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  1. He's getting that "Ladies and gentleman, your next Bachelor" edit.
  2. Remember Anoop Desai (Season 8)? I just saw him on an episode of Billions. His character was promoting a new energy system and he was looking for investors. He grew a beard, but the face was familiar. And then I saw his name in the closing credits and I said, "I knew he looked familiar!"
  3. Thank you, merci, obrigado, gracias, danke, tak, spasibo, arigato, to all of you here posting on this. I got tired of reading "poor Hannah" and "Tyler is shit" posts on Reddit. The Tannah fans wanted their Harlequin novel/Hallmark Movie Network/Reese Witherspoon romcom happily ever after ending and they didn't get it. Bwahahahah!!!!! No lies were told by you guys regarding the end of this show. It was SHE who felt that Jed and Luke were better than Tyler. It was SHE who turned down his proposal. It was SHE who banged other guys and not Tyler. Now, she wants him back because of her immaturity a
  4. I believe Tyler mentioned on their first one-on-one date that he and his father watched her on The Bachelor when Pops was recuperating from surgery. Since I'm here, a few things: It's a good thing Peter knows his way around a cockpit (stop it), but I'd be scared shitless the way he kept taking his hands off the control to make out with Hannah. Tyler has his own boat. Peter has his own plane. And yet, she keeps losers like the fraudulent Right Rev. Lord Farquhar type clown and the big-headed, pigeon-toed, low-rent bachelorette party stripping America's Got Talentless fool? Go f
  5. Yep! All of my friends are so eager for July 29 and 30 to get here because the next three weeks will be nothing but filler and Tyler porn.
  6. I want to sympathize with Hannah, but after she kicked Scott to the curb on night one, I can't. Plus, didn't she see the warning signs? Jed said he was on the show to promote his music TO HER FACE. Yet, she still kept him around. Please, Tyler, don't take her back. She's not ready for a mature relationship. Just hope TPTB offer you a king's ransom to be the next Bachelor.
  7. So ladies and gentlemen, which ATFR scenario will we see?: The Brad/Emily one where she said she "poked the bear"? The Jake/Vienna melodrama meltdown? The Becca/Garrett "All Apologies/spin doctoring" one? Or maybe there's one that I left out. Please feel free to add.
  8. It's probably the only episode I'll watch after reading the spoilers.
  9. I still say they should announce him as the Bachelor BEFORE Hannah and Jed reunite on ATFR and should do it in front of her to humiliate her even further when the audience goes nuts.
  10. Apparently, Mike Fleiss tweeted "Don't believe everything you read". Whatever! This is what happens when you have an immature girl as the Bachelorette. As someone says, she refused to see the red flags regarding Luke P.(uke), so she'll probably stay with Jed. But how long will they stay together before she's paying his bills since Jed's dad was practically paying his rent? He ain't exactly Luke Bryan or even Thomas Rhett. If the producers are reading SM, what they should do is on ATFR when Tyler reunites with Hannah for his "what did I do wrong" segment, Chris Harrison should announce th
  11. It was Peter. I hope Jed is persona non grata in Nashville after the crap he pulled. I know there are more sinners than saints in Music City but this isn't a good look. Oh, well, now Jed will have Hannah pay for his rent since his dad won't pay it anymore.
  12. Jed, if you wanted exposure for your music and get your face on television, you should've tried out for The Voice. And if your voice was good enough, Blake Shelton would've turned his chair for you. Plus, if you were truly a decent artist, Blake would've gotten you bigger gigs. Now, if I were anyone in Nashville, I wouldn't give you the time of day. What a dumbass.
  13. The man would've made a sexy pairing with Queen Elizabeth II. That's how much he oozes sexuality to me.
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