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  1. And to add insult to injury the are charging you for delivering their method of paying for their services.
  2. You'll never find an inspirational quote from me. It would always be some kind of self deprecating humor like "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most."
  3. If that was his point, then I think it was secondary or even tertiary. He was basically ranting over the idea of putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house. I think he takes issue with governments and corporations having the ability to assume risks for the world at large and then being put in charge of the investigation when something goes wrong and then have the ability to suppress discussion of it and no one calling them out on it. I think Colbert's reaction was largely performative to underline the last couple points. Its sad that the overwhelming reaction seems to
  4. Watching Jon Stewart's appearance on Colbert and the reaction to it, I have to say I don't think Jon Stewart has changed. Everyone else has. Also I think Colbert was fully aware of what Jon was going to do. I don't think Jon would put Colbert in a situation like that without his agreement. Colbert's reaction was making a point as well.
  5. Except in a discussion of grammar. Sorry :) I couldn't resist the snark. At least I didn't generate a whole post in a bad grammar generator which is what I resorted to the last time everyone became peevish over grammar. I'm peevish over grammar discussions that go on for days. I'm going to go continue being peeved about measuring, hanging, and rehanging frames now. 4 down 10 to go. Well on that wall. I envision spackle and paint in my future.
  6. I can't tell if this is serious or snark. But I'll answer Don Lemon really needed his name to have top billing. So the show was renamed to emulate a certain FOX news show. And because he's all about the drama and not the news. He announced on a Friday that it was the end of the show/era (and tune in Monday to hear more) in a way that (he hoped) would get people to plead with him not to leave. Even though he wasn't leaving because we aren't that lucky. He probably is so in love with himself that he thought this might be a Coke/New Coke level situation that might bring v
  7. Beverly Hills Cop So do I have to shove a banana up someone's tail pipe? Because I refuse to go to California to solve a murder.
  8. Summer is better than Spring primarily because my allergies stop. It gets too hot, but I have air conditioning.
  9. Its hard to muster up any strong feelings about Cisco leaving. He's another one like Wells. He goes and does some other thing in some other place often enough that his leaving doesn't really carry that much weight. Its a send off for the actor and feels that way. But they don't want to make it so permanent that it matters. They really have removed any sort of stakes and suspense from this show over the years.
  10. I don't know him at all. The company changed hands several years ago and I've never met or talked to him. It came across as him having gotten one too many calls from customers whining about their weeding being kind of half assed (I'm haven't been one to do that because I'm frankly to busy with work to notice) and decided he needed to issue a mass email explaining the current state of things and inflation. Frankly this letter is the mindset of everyone that I know who is working in any industry that has to do with manufacturing or service. This year has been a shit show so far and every
  11. I got an epic email from my landscaper today. It was basically a mass letter trying to get customers to understand why their service level has dropped off (or will drop off) and prices will increase with a liberal amount of venting. It sounded very much like posts I've written for this thread, the work spleen thread, the pet peeves thread the Truth, Justice, etc threads. These are posts I wrote and then deleted before any of you ever saw them. Because they were depressing. And maybe a tad bit histrionic. And leaning way towards 'the sky is falling'. And frankly, I don't need too rei
  12. Ace's hair is an obstacle to overcome in my rooting for their relationship. It bugs me to Sam Winchester levels. Otherwise I find I'm all in.
  13. Annabelle theory: Martin brainwashed Kate to the point that he was able to use her to lure another girl back to the house. That girl was Annabelle. Or maybe Martin did it on his own. The night of the gunshot, there was an altercation of some kind and Annabelle was killed. Martin disposed of her body and she hasn't to this point been found. Or if she was found there was nothing to tie her back to Martin or Kate. In the aftermath of this, investigation of the gunshot or Kate somehow reached out to the police, there was a shootout between Martin and the police and Martin was
  14. I agree with you here. I don't know what that smile after Kate's mom rebuffed her offer of support was about, but really there is nothing about it that can be good. And her side of the confrontation with Mallory was really odd. It reminded me a lot of her practicing emotions by watching TV. It had a pretty long pause like a robot was going through scenarios to get to an end result of ditching her friends in a justifiable way. It didn't seem genuine but more a means to an end. The problem I'm having is that I don't really buy that Jeanette has hatched some kind of fully formed
  15. You joke, but that is what I'm expecting other than the name change. Barring this being originally conceived as a limited 10 episode series or something like American Horror Story where the cast plays out different stories each season or a more typical anthology where every season is a different story and different cast, there is no way they are going to wrap this up in ten episodes. Having three timelines, one year apart, with Kate captive until the beginning of the second year, while only moving through summer pretty much guarantees that. They've left nine months untold. They aren't goin
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