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  1. This reboot would have been better if it had been Miranda banished to London rather than Samantha.
  2. Yes!!! I don't get the hate I read. This is fluff and it was meant to be fluff. Thankfully it doesn't take itself seriously like far too many "comedies" these days. There is enough drama and matters of import going on real life. I am happy to make a brief escape from that with something light and visually interesting like this show. I even like Emily's wardrobe, as OOT, ridiculous and unrealistic as it is. I was happy to hear it's coming back for at least two more seasons. I'll be looking forward to more of the same.
  3. This is the first thing that came to my mind... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ug-p6vg8vI
  4. ichbin


    My eyes hit the ceiling every time Super Baptiste took off. Most of the time it looks like he is struggling to walk down a hallway, then all of a sudden he can chase down and take on a young person with no infirmities. Out of all the series, I can say I enjoyed this one the least. You're not alone. Honestly, I think that is the main question I have come away with. Who is paying for his travel, food, and accommodations? Where is his luggage? We are surely not supposed to assume he is constantly camping out in hotel lobbies.
  5. Unfortunately, there are many these days who would indeed declare it appropriation. That's why I was pleased to see the scene where Seema made a distinction between appropriation and appreciation. That all too often has become lost, Even the most marriage pushy parents would have backed off by the time their single offspring was in their 50's, particularly considering that a major aspect of being marriage pushy is the desire for grandchildren. That ship has generally sailed by 53. The Carrie character buying an apartment like that is completely out of charac
  6. While that someone is also on opioids! There is so much to dislike about this revival. I have no issue with the actors and appreciate that they have been allowed to age, but must we be hit over the head with that fact each week? That is a writing issue. As has been mentioned by others, I miss the humor that was primary to the original series. Cynthia Nixon's wig looked particularly wiggy in one scene (I think it was when they were at the restaurant). So far I'm liking Anthony and Harry better than most any of the other characters on the show.
  7. Lisa seems to use her kids as props to make herself look good, and well, I guess Jennie does also to a degree, but I think Jenny actually thinks her kid's precociousness is a delight enjoyed by all adults. Lisa's boys come across a bit rehearsed and awkward, where Jennie's daughter seems all too comfortable as though her outspokenness is both natural and encouraged both on screen and off.
  8. It seems I didn't phrase things properly. I didn't think you meant to convey that at all.
  9. FWIW, I think you're probably right. She doesn't seem savvy enough be able to hold the strings. Even if that is so, it in now way excuses her behavior toward others which has been shown several times to be despicable. Grandpa though? Considering what we do know of his background I can believe that he could have been fully involved in determining the future of the holdings once Grandma was gone. I noticed he went straight to the race card when Mary complained about the others questioning her church involvement.
  10. I can't help but wonder if one of the reasons Jen's legal team quit this past summer had to do with her badly using filming in an attempt to make herself look like a victim. It seems they were already in a tough spot which she couldn't be helping judging by what we've seen so far. Mary...she obviously sees no problem reconciling her religious position with her lifestyle...and that is a HUGE problem. She seems like pretty much just and awful person overall. Please, please let us be spared any more scenes with Jennie's daughter. I cannot stand kids like that, nor the parent's who infl
  11. This show had already devolved enough to have become hate watch fodder before the end of the first season, I can only imagine what kind of nonsense a second season will foist upon us. The last episode was pretty much a total WTF viewing experience. Was I the only one hoping that Aneesha had decided to ditch those two whiney kids when they first showed her alone in the woods? I'm still not entirely clear regarding whatever disfunction is going on in Trevante's marriage but what I do know is that I don't want more of it. At this point the only characters I think I'd like to see more are Jami
  12. I actually think it is pretty accurate. I know a few highly educated and successful people who dove deep into anti-racism, so much so that it became somewhat performative despite intentions truly being in the right place. When people become zealots, regardless of the platform, it generally doesn't play out well.
  13. I'm not hating this at all and I was really afraid I would. I don't miss Samantha either. Judging by comments I am surely in the minority, but that was always my least favorite character of the bunch. I'm glad Carrie and Big were written to have been happy. Brenda Vaccaro is surely meant to have a featured storyline. Remember when she and Michael Douglas used to be a thing? As I recall they were in a lengthy relationship long ago. I'm glad it's back and they are not pretending that these actors haven't aged.
  14. Of course they decided to go the "zero to hero" route for Ahmed. I would have been much more satisfied with his end if had been during an attack on him while he was once again attempting to slither away from his family. Did I miss something or was there no clear explanation for why those people were attacking the military and going after the Malik family? The Mitsuki story arc went from being my favorite to being my least favorite over the last few weeks for exactly these reasons. I'd like to also say once again that I wish the Japanese arc was dubbed. I doubt if this is bein
  15. In this case I really think it isn't an issue of race so much as an issue of artist privilege and the over inflated ego and over inflation of abilities which often accompanies a lot of people I have met in the creative community. I doubt his behavior would have been any different if partnered with another designer whose work he doubted even if they were of another race, gender or whatever.
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