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  1. designing1

    S04.E10: Norman

    If Dylan and Emma stay away they'll be winners. Aside from that there are no winners in this tragedy -- unless you count the viewers, who are being treated to top-notch storytelling and truly stellar acting.
  2. designing1

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    That's it. I'm writing in "27bored" come November.
  3. designing1

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I felt bad for Heaven'Leigh, and not just for the name, the neck tat, and the eyebrows with multiple lines shaved in. When JJ called him an idiot, I thought she was way, way out of line. Her show is loaded with willful idiots -- folks who, if they checked their self-righteousness and engaged their brains a bit, could actually process information. Heaven'Leigh was indeed respectful, only mildly defensive, and seemed clearly intellectually limited to me, and it's beyond unkind to throw "idiot" at someone who, I believe, was truly doing his best.
  4. designing1

    S08.E22: Crossfire

    I wasn't watching closely -- all that LokSat stuff bores the hell out of me (I truly have no idea what that whole storyline is about) -- but I agree with both you and your mom. I took it as their version of Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower: Castle talking about finding his muse, cut to the future and everyone's happy as a clam. Show never happened -- those were his books come to life. But the "seven years later" from the time of the shooting then makes no sense; it should be seven years from finding the muse. Maybe it was and I missed something. All I know for sure is Nathan really looked healthy and wonderful and I'm eager to see what he does next.
  5. designing1

    S07.E26: Episode 26

    I wonder how many of them ate the fruit and how many just wanted to collect the sticker.
  6. designing1

    S07.E28: Episode 28

    To use the car bag you need an actual parking space for the bagged car to ultimately sit plus another car length behind that where you start driving from. This makes it largely useless in big cities like NY, where not everyone has a driveway and where you're lucky to find one parking space, much less two adjacent ones.
  7. designing1

    Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Man

    Well, they got the "Bull" part right.
  8. designing1


    Ah, but Scream Queens has Ryan Murphy behind it, he of Glee, American Horror Story, and Nip/Tuck fame. Much as I love John Stamos, I don't think he's valued as highly as someone who's a proven hit maker.
  9. designing1

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Here's the link to the story (or at least part of it) that orangekit is referring to. Why would people be running to her for assurance everything would be OK? Maybe they were checking on her, rather than with her, because she doesn't make the decisions as to the future of the show. And much as she might consider herself irreplaceable, she doesn't test that well with audiences, and there's an endless line of marginally talented folks who'd love her part-time/big bucks job. If she walked out completely, the show could still go on while they tested out two new co-hosts instead of just one. Quote from the article: Gather what information? Strahan got a new job, boom, public information gathered. You should be, or at least act, happy for him. Deal with behind the scene issues behind the scene, and act like a decent, mature human being in front of the cameras. How hard is that?
  10. This show was my only exposure to Sam and while his flirtiness was eyeroll inducing, he really lost me at not giving credit where credit is due. The former shows immaturity and ego; the latter shows a lack of integrity.
  11. designing1

    S01.E11: Election Day

    Yes, that was my first thought, but that gives your hand more of a circumference -- which might not fit through the cuff -- as opposed to a narrower hand that has no depth. I think the real reason for the "cut off my thumbs" was because it was one of the few things the writers hadn't already thrown in the mix. Or it was an homage to The Pope of Greenwich Village.
  12. The entire season was aired over 13 weeks. I don't know their shooting schedule but there's no way it took them anywhere near that long to film. I'd say three weeks, maybe four. NYC is expensive; there's no way they paid for hotel and studio space for "months", plus per diem, if the contestants get it, plus having their entire off-screen crew on hand. Why do you think nearly all challenges are one day now? $$$$$$$ I'm not one to hold a grudge but if I had to work side by side for a month with someone who hadn't given me credit for a major contribution to a successful project I could definitely remain pissed for the duration, especially when I see them being favored at judging, which would feed the pissiness. And I wouldn't go "tell" on that person, either, because it would be as unprofessional as the original offense and likely heighten the workroom tension rather than diffuse it. Sam wasn't "not gracious", he was lying by omission and unprofessional to boot. While Kini might not have been entirely responsible for that outfit (I honestly don't recall if the entirety of the design was Sam's) without Kini's skills Sam would have sent (yet another) falling apart mess down the runway.
  13. Sam made outfits that ranged from outright ugly to total WTF as well, except they also put the "ass" in "assembled". Points to Kini for actually being able to properly present his vision, even if it's one I rarely share.
  14. I work in a creative field and I've had others claim my work as their own; coworkers of mine have experienced the same. It really, really, really doesn't sit well. I think it's important to remember that Kini's behavior as shown to us over the course of months probably occurred in a much, much shorter timeframe, and he had to not only work next to this guy everyday, but watch him get tongue baths for sending craft projects down the runway each week. While Kini's behavior was not ideal, it was understandable to anyone who's ever been in his position. Nothing about that interview changed my opinion of Sam. And really, if he wants to complain about Kini being petty and unable to let something go...pot, meet kettle. I lost count of the number of slaps he took at Kini.
  15. designing1

    S01.E11: Election Day

    If the issue was the width of his hand rather than the depth of the mound at the base of the thumb I'd personally rather lose the pinky and ring finger. Opposable thumbs = good thing to have. Being too lazy to scan Netflix for something to watch last night, I had to choose between this show and 30 year old reruns of Family Ties. I went with the reruns. Seems like I made a wise choice.