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  1. ichbin

    S02:E01 The Summer Palace

    I think Marcia is the character to watch. She seems to be the only person in the family who is not afraid of Logan but we haven’t yet been shown why. I think she and her son are going to be the ones left standing at the end.
  2. ichbin

    S02:E07: Blow

    This episode was...meh.
  3. ichbin

    S02.E06: Love's in Need of Love Today

    You're not alone. I was glad the show seems to have dropped the Angel/Stan/Patty story line but not happy to see it replaced with spirits and musical numbers.
  4. She was on the Juicy Scoop podcast recently. Not sure what others believe, but listening to her one would think she is all about fashion and philanthropy. It's worth listening to for the entertainment value. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/juicy-scoop-with-heather-mcdonald/e/61828325
  5. Did anyone else see the Countess candle when they showed the merch? ( * Link below) Someone needs to clue in Noel about that sleazy mustache. Yikes! I hope that Bethenny's housekeeper is paid every penny she is worth. That poor woman must have to wear a lot of hats. Sonja's silver dress reminded me of the kind of thing girls used to make in home ec. classes back in the 70's. Either that or something my aunt would have made to wear to her work Christmas party. Just remembered her interview on the Juicy Scoop podcast a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and look it up, episode 347. * https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a989e491aef1d29505d5fb9/5c008a9ab8a045661dea201e/5c008af3c2241b64dd5763be/1543539455078/Countess+Candle.jpg?format=500w
  6. When the next award season rolls around I hope that the guy with the glasses in the recording studio listening to Luann with a large smile and look of supreme pleasure will not be overlooked. If anyone is deserving of a best actor award it's him.
  7. I was on the verge of tears because she brought back my grief over my own dog's death, and then I found myself snorting with laughter when she said she called 911.
  8. On WWHL she made it clear she wasn't interested in inviting them in out of the cold, so to speak. She said she couldn't offer them jobs because she no longer had the townhouse. Oh, man, I have to stop rolling my eyes so hard before I do myself some harm.
  9. During the episode, when Sonja was talking about the people at the AA meeting she made some reference to the townhouse. On WWHL she made that clear...she felt bad that she would not be able to bring them back to her townhouse and give them a job. Like the people she said would probably be sleeping on the beach and doing drugs would be happy to what, become her latest batch of interns?
  10. Yup. I mentioned it above. I was seriously wondering if they could actually have been production people being used as extras for the scene. If there was a table of women carrying on the way these loons did you can bet they would be getting lots of attention from other patrons.
  11. So how about the people seated near their table in the restaurant. For the most part they were continuing their conversations and drinking like nothing else was happening, but not like they were just trying to ignore. I can't believe I am alone in thinking that scene was staged. I want to know more about the Countess running through the field in her negligee. Now that, if true, sounds like a story worth listening to.
  12. Move over so I can stand right there beside you.
  13. ichbin

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Facility must have been the word of the day on the judge's calendars. The tears need to stop too. Not impressed with the new female judges credentials. I've seen some of those pop stars they mentioned she has choreographed lurching about on stage during performances. This show lost me during their kiddy season. I stopped watching about 1/4 way through last season but thought I'd give it another chance. It's trying with the latest format, but it still seems to have lost the spark it had during the first five or six seasons. I have a feeling I'm going to be letting most of the upcoming episodes languish in DVR limbo.
  14. ichbin


    Lots of good actors in the cast but it was a stupid premise. I wonder if it would have worked better without the backyard bar story. They could have put it in the ground floor of an apartment building that the nephew inherited and incorporated the tenants instead of neighbors who couldn't bear to stay in their own houses at night. I got through a few episodes before I started to delete them from the DVR before watching because I had no desire to see any more. I think they really wanted Cheers, but the effort to make it distinct failed.
  15. ichbin


    Prior to this I have never enjoyed any of her performances. I thought she was great in this though and will be completely deserving of any nominations and awards she gets for this production.