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  1. Does anyone know when Stephen had that sea shanty convo with Jon? I’m not sure which came first—that or Seth Meyers spending several weeks talking with a painting of an old sea captain.
  2. “I feel like that was a bit of a tangent, BUT SO THE F*** WAS THAT! (Ben Sasse sucks.)” I am crying laughing. Thank you, Seth, for being as pissed of and frustrated as I am!
  3. Ooof, I need a vomit emoji reaction for that one!
  4. Which doesn't work for me given what premised that skit. Dionne knew exactly what she was doing last week when she was lighting those little fires on Twitter. I think what the sketch was getting at was that most of Twitter was saying that Dionne can’t possibly be that in touch with Twitter to be that on point, so who’s running her account? (And between Dionne’s video and her niece’s appearance on a podcast, it’s still not 100% clear how much is her and how much is her niece.) SNL just leaned more into the “out of touch” angle, as it’s funnier.
  5. Oh my god, the Popsicle Shtick was dumb. I-can’t-help-laughing-at-it dumb! The naked Evel Kneivel with blurred out genitals was stupid-funny, but I completely lost it at all the Seth-Munchkins in Oz!
  6. Rachel was interviewed by Jon Lovett on today’s Pod Save America about the book. He was a huge fan of the Bagman podcast, so it was great!
  7. Taking my book tour comment over to the Favorite Rhodes Scholar thread...
  8. I wish they showed some of the rooms besides the manager’s suite. I’d love to know whether they’re actually so-dated-they’re-retro, as the set builders portrayed them. If I invested in the motel, I’d go full ‘70s on the decor!
  9. Oh, dang. I love the Alex character and storyline, but it’s going to be uncomfortable watching Anvar onscreen in s5.
  10. I can’t stop thinking about the anti-malarkey hotline. Remember kids, if you see malarkey, say malarkey. 🤣
  11. You know Stephen’s been practicing his keister off—even so, 8 out of 10 is impressive!
  12. The synopsis for the season still includes Alex in the storyline: Bobbie does have other people on Mars we got glimpses of who could slot into her storyline. On the other hand, I’d like to see Alex’s story with his wife and son wrapped up. I could go either way, if they did an excellent job on the recasting.
  13. That Phantom photo of Rudy was truly horrifying! It would have been preferable if he’d been wearing a mask. Jon’s Thanksgiving carols were great! Loved the manic look he developed over “Cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce...” Very clever, the way Jon’s getting cheese biscuits sent to both his parents and to him 🤣
  14. Loved the reporter’s trolling, AND I learned something about the Revolutionary War. John Oliver vs. small town America is truly the gift that keeps on giving!
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