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  1. So, I've had a shitty week. I don't think anyone who doesn't work in my office has had a shittier week than we did. Things I mentioned that were brewing a page ago happened. It was bad. Really, really bad. Not full closure bad but definitely a vibe that the only people/teams that are left are the ones identified as too risky to move. And they made some boneheaded moves, so that is saying something. My location has definitely started the march along to full closure. It kind of doesn't really matter if they are intending to keep us open (which they say they have no plans to close us, but who believes them?). They gutted us to the point there are no opportunities to have career growth without going to another location or leaving the company. Things are going to switch from a site where people spend significant portions of their careers to one with high turn over. And frankly, the functions that remain are still there because of the knowledge of a handful of, very visible to company leaders, people/teams who are not easily transferable and they can't afford to piss off (or offer to move and get rejected) right now. Once a critical mass or even a few key players quit, I bet entire teams will be relocated and built from the ground up in another location and then at some point this will be a skeleton site and close. So, I'm not on the list of people being asked to leave with a package, which I expected. But my new boss isn't someone from the trifecta of people I will under no conditions work for, which I didn't expect. So I'm not quitting right now, but I did find it extremely helpful to lay out conditions under which I stay or go. I think I'm going to do that again so I don't let myself get sucked into staying beyond when its healthy as stuff deteriorates. I'm also going to spend some time while I'm having zero fucks to give about the leadership of my company on how I'm going to change how I deal with them to reduce my future frustration/stress level and try to make things better. And frankly, I think I'm going to loosen up my filer with them (a lot). Its always been leaky anyway. No more pussy footing around. I'm not good at that and it stresses me out. Trying to play their game didn't save anyone. I feel really bad for the people that have been at the company for decades but aren't close enough to retire but have skills highly specialized to my company and are facing having to effectively start over. The rest of us seem to be moving into a stage of gallows humor in terms of who is worse off, those of us staying or those of us going.
  2. "Modern" cancellations were close to a decade ago (not counting the attempt to keep AMC and OLTL going). Prime time was less shy about saying cancellation back then too. I don't see why being 4-6 weeks short of the renewal period makes any difference. Shows have been cancelled inside a renewal period before, like when Comcast bought NBC Universal. They can fill time with nostalgia DOOL to celebrate the history of the show before it goes dark. I have no idea if this is the end of the show. But it doesn't sound good.
  3. But this is what a cancellation for a soap that films eight months ahead would look like. They aren't going to say...hey, cancelled this show. please keep watching for eight months. They want to maximize the return on their investment. Its better if there is hope that its not over to do that. At the same time, they aren't going to pay cast and crew for eight months to maintain fiction. They'll avoid saying anything as long as they can and then do PR later that they were giving the producers a chance to find another network/streaming platform without the stigma of cancellation hanging over them. Networks don't even like to say the word cancellation about primetime shows that had their order cut and were yanked from the schedule. Eight months of episodes...no one will say cancellation until there is no other choice, whether its this time or the next time.
  4. I think this dog story was some botched attempt to make some kind of commentary on the rest of the show. Eddie struggling over telling Gary that someone was still looking for their dog was supposed to be some kind of counterpoint to Eddie agreeing with Katherine that they need to tell the truth about Charlie. Maggie swapping the dogs has something to do with Maggie's dead brother and the recipient of his heart.
  5. Its likely giving more credit than due to anyone involved in all of this to assume that LL is some one dimensional horrible woman that solely sought out to scam USC to let her daughter in. Singer's operation was a referral based company. Someone(s) referred all these parents to Singer. I would be shocked if every parent of means didn't have someone on retainer to guide their kid's way through the college admissions process. We don't know that LL shopped until she found someone that would bribe their kids way in. College admissions do pay attention to the familial ability to get donations. That's why it easier for legacies to get in. It came out that the athletics department was notating donations and net worth to the Dean of Admissions on their prospective athletes as part of the evaluation process for admissions. 60% of the parents charged in the admissions part of this had kids go to USC. 40% of the college personnel charged worked for USC. It came out that UCLA did an investigation 5 years ago, never reported o authorities, where Singer's name came up, that seems to indicate that at least that parent seemed to think the the school was part of the donations for admission arrangements. I wouldn't be surprised if LL didn't plead guilty because she thinks its ok because everyone was doing it and that she can't be guilty of bribery if the institution was involved (and I kind of think they were even if it can't be proved). She didn't recognize that she needed to get this over and done as fast as possible because it was wrong regardless of what she using as extenuating circumstances to justify it for herself. And I'm starting to find it a bit gross that every time the parents reject a plea offer a charge is added. There is investigating and uncovering more evidence and there is intimidation. This smells more like intimidation.
