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  1. I think I'm done with "everything else" for a while. Maybe forever. Maybe done with the site entirely. Was nice posting with you. I wish you all well.
  2. i hate inflation. And supply chains. And shortages. I decided to buy a piece of furniture. But its a giant piece of furniture so I decided to do the musical furniture and get the out going piece to the dump (its broken, no one will take it). So its been a couple weeks and the price went up 20%. This isn't a place that has sales ever. This is inflation not missing a sale price. This is the second time it went up. I was an idiot not to pull the trigger on the last increase thinking it wouldn't go up a second time in the time it took me to stop procrastinating. I am also peeved at
  3. I had one brief moment where I had the fleeting thought that maybe falling into a ravine would drop a person through another tear in the space time continuum to a better show. This is not a thing that happened. I don't think this show will grow on me. All I remember is that Eve was inexplicably not the person having a hard time walking Seal Doctor back to base camp and therapist guy was slowing them down. And everyone has a mysterious, probably nefarious secret. My mind kept wandering so I'm nit sure how much of anything was actually revealed vs hinted at. And the uninspired epi
  4. The one case I ever got assigned to as a jury member was a horrifying insight to the criminal justice system and legal profession. I have to believe for my own peace of mind that it wasn't a representative experience.
  5. Different place but same reason. I'm getting survey calls that won't stop calling until I answer the survey. In other news. I had a call with an exterminator today that led me to utter these sentences in mildy freaked out exasperation. "You can stop trying to persuade me to sign up for your service. I am surrounded by giant spiders and I want them dead. I want them dead now. I'm convinced. When can you have someone out here?" "I don't want to know about what I can't see. What I can see is bad enough. Inside outside, Do it all. I want them dead." That did not stop
  6. B5 is a tough one. The effects probably make it really hard for the show to pick up a new generation of viewers. The loss of most of the cast makes it really hard to do a sequel that ties back to the show. I mean how do you tie in Sheridan without Delenn or Lando without G'kar. And Sheridan puts a limit on the timeline. And its kind of a closed story to a degree. It was hard to care that much about S5 of the show because the main arc was over. The spin off show didn't make it past one season. Since it was such a defined narrative, its hard to just do something like Star Trek where
  7. I want to agree with you but I can't agree with you because Bezos is involved. Blue Origin is funded on the back of 1.4MM Amazon employees, many of whom aren't exactly treated well by his design and contempt for them.
  8. I remember them. Definitely a fan of that coupling. That ship took the place of another old western ship that had just gone off the air, Young Riders. Although that holds a special place in my shipping heart in that its the only triangle I can think of where I didn't care which potential couple won out. Because on the one hand I really liked Lou and Kid together and on the other side Josh Brolin. BTW, my grown up self disagrees with my idiot preteen opinions. Because Josh Brolin.
  9. ParadoxLost

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I had no hopes for this one. But I realized while I was watching it that I really wanted something that would be escapist entertainment in some way. I'm practically desperate for it. A few characters to care about. Some potential ship worthy couples. Anything. Even a terrible show with enough of a sense of humor about itself to make it fun to snark on would have been fine. The first glimpse at the ensemble of characters has not left me particularly hopeful about this show engaging me in any way. I'll give them a few more episodes. Maybe there is some other inhabitants that ha
  10. No worries. I'm a consumer too. I get it. Its just because I know too much , so when things aren't available to buy I just go down a doomsday spiral instead of venting. If I had more free time, I'd probably be a full prepper at this point. But I don't so that reigns in the crazy. Although I'm not sure if its engineered. I'm always on the fence on if its dumb or diabolical. So want to here my latest theory on the thing that is going to trigger the "its going to get (visibly) worse". We've been noticing that all the stores around here are really low on juice. But its actua
  11. There was a very large roach at the top of my wall.{shudder} I bug sprayed the thing and it fell eight feet and headed for the door. I got it outside without having to touch it. So I am officially a Jedi because I chased a bug out a door that was ten feet away. I may have also gone to the dark side because the roach was smart enough to head for the door while fleeing the giant spraying toxins at it. This is not going to stop me from calling the exterminator tomorrow. I don't like bugs.
  12. As someone who manages this as my job. I work in a hell dimension you cannot imagine. Its not going to get better any time soon. Its going to get worse. And there is not one damn thing I can do about it. I would simultaneously like to suggest consumers to stop buying stuff and suggest some light hoarding. I personally endeavored in some light hoarding last weekend because I know too much.
  13. My doctor does that too. There is always some short multiple choice form to check for depression. The weirdest one in my Dentist. The last form I got from them was a couple pages long and more thorough than my medical doctor. I ended up starting to answer the questions along the lines of "why down you need to know this" "its none of your business" "what page is this" "there is a back side too" "are you kidding". They cleaned my teeth anyway.
  14. 'm warnin ya now. If you guyzz subject me toa nother tree page grmar discussion Ima gonna post like this until you sop. Prolly. Edit. I'm joking. Maybe.
  15. I agree with this. People didn't get it. But having half the audience not actually understand the ending makes it not brilliant. I remember the morning after Lost's finale the local radio station was talking about it and I was dumbfounded that they had a fully different understanding for the ending than I did. Of course, I assumed I was right but who the hell knows. I don't think they intended it to be ambiguous and I don't hold to the idea that the viewers are too dumb to get it. Seinfeld is another show that I thought had a bad ending but was actually clever. But I've never actual
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