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  1. My take on it is it gives her relevance within the show without the emphasis being on her own personal life. Plus I have a feeling she is well aware of the reputation she has garnered among viewers regarding her behavior when drinking during the past fews seasons so she needs to make it about something altogether different. Sonja was a past season target, plus she seems rather pathetic these days and it would make Dorinda look bad to take her on. Luann is playing it sober (diet coke, please) and actually doesn't really engage in one-on-one bullshit. Luann is better at talking heads and being catty behind someone's back rather than direct combat. Dorinda snipes at Ramona but I think they genuinely have a connection going back some years. Leah is both too new and too close to her own past behavior to be passing judgement yet. Tinsley is the only one left and Dorinda needs a storyline to secure next another apple in the next season. Plus, Tinsley is not really fully entrenched with the upper east side set. It's her easiest target.
  2. In case anyone is interested. Leah's cardigan in this episode. I cannot see spending that amount of money on any sweater. https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/loewe-deer-oversized-mohair-blend-cardigan/product/0400010717158?site_refer=CSE_GGLPLA:Womens_Clothing:Loewe&CSE_CID=G_Saks_PLA_US_Women's+Apparel:Shirts+%26+Tops&gclid=CjwKCAjwt-L2BRA_EiwAacX32QHCTPyJNdJ7KZzgiOGpB7atEw861iSJDSOcSue0zbetqP32L9JDyRoCoMcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. Not me! As long as I'd be out of the line of fire I'd be happy to watch it like it was a dinner show. Because these two are the epitome of happy and healthy relationships? I could not stop laughing from the moment Sonja gave Sara the cold shoulder welcome until the end of that dinner party where they were acting like a box of puppies let loose in a room. I now fully expect Ramona to go on a manhunt when she enters a room full of people, but it was pretty funny to see Sonja and Luann make a happy bee-line to take full advantage of her scouting expedition. I think my favorite thing this episode (aside from sweater guy) was Leah overestimating the power she and her sister would hold over men. I loved that guy for a brief moment when he got up and left. I have been amazed at how quickly the hour goes by the last several episodes. Thank you RHoNY for providing a brief diversion from the true reality of life these last few months.
  4. Laughed through the entire episode. One of the best! The only thing that could have made it better would have been the Nadja doll rolling its eyes when they came home.
  5. I don't see that at all. If anything, she probably didn't get the apple because she is too reserved. Production clearly favors the type of shit show presented by Dorinda or Leah these days. I agree. It is enough for me when the Housewives are simply self-absorbed, petty, deluded assholes hitting up the local restaurants and shops with the occasional overnight trips thrown in. It goes into something altogether different when there appears to be behaviors in need of serious therapy and counseling. From what I remember it's not like Ramona tore the wired in electrical fixtures from the wall. She took pulled down the the portable lights that had been fixed to the wall for filming and apparently the tape used tore off some of the paint and she claimed to have had it repaired. I don't think anyone on this franchise has exhibited any behaviors equaling the frenzy we've seen so far from Leah.
  6. Many drunks I've known go either belligerent or maudlin when drinking, but not both and not at the same time. That was one hell of a performance by Leah. If it was for real, she needs help. If she was putting it on for the cameras she is simply an asshole. At 37, while around two decades younger than the rest of the cast, she is far too old to be behaving the way she did in this episode. Luann and Sonja are the type of people I would quickly cut out of my life. Both of them instigated Ramona about not welcoming Leah's sister and then when Ramona rescinded the coerced invitation they act like they were never against the idea themselves. Not for anything, to claim that Ramona has put on a drunken spectacle equaling anything that Sonja, and Dorinda have put on in front of the cameras at any time during the run of this series is ridiculous. Luann, other than falling, hasn't been too raucous on the show. She saved that for hiatus and performed it for the police instead. Ramona may have displayed some bad behaviors but she hasn't been out of control drunk and made a spectacle of herself in public as far as I can remember.
  7. I honestly could not get past the fact that she stores her Goldfish crackers in the refrigerator. Seriously, is this a thing people do? Don't forget that she has a cup of coffee while she's sitting there too. I found that a bit pretentious.
  8. It was like watching an old Anthony Bourdain episode. I swear I remember him going into a place in some Eastern European country that looked a lot like it. I have to say though that I would have dug right into that food they were served. It looked really good.
  9. OMG! Aside from someone truly ill, the only people I've seen who just put their heads down and vomit wherever/whenever are small children and totally shitfaced adults. Wonder if she was scarfing down fermented apples in the orchard too in addition to pocketing some "free" corn.
  10. Too bad. It took some time but I think it was finally settling into being a decent show as the series progressed.
  11. There is a place for an innocuous sitcom such as this that a family could watch together. I enjoyed the nostalgia. It remained true to being a comedy which I really appreciated. The positive messages steered clear of being "very special episodes". I'm sorry to see it go.
  12. Ramona (surely), Sonja, and Dorinda are all probably in the same post-menopausal boat. Bodies change. Weight goes on a lot easier and is harder to take off. I doubt any one of them would be willing to admit to that though, particularly Sonja and Ramona. Still, all three are in pretty good shape for their ages. That being said, however, Ramona did herself no favor with that terrible orange dress that only served to make her problem area more conspicuous. Her stomach stuck out so badly that you could make out her navel through the fabric. That was seriously the worst thing I have ever seen her wearing. Dorinda and Luann reached a new low while snobbing it up in the car on the way to the sauna. Did either of them have any self accomplishments enabling them to reach those upper east side addresses other than marrying into money?
  13. The way she has been hitting every spread during the past few seasons makes me think she's living off ramen during hiatus.
  14. Like everyone, his face is asymmetrical, but there was for sure a marked difference from the beginning of the show. I actually rewound it to see if I had somehow missed it earlier.
  15. Based upon the way the show treats Alejandro they could be excused for thinking the #2 spot is actually the winner. You mean back when it was an actual talent contest in search of someone who could have an actually successful career in the music business? The percentage of successful winners/contestants dropped significantly since Simon's departure. I miss it too. I would be extremely surprised if Sam goes on to achieve much success. Her only performance that impressed me at all was when she sang on the beach in Hawaii. The rest was all run of the mill, able to carry a tune. She was pushed along because she had a back story. Being a part of a minority and female didn't hurt given the negative backlash the show has received for years about being too heavy on the white guy winners. It's a feel good win. I doubt that the intention is any longer to find a genuine singing star anyway.
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