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  1. I loved Casino Dreidl, with Bond and his rival having stacks of chocolate coins in front of them!
  2. He actually broke the news on Corrections the night before. I was super surprised it’s been kept quiet so long!
  3. After many times Jon Favreau has been on Stephen’s couch, he just did a great interview with Stephen on his Offline Pod Save America podcast. They talk about his shows with no audience vs audience, spending time online, Evie, January 6, comedy, cancel culture/consequences, politics, and much more. https://crooked.com/podcast/stephen-colbert-on-finding-laughter-in-the-darkness/
  4. Great episode! The cold open and Baby Yoda were a little meh, overdone, but everything else was hilarious. Weekend Update was on fire, and I loved Aidy’s Mama Earth teasing Colin.
  5. Yes! They stood out to me, too, since my answer is, “Water, flat; wine, sparkling.” 😄
  6. It’s a lifelong ear worm for those of us who were around back then! I knew immediately what song John was going to play, and sang along. ETA: Here’s a great history piece on the song and the Union. The first video is the one I remember more clearly from the ‘70s, but the 1981 version John showed is also included farther down. https://womenatthecenter.nyhistory.org/look-for-the-union-label/
  7. Marjorie Taylor Wanna-Greene is the perfect name for prison convict Barbie! John calling Cruella DeVille dogicidal inspired me to look it up—yup, canicide is a real word. That SAG actor may not be a rapist, but would he take a job acting in a pro-rape movie? The show’s own version of an anti-union propaganda film was the best! I actually liked it better than the celebrity cameos at the end. (Except Leslie Jones. I always love Leslie Jones!) I’m 100% with Void on his take on Bugs Bunny.
  8. Bootsie!!! ❤️ Oh my gosh, her son really is going to hell for that! I hope Paul Krugman actually does take her to dinner. In SNCTM, I thought everyone looked a little too “Hollywood head shot” for a sex club and, yup, you actually have to literally submit a head shot to get in. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snctm_(club)
  9. I didn’t know most of their names, but definitely remembered their faces/characters. But Laraine Newman? In absolutely no way forgotten!
  10. There was that Australian news anchor who wore the same suit every night for a year and no one noticed or said a thing about it. He did it to prove the point that women get criticized for their appearance and what they wear, but men don’t. Rachel’s same outfit doesn’t bother me. The news is different every night and that’s what I’m there for. (In fact, the only thing that bothered me was when HUGE fake eyelashes were in and for some reason they stuck them on her. Like, why? She’s not the usual “tv glam” newsreader and they weren’t her look at all.)
  11. I wish that this had not been 100% women on TV saying things wrong. Surely there are some men who mispronounce words. Chicken I’m Sorry is a great name for a casserole! John wasn’t kidding—there are so many aspects of electricity to cover. One thing’s for damn sure—PG&E needs to stop deferring maintenance.
  12. I mean, “what if every franchise was better without Chris Pratt,” I can get behind. “The Cat as the Pratt” was one of my favorite eps. And Coulson being a 5 on the Kinsey scale is not that far off canon.
  13. I did have flashbacks to the Twilight Zone opening during every What If? Opening! So true—they nailed it! That was one of my favorites.
  14. I do not get it. Do they want people living in a nice apartment building with mental health support, and feeling relieved and supported for once? Or do they want people sleeping in doorways and pooping on the sidewalk, as they have no choice? I mean, which is worse for your neighborhood/ property values? Eff Ronald Reagan, so hard. When he was governor of California he closed down residential mental health facilities, with no resources for those people to turn to. And started the same government cuts he would go on to make on a national level. When I was a kid in CA, there was one “shopp
  15. I feel like I’ve heard before what an ass Cataranza is. Previous coverage on police unions? But wow, what a piece of semi-sentient excrement. I can’t wait for the trash to take itself out with all these ignoramuses resigning. Always, always up for John badgering David Miscavige about Shelly’s whereabouts. I appreciate that the Taiwanese are thoroughly comfortable in their free society, but I worry that wishing doesn’t make it so when China is stepping up their encroachments. 🙁
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