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  1. You could just not watch. I think JJ Abrams destroyed Star Trek, so I don't watch anything that he is involved with. Works for me.
  2. I love Tommy Helm. Even if he made some ugly women's faces in that season. 😂
  3. The "Amazon woman?" Do you mean Andrea, who is from Colombia? She is a perfectly beautiful woman from Latin America. So, no.
  4. I just did a re-watch of the first several seasons. I was honestly surprised at how tame the "conflict" was for the first season or so. It was a lot less about characters than it became later. That was especially true of the first season.
  5. I think Andrea is a much better business person. For most of the season, I thought she and Gary were pretty comparable as far as design. I much preferred his vintage to her sequins in the finale, though. I have my doubts that a lot of people want to wear sequins, but maybe I am wrong. In the end, I think her business savvy, both past and present, won the competition for her. As for who will succeed after this, Andrea has already grown her business. Gary's went under. I don't think she's going to suddenly fail. Hopefully he can get someone who has business acumen to help him, because I th
  6. Maybe he's just a shitty businessman. I have not seen anything from him that makes me feel he has the backbone or confidence to get through tough times in a tough industry.
  7. Damn. I wanted Andrea to win. That's a jumpsuit I would actually buy. I liked the print of Gary's dress, but I am not sure I want his because that jacket isn't my thing. It looks like a pain in the ass to wear.
  8. It is amazing that the fantasy of Project Runway has convinced people that it's realistic and even required to have established designers doing their own sewing.
  9. Real punk rockers don't "retire," Olivia.
  10. The boots cost almost $700, so an $80 dress is a deal. I like that the video shows it on a small model and a bigger model. Looks good on both body types. As for the episode, Heidi's face looked lovely when they showed her at the judging. Then, the pasties on her dress came into to view and I wondered wtf. I caught the first season just a few weeks ago. I like the show. I had always hated the forced drama and "characters" of PR. Much less of that with this show. I quit watching PR several years ago, and bringing back Siriano did nothing to make me want to watch it again. I still hav
  11. Was watching the first couple of seasons on Paramount+ and looked some stuff up on Twitter. Ran across this. Assuming this means new seasons, but in what format? These were posted just after that announcement. https://www.inkedmag.com/.amp/original-news/ink-master-returns https://www.looper.com/346179/ink-master-season-14-release-date-cast-trailer/
  12. Never watched this when it was first on. I had just turned 23 in 1994 and had a two-year-old. Watching high school dramas wasn't really my thing. Finally caught it on Hulu. It's okay. Not saying I relate to it. It definitely has that 30-something vibe of middle class suburbanites and their FWP, which wasn't my world as a kid or a young adult. But I guess there were much worse things on at the time. If it had come out a few years earlier, I might have gotten into it and have the nostalgia thing. As it is, it just feels like something I watched to say I had seen it. Most of these people dri
  13. "Privilege" and "safe spaces". Not widespread mid-90s speak. That's widespread 2010s- speak. The show continues to pander rather than depicting the time realistically. They could show the same conflicts without using terms that are stilted in the particular scenarios presented. Or they could have set it in a timeline when such language was more commonly used. Mallory is shady as fuck. I don't think she cares about Kate. I think she is obsessed with getting back at Jeannette for having popular friends. Kate is a way to do that.
  14. I just don't. I live in another conservative state. We had gay bars in the cities in the freaking 80s. Even in my small town, the gay boys would go to one particular bar in town or my gay friends and I would hang out at a local hotel. Lesbians were much more reserved about appearing in public. That the couple was interracial and gay would likely have been a bigger issue at the time. We had interracial straight couples frequent one of the local lesbian bars in the city because they weren't harassed as much, and that was the early 90s. The whole thing had an air of shoehorning a story
  15. I have always preferred Angel to Buffy as shows go. Probably because I was in my late 20s/early 30s and already had a kid through both shows and the high school stuff just didn't appeal as much to me. As for Charisma, at the time, a lot of people said that he was intentionally destroying the character. I didn't agree, but it looks like I was wrong.
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