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  1. I know Stephen’s made some jokes about his hair, and you can see the extra curls in the back. But OMG it’s long! I didn’t realize how much until I just watched an interview with Daveed Diggs from 2016. What a difference!
  2. I just watched through everything on YT and I’m dyyyying! Love, love, love Trinity the invisible spy, and Basic Ball. And I don’t know why, but when that fool Chris get sent to the back of the plane and was still trying to yell up to his wife, I could not stop laughing! Whenever season 2 comes out, I’ll have to do that HBO trial month and binge everything.
  3. Aw, that is awesome to see them! I really wish Tyler Hoechlin could have been there—what is Teen Wolf without Derek Hale? And Colton Haynes, Crystal Reed, JR Bourne...
  4. It was cute having Jon come out of the desk drawer on an iPad, the way he used to come out from under the desk.
  5. Yes! And the editors leaving in all the flubbed takes of the Reeboks joke. My favorite was the first one, Fury -> Furry. 😂
  6. I just now realized that the tall strong fighter in Agents of SHIELD is also named Bobbi. Honestly, if Frankie Adams and Adrianne Palicki wanted to team up and take over the world, I’d welcome our new overlords.
  7. I had seen the good news before about Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft pulling back on facial recognition. But I had not heard about Clearview, nor Skynet and the stalker app. Uuuugh. John is right–when Silicon Valley wants to close Pandora’s box, you’re really out there. I hope Clearview loses all its VC funding.
  8. This mental image had me absolutely rolling!
  9. It’s SO GOOD. The shorter piece on George Floyd was incredibly powerful.
  10. As soon as I heard that the topic was policing, I was hoping he would include David Grossman, and he did! The podcast Behind the Bastards recently did an episode on him titled “The Man Who Teaches Our Cops to Kill” if you want to learn more about his f***ed up curriculum for reprogramming civilian police reflexes into a kill-or-be-killed mindset. That Minneapolis police union head was horrifying, especially encouraging cops to take the training behind the back of the mayor.
  11. I like it. It reminds me of his usual rhythm, like when he used to spin around in his “harem” dance, or take a circle tour outside of camera range. He’s limited now to doing what he can seated, but it feels similar. I LOLed at the absurdity Thursday night when he suddenly upped to multiples in one monologue. (Though I do miss when the writers had to come up with increasingly clever “___ Slam!” labels. Now they just stick any caption in there.) YES. So right on.
  12. Aw, the toddler rimshots are really adorable!
  13. As was Rev. Sharpton. Powerful show.
  14. This makes my day, every time. He has so much heart, and it really shows.
  15. Kind of like ... when all the female students were talking in the library, and they all realized they’d been assaulted by men, one way or another ...
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