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  1. It wasn't the CW. It was those bastards at FOX that cancelled everything that wasn't an immediate hit because they had two hours of TV a night and 90% of it filled with American Idol.
  2. I don't know how the timing lines up for you, but I've heard that covid scared the crap out of credit card companies and they have been lowering credit limits out of fear that those out of work due to shutdowns will run up their credit card debt and then ultimately have to declare bankruptcy. None of my limits have been reduced but one of my card holders made me verify my salary and employment status a couple of weeks into the covid shutdown.
  3. You know, having Daveed Diggs in this cast somehow makes the truly horrible singing that they've subjected us to this episode exponentially more awful. Can we come up with some reason that Layton has to be the entertainment in the Night Car? I'm waiting for them to steal the BSG opening credits where they give a count of survivors and start numbering the cars left as everything goes to shit..
  4. Nothing is better than a long drawn out reveal that ends like I'm supposed to know who the hell that is and barely able to contain myself with the excitement of when that person is brought face to face in the next episode with people whose names I do know. So after, I googled it and the amount I did guess (about Second Dawn) was basically all I should be expected to know (and none of it is from memory of prior seasons) and the writing and directing and editing do in fact suck. If you are going to end with a cliffhanger type feel, maybe next time cut it off when Clarke learns about Bellamy's "death". I hope this season gets better once they are done with the backdoor pilot next week.
  5. I had a reason that I had no choice but to stand in one of those extremely long socially distanced lines and I learned a couple things about myself. First, my brain is responding to the virus like an accident victim. They always say that victims try to get up and get away from danger. I am way more comfortable being out if I'm moving. Having to stand in a line, even if its outside and people are six feet apart and social distancing, was very uncomfortable. Probably the closest to something akin to claustrophobia I ever felt. Also, in that situation I'm not of the mindset that I will let the other person slide on social distancing and masks and suffer with my anxiety in silence. Turned myself right around and said "social distancing and masks, please". They backed up and put on their mask. I give the people in stores theevil eye, but have never made a move to confront. I think because I am free to flee if necessary.
  6. The NextDoor posts on fireworks are ridiculous. I saw one that almost made me post asking if they were willing to troll their neighbors with their real identity then what the hell kind of jackass they were when going on the internet with anonymity. I didn't because I don't need to be cut up and fed to a snake over stupid crap. I have watched way to much true crime tv series. I believe one was called something like Fear thy Neighbor.
  7. I don't think they need to show how society functions normally before they burn it to the ground because they went to ridiculous lengths to hold the economic social order on the train in stasis to be similar to what the viewer is familiar with despite seven years passing. In an apocalypse, its ridiculous that it hasn't already broken down. I even hand wave that the reason this show is set on a train is because Wilford or Melanie realized that needing a environment to survive in that required specialized skills of the upper classes as a deterrent to an uprising that would keep the status quo where they remained in power longer. Third would be more than upset. They would become the tail. If they cut loose the tail, third simultaneously becomes the tail and has seen that those in power are willing to cut the tail loose. I sincerely doubt that the tail has been given any meaningful opportunities to contribute to the train. I think those who got out of the tail had something to offer (a skill or a bribe) and no one to leave behind or no one they were unwilling to leave behind. Taking some of the kids from the tail for internships is likely more a carrot to give a glimmer of hope that things might someday change to keep the rebellions down than anything else. That parents are willing to turn their kids over for the hope that they will have a better life is a pretty good indicator that the tail isn't filled with a bunch of people that only want handouts. Another is that they asked for equal work and equal rations. That is a much better starting point than I want equal rations while not doing anything. If they aren't capable of equal work, then teach them. I also don't think the assumption can be made that they can't contribute. These are not the dregs of the Earth that got on the train. This is a cross section of people that were highly motivated to survive and managed to do so. We know at a minimum there was a homicide detective among them, I don't think its unreasonable to think there are others with skills. I think its more likely that there aren't enough resources to give into the tail's demands because the consumption of the rich is less in total than what they would need to make things more equal. Or they know that changing the social order will have such push back as being "unfair" from the paying passengers that survival will be compromised in the upheaval that would come with a change. But when does it end? When do the money people get the return on their investment and the work of running the train becomes the larger investment. Do they get to pass down their passenger class to the next generation, the one after that? The third class is effectively indentured servants for life. The tail is being sterilized so they won't have any future generations that might be able have a better life. Maybe there is no plan for a future that is more equitable in terms of monetary vs human capital because humanity won't last that long, but with seven years having passed with the idle rich doing nothing and being able to get away with serial murder I can see how third and the tail would not be satisfied with their lot and want more. My personal sense of morality on this one is everyone "deserves" an opportunity to work / learn and better their situation. I think the train has rigid social and economic structures that prevents this but gives the illusion of hope that voices will be heard or circumstances might change. As I said at the beginning of this post. They worked very hard to start this show being very close to how the world works despite seven years passing since the freeze. If I look at this from the perspective of each class, I can see that they all have some valid points. But the tail is bearing the brunt of "life isn't fair" and I think seven years in a dark over crowded box car is long enough that I'd be thinking that its time to provide opportunities so they could better their situation.
