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  1. Time and place! That kind of behavior could be overlooked or even expected in a different setting, This was definitely not it. Luann and Dorinda engaged to spite Ramona, but it made them look like fools too. I agree. If Tinsley were still there to bridge the gap between Leah and the others it might have been a slightly better situation. I think Leah probably gets off on the positive reception she gets from people who dislike the other cast mates. It's my guess she is mainly there for the attention it gives her and her brand, certainly not to develop any bonds. It's one thing to watch the antics of the established crew and quite another to watch Leah simply act like that annoying little brat at a gathering, the one who is bored and acts out for attention. She adds as much to this group as a buzzing fly in a house. I just feel annoyed and not entertained in the usual love to hate them way.
  2. I don't think so. She made the effort of covering Sonja while in the room for the sake of the woman doing her hair. I think she is okay with nudity in an intimate setting like a private party of close friends, but in front of people with looser ties, not so much. Remember how she reacted to learning about Alex's nude photos?
  3. When she was humping Luann her dress did hike up over her hips exposing her pubic area but she was wearing a flesh tone bodysuit and I believe that is what one could see.
  4. Unfortunately it appears she has settled upon petulant. It's like watching a fourteen year old who's been forced to spend time with the mother she currently hates and her mother's friends when she would rather be doing anything else. I don't think age is the problem though. I get the feeling there would be issues with younger women too if they didn't share her particular views.
  5. Did I see her pop something in her mouth that she picked up out of the sheets?
  6. Sure, Sonja. Your schmattas filled the entire store. Did the chefs hit up Sam's Club first? I buy the Kale salad there all the time. Interesting that Elyse was not included, not even mentioned. If it is true that she was supposed to have been a "housewife" when they began filming this season I guess whatever soured that happened before the Mexico trip.
  7. If she did indeed hear it from friends who read it in Leah's blog, it would seem that Leah has already outed herself.
  8. So, who is the bullshitter? Last week on WWHL, Leah said that Sonja had to take Dorinda to the hospital after the party because she got glass in her foot. The following day Dorinda says the glass is still in her foot. The hospital wouldn't take care of that? ETA, I guess the day was off and it was a doctor instead of the hospital. Per Leah, she was just dancing. That was dancing? In that room of women and under those circumstances what she did was simply a vulgar display, I think the worst thing someone can do to Leah is ignore her. Perhaps Ramona is more cunning than I thought.
  9. I just remembered Sonja telling her story about transporting her carpet on Pan Am. Pan Am folded in 1991...so she was decorating the townhouse 8 years before she married Morgan? Sonja needs to be reminded It is better to keep it simple when bullshitting.
  10. Agreed! If they are looking for diversity, however, I can think of one person who I believe would be a great fit with the temperament and ages of this cast...Star Jones.
  11. Everything I know of Leah from 15 episodes of RHONY says otherwise. In fact, it basically says the exact opposite. I have no doubt that Leah would gladly bare her snatch In Lu’s face in front of 100 people on camera. That is who she is. She was wearing a nude bodysuit. I didn't like the look because the dress fabric was super sheer and the bodysuit did not match her skin color and stood out in a bad way. When she was humping on Luann her dress hiked up and the bodysuit pulled up some also to expose her butt cheeks. I do agree with your assessment though.
  12. They got married in '98 when he was only 67 though. I don't know what he was like at that time but I have seen quite a few guys in that age bracket who are still in good shape mentally and physically.
  13. For a minute, I thought she was the entertainment and was a fortune teller. I hate all these shows lately, but I still watch and snark. What’s wrong with me? Nothing wrong with you. Why would any of us watch these shows if not for the snark material they provide each episode? Questionable fashion choices have no class or income boundaries. We were traveling through Narita airport once while they were doing construction. Normally the business and first classes lounges were separate but at that particular time they were forced to combine them. We were traveling business at the time (on the company dime) and sitting near us was a couple with their daughter and son-in-law. They made it clear that they were aghast at being forced to rub elbows with the hot polloi. I can't imagine how they would have reacted had they been forced to wait along with the coach passengers. The quality of their clothes screamed money, but I will never forget the older woman wearing her padded headband straight across her forehead, nor the marble patterned tights that clashed horribly with rest of her outfit. Nothing matched. The entire ensemble was so bizarre. Unfortunately, this was during a time before smart phones made it easy to take a photo. She always comes to mind when I see someone like Ramona's friend. As for Ramona's choice of clothing.... I have a friend who has often pointed out when we have seen someone who looks like they dressed in a time warp that they are probably holding on to the fashions of the era when they felt happiest. I'm guessing the 80's and 90's are that time for Ramona.
  14. On WWHL, Leah said that Dorinda was cut by that glass.
  15. I assumed some of these people get work done in exchange for publicity. I notice they usually reference the doctor when talking about work they've had done.
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