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  1. *sigh* Of course Pete Davidson is an Elon Musk bro. He is 27. Slowly maturing, and at least he looks happy and healthy, if unfortunately mustachioed.
  2. And it’s just. So. Idiotic. It makes me want to send him a list of his questions in letmegooglethat.com links. For example: https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=does+the+coronavirus+vaccine+have+a+microchip+in+it%3F Man, if they could make it type in extra slow, just for his dumbassery, I’d love it.
  3. Noooooooo! Egg was hilariously bizarre. Cicada was DISGUSTING. During this segment I had the desperate wish for him to get Botoxxed so he couldn’t make that stupid face! It would destroy 90% of his show, of course...
  4. Yes, Kelly likely grew up in an orphanage. She’s approximately Shane’s age/a year or two younger than Danny. She was old enough to be helping the younger children when the Baldwins first saw her. The paperwork Kelly was sent said that her father was in the army. Perhaps her other relatives were already killed in the war and he wouldn’t have been in a position to care for her. She told Karen her birth father had a restaurant in Arlington—that’s about a four and a half hour drive from Houston. So coincidence that he didn’t end up in California, but most Vietnamese immigrants did end u
  5. Same! Yes! This is the only reason I’m okay with Alexis and Ted not being together at the end of the show. I utterly loved them together, but I love Alexis standing on her own two feet even more. Maybe those two crazy kids will make it work someday, but meanwhile they’re building their careers. I’m so jealous you got to watch the whole show fresh. 😄 Enjoy the rewatch! (Agree on The Good Place, too. For another feel-good show, I highly recommend Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. If you have any iPhone, iPad, Mac, you’ll have a free trial.)
  6. John has had some odd mancrushes in his day, but I can’t argue with Colin Firth!
  7. Oh my god, I’m rolling! I truly appreciate his sense of humor.
  8. Loved, loved, loved Stephen’s skewering of MTG’s valorizing of Anglo-Saxon culture! The general historical scene painting and the Beowulf reference were great, but my favorite was him pointing out that Anglo-Saxon culture also came from mass migrations of people fleeing bad conditions.
  9. Well, that sent me off to bed freaked out by the raccoon feeding frenzy. Yikes! Let’s hope Senator Warren can work some legislative magic. I wonder if bankruptcy reform should have been part of the big covid relief bill, as it would be a relief for a lot of people indebted by the pandemic. I cannot get over how bad the Canadian Olympian outfits are. Total ‘80s flashback, but not in a good way...
  10. I loved everything about the John Oliver interview. Riffing about Seth’s accent work, stories about standup days and other old jobs, politely stated but pointed digs at Prince Philip, football league standings... I missed the heck out of Seth and this was a complete delight.
  11. I didn’t need Rachel to repeatedly apologize for the swearing. Does she have to cut away because her network can’t air curse words? Sure. But people are understandably upset that a kid got killed. If viewers can watch video footage of people getting killed, they can deal with some well earned swear words on a late hour news show.
  12. That is usually the case. The Department of Veterans Affairs pays a monthly stipend to family caregivers for disabled veterans, but there’s not a program for regular citizens with family caregivers.
  13. Truly, all I want to hear about Matt Gaetz anymore: “I’m sure there’ll be a lot more to say about it when he goes to prison.” When John said he was going to cover nursing homes and assisted living centers, I thought, “Rats, I wanted to hear more about home-based care.” And he covered that too! The VA has been moving in the right direction on that, and I’m glad Biden wants funding for it, too. Of course John bought the Wolf plate. Of course he did!
  14. ahisma

    Ted Lasso

    I would agree, except Schitt’s Creek won and I can’t argue with that. Ted Lasso’s next season, though, I will be fully behind them sweeping every award!
  15. I”m super impressed with John’s very specifically on-point observations about Bridgerton, including that it’s in character for the Duke to start something he doesn’t finish!
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