  8. I care less that she SAVED the WORLD and more that she did it in a pink dress with a machine gun with Robert Fucking! Scorpio right beside her with his machine gun and in a tux.
  9. I think Wonkru will wipe out the Children of Gabriel, the people of Sanctum, and the prisoners (minus the wife of the guy Raven sent to his death so that confrontation can happen at some point). These four factions aren't going to figure out live peaceably together. They either go to separate hemispheres of the planet or only one is left standing. Indra made a comment to Maddie that Clarke went to find "her"people. It doesn't seem like Indra doesn't see them as Wonkru. I think that the people that Skykru and the Grounders split by the end of the series. Knowing the history of the show, I think they won't be able to resist a call back to Pike and Bellamy wiping out all of Trikru except Indra. I think Indra and the Grounders will wipe out everyone else and Clarke, and friends, with their "we'll do better" attitude will end up returning to learn this and breaking off because of it.
  10. I like this one a lot. Probably the first episode of the season I liked. I think the show is just better when they are hitting all most of the story lines and characters in an episode. Much more balanced in being able to find a variety of things to enjoy and less annoying when the things you don't enjoy come up. Diyoza is a bad ass. I don't know what it says about me that the opening sequence is the thing that made me finally appreciate her as a character. But it did. She is everything they spent a season or two trying to make Octavia into and never really achieved. Echo is the worst. It feels like they created this time moves differently detail just to fix that the six years on the arc made her and Bellamy a solid couple. Now she's been separated from him for five years so they can make her awful and undeserving of him. I smell a hastily put together Bellarke endgame. I know I'm being manipulated and because of that I'm predisposed to look for some reason to not totally cut my losses with the character, but I can't do it. There is just no nuance in the writing or the acting to grab onto. I loathe Echo and it happened at light speed. Gabriel got stuck with having to taser everyone to stop them from killing themselves in their escape. Its annoying. I'm going to forgive him because its clearly one of those moments where the writers know they want to continue with the story in the current locale and can't figure out a way to make that happen so one character gets sacrificed to stupid. Indra is also a badass. I am so happy that Wonkru is finally led by a leader who is just a legit badass leader instead of whoever was the last one to get a chip shoved into their head. Murphy "I'm going to watch" Me "Me too" grin And Murphy is Murphy. And Emori is Emori. And they are having scenes with Indra. And this is always a good thing. Loved that Murphy and Emori decided to protect Maddie and urge Indra to be the new Commander. Maddie wanting so badly to be a kid and play with the other kids was really well done. Its the first time I really felt something for her since she told Bellamy that Clarke was alive and that was mostly about Bellamy learning Clarke was alive. The Ice planet, Hoth, stuff I thought I would enjoy more than I did. It was fine but I could take it or leave it. Raven and Clarke heart to hearts always make me a little irritated because even when Raven is guilt ridden she gets judgy of Clarke. There was a brief glimmer in Jordan's eye where he was excited about seeing aliens. In that moment I thought they could have made a character out of him that I liked and it was too bad they didn't. The rest of the time I was wishing he was in a red shirt and would get eaten on the away mission. That leads me to a few things of the type I only notice when I'm enjoying the episode enough to pay attention. Has the Grounders language always been so understandable? It makes sense that its a version of English that morphed over a hundred years. But Indra's fight to be Commander was the first time I noticed that I could understand the gist of most of what they were saying before looking at the translation. Also, show, I noticed what you were doing there with operating a Stargate inside the space slug that the Millennium Falcon into right down to the mynocks. Maybe don't borrow stuff quite that transparently in the future.
  11. I'm assuming Bellamy jumped into the worm hole during the flash boom and isn't really dead despite what Echo thinks. Other than that, I got nothing because 1) I forgot it was on until it was almost over and 2) the picture and sound was crap for the entirety of what I did manage to see. So I guess I'm watching later once its streaming.
  12. I got a call that mine is this Friday. I initially told them that I wanted to reschedule. Then they told me that the next week was the third week of August and I decided to go. Lots of people that missed their appointment the last two months filling up all the spots.
  13. I was going to bail on a dentist appointment because I'm too busy at work that day, The next appointment is in September, so I said "I guess I'll becoming as scheduled then."
  14. I went to the grocery store today. I realized once I got there that the only things I needed were on even aisles. I might be finally coming to understand the wisdom of that cab driver that drove me in reverse down a one way street in the wrong direction to avoid traffic while appearing to not flagrantly violate a half dozen laws. That alarms me, so I think I'm switching to only shopping the edges of the store. Its supposed to be healthier anyway.
  15. I believe the already have a spinoff in the works and you are probably right that they are using this season to set it up. I've long given up on the storytelling. I just wanted Clarke, Bellamy, and Murphy on the same planet. In all the episodes. And maybe sharing a decent number of scenes.
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