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  1. I also missed the final, although maybe in a worse way - I did think of Trump, thought "hm, he's from NY ..." and then just started counting back from there without even coming up who he ran against. sigh. BTW if there's anyone who hasn't seen Alex Jacob's dzaaaaaaaaaaaahnr Trebek compilation that I posted in the Small Talk thread, you might want to so I'll put it here (although I am not responsible if your head explodes, take it up with Alex (either of them)).
  2. I don’t know if this counts as “non-show” but I didn’t know where else to put it ... Alex Jacob put together this compilation of Alex saying “genre” until you think you’re going to lose your mind. ETA: here’s a YouTube link
  3. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    Berrettini has played Rafa tougher than many other opponents. I really thought he was going to take a set for a while there.
  4. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    Well, Dimitrov has taken a set, at least. And although he double faulted away his first opportunity, breaking Federer to take the set is not a bad way to do it.
  5. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    Well, that was ... something. Not anything good, but something.
  6. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    Same, as far as Roger and Djokovic go. I used to really hate Roger and I've gotten over it, pretty much around the time that he started losing a fair amount. Not that it was about a dominant player, I've always been a fan of Rafa even with the practically pre-ordained results at the French. But the dislike of Novak has stayed, or maybe intensified. I used to find him uncomfortable to watch - so much angst and so many attempts to get the crowd behind him, mostly by demanding it. It actually had been long enough since I've watched him/he's done the injury complaining and retiring thing that I really didn't think he would do it. Then when he did, it brought all those other times to mind again. Wow. I did not know all that stuff about Medvedev. From now on I'll just call him Asshole #5. Yeah, he was disqualified from the match after talking over his comments with the tournament director. So, if what he said audibly on court left any doubts, whatever he said in that conversation certainly didn't. I just can't with anyone who is going to be racist. Dead to me. Anyway, Zverev. I liked him when I first started noticing him but he's a mess. He is maybe going through some sort of breakdown similar to what Dimitrov went (is going?) through. Or maybe he should just quit being coached by his dad. I saw that a German-language interviewer asked him pointedly if he was going to make any changes in his team following this loss. (He said no.)
  7. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    My issues with Medvedev go back to his comments a few years ago about how the (black) chair umpire must have ruled in favor of Donald Young because they were friends. And now looking him up I see that he also threw change at the foot of the chair after a match against Tsitsipas at Wimbledon (I didn't remember that). I'm glad that Djokovic is out - I was surprised he retired, it's been a while since he did that. But I like it when there's only one player I can't stand left. Keeps things simple.
  8. This reminded me of Cam's exit, where he went into the classic "girls say they want a nice guy, but when there's one in front of them..." speech. Never a good look. I didn't see his season but I was getting creep vibes from him all along and that certainly sealed it.
  9. Etta Place

    Tennis Thread

    I didn't see it but your post made me look it up ... Ball Abuse (Warning) Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Point Penalty) – US$ 20,000 fine Leaving the Court – US$ 3,000 fine Audible Obscenity – US$ 5,000 fine Unsportsmanlike Conduct – US$ 5,000 fine Unsportsmanlike Conduct – US$ 20,000 fine Verbal Abuse – US$ 20,000 fine Unsportsmanlike Conduct – US$ 20,000 fine Unsportsmanlike Conduct – US$ 20,000 fine
  10. I love it when the judges call out the issues I have with the tattoos. I mean, okay the horse fucking the man was clear, but I knew that was going to happen as soon as Kelly suggested changing it from a side view to a front view. You have to be very careful about how you portray it from that angle to avoid it looking like that. The real problem though is that Fon prefers realism and got caught up in how that would even work - the horse is much larger, weighs so much more, etc. None of that matters! You play with the proportions until it works. But you have to be able to draw a little. But also, even if you're getting the big things wrong it doesn't help to also get the little things wrong, and the very first time we saw his tattoo I had my husband rewind because I said "hang on, weren't the horseshoes on upside down?" That just makes it much harder to understand what is going on. So much of cartooning/simplification is to use the small visual cues to create the context that's otherwise not there.
  11. Dropping in to say that I mentioned in the week 1 thread that I was going to keep up via the comments here and watch +/-2 episodes per week, and it's been working out swimmingly (ha, since they don't use the pool!) thanks to you lovely people. From what I have seen and read, I agree that the show could benefit from a longer season. It seems to be following the Bachelor in Paradise format, and that's not going to work without the same level of idiots and drinking. Speaking of which, does anyone know what the official policy is about drinking on this show? It looks like they only unlock the liquor cabinet at specific times and keep them all drinking lots of water before and after.
  12. I meant to come here last night and post something clever about Nathan and his potty dance but of course you all beat me to it. I had no idea on the governor question and guessed Wyoming based on it being the first state with a woman governor.
  13. @xfuse, @Stan39 Thanks so much for the replies! I think I'll watch Friday and Monday and keep up through the forums for anything else that I might want to catch.
  14. I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to know which are the two best nights to watch, since I'm only willing to commit 2 hours a week to this thing. Fridays seem like one of the ones to see since it involves the re-coupling, but I don't know which other day to watch, or if it makes a difference. If anyone watched the UK version, can you give me any idea at all? Is there any sort of pattern to the days?
  15. Do we know what grade level Sam teaches? I also wondered if it was to make himself appear older. It's tough being a teacher who doesn't look older than your students. (My husband did teaching during grad school, where he really wasn't much older than his students, but even when he became a professor, he was 35 and looked about 27.) Murphy Brown was an instaget for me, although I had to go back and look up exactly what Quayle's statements had been.
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