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  1. I'll take that bet. This is crap so far and shows no promise of improving. The premise would have worked better as a drama. I don't agree about the actors being awful. I'm still unhappy that Kyle MacLachlan didn't get an Emmy for the last season of Twin Peaks. The material is really weak. This was the first show I have deleted from scheduled recordings this season.
  2. What's the deal with Marcia? Shiv makes reference to some gaudy decorating that was part of Marcia's refit of the yacht as being her way of cutting Logan's ties. Then there was Logan on the phone asking about a woman's whereabouts after the scene of him looking at the unoccupied side of his bed. Nothing definitive about whether she left him for good or is just stewing somewhere. I agree! Logan's reaction was hysterical. From "What the fuck!" to "Well, what's next, stick his cock in my potato salad?" Considering the intensity of the episode there were quite a few laugh out loud moments. It was pretty funny when Connor offered to fall on the sword and let the world think he was the evil genius behind everything. Loved the other character's reactions to that. When Frank asked Willa about her play and she snarled at him to "fuck off!" Speaking of which, why was Willa even allowed to sit in on the discussions. She's not family and not a business associate. I wish we would get more of Tom's backstory. When he told Shiv he's not a hippie...well, just a weird phriase from someone his age. How was this character raised? It's still taught in our local high school in the midwest.
  3. I don't wait to wait until next year for the next season! I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but then at the end realized Kendall's action was actually the only (and best) thing that could happen. This show! Writing, casting...excellent! Still surprised that HBO hasn't promoted it in the same way as shows like The Sopranos or Game of Thrones. I suspect that is going to change for the coming season.
  4. Season one also for that matter.
  5. That was my biggest disappointment.
  6. A fond homage is one thing, but the direct ripoffs from Notting Hill and Love, Actually were too much. Lazy writing. OMG, yes! Great description! I love so many Richard Curtis movies. This series missed on so many counts though.
  7. I could swear that something about "two years" was mentioned when Ainsley and Maya were having their confrontation. I would go back and check but I don't have commercial free and I don't feel like going through the ads to find the scene.
  8. YouTube has the episode I referenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuZhzN8Swao All the rest of the episodes appear to be available on YouTube. I don't know if Hulu has them.
  9. I agree. The annoyance factor ramped up considerably with success/money, nonetheless, I already found her unlikable back then. Have you reached the Tide to Go episode yet? If not, you're in for a treat.
  10. I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for that. It was so macabre but still hysterically funny!
  11. Except for those of us who saw through her BS. And still do. I recall not being a fan back when she was on Martha Stewart The Apprentice. Many of the same traits and attitude she now demonstrates came through back then. I'll admit she came across better in her first seasons of RHoNY. I didn't watch her own shows so I can't speak about those, but she has become totally insufferable since her return to RHoNY. She appears to have no qualms confronting any of her cast mates and I think many people confuse liking her personally with the fact that she is saying things they would like to say to someone. I think she is a vitriolic harpy. I didn't start watching RHoNY until the season after her first departure and didn't see those first three seasons until after her return. I was happy watching the years she was missing and I will be fine watching it again without her.
  12. Short and curvy doesn't usually fit well with current and faddish fashions. It reminds me of the way Alyssa Milano is styled on Project Runway All Stars because she has a similar build and rarely wear something that I think flatters her on that show. In style doesn't doesn't necessarily mean it's going to look good. I'm tired of the Josh/Liza/Charles triangle. I really hope that The Walking Dead keeps Nico Tortorella too busy for a fully involved season 7 of Younger. Let the character move to California early on.
  13. ichbin


    https://www.primetimer.com/item/Natalie-Morales-calls-out-NBC-for-canceling-Abbys-KrSL2N Good cast but the premise and writing were not good. Diversity or lack of diversity is not going to have an impact on whether or not I am going to watch a show that simply doesn't hold my attention. I have a feeling NBC didn't bother with much advertising because they realized the show was a dud. She should stop complaining and push on her agent to find her better opportunities.
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