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  1. I finally watched this 2 years later, and this bothered me all season. The formidable Klingons weren't so formidable at all. This has been true in every Trek series. Other than Tasha, main members of the crew are never really in danger, but it bothered me more this time. Maybe I am just tired of Trek or maybe it's because this is a younger Federation. They just seemed to have too much overwhelming technology and tactics.
  2. A day for Frank Costanza episodes...
  3. If you want MST3K, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic and the Film Crew, just go to Shout Factory. Pluto TV, Tubi, Amazon Prime and the Rifftrax site are all great places, too. I don't bother with Netflix, especially since the new crew never did much for me. As for "evil Amazon," whatever. That's how capitalism works. All of it. I would rather focus on the disease than the symptom. I don't believe that kind of virtue signaling fixes the problem.
  4. It's a line/concept Sandra used in her second season.
  5. The dude who takes a great deal of pride in talking about how stupid he made someone look...even when they're supposedly friends and he knows it's going to be broadcast. Yeah, Rob is a dickhead. Good riddance. Hope this is finally the end of him.
  6. So, when Ethan got on the show, everyone was supposed to lay down and let him win? Strange, since I have always heard those called "sob stories" that don't make someone entitled to win. The anti-Michelle stuff? Whatever. Another young woman who gets the hate. What are you going to do?
  7. I have already made my views clear, but go read the link on the first page of the media thread. This is apparently not a one-time thing and it's not just something of the past. Multiple people who have worked on the show have backed it up as ongoing. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They have known about this for a long time, so production is complicit.
  8. Haven't there been stories of sexual harassment regarding Peck, especially in the early seasons? I seem to remember that, but am open to being corrected. I just remember reading something and feeling like he should have been shitcanned a long time ago. ETA: I went back to the first page, and found the link. Refers to both him and Nunez as "proud bigots and misogynists". http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/the-underbelly-reality-tv
  9. Ack. Didn't realize it started so early this season. Glad I checked in.
  10. The producers may think that, but I haven't seen anything compelling about Survivor since it became The Total Idol Experience with no actual survival involved. I was looking at Sandra's pictures of her and Christa together the other day, and it reminded me of how much I used to love the show and how often I check out of entire seasons these days.
  11. With everyone supporting Ted, what choice did Ghandia have but to let him off the hook? Just think about how everyone supported Dan and not Kellee in 2019. Now think of everyone supporting Ted in pre-MeToo era and where it put her. Dan was contrite to Kellee initially, too. But, hey, it's easier not to see just how shitty the Ted and Ghandia situation was because it covers for all of the those who kept their mouths shut at that time and vilified her so they could watch the show with a clear conscience. I mean, just look at the way the situations played out. Ghandia was worried enough about being touched that she brought it up with Ted, but it's being dismissed as "she wasn't really that bothered by it." Kellee was worried about Dan enough that she brought it up with him. There is literally no difference in how the two women handled unwanted touching, but for some reason it's a problem now, but not then.
  12. If Ghandia and Ted didn't do it, and Hatch and Sue didn't either, I have my doubts.
  13. There has been more than one all-male alliance, but men don't usually notice that and the show doesn't make a big deal about it. The female Survivors don't, either.
  14. To be honest, I am not broken up about this. Just never could get into the new one. I am fine with Rifftrax and old episodes of MST3K, Cinematic Titanic and The Film Crew. I generally prefer Mike, Bill and Kevin, anyway.
  15. I was just fine with Annie's dad getting offed. He lived off her mother so he could chase his dreams, refused to help his daughter because of his own hang-ups, then moved out and started fucking a younger woman who flattered him while his daughter was left with a sad, broken mother. He was trash, and Rita knew what he was putting his family through, but didn't care. I had far more sympathy for Annie and even her mother than either of them.
  16. Finally got around to watching this. I have seen most Lynch movies. Never felt like they didn't make sense. And loved them...until I was about 25. Now, I remember why I stopped watching his movies. Masturbatory dreck. I shouldn't need Cliff Notes to figure out what the fuck is going on, and I never have before, but this is mostly just Lynch being self-indulgent. I had a difficult time even staying awake it was so tedious, and a screeching Audrey didn't fix that. I guess Showtime has money to waste these days.
  17. Can this woman just go now, please? I missed a couple of episodes, but I have yet to see anything compelling about her. Her inferiority complex is just too much. At least that idol has now been wasted, so Jamal can't use it to really save her sometime in the future, I guess.
  18. They all dream of growing up to be Dee Dee Ramone.
  19. The lesbian storyline didn't feel organic to me. I totally felt like they're shoehorning the early 2000s in there, back when every other kid was suddenly shouting from the rooftops that they were "bi" because they wanted to be edgy. Or the present, frankly, when throwing a token LGBT character into a show makes the creator feel Very Progressive. I had gay friends in my 1980s small town, but they never would have told someone who they hadn't been very close to for a decade or so that they were gay. It wasn't done, because you were going to get your ass beat if it got out. Most of us eventually went to the city because of this.
  20. Female journalists existed. And they were treated like shit, even in cities. See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christine_Craft As for the number of them, there were about 6, including the EIC. Not really that many.
  21. Are they, though? There comes a time when you grow up and your interests change. Will may not be ready for that, but Mike and Lucas are. There's no reason for them to infantilize themselves because Will is uncomfortable with growing up. Friends don't demand that. Even Will admits that he expects them to never change or care about anyone else.
  22. They want us to see Nancy and Jonathan as a Great Romance™. I don't. I always found him annoying and never saw what she supposedly did. I still feel that way. Dude's not interesting enough to hang out with, and it's not like he's hot enough to make up for it.
  23. I just got around to watching this season, and this is what really disgusts me. It's so much Cold War propaganda and completely inaccurate. But I guess the "evil Russians" is still a thing for a lot of dumb Americans, so the Duffers are going to ride the stupidity for all it's worth. Not sure I am going to, though. The mall bugged the hell out of me. I can take background score including music that's a couple of years off, but a huge mall in what we've repeatedly been told is a small town? Nope. I grew up in a small, rural town like that, and you had to drive almost 2 hours to the city for a mall or cineplex. Our town theater had one screen and was built in the 1930s. Over the summer, we also had a drive-in. If you wanted to buy clothes in town, you went to a small, free-standing J.C Penney's, a Sears in one of two strip malls in town, Yellow Front in the other strip mall, or you ordered from the catalog. A huge mall packed with people? Ridiculous. This season tries too hard. As for Hop, his Bronco or Suburban or whatever always had "Chief" painted on it. Was never a sheriff, which is, indeed, a different thing. Police are for a town/city; sheriff is a county official. The big hair was a thing, but I never wore it. I hated it even then. I always wore my hair like Nancy in the first episode. Side part with barrettes holding it back on both sides...until I discovered punk rock.
  24. I love how women are told they should be more vocal about not wanting men to touch them, then get told that they are at fault when they do tell dudes to knock it off, too. Several of the women mentioned his overly familiar behavior. None of them should have been put in that situation by Dan, and all of them had the right to handle it however tf they chose. (And it seemed like he was only doing it to women. Why?)
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