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  1. Slings & Arrows was featured on the ATX TV Festival. I believe live they played the pilot episode with commentary. The posted video skips over that to the after-episode interview by The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum. Bonus—since the festival was sponsored by Acorn TV, Acorn has the show and is offering a free 30 days with the code slings.
  2. “He’s got a smile that could light up a cross.” If I may say, solid burn.
  3. The cold open was decent. A couple of jokes that landed with truth: “Crazy uncles, stand back and stand by.” Joe’s only scandal will be mistaking Angela Merkel’s caboose from behind as Jill’s. The rest of the show was fine. I don’t think any sketch completely whiffed and I was amused throughout. Weekend Update had me laughing out loud.
  4. I appreciated that Rachel gave the highlights (or, rather, lowlights) so I didn’t have to watch the actual town hall. And that every other sentence from her was an emphatic, “That was a lie.” Between Amy Coney Barrett’s bobbing and weaving in the judiciary hearings and Trump’s refusal to answer half the questions in his town hall, do you think people will catch on that Republicans would rather duck than tell the truth?
  5. I think it’s important that they continually put that message out there. Too many people are tired of shelter in place and want things to “be normal.” If Seth has his show in the studio, with his writers and crew there, and Amber on his sofa, it’s easy to think, “See, Seth is going in to work; I can, too.” It’s good to have reminders that it’s not normal—it’s only happening because they are going to great lengths to make it happen. And conversely, for those of us who worry about the health of Seth and his crew, it’s good to know they are taking all possible precautions short of going back to the attic.
  6. The cast was, *chef’s kiss*, perfect! The hair and makeup on everyone in the Woke Mafia sketch were outstanding. Really perfectly done.
  7. I loved, loved, loved Night of 1,000 Moira’s! I would go to one in a heartbeat. And I teared up like crazy when they marched in Toronto Pride—I so wish I had been there for that. I also teared up for the Facebook group letter. And the backstage view of Alexis and Ted’s goodbye date. And the shooting of the final goodbye scene. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t wear Moira’s eye makeup!
  8. Getting investment capital means that their motel enterprise can now start giving them paychecks. Roland alluded to that when he bought the truck. (Of course New York, or California, rents would probably eat up all of it. Good thing Moira got a gig!) I’m, just, so happy and so teary-eyed. Moira’s officiating vestments were perfection. And David had every expression cross his face during Patrick’s vows. Turning over the key to Stevie and driving off... *sniff* I loved that Johnny kissed her on the forehead. The Rose family really changed her life. I hope the family does get together regularly, now that they’ll be scattered across North America.
  9. I was a pile of goo over Alexis and Twyla’s scene in the cafe, then David and Stevie completely wrecked me. When Twyla stopped by the motel room later I kept thinking, “Dan’s two sisters ❤️“ Damn, I love all of them SO much!
  10. I wonder if Mike will want to split off with Ruth and the other junior partners! She seems to respect his vibe but not the other jerks. I love the concept of the ubiquity and reliable brand of a Motel 6 but the hipster/local vibe of a boutique hotel. The only boutique “chains” I know of have something like 6 or 8 properties, not thousands. If it gets off the ground the way they’re planning, Johnny and Stevie will be living in Schitt’s Creek in name only for a while, constantly traveling to open new locations. David, too, if he’s going to be sourcing local product for all the properties.
  11. I could have listened to Alexis doing that entire script as Moira. Extra hilarious that it was for Larry Air. Extra, extra hilarious that Moira’s pronunciation made it sound more than usual like derrière!
  12. This started out great with the clip from Sunset Bay. Moira truly was (soap) fabulous and Clifton really was awful! Then Saul Rubinek showed up! One of my all-time favorite actors. And then Victor Garner! With that hilarious quitting drinking line. Every glimpse into the soap was hilarious! I also loved, loved, loved Stevie reading Johnny’s book and being inspired by it.
  13. Lovely interview with Khizr Khan. He is following in his son’s footsteps, doing what he can to protect the country in a different way. And OMG. What a tidbit Rachel dropped at the end—Trump has spent the evening tweeting trash about Governor Whitmer. Every time I think he can’t sink any lower.... No wonder Rachel is starting to dread the news.
  14. That black dress with the white geometric grid Moira had on at the start was gorgeous. And, oh my, her video was awful(ly funny)! Poor David and Patrick. Their store is a gorgeous oasis and the angles chosen made it look terrible. Also, poor Johnny. I’m sure he doesn’t want to know 99% of what his daughter got up to while he was absorbed in building his video empire. At least he’s a better father now.
  15. Dammit, I’m gutted by the breakup. The whole new motel is nicer than the old one. I don’t know why they didn’t decamp to there as soon as they got the deed. (Heck, Roland and Jocelyn could rent out their whole house.) But they’ll need to hire help. Johnny, Stevie, and Roland are barely enough to keep one property going.
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