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  1. I get the vibe that Crystal is out for Crystal. I don't get the feeling that she is looking for friends so much as "friends" who can better position her. Like seating Sutton next to Erika at the dinner in her home. That's some stealthy bitchiness. I've read so many comments about how delightful she is. I've been giving her the side eye since the beginning of the season. She makes out like she's Elmyra Duff, but I suspect she enjoys orchestrating the mayhem. Seemed rather patronizing. Garcelle seems like a class act. Most of these women are vipers.
  2. Her inability to take responsibility for something for which there is absolute proof was triggering for me because I have someone in my life who does the exact same thing. It is mind boggling. That's the kind of denial often employed by narcissists. Don't forget her old ace in the hole regarding negative reaction to her behavior being because she is brown. She doesn't seem to have progressed in maturity beyond high school level. You're not alone. Whatever she has done to herself between filming the episodes shown and recording those talking heads is behind it. I h
  3. Yes! Great comparison. I've seen it. It was.....okay. I think better in theory than execution.
  4. So, I watched it. Didn't care for it in terms of an episode for this particular series. This show is called Ted Lasso, not Coach Beard. I enjoy the other characters playing off one another with small bursts of introspection shown. This was too much Beard.
  5. Is that in anyone else's mind besides hers though? Has Erika always taken her deportment lessons from Jessica Rabbit? Always with the downward, sideways glances. Crystal, the Queen of the Humble Brag. Frugal, foogal, rugal, whatever, my ass. I wonder if Dorit considers her unidentifiable accent one of her four languages. I like Garcelle, but she needs to up the hair game. Those numerous bobby pins have got to go. As someone mentioned upthread somewhere regarding Kathy's claimed lack of knowledge regarding national politics, I don't find her dottiness, real or m
  6. She made some weird comments about Jen's alleged shady business that seemed more like brushing it off and how she would feel if Jen is found guilty. A little too supportive under the circumstances.
  7. What did Meredith do to herself since last season!?!? Particularly in the talking head spots...bad make-up or bad procedure? Yikes! Jen Shah reminds me of a narcissist in my own life. Even if she is ultimately proven guilty of the charges she is facing, I doubt she will never admit to any of it. Can 't help but think the hour glass has been turned on her marriage and the sand is slowly running out. Did she trot out her aunt to prove some kind of point? Brooksy right out of the gate...insert my eyeroll here. Whitney, Lisa, Heather, and Mary still maintaining status quo f
  8. This episode needed to come with a trigger warning for those with weak stomachs, particularly those scenes involving Sonja. Hope that one intern (the designated nose picker) felt happy with earning her time on camera. There was one intern, the shorter Asian girl, who seemed embarrassed by it all. I have to wonder what kind of learning experience they are led to believe they are signing on for. I know some people don't care about the experience so much as satisfying graduation credits, but there are others who take these opportunities seriously. It was nice to see more of a relaxed and
  9. I was re-watching the first season of Veronica Mars with one of my kids this week. Her lips look fantastic now in comparison to the way they were back around 15-16 years ago! They used to look like old timey wax candy lips that had melted and warped from being left in the heat too long.
  10. Does anyone really think that when he walks into a room there is an immediate round of deferential whispers referencing The Lion King? On that he shared directing credit with another person whose name I would have to look up again, because probably like most people I've never watched an animated feature and taken note of the director. Stuart Little 1 & 2 don't exactly put him on the level of Scorsese, Coppola, Hitchcock, Spielberg, Cameron, Tarantino, etc. He seems like a nice enough guy who has enjoyed some success but those are probably three of his biggest box office credits and they
  11. That's exactly what I see. It's not like she's making statements out of concern or to clarify a situation. It comes across to me that she is enjoying her own snarkiness. Reminds me of people I know in real life who always need to step on others to pull themselves up taller. She had been shown much more positively in the past few episodes so that I was questioning my initial feelings about her, but after this episode I'm right back to my initial assessment.
  12. I was wondering what had happened to high school mean girl Crystal the past few episodes, but there she was, hiding in plain sight. As far as I am concerned she showed us who she was in those first few episodes, just another high school mean girl wannabe turned Hollywood trophy wife, projecting her husband's accomplishments as though they were accomplishments of her own. She hunkered right down to mocking and belittling Sutton while sitting with what she seems to have perceived as being the in crowd. I'm guessing her husband was none too pleased if he were made aware of that statement regard
  13. My only hope is that they pull a Bobby Ewing move with this season and the next one begins with Dorinda and Tinsley as though the last two seasons had not happened. I'd be fine with Eboni returning because she has shown that she can be a joiner, but please, no more of the poseur extraordinaire.
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