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  1. ParadoxLost

    AWT covers BH90210

    Given the angst behind the scenes the first time around, "best friend on the show" might have just meant he didn't fall in with the rest of the cast against her. I do find it interesting that the only promotion I've seen with other cast members, its either BAG or BAG+Ian. I haven't seen Shannen do anything with Jennie, Jason, or Tori.
  2. ParadoxLost

    "Hell Yeah!" TV Moments

    That. And I let out a little "hell, yeah" every time Midge and Lenny have a scene.
  3. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    Same here. I mostly watch because these boards are active while everything else is on a summer break. But this cast is top to bottom vile and I'm feeling gross watching. I think this is my line in the sand that I need to not cross.
  4. ParadoxLost

    Pet Peeves

    I want to leave some feedback for a company. I don't want to leave them my name, address, email, and phone number. So I guess I just won't go there again.
  5. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    I rewatched that dinner. There is nothing in there that indicates if Kelly confided in anyone . The only thing that was said was Vicki's TH saying she, Tamra, and Shannon had discussed it off camera. I think that Gina may have been also in on it. She was a little too helpful in getting the conversation starting and egging it on. If she wasn't in on it, then the implication of what Tamra said sailed by her. Bronnwyn's reaction was one that leaned towards it being the first time she heard it and she did catch on to what "train" meant. I co-sign with those who have said that this, if true, was very likely a sexual assault situation and if it wasn't its none of their or our business. I'm seriously thinking about whether I need to ditch this show.
  6. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    I believe Vicki, Shannon, and Tamra plotted out that dinner and how they wanted to get that information out there. There was not one spontaneous utterance or a single good intention to be had between the three of them. Tamra has been on the other side of this with Vicki spreading rumors about her husband. Given that, I don't think she would make those rumors more specific as a way to help Kelly. Tamra has also been around the franchise long enough to know that giving details about something scandalous is not going to result in it being dropped.
  7. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    I don't give them that much credit. Tamra and Shannon aren't helping Vicki spread these rumors under duress over what Vicki will do if they don't go along with it. They admitted to talking about it among themselves. Shannon made sure Vicki came to dinner. Vicki raised the topic but Tamra brought it home with throwing out a phrase the audience could figure out with a google search if they didn't immediately know what they were getting at. I think they miscalculated with regards to Kelly's willingness to air Jolie's pain on camera. That is going to come back at them. The people/kids that harass Jolie over this.
  8. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    Vicki isn't really acting like she's demoted which is why I asked. I'm wondering if she did something so bad everyone refused to continue filming with her and they were forced to make her a friend of.
  9. ParadoxLost

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    Someone get out the egg timer. Is that the fastest a new HW has dragged the audience along to a marketing meeting. I knew we were in trouble the minute Bronwyn explained about being a dance mom. I wonder how pissed Bronwyn was that Shannon co-opted her parenting angst. I think Gina tearfully confessed the cheating to do damage control on the DUI. Haven't Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon been around long enough not to be quite so transparent in their viciousness and scheming. Was Vicki demoted before, after, or during filming?
  10. ParadoxLost

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    In the first five minutes, Ana was playing at punching Travis. It was entirely one sided on Ana's part.I don't think she actually connected with Travis or if she did it was accidental or gentle. There is evidence to believe that playing at hitting people is joking to them and a way they interact with each other. But putting that aside,it was still wrong. And it happened because Travis drinks beyond the point of being able to control himself. Travis is responding like someone desperate to deny they have a drinking problem rather than as someone that doesn't have a drinking problem.
  11. ParadoxLost

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    I will never believe that they had Ben hanging around waiting to be called in if they needed him. And that is the story they are trying to sell. I'm not as certain that it was a given that it was a temp gig for June. They made it clear she had stew and deck experience on purpose.- I think if she had been an undeniably fabulous yachty or had romantic sparks with someone, they would have kept Ana and the issues with either Jack or Travis come to a head and fire one of them and move June to deck. As it was June was struggling and there wasn't enough of a reason, dramatically, to give up Jack/Aesha or Travis's drunken messiness or Ana dealing with being demoted back to 3rd stew even if it was her choice.
  12. ParadoxLost

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Or was the Evander Holyfield ear biting thing the munchies. I'll show myself out.
  13. ParadoxLost

    Aquaman (2018)

    I'm ten minutes into this movie. What is wrong with it? They are having domestic scenes and Aquaman's Mom and Dad look like they are computer generated (circa The Polar Express). Is this whole thing shot against green screen with substandard CGI? PS. Never mind. It was a badly executed attempt to make them appear youthful.
  14. ParadoxLost

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I think it was the right ending for Steve but that they really botched the execution. I wish they had given it a little more time and let Steve have time with Hulk, Bucky, and Sam and have two 'flashbacks". Basically let Hulk know that Steve had somehow managed to tell Nat that they did it when returning the soul stone (and show the moment) so we'd know Clint would know. Let Cap and Bucky share a moment about Steve's decision not to come back and show when Cap came face to face with Peggy and decided not to come back. Then let Cap pass the shield to Sam and have that moment. The way it was, reuniting with Peggy was hollow (and the callback to them dancing was predictable and lame) Bucky hanging back and sending Sam to talk to talk to Cap felt wrong. It made passing the shield to Sam feel wrong.
  15. ParadoxLost

    Pet Peeves

    I hesitate to post this because I'm hoping its telling you it could be worse but I'm a little worried that its a heads up of what you may still be in for. I broke both bones in my wrist years ago. Probably worse than you because I had to get surgery to get pins. The worse part was that the wrist gets kind of frozen in a position that you can't really turn your hand over and it hurts like hell to try. The physical therapist prescribed a torture device to fix it. It was this a cast with a lever. I had to wear it when sitting watching TV and when sleeping. Try sleeping with a lever trying to push your wrist so your hand is palm up instead of palm down when its basically frozen in place. I can turn my hand over now but I still feel the stretch of it. And the wrist was weak for a really long time. Like years, but it wasn't so much pain as a feeling that something was still wrong with it because its not normal to be aware of your wrist. The wrist didn't stop bugging me until I broke my ankle. Don't do that. I had to hop on one foot for six months (forced me to stop babying the wrist) and the PT made me pick up marbles with my toes which was supremely annoying (because there were 50 of them and my toes had lost dexterity I didn't know they ever had).