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  1. There are so many light switches in this house. It is maddening.
  2. So my Mom's surgery went fine and she's home. Since I've spent about 24 hours outside the 2 mile radius of my covid bubble the last two days I thought I'd share how the world has changed in ten months. A Chick Fil A got knocked down and rebuilt perpendicular to its former configuration so it could have more drive thru lanes than I've ever seen at one fast food place. I think one of the main radio stations got decimated by the lack of listeners during drive time with all the WFH because I heard Prince's Purple Rain twice in two trips so I think they are an "oldies" station now. Which makes me old. I deluded myself into deciding it would be ok to wait in the waiting room because the wait was so long to see my Mom before when she went into surgery that it seemed like that ship had sailed. I know. You don't need to tell me. But its done and now I wait and see. I decided to go to the cafeteria for breakfast (for reasons I may share in pet peeves at some point). Lingered because it was less dense on people than the waiting room (I don't feel like on hindsight that every other chair taped off was 6FT). Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed... danger Will Robinson, Danger! There are too many people over there standing way too close together. Turns out its some belligerent old guy that got into some kind of altercation with a woman in the food line and decided it would be a really great idea to lose his shit and be belligerent with a ton of security guards. Last I saw, it was mostly yelling and security guys had that posture of lets calm down the crazy person. I'd tell you how it ended but at that point my table was too close to it and my brain started quoting Monty Python. "Run away, run away" so I did. Pit stop at the public restrooms. Led to that moment where you've washed your hands. Then have to touch the door. Then realize that there is no garbage for the paper towel used to touch the door. Then realize you are on your own for hand sanitizer. Then realize the hospital has less hand sanitizer than is right or normal in a pandemic. Then musings on whether they think that the temp check and hand sanitizer squirt on entering the building made them think this somehow kept the covid out. So back to the waiting room. Talk with the surgeon and all is good but its another two hours wait for Mom to get out of recovery. So back to cafeteria for lunch. No sign of earlier drama. But I've got to tell you, I don't know how people that eat that food can tell the difference between their meals and covid symptoms. It was bland and I was slightly nauseated afterward. To top off my day at the hospital. By the time I left, my Mom was feeling good enough to quiz the nurses on covid and the vaccine which I could have done with out. First off, apparently there are people with covid "everywhere" in the hospital and its "horrible". The building we were in (the one that is no longer than an overnight stay) was the only part of the hospital they weren't putting covid patients. Also, despite my Mom having gotten the first vaccine shot a week ago, one day after it was extended to her age group, her nurse hadn't gotten the vaccine yet and was waiting for her time on the schedule to come up. So there goes the idea that at least the medical personnel might be vaccinated. Also, to take this full circle, I went home to my Mom's and broke my 10 month streak of not eating fast food. This streak was driven by not wanting to have to deal with my broken driver window and this whole switch over to drive thru. But I'm far enough from home that it doesn't matter if I'm embarrassed about the state or repair of my car. And hospital food is all I'd eaten in a day and a half.
  3. @KlutzyCobbler Your boss is an asshole raising three kids who are going to have a pretty big butthole to climb to avoid becoming assholes in your boss' image.
  4. I don't really relate to this. Maybe because the distribution process has enough issues with it that it seems like a struggle to get an appointment even if you are in the group allowed to get the vaccine. Getting the vaccine seems to be a challenge so I take celebratory sharing that they got through the process more than bragging. Most of the real world conversations I've had about the vaccine are more in the vein of people sharing information to help each other. Most people I know aren't eligible for the vaccine but a lot are trying to get their parents through the process. The few I know who are eligible seem pretty clueless and overwhelmed on how to get an appointment and they need people to relay what others know / have heard about strategies to get the vaccine. Now, I think this might be the most depressing thought that I've ever had. So you may want to consider stopping here. Seriously. Think about stopping. I don't think they know yet how long the vaccine is effective. What are the odds that the effectiveness is shorter than it takes everyone to be eligible for the first dose. What happens then? I tend to think that there will come a point that everyone is eligible as long as their vaccination was greater than X months ago. And there is going to be more demand than vaccine for a while (probably a long while) How they deal with that scenario will be pretty problematic no matter what. Do you give the vaccine to the person who hasn't had one yet but wants one or a second round of vaccine to someone who is more vulnerable and their first vaccine is no longer effective. At some point, I think the messaging is going to change from "this is your phase" to we've vaccinated enough people that its less transmissible and we are going to get back to normal whether everyone had an opportunity to be vaccinated or not. Then it will be a free for all on getting the vaccine. Or at best, age and comorbidity will will give some priority. And the message will be that its more important that some baseline of people get the vaccine than who exactly gets the vaccine.
  5. I have to have a landline phone because I won't be leashed by being reachable at all times and my way of rebelling is having an allergy to having the phone charged. Although landlines being non corded has also created a situation where its about 50/50 that one of my four phones is charged at any given time.
  6. Have I mentioned that I require a warning when links open to pictures of spiders (and sharks). I'm not going to recover from reading about how Kiwis eat fried spider like that's not disgusting.
  7. No. It was none of this. The CDC gave their reason. The CDC got blow back for it. The CDC then added the non nursing home higher age group to the essential workers. You can find the reason if you look for it. My Mom cried. I was pissed. But she has gotten the vaccine now.
