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  1. azshadowwalker

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    If this is true, the only good things are Rob and Amber going early, someone skipping EoE, and Kim being the likely winner. There's not one single other recommendation from that list. Hope it's not true.
  2. azshadowwalker

    Light As A Feather

    I am watching the first season before I watch the new one. So far the only thing I have to say is that Candace is an asshole. Seriously, fucking around with your friend's boyfriend at her birthday party, then pretending you give a shit about her. From the returning cast, though, it looks like I might not have to watch her too much longer.
  3. azshadowwalker

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Yay! I never have to see Veronica play second fiddle in her own show to fucking Logan ever again!! I hated that she married him when she obviously had misgivings. I hate the Logan Echolls Show. I hate all of the bullshit shipper service this show devolved into after the first year or so. I hope there's another season and it's finally about Veronica again.
  4. azshadowwalker

    Survivor in Other Countries

    I ran across Survivor South Africa: Malaysia. It has the original host. He is terrible. Nico is a photocopy of Probst, but even that was better than this dude.
  5. azshadowwalker

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Yeah, I figured that out after searching online. I am watching Season 5 right now--the Champions season. Four and five are on the Official Survivor channel. I don't know what else is.
  6. azshadowwalker

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Watching old seasons of South Africa on YouTube. I can't believe that they allow the theft of HII. I really don't like that.
  7. azshadowwalker

    Survivor in Other Countries

    The South Africa season I found on the official Survivor channel is season 4, I think. It's Survivor: Maldives and features a group of regular South Africans and a group of celebrities. Not sure how old it is, but I am enjoying it.
  8. azshadowwalker

    The Voice in the Media

    I quit watching years ago because I couldn't stand Adam. Probably the third or fourth season. Maybe it's time to give the show another shot.
  9. azshadowwalker

    S12.E01: The Ink Will Speak For Itself

    Of course they kept King Dipshit around. I mean, we just had an entire season based on being an asshole. It's the Ink Master Way.
  10. azshadowwalker

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    I would rather see someone win via comp domination (an actual part of traditional Survivor) than lame idols and advantages (not part of traditional Survivor). As for the list, I am relatively pleased with it except for the recency bias. Several of those people I watched little-to-not-at-all because their seasons sucked. When the game became more about idol hunts than anything else, I stopped caring so much about it. Ghost Island was the absolute worst. Super happy to see Kim and Sandra. Pleased to see Michele. Interested to see how Amber navigates things. I would imagine that Sandra allies with either Rob or Amber, whichever ends up on her tribe. I would imagine the couple gets split up. The men? Whatever. Don't necessarily hate them, but don't actually care, either.
  11. azshadowwalker

    S31.E04: I Took Out a Polar Bear

    I liked her briefly in her first season. Every return after that made me despise her, her nastiness and her stupid eyerolling more and more. I hate BB, and don't feel particularly warm about the sisters, but they are absolute class compared to Eliza and Corrine. And always have been.
  12. azshadowwalker

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    What difference does it make? He can only play it either next TC or the one after (depending on when the actual "final five" is). He's at least getting to final five, even if he doesn't win immunity. And he's in a much better situation as far as possibly getting a majority with the EoE returnee. He played that in the most advantageous way possible considering his situation. It's not like Aurora was going to do anything to better her situation, despite knowing she was on the bottom. Everyone else was sure they were Final 3 and didn't need a different alliance. So, what else was he going to do?
  13. azshadowwalker

    Getting good ink: Ink Master in the Press

    That Grudge Match spin-off looks terrible. I skipped last season over that bullshit. Why would I watch an entire series based on the same tiresome dynamic?
  14. azshadowwalker

    Season 40 Speculation and Spoilers

    If anyone thinks the network that kept Moonves around for decades gives a fuck about Richard Hatch and Sue Hawk, I have some beach front property here in Tucson to sell you.
  15. azshadowwalker

    S38.E12 Awkward

    Rick was only out there for a few days, wasn't he? He was one of the last people voted out before the challenge to get back in. Who was he bonding with? The people who were bitter that he voted them out--and said as much? Of all the people who were voted out, he is probably the least objectionable possible winner precisely because he has spent most of his time in the main game.