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  1. THREE WORDS (okay one is not so much a "word" but kind of...): CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF UK!!!!!!!!!!!!! TVBitch !!!!! I know you're watching with me! I'll come back here at some point to see who won Masterchef AU. Sadly, it is no longer must see TV for me 😞 I'm really impressed at those of you, whom I respect and admire as commenters, managed to hang in for this entire season.
  2. THREE WORDS (okay one is not so much a "word" but kind of...): CELEBRITY MASTERCHEF UK!!!!!!!!!!!!! TVBitch !!!!! I know you're watching with me! I'll come back here at some point to see who won Masterchef AU. Sadly, it is no longer must see TV for me 😞 I'm really impressed at those of you, whom I respect and admire as commenters, managed to hang in for this entire season. So I just noticed I posted this in spoilers and I have no idea really, who even remains in the contest, so I'll just mosey over to the latest episode thread.......
  3. Hello all my lovely primetimer friends who I never "see" anymore. It's like I've been social distancing from everything since covid protocol because I am in an "essential" industry and it's been the most insane thing I've ever seen in my life. And I'm old so I was around, when I FIRST started driving, for gas lines in the 70s and this is weirder. But I am enjoying following your posts so much since I can't get into the new hosts and I'm not watching the show. I'm marginally interested in who wins, but not really, and, while I like Andy as a person (whom I don't know it just seems like som
  4. I'm going to go completely off the rails here and risk flying rotten tomatoes, but out of this lot, aside from Marquise, who I think probably has no real chance to win, Sergio is my favourite and the only one of the remaining designers I could stand to see win. Yes, yes, yes, the political statement of the week was based on watching too much classic tv rather than actually knowing history, but I do agree that he was specifically referring to being able to buy the house, the car, have the kids with a stay at home mom, which was actually thanks to the post-war economy. I'd prefer if he picks up
  5. Spunkygal, you are so right! Always something to look forward to on this show. Exose!! Olivia!! Arbinder! We have real diversity this year and I am LOVING it. I like Andrew but he's starting to show some cracks, which were heretofore unseen. Sorry to see Malin and Freddy go especially cause the heart of Freddy's dish, the cauliflower steak with capers, etc., sounded and looked yummy to me. Then he added too much and that asparagus just looked like it tasted green to me. Like you've eaten a mouthful of freshly mown grass green. Blech. I love all these guys and am never disappoi
  6. EXOSE!!!! I love his smile and attitude. His first night, he was nervous but kind of fake nonchalant regarding staying or going. On return, he came back to wreak havoc on everyone's taste buds, but in a good way. Love Jay wanting to date the souffle, not just eat it. He's so cute when he really loves something. So obviously I'm rooting for diversity or diversity this year: Exose or ANY female, of which... wait ARE there any left? Moniker always seems so excited when there's a good female chef but they never seem to be able to hang in very long. I guess I'm thrilled that the competit
  7. I'm back to post about my favourite of all the cooking competitions worldwide: MC The Professionals!! Jay's back, too; I had been missing him and wondering if we were going to see him at all on this iteration. I'm always happy to see Marcus and Moniker. They are outstanding chefs and truly nice human beings. As always, I like ALL of the contestants and am sad to see anyone go... with the possible exception of SOME of the 20 year olds that have been cooking for two years and think they're ready to compete at this level. I know there are those prodigies, but for the most part, th
  8. Goes without saying I shan't be watching this finale and actually, it's my least favourite win ever, and even including Emma, because the Emma season was so bad it was good from the standpoint of "TRAINWRECK: must watch!!!!!" I am sad that Gary and Matt are gone, but if they are willing to lasso themselves to George's moon, then so be it I guess. I have no idea why Curtis Stone is a thing either, but he's been hosting cooking shows in the US forever so I'm sure he'd welcome hopping onto a successful, albeit waning, franchise. I don't find him gorgeous or that charming but I can tolerate h
  9. So is it Simon, Tessa, Tim and LARRY left in the competition? On a more interesting tip, I FLOVE Masterchef UK The Professionals. It's actually my favourite but I didn't know there was a forum here. Is it housed under Masterchef UK? I will be there, as I am every year, but if TVbitch and Myriad are going to be there commenting, and katisha, babs, et. al, I will be there with BELLS on, which is only appropriate since it usually wraps up around Xmas. It's definitely the format of the program for our AU version. I kind of wish George would just go. I have a weird fondness for Gary and
  10. Hello my fellow MC AU fans and friends! So I've been gone a few weeks cause we moved but even though I'm back, I'm skipping most of what I missed and just following you here on the site because it's much more interesting than this season has turned out to be. Had high hopes at the start although no one really stood out to me but then Tessa seemed to be surging - and I really like her - and Simon - like him way more than Tim - seemed to be a comer, so I was encouraged. Then a lot of people stayed past their expiration date while some left.... those some I actually thought might have been c
  11. Never been more happy in my life to be totally wrong about an elimination. Our Derek is safe! But guys, I don't think he's going to be on there much longer than top 8 or 7 at max. He really does have issues with certain things. I kind of hated to see Steph go in a way, but then not. Glad Derek and Simon are safe and we'll see what shakes out in the team challenge in a couple days. As per usual, I will be skipping immunity pin hell and just stopping by here to see who did or didn't. I'm actually thinking Tim may get an immunity pin to keep him in the festivities a bit longer. L
  12. All I am saying (besides give peace a chance) is if Tim ends up in the finale, the other person (TESSA) had better win. Although at this point I'm not discounting an extra special episode with a super surprise elimination, by which Tim AND Ben end up as the final two.
  13. I feel like we're in the upside-down with both Tim and Ben in the immunity challenge, so yeah, I hope Larissa pulls it out if they're determined for someone to win the immunity pin. A nice twist would be if you DON'T WIN immunity pin, you have to leave the competition. Never to return, Tim. Meanwhile, I kind of think Derek may be leaving versus Simon and Steph. Derek - whom I really like, by the way - seems to fare better in team competitions but flounders when left to his own devices, at least it seems that way to me. I'd love for Steph to leave because I'm pro Derek and pro Simon,
  14. Aaron's hands look FILTHY to me with all that ink. I can hardly stand to watch him and don't think he adds anything to the show. I don't know much about him professionally but he used to be on Chopped a lot, no? So he must have some cred but I don't want to eat anything he's ever touched. The contestants do seem to be nicer this year or maybe they're just themselves and the producers are allowing them to MOSTLY be decent humans instead of stereotypes hogging for camera time. The guy in the overalls seems nice, but I hate the outfit already. As always, I don't know if I'll stick
  15. I love how Tati is always excited to BE dressed in black.... she's keenly aware of possible elimination but she is so excited to cook for Yotam again or Maggie again (because Maggie is her hero). I wish I could have that sterling attitude when staring in the face of adversity.
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