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  1. Vien-tiane. So he left out the initial N - his pronunciation changed the word. It wouldn't have mattered a bit if he'd said Vyen-tyann, for example. (I mean, Alex would have undoubtedly corrected him, but he would have earned the money.) Which reminds me, Alex tried some sort of accented pronunciation of Budapest last night and got it totally wrong.
  2. The problem was that he clearly said Viet-iane. Interesting question about spelling ... I hadn’t thought about that.
  3. Yep, when my husband looked to me for a hint, I said "come on, who could have a first line that ends with all of that, including ellipses to show they still left some stuff out?!" Once he got the author, he went with the first one he could think of, I imagine, and he was right.
  4. Australian Airlines? Deutsche Airlines? Has this woman ever been to an airport?
  5. Ooh, which episode? I think I said "... fashion?" for the sartorial clue, that's as close as I could get. Surprised my non-news-watching self by knowing Tim Russert (with a picture). I guess it's from working in a bookstore back when his book Big Russ and Me came out.
  6. I figured they said middle school teacher as a tease-out to get you to think of books written for that age group.
  7. Well that was a strange end to the season. I did enjoy the 30 minute video of the three finalists showing off their work and talking about the show in general. In particular, I liked their positive comments on each others' work and the bits of a glimpse into life inside the house. It was also nice to hear Bob talk more. As for the tattoos, I liked both Jimmy's and Angel's black and grey better than Bob's. I admit it's partially the subject matter doesn't interest me and partially those terrible boobs. Bob's biomech was really good, in spite of not being at first glance what I would have expected. Taking into account the movement of the body and the view from different angles was awesome. I really enjoyed Jimmy's traditional piece - I feel like it finally showed something interesting that could be done with the traditional style. There was a lot to look at, it was cohesive, it was meaningful. I also liked that Jimmy had his 6-hour piece drawing done. It shows he was working hard to produce the best work he could. I found Angel's comment that she had done six drawings for the traditional piece but she didn't like any of them kind of hilarious after her comment on the next to the last episode about how traditional was so easy.
  8. I finally watched this last night - I admit my husband and I have been putting it off because we are not feeling this season. Okay, I'll give them credit for coming up with a more interesting futuristic drug experience than most shows. But it also seems like one that would be nearly impossible to manage well; you could end up having a big "Love Story" moment with your aunt or something. And I guess I can appreciate the idea of the outliers screwing up everything in the nice orderly system. But everything else - I thought I was going to hurt myself rolling my eyes. Dolores' dog-cycle. The music. (Love Bowie, and Iggy Pop/Bowie, but still.) The Bond-villain-style monologuing. The endless exposition. I thought the brothers had a very weird chemistry, it felt like they were going to make out when Serac first went over and put his hand on his brother's back. I'm mad they killed Tommy Flanagan again. The free will thing ... there must be some way to do this story that is actually interesting and not full of anvils? ... Right?
  9. They are the Cardinal, singular. It's the color, not the bird, which is why they don't have an official mascot and instead have the Tree.
  10. Everything I felt was wrong with the first two episodes ... is not going to be solved by more Dolores.
  11. I thought the exact same thing. Awkward timing. I got Thursday's FJ even though I have read either The Sun Also Rises or For Whom the Bell Tolls and can never remember which one. It had Jake and Lady Brett Ashley in it ... I just can never remember which of them it is. I keep meaning to read the other one so that I can finally keep it straight. Friday, I had nothing. I thought of Hearst but 1. it hardly sounded Hungarian and 2. I didn't think he was born outside the US. I had no idea Pulitzer was Hungarian, but it made a lot more sense than Hearst.
  12. There’s no national restriction, it’s all state by state. A week or so ago I think you could get one in a number of states- now there might be a couple where you still could, but not more than 3 or 4 probably. I’m in California and the tattoo shops have been closed statewide since March 19. I was sorry to see Hiram go, and I think he has a rough canvas. Nevertheless, his was definitely worth being in the bottom, so that’s the way it goes. I’m not sure who I think Nunez will pardon - Jerrel to ensure drama?
  13. Let's talk about the important thing: Is that dog a real dog? Because if so, it's the worst dog ever. It just sat there patiently while its (presumed) owner was being strangled, and then obediently followed the murderer/stranger off without a backward glance.
  14. I agree, I figure it's also the ultimate "no hard feelings, I knew you'd have to vote for me" gesture from Denise. As always, it remains to be seen how it plays out but I don't think the idol was wasted in being played on Jeremy for a variety of reasons.
  15. I got Coneheads - my husband and I were both sad that was a TS. But then for some reason, "we are from France" seems to come up a lot in our conversations ... ? (Like, one day I was at a bus stop texting him about some people who were annoying me by chomping loudly on whole carrots. He said "ugh, who does that?" and I said "They are from France," to which he replied, "are you saying they're aliens or are they actually from France?") Al Franken I'm sad to say I could picture and yet couldn't come up with his name. I blame the blond hair and the lack of glasses, and my increasingly foggy memory.
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