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  1. The little bit to the southwest? Weirdly, a little bit of Russia disconnected from the rest!
  2. The switch to live audience didn’t make as big of an impact for me. Stephen Colbert, for instance, does more mugging for the crowd and applause interrupts for longer. John’s flow is generally the same. When it really hit home was the bears dropping from the ceiling at the end. Festive AND adorable! That armadillo kind of looked like the latest CGI creation for the next Star Wars film… Poor voiceover guy. I don’t drink beer but I completely empathize! Yeah, I was trying to figure out if that was really Belarus on the map. When it was a fakeout, my next guess was that it was Esto
  3. True! He was looking very handsome in person.
  4. Tyler Hoechlin said at Dragon*Con today that the entire reason for no crossovers this year was COVID. Canada was behind the US on test availability, and they didn’t get vaccines until the end of shooting. Each show had their testing schedule and were aware that a case would shut down a show. (Life was shooting and go home, that was it.) But if they did a crossover and five shows had to shut down, it would have been disastrous. David Ramsey was the exception because he was a director and was meeting the testing schedules for all the shows, so Diggle got to appear. Tyler had bee
  5. They usually title them “the week of Monday, [DATE],” meaning 8/9 through 8/12. This latest one, Seth joked that they don’t have to identify the week by the Monday date, the Tuesday date would work just as well. But they are actually released after the Thursday show.
  6. @possibilities Corrections should be out tonight or tomorrow morning.
  7. I feel like I’ve heard SO MUCH about Afghanistan in the past week and a half, very little of tonight was new. One buried point I wish John had brought up was that the US forces very early on had great success in routing the Taliban. In 2001 the Taliban attempted to negotiate a peace deal and turn over Bin Laden. But Bush and Rumsfeld didn’t want to go for it, then promptly got distracted by invading beside-the-point Iraq, and, well. John could also have bolstered his support for refugees with the fact that the US brought in 125,000 Vietnamese refugees in just the first year after the fal
  8. What a great season finale! I love this show. I knew Jordan would be called back from eradication by his twin. Best bros! ”All I wanted was a family, Kal.” Or, you know, genocide and planetary takeover. To-ma-to, to-mah-to. Forget selling the brownstone, the Smallville Gazette had front-row reporting and an exclusive interview with Superman on the near destruction of the world by an alien/famous billionaire. They should have been rolling in syndication/royalty money. I was really glad they took the time to acknowledge that Clark lost his father. I teared up at him grievi
  9. Yay! I go to D*C every year, and was wondering how many panels I was going to go to in person this year. THIS ONE.
  10. You will all appreciate… JGL was just a guest on Kara Swisher’s podcast Sway, and at the end she told him she just wants to slap the sad out of his character. 😄 (He did also say, earlier in the interview in response to does he ever get better, just keep watching the whole season.) Overall great interview.
  11. Poor trees. I mean, some asshole descendent of slave holders punching one into splinters, and then some weirdo absolutely perving on them. Leave trees alone! And lion cubs.
  12. It looked like maybe some kind of nuclear power facility, which would be lead lined (and, I imagine, thick concrete blocking sound). Didn’t Superman have to fight “Captain Luther”/JHI someplace like that early on?
  13. Plus Hannah Waddingham had the whole crew cracking up—it almost sounded like a full audience, they were so loud! Loved the flirty bit at the end, too. 😄 Definitely high energy last night!
  14. Drunk teenager: Can you, like, tell us what’s happening with Morgan Edge? General Lane: Do I look like someone who gives classified intel to drunk teenagers?
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