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  1. Alcohol + Meds. I'd say it is primarily a case of "Lights, camera, action!" She's probably studied the HW playbook and decided to go with scene stealing. Sometimes that works but sometimes it doesn't (see Teresa vs. Siggy behavior on RHoNJ). There has to be more of a story behind the outbursts beyond simply grabbing for attention and beating a dead horse issues.
  2. I'm going to side-eye and then try and track that transportation time. I'm trying to find the location of the Spa and failing after my OVERWHELMING 45 seconds of internet search. Can someone else maybe do a better job? https://www.messynessychic.com/2016/01/11/soaking-in-the-desert-bath-tubs-of-a-pioneers-hot-spring/. Lots of photos here,
  3. I fell asleep midway through. Woke up, picked up the remote to rewind, and decided to hit delete instead. That just about sums it up.
  4. Apparently Botox can make brows do that so you might not be far off. It's fun to look at recent photos of people I know in real life who suddenly have what I call fish hooked brows which bear little resemblance to the brows they grew up with. That and the horizontal lines on the side of the nose are easy tells.
  5. I have no idea why Mary has property there, but don't get thrown off by "Indiana". Carmel, IN is actually an upscale, affluent community. Lisa promotes her liquor by name. Meredith has been shown in her boutique. Heather has pushed her salon. Even Mary has been shown doing her preacher thing in church. They take advantage of the marketing opportunity. Jen? Interesting that we still have no idea other than she has a team and is the wife of a man with a verifiable job. If Jen has any fully functioning businesses she isn't doing a good job of making people aware of them. Why?
  6. I know Heather says her ex is rich, Mormon royalty, but damn the man looks more like he's down on his luck and wouldn't appear out of place holding a cardboard sign at an intersection. Mary looked like a little girl wearing her mommy's boots, which apparently are worn only in the house like slippers since she was wearing them inside without covers. Brooks hair in his talking head looks like it was styled by an animal licking something off of his head. Bravo wanted diversity. Good idea poorly executed by the production company responsible for this atrocity of a show. I cannot believe there weren't any non-white women in the Salt Lake City area who are accomplished, intelligent, and interesting. They are probably too smart to get involved with a shit show like this. Instead they picked two caricatures who substitute displays of opulence and wealth for actual attributes. All Mary has is her grandfather/husband story and things she can buy which have a high price tag. Jen puts on a ridiculous show with her team catering to her every need in over the top ways clearly performed for the benefit of the cameras (thinking of last week when her assistant hand fed her something and this week lying in her bed).
  7. I can't help but feel some of these women are disliked by production considering the way they allow them to go on camera. Whitney has that talking head with her hair kind of slicked back where the total look is off. In the last episode it looked like the top of a clip on hair filler was sticking out of the back of her head while she was talking to her husband. Surely someone could have given her a heads up if they wanted to.
  8. He can start by taking care of his own hair first...please.
  9. Whitney, don't you know it is only okay for Jen to gossip about Meredith when she is with Heather?
  10. Listening to Charlotte Pickles and her kewpie doll haired husband dramatize their marital issues for the cameras was gross. Did these two sell their souls for the sake of some publicity for Mama and Sonny Marks to get some publicity for the "brands"? jWhy does their vocal fried spawn have to make an appearance even when he is not physically there?
  11. Yeah, I didn't think she looked too bad at all and I was surprised that I actually noted some forehead movement. It was her facial expressions that to me looked like amateur time. Well, actually, I found her to be the weakest link in the entire production which was unexpected. The fact that they were in a helicopter chasing the car along with the police, then landing on the bridge, then confronting Hugh and walking away while the police just stood there, and then flying off with the kid...c'mon, what the hell was that all about!?! I expect to suspend disbelief to some degree while watching a movie or tv show, but this was ridiculous.
  12. I wondered that at first too, but then I thought she meant outfits that she would like to wear herself. I don't know for sure though. My question about the fashion show was what the hell was Meredith wearing? All I could see was the nude fabric underneath it.
  13. Brooks stomping stoically in front of the prancing models was one of the funniest Bravo fashion show scenes ever. Sloppy editing...when Meredith and Brooks were in the kitchen Meredith is shown speaking while Brooks is cutting a grapefruit while wearing a brown, zipped up, padded jacket. When she finishes her sentence they cut back to Brooks now in just a sweatshirt still working at the grapefruit. WTF with Mary and her son? Her 17 year old leaves the house at 6 pm and doesn't return until the following day (presumably unplanned at the time of departure) without any contacting his parents? Seemed totally scripted from start to giddy, huggy finish. Speaking of appearing totally set up, that exposition scene at the salon between Whitney and Heather where the two cousins were talking like people who had only met recently and were getting to know one another. Then. comes the Heather and her girls scene... I can understand production leading the cast in a direction, but nothing these people do seems to develop organically from that point. This group is either uninteresting or over the top with little left in between. Biggest surprise was that Whitney's father's hair is apparently not a wig after all judging by the hairline shown during the trampoline scene.
  14. Followed by, "And take me outside so that I can stop shitting on the floor!"
  15. Considering that Brooksie is being showcased as a designer, and he, Meredith and Whitney are "walking", that's about what I expected 😄 Where I used to live various groups used to hold fundraisers, sometimes called "card parties" during which there would be a fashion show hosted by local stores with group members modeling the clothes. I'm imagining this fashion show to hold about the same relevance as one of those did, only this time the benefit goes toward RHoSLC being given a filming/story opportunity.
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