  8. I'm sorry you are going through this. My mom has surgery next week and apparently they don't have any of these restrictions. Apparently I have every option that I can imagine. This creates a different kind of anxiety. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. Its going to come down to which anxiety is weighing on me the most. I will be going into the hospital to see my mom. Because screw covid, I'm going to. What I haven't figured out yet is if I'm willing to risk the waiting room so I can sit with her between when they have her prepped and when they take her into surgery and in recovery. Or if I wait in my car. I can apparently go home, but I'm not going to. Then its a decision on how long to stay in her room. Overnight or sleep at home to get her the next day and take her home. Frankly, she's way less worried about this than I am. My mom is all 'just drop me at the door and pick me up tomorrow'. I just have unending anxiety of someone who has lost a parent unexpectedly and is no longer rational about this type of thing colliding with a freaking pandemic.
  9. I was reading an article today about the phases in my state. It had 65 and older in phase 1. It had 41 and older in phase 2. It had 16-39 in phase 3. And phase 4 had everyone else. And I thought.... doesn't turning 40 cause enough angst without putting just them last in line for the vaccine. I read it twice. That is what it said. I'm assuming it was a typo rather than some special enmity for turning 40.
  10. I'm getting generally irritable about generalizations of regions and groups of people. And your HR person is full of shit. That is not acceptable because its "in the South". Its your workplace that is like this. My workplace is "in the south" and they would never allow bible verses and stuff on white boards. I also don't think I've had anyone say "have a blessed day" to me in any setting. The most I hear about religion at work (or anywhere really) is the people who are super into their church and will talk about it in a what they did that weekend kind of way. Frankly, I don't see that much religious stuff at all. Maybe I'm used to a level of it because I've lived here so long and just don't see or hear it. But I don't recognize "the south" you hate so much.
  11. Its because the activated charcoal absorb stains/toxins so in theory acts as a whitening agent. Its also reported to be abrasive and may mess with your enamel.
  12. They lowered the vaccine age to over 65 here as of today. My Mom managed to use her superpowers (not inherited by us kids) to somehow get an appointment for tomorrow morning this past weekend. In other news. I'm starting to freak the heck out about her surgery next week. I'm doing the hospital and after care stuff because I can quarantine and my brother can't. So its safer for my Mom that I do that stuff. But on the flip side, not thrilled about coming into contact with a hospital. And that the first vaccine shot does basically nada in a one week time frame. If I'm allowed, I'll likely be freezing my butt off in a car during surgery rather than going into a waiting room (apparently the hospital is no longer closed to visitors). And then hope that my Mom doesn't get it while she is in there overnight and then give it to me. In other other news. The county my niece and nephew go to school in went back to virtual after being open 2 days because 8% (400) of the teachers and staff members tested positive for covid. You read that right one in twelve. And given the timing, they had to have gotten it from Christmas gatherings rather than through school. So that just shot my freaking anxiety about not being in quarantine next week through the flipping roof. One in twelve. F#%&. Also, how is it possible that the teachers are 10% of all the positive tests over the last two weeks. Something doesn't smell right and that amps up the anxiety because I don't know if its better or its worse.
  13. Faux wood paneling. We did have that too. May explain my strong reaction when I had the fireplace redone which was "no ship lap." Although I blamed the Gaines at the time for that revulsion. When my decorator was working on the designs for the renovations, she called me a minimalist. I did a double take because I feel like I have too much stuff. So yeah. Tchotckes are not my thing either. But if I'm a minimalist, I still think the rest of the world are hoarders. I've been influenced to think stuff should be "neutral", so most of the base stuff (paint, cabinets, floors, etc) is whites and beiges and grays and greige. The greige is a result of needing to make it seem like my kitchen and bathrooms belong in the same house. I have issues. Many are self inflicted. Some I blame on others. Too much to get into. I could write a novel. But it would be boring. Anyway, I start with the intent of doing that "spa" decorating style. I like that on TV shows. In other people's houses. It seems relaxing. At first. In my house, if I'm in it for any length of time, that effects my mood in a very, very negative way. I react by needing something vibrant. Think the equivalent of needing the sun to come out on a really miserably depressing gray and rainy day during winter, but with home decor. So sitting in my house for most of the last year has led to these two purchases. The first of which is going to, ultimately, result in having to swap out or reupholster a rug, a chair, and a couch.. The second, a table and two chairs. Because "autumn" does not go with vibrant. Even if you really try to believe it does. It doesn't and you know when you make that purchase that it doesn't. But you do it anyway. Because cheerful. And you've been trapped in "neutral". For a year. I need to do better at neutral with furniture so I can buy art and other stuff that satisfies my moods without triggering an expensive chain reaction. At least I am the slowest furniture shopper on Earth so it will be like five years of pretending my stuff goes together before I actually decide what to do. Saves money.
  14. I don't know if I'll give you the fashion. I will give you the home decor. Yellow shag upstairs. Orange downstairs. Green refrigerator. Scarred my psyche in my formative years permanently. No matter what decorating trends are...I gravitate to autumn colors. Even though its tasteful. I still know. Its the 70s fault.
  15. My brother had these docs with flames on the side that he wore every day for years and years. In college, he got drunk and someone stole them off his feet.
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