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  1. This was a tough watch so I was relieved to see Kate's therapist explaining how everything Martin did was all part of his grooming her. He never intended for her to leave his house after she entered that first night, he wanted to keep her locked up, like she was a prize at his carnival booth. He knocked down every obstacle to win her and now she would be kept on his bed like one those cheap stuffed animals he was giving away. I almost think we will find out that Kate had a baby while she was there, probably premature, and the baby died. She named the baby Annabelle but has blocked out the
  2. Hummingbird cake is the lupus of Crime Scene Kitchen.
  3. I am a huge Stephen King fan but this is one book I read once and never read again. It had nothing to do with the story but rather the timing of when I read it. I lost my husband in 2006, when this book came out, and was looking for something to take my mind off of it. I had no idea what the novel was about because I have a hardcover collection of Stephen King novels and buy them no matter what. I should have put it down once I realized what the subject matter was, a wife coming to terms with her husband's death, and waited until I wasn't so emotionally raw but I enjoyed the writing. I keep pr
  4. cmahorror

    S01.E02: Patient X

    Widow speaking here - I sometimes do talk to my dead husband's photos and I talk to his grave when I visit. Sometimes it is catching him up on what has happened with our children and grandchildren or what is going on in my life. Sometimes it's just letting him know I miss him. It's my way of still feeling connected to him, of maintaining some small connection. It may seem creepy to others but to me it was just a way to express his feelings and maintain a connection with his late spouse.
  5. Per The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon's three knock ritual comes from accidentally walking in on his father in bed with another woman, so I do believe that George will engage in an affair with Brenda because this is a fundamental part of grownup Sheldon Cooper. George is unhappy, his life isn't what he wanted, his wife and him are arguing more and more, and he is spending his time at the local bar drowning his sorrows. It is a recipe for disaster missing one ingredient - a willing partner. That is where Brenda fits in. Yes, Mary should have stopped to ask what happened, but I don't think that
  6. I wonder if Dylan's dad is the real father and killed Erin to stop her from telling the truth.
  7. Mare did give Frank plenty of opportunity to talk to her away from everyone. She asked him several times to speak with her outside before finally saying why she wanted to speak with him and, even then, she didn't drop the big bomb, just told him she knew he lied to her. Then Frank left the door open for everyone to hear what was going on, including his daughter. That is some passive-aggressive assholery of the first order there. It makes Mare look like the bad guy for questioning Frank even though he was the one in the wrong to lie to her in the first place. Does Mare want to get fired? D
  8. I'm enjoying this but am I the only one getting a "Wild Things" vibe from this show? I almost feel like both girls were working to get money from Kate's parents. Before throwing stones, hear me out... Kate is pissed at her friends and boyfriend for moving on without her while she was missing and her mom for cheating. She finds Jeanette's necklace at the house, maybe it had fallen off during one of Jeanette's visits before Kate was kidnapped, and decides to blackmail her into getting revenge. Kate will accuse Jeanette in public, Jeanette will sue Kate and her family in retaliation, win by
  9. I think Hazel knows that if she gave Byron the other ultimatum, save my father and I'll stay in your life at a distance, he probably would lie to her and then take advantage of her being distracted by her father's failing health to take her back to the Hub. In her mind, at least she is deciding to return to the Hub on her own terms and saving her father's life at the same time. Byron is a control freak megalomaniac - he would never agree to help her father unless she came back to the Hub and she knew that. To Hazel, I think this was the lesser of two evils. Despite their estrangement, Haz
  10. I really enjoyed this show, especially the last episode. Yes, she went back but it was to save her father's life. Was that her decision to make? No, but it also reflects that she would go to great lengths to save someone she loves, just like Bryon thought he was doing for her all those years. Byron was wrong for what he did and Hazel, no matter how altruistic the reason, is wrong to do this to her dad. You cannot force someone to live the life you want them to live without them resenting you for it. I wonder if the reason Herbert decided not to fight to cancer was because he didn't think
  11. I'll defend Taylor Swift's 1989 and Folklore as both were wonderfully written, produced, and cohesive albums and deserving of their wins as Album of the Year. I would say that the one that didn't deserve it is Fearless, definitely one of her lesser efforts. Red and Reputation were both much better albums and far more reflective of her abilities, especially in songwriting. To me, both records reflect what the Album of the Year should be. Folklore drew me in from first listen to now, the same as 1989. Thematically, they work as a whole listening experience with matching themes and call back
  12. All I ask is that Kristen does not get pregnant by Rex.
  13. My feelings on this "newest" Kristen plot: And when Brady finds out Kristen raped another man: Of course he'll end up forgiving her because "she's changed" but I am beginning to wonder if that just means she's changed the persons' face she is wearing that day...
  14. That was a hard watch but interesting. Like many have said before me, all I had heard earlier was all the accusations came solely from Dylan and Mia but it is apparent that many people saw what was going on and told Mia about it. Allen's phone call makes it apparent that he wanted to have his cake and eat it too only Mia didn't bite. I have never been a big fan of Allen's movie, there was just something off about the writing that never really connected with me, but one film I did like was Manhattan Murder Mystery. No one really talks about this film but it was during the time of the child
  15. I find Dylan very believable and her story matches what people outside the family are saying. I remember when all of this happened and the thing that struck me was the reason they didn't pursue charges against Allen. It wasn't for a lack of evidence, it was because the prosecutor didn't want to put Dylan on the stand. When I saw the pictures the only thing I thought was that the older kids were holding the younger kids to help them all get in the picture. With that many children, you need to figure out a way to get everyone into frame and holding the little kids not only accomplishes that
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