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  1. I love that his old haircuts are a running gag this season, after that billboard campaign promoting it. Keep looking for ways to work in that callback! And speaking of which, that right-wing MORON having the audacity to compare the privations of WWII to missing a hair appointment made me want to scream. On a happier note, that Whale Jizz color is actually quite pretty. It will look great with the rat erotica!
  2. And how if we give up we’re just France? Oh, John! (I really hope someone contacts him with that painting!)
  3. When Soji was super-knowledgeable on the Cube, I assumed that her unconscious mind (the part her “mother” accessed) was hacking into the Romulus systems and squirreling away all the information so she’d have every tactical advantage if needed.
  4. They strongly implied that the crew decided Oh’s telepathic assault made her not in her right mind. She did “wake up” from the implanted belief and feel horrified. The relationship glimpses in the final minute were shoehorned in. I was pretty indifferent to the initial Rios/Agnes tumble. But I did feel unexpectedly touched by them later. The scene at the very end, though, was over the top. And Raffi/Seven was WAY over the top. My favorite Raffi scene was her comforting Elnor—she’d already lost her son and he’d just lost his father figure. So good. I really loved Seven, unapologetically bi throughout the season. But Raffi/Seven was way too instant. I like the idea of the pairing, but drop hints and get to it maybe midway in season 2. Let the fans speculate about chemistry, then delightfully surprise them by making it canon. They took all the build/romance out of it.
  5. He’s gonna shave! (I side with his wife on this.) Meanwhile, he’s bouncing around the house with waaaaay too much time on his hands. 😄 The ending is awesome, but I don’t want to spoil it.
  6. I think Seth’s bandwidth took a hit, conferencing in for Jokes Seth Can’t Tell. His audio quality dropped a few times. But it was still funny and fun!
  7. Sir Patrick Stewart, world treasure: https://mobile.twitter.com/SirPatStew/status/1241871592700993536
  8. The big Chekov’s gun is the android body. Whose mind will get transferred into it next episode?
  9. The only other time I can think of was when she was reporting on kids being separated from their parents at the border. Both well-deserved moments of emotion.
  10. Stephen and Seth are my favorites. I’m so grateful to have some Late Show, but sad there’s no Late Night at all. Although I guess he has two really little kids, and even the bathroom wouldn’t be a safe taping space!
  11. It felt weird to me the first few minutes, not having an audience, but John had his rhythm and I stopped noticing it pretty quickly.
  12. Rios deleted random information from his holograms. So, what he deleted from the hospitality hologram was the understanding of personal space? Poor Raffi was bent over backwards, leaning away from him! Making people uncomfortable is a pretty big faux pas on the hospitality front. 😄
  13. Fortunately, he said the opposite! Stephen asked how he was doing and he said he didn’t know. Because he has no symptoms, but during the incubation period you could you have it and not know it. That monologue just felt ... surreal. To all of them, too, you could tell!
  14. There were a lot of bits in the cold open, but I loved all of them! Don Jr and Eric are always a favorite, but nothing topped Elizabeth Warren and breathless Kate dashing in from a quick change. The Sands of ... Modesto? That’s inland valley cow country! I loved the names, Debranique and Victavia. It is too bad the vomit gag was what they decided on as the button for the accent coach sketch. The actual funniest part was Mikey and Daniel with their hands clasped in front of them, vibrating out deep harrumphs in unison.
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