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  1. I have seen more than I am interested in learning about that book in the marketing for it out there this week. The funniest thing I saw today was the headline of an article about Marge dream casting a movie of it with Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson playing her mother and herself. I think the title should have been Delusional Dreams.
  2. Kelly Hansen / Foreigner according to this: https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/margaret-josephs-ex-husband-wont-care-about-foreigner-affair/
  3. She came into the season more full of herself than ever and it seems to be intensifying with each episode. She, like Jackie, has gotten much more negative response online during this series than I have seen in the past. The positive support she enjoyed before seems to have gone to her head in the same way it has housewives on other franchises, and it will probably trip her up the same way it did others who forgot the fickleness of fame. Her obsession with taking down Jen is making her look particularly hypocritical. And what the hell with the obsession with Teresa's sex life.
  4. Ummm, assuming that Jackie is pulling in a paycheck for appearing on this show I would say filming for it can also be considered performing the duties associated with a job. I question whether or not that dinner occurred on the actual holiday. I have thought the same thing about holiday celebrations shown at other housewive's homes in the past. I have a feeling there is a lot of creative editing regarding timelines.
  5. Yes! Me too. Maybe because the elderly parents are probably more likely to be putting the actual real into the reality TV. For sure! It was the decade following the ready availability of the pill and well into the era of sexual liberation. Margaret can spin her story however she chooses, but I was around during that time and I've known plenty of Margarets... It seems like all of the people I know who buy into psychics are the same individuals who proclaim themselves to be very religious and are also those who attend regular religious services. They also don't seem to have
  6. Anyone catch the overhead of the Catania house? The back looks like an inner city empty lot. Doesn't everyone hang out in their closet for snacks and conversation? Yeah, Margaret's biggest issue with Jen is her own jealousy, as in how dare she be surrounded by family, have a comfortable life, and seemingly attentive husband. It's okay for her to have a housekeeper but not the woman with five kids.
  7. It's come up for years and was just alluded to again recently by Joe Giudice who said, "“The parents lost everything because of Joe Gorga. Teresa and I had to care for them throughout our marriage to help them, that is why we were close to [her] parents. She cared for her parents, but Joe never helped,” Giudice claimed to Us. “Teresa really did try to work it out for [her] parents, but Joe Gorga always put down her family. Melissa and he have been riding our back for years — enough.” https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/joe-giudice-slams-fake-joe-and-melissa-gorga-amid-rhonj-feud/. Go
  8. If the gossip that his son was responsible for the loss of the parent's house is true, well.....
  9. I usually listen to podcasts while I'm doing things like driving, or cooking, etc. I saw some mention of Teresa's book so I downloaded the audio versions from the library. I'm about half through "Turning the Tables" and so far she puts her parents on a pedestal, raves about her upbringing, and speaks lovingly about her relationship with her brother while they still lived at home. It's rough going though. Teresa did the audio and let me put it this way, the ability to successfully read a book aloud is a gift she was not given. I even found it necessary to speed it up 50% in order to
  10. My take? She spent the first two seasons wrapped in an air of smug superiority, but shows like this demand some action in addition to a resume. Jen came on a little too strong in her first season and from what I recall the viewer response to her at that time was more against than for. Jackie, taking a swing at the low hanging fruit, then took her on with that article between seasons. Jen seems to have a secure sense of self-esteem, is not easily cowed or intimidated, and she also toned some things down and used her personality to build a larger fan base. She wasn't cowed by Jackie's "credent
  11. I know it's not spelled that way but I remember hearing it pronounced like that when I lived in the northeast.
  12. If so it would be only as opponents. Jackie has made it clear since joining that she thinks of Teresa as being inferior to herself. I think prior to being part of the show, she probably watched it resenting that someone like T and the rest were representing NJ and thought joining would not only highlight herself but drive out the old school and usher in a new crew more like herself. I've lived around and known people like each of them and generally they did not mix socially. After all, Jackie has degreeS, was a super mommy who drove a minivan, and had an educated, successful husband in a
  13. Sure, Bobby seemed like a fine fellow. I see a huge difference though between Bobby's funeral and Nonno's memorial being a featured segment on an episode. Jill had not been part of the cast for many years (from many accounts not by her own choosing and still yearning to return.) Nonno on the other hand was a featured member in the household of the longest running cast member. Most importantly, in Bobby's case it seemed like his funeral was exploited for a dramatic moment between Jill and Bethenny. As I recall all we saw of it was people on the sidewalk. It wasn't exactly a tribute to the m
  14. While I see the point you are making I find it hard to believe that the Gorgas would intentionally remove themselves from an opportunity to be filmed, particularly one where they could play a starring role as the bereaved son and daughter-in-law of the departed. Exploitation seems to be their driving force since their debut in the franchise. I'm 100% with you regarding Dennis and Bobby but I view Nonno as being in a different category. While by no means a star of the show he was a recurring character with strong ties to several of the featured players and the various goings on. I
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