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  1. Stratego

    S01.E09: Lost Love

    You beat me too it 9just watched the episode!). Recall the foreshadowing of Claire (to Dr. Bell) about the cameras to catch mistakes? Lily would have been in IC and I'm very confident that cameras would have been installed there as well as the ORs. I bet we'll see a videotape of NP Nic (they are sensitive to that NP designation) going into the IC, getting the IV, inserting it etc and then leaving the room. Later we''ll see Dr. Lane enter the IC and adjust the dose controller. Dum da dum dum!
  2. Stratego

    S05.E10: Moments of Vision

    There aren't many legendary warriors. Plus, I thought I saw some sort of a trailer?
  3. Stratego

    Speculation with Spoilers: We're all Seers Now

    I invite posters to read Wikipedia's write-up of the battle of Edington. Many names used in Vikings appear in the write-up. There were several earlier battles in Wessex (Ashdown) and others over about a 7-9 year period. You'll see Alfred, Aethelred (preceded Alfred as King), Ivar, Ubbe, Halfdan Ragnarsson, and "Aethalstan". From other sites one finds that Ivar is ordering this war that is led by others (brothers and so on). One of Ivar's brother is killed and one is baptized as a Christian. There is more to find if you research the subject deeper.
  4. Stratego

    S05.E08: The Joke

    Shackled? Bjorn is the guy who is wont to assemble a fleet and "Viking"--leaving the "wife" and any children behind. Bjorn learned from his mistake of having a shield-maiden wife.
  5. Stratego

    S05.E08: The Joke

    One other thing...What is the point of the episode's title The Joke ?
  6. Stratego

    S05.E08: The Joke

    I can't hold back any more... Those Sami darts have fastest damn poison ever devised! Where did it come from? What is it? I wonder why no one else (oh say for the next 12 centuries) hasn't continued to use it? Archers were shown when marching out of Kattegat (yes Vikings did have them!) but nobody used them! Normally they are placed like artillery (well behind the front) used in volleys against a massed formation. Also used against the enemy leaders. Thus, there would be shields used in the attack. Horses were shown when Lagertha, Bjorn, and Ubbe left the town--but why did they lose them? Mounted knights are really effective (not so good if archers are near though) as shown by the bishop in York. That battle would have been decisive and the GHA would have withdrawn to the ships. If a second assault is forthcoming, I cry BS! This is not some professional army that trains as an army--they are individuals would fight in packs (local leaders) who have pledged allegiance to someone like Ivar. That allegiance only lasts in victory.
  7. Stratego

    S05.E08: The Joke

    There has to be a reason why the bishop character was brought to Kattegat--or for that matter in this season at all. At best Heahmund is a "MacGuffin". One curious point is that everyone who sees Heahmond's sword is in awe of it. I sure hope that this gets explained (and developed) soon.
  8. Stratego

    S05.E08: The Joke

    Now that Kattegat is settled Bjorn can return to the Med--where his destiny awaits! I have to laugh at these battles--real combatants were generally in very close quarters--like a phalanx or wedges. The "chiefs" would be surrounded by the best warriors when they fought--which wasn't often! Then there is the proficiency of the women in battle!
  9. Stratego

    S05.E07: Full Moon

    There is protocol people. Lagetha is royalty so it is appropriate for her to speak directly to a king. Bjorn is like a knight--but no higher. It would be presumptious for him to approach the king uninvited to discuss his daughter. It's as if everyone forgot that the Vikings have different customs than we do with respect to love/marriage/fidelity. That difference was shown in Season I with Athelstan and Lagertha/Ragnar as well as Ragnar with Aslaug. Bjorn did say he would provide for his children but made it clear that it was "over" for him and Torvii. That seems consistent with what we learned about the Vikings earlier.
  10. Stratego

    S05.E06: The Message

    Bjorn Ironside built his reputation in the Mediterranean. That, plus Bjorn's announcement to all that was going to lead a sizeable force there makes it mandatory that "something" happen there. One can use there favorite search engine to learn about Bjorn if you want to delve into the subject and "spoil yourself".
  11. Stratego

    S05.E05: The Prisoner

    No, he would be a Muslim.
  12. Stratego

    S05.E05: The Prisoner

    We knew (from history) that the Northmen slaughtered the Northumbrians (and many others!). Their comeuppance is a bit later. It appears that Lagertha 's rule will soon end. As they say, "long live the King". Floki and his "disciples" will settle Iceland--they can have it! Bishop Heahmund becomes "Athelstan II"--but I doubt he finds a couple as welcoming as Ragnar and Lagertha! Bjorn continues his "Perils of Pauline" saga. This escape must be epic. I am intrigued by that women (forget her name) from the empire. I will be watching next week, unlike some posters from episode 4.
  13. Stratego

    S05.E03: Homeland

    To paraphrase: "It wasn't in the script."
  14. Stratego

    Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

    Tonight's cases (2) were boring. Ignore any rebroadcasts, wash something instead.
  15. Stratego

    Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

    The mercy shown to that student was unbelievable--that teacher truly suffered and could have died. That kid should have spent at least 5 years in state prison for that crime.