, Sidney. Guess you'll just have to grow old alone.
  10. And in the space of 20 minutes, I'm confused yet again. Connor is only interested in Whitney, whom he met at Krystal/Chris's wedding. Wait, not a word about Caelynn? What? What? Did Production just edit the heck out of whatever he said, so that it makes no sense? ETA: Oh, okay, later they gave us some backstory that included Caelynn. Farkakte editing.
  11. Hmm. If I were a gay woman, and I was afraid of committing to a relationship with my girlfriend because I'd be so worried about what people around me were thinking about me, you know what I would do? I would go on a hugely popular TV dating show with thousands of viewers, and I'd arrange for my girlfriend and I to carry on our relationship, with its ups and downs, right there. So thousands of viewers could see us and judge. Because, you know, what better way to handle things if I had that fear? That's what Demi said was bothering her, right?
  12. I missed the first hour (darn it, I missed the Caelyn/Dean action!), caught the last 45 minutes or so--man, the sweat was pouring off the guys (especially JPJ in that suit). Not exactly romantic. I wonder what the temp and humidity level were...
  13. I thought they said that was Wells. Looked like him to me. Damn, once again I fail to see the obvious. Audition opportunity!
  14. Clay: Just wow. This makes me think he didn't really have a Plan B lined up for when his football career eventually ended, and now he's a little panicked because he doesn't know how he would actually support a wife and family.
  15. Wait, I might have misunderstood. Was Clay having reservations about Angela partly because he thought Angela wanted to be a homemaker and mother, not a career woman, and he was thus going to have to be the sole support (i.e., breadwinner) in the family?
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