  6. So Eddie cheated on his wife with his best friends wife and impregnated her but ignoring that someone put up a lost dog flyer for Gary's dog...that's the line he just can't cross.
  7. Is there a bah hum bug for Halloween? There should be a rule that Halloween has to move to the nearest Friday or Saturday night. I've had a crap week at work. I'm tired. The last thing I want to do on a Thursday night is answer the door every three minutes when I have to go back to work again the next day.
  8. I think there is an underlying sentiment that makes this different than in America that is more than just tabloid practices. I see a lot of comments that are basically I'm a tax payer. I support your lifestyle. Stop whining. It feels like there is a feeling of entitlement to have a certain level of access to Meghan and Harry's lives. The taxpayers seem to feel like they've paid to watch the soap opera. As an American, I'm of a mind of... sure they deserve some privacy... they can decide when pictures get released... maybe Harry isn't that thrilled about being in the spotlight given his mother's death... maybe a human being should be treated with a little kindness and given a little time to adjust... maybe don't viciously attack a pregnant woman/new wife/new mother... bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded with more access... and so on. But I really think if the tabloids were the only problem, they'd ignore it. I think the public is part of the problem. And I think the public isn't being influenced by the tabloids as much as I might like to think they are. I think there is a level of the public feeling like they have a right to attack / dislike Meghan because they blame her for not maintaining whatever traditions or access that make the monarchy palpable to them. I also think that is a driver of the royal family not making many (any?) moves to publicly support Meghan and Harry and that can't be helping them cope ether.
  9. I would like to protest that there is a worse cable company than Comcast. First, they don't offer discounts for existing customers anymore either. I'm zero for two on that. My latest attempt was tonight. I was determined to be personable and kind. Doesn't work any better than disgruntled customer does. 15 minutes on hold while she tried to find a promotion 10 minutes trying to up sell me into a same price promotion that would reset higher in a year 5 minutes of me explaining I wanted a simple Yes/No answer on whether there was a promotion with a lower price. That it would be fine if there wasn't, I just didn't want to be on the phone any longer. She wouldn't answer, kept trying to sell. I told her I was hanging up and did. Then she called me back. Then I asked her if she knew that I hung up on her and didn't get disconnected. She said she did and continued to try to sell me. Another 5 minutes later that call ends. Then I start getting automated calls from Comcast that put me into waiting for the next available agent. Three so far. One happened while I was recording on the Comcast survey why I marked the lowest level of satisfaction. I can recall my exact reaction to that, but I'm sure it will be a joy to listen to if anyone does. So here's a question. Can you block Comcast from calling your Comcast phone line? No call for 27 minutes. Hopefully its over.
  10. Thanks @NutMeg The sad thing is that I really liked my job. The culture has just deteriorated to making dumb decisions because leadership is really focused on what Wallstreet thinks of them. I still like all my immediate coworkers and employees and bosses. I even like the work. Just not the constant nearly being able to make progress and then having Lucy snatch the football away from Charlie Brown feeling. I've been taking the approach of the grass isn't likely greener anywhere else in a corporate setting and why give up coworkers I like and respect for an unknown. Especially since I have enough of a rep to be able to deal with the corporate crap a bit better than if I was some brand new person. But if they take away the people I respect and like working with, then what is the point of staying versus taking a chance elsewhere? I've got a lot of this decision made already and have been thinking about it for awhile. Basically there are conditions where I'll happily stay and conditions where I'm gone. There are a couple months before we'll know how things shake out and I think how things shake out will put me squarely in one category or the other. I'll take vacation before then, but I don't think it will help much. I've taken several vacations since I started thinking about this. I'm basically struggling with the notion that its better to find a job while you have a job in the scenario where I end up not wanting to stay at my current job. I'm in that mid part of my career where I've worked longer than I went to school but I'm not close enough to retirement. I think it should be acceptable to take a year off half way through a 40 year or more career. I'm just not sure how understanding employers are of taking a year off voluntarily. If my company had a sabbatical program, I would have signed up for it already. Its also possible I'm having some version of a midlife crisis here. I haven't bought a fun, frivolous car yet. But mostly because I don't know enough about cars to know what a fun, frivolous one would be. And fun cars probably need mechanics more than responsible cars and I hate taking the car to the mechanic.
  11. My company used to develop its leaders. They would move people around to different functions and regions so they could gain experience they needed to make decisions and lead. They stopped doing that years ago. We've now morphed into a manufacturing company led by sales and finance people. Which is just a hellscape I can't adequately describe. Lets just say I spend a lot of time cleaning up after the consequences of decisions that are made in an overly simplified way by people who are convinced of their ability to make them but a bit beyond the breadth of their experience. Every time they miss a target they hire consultants to tell them what they need to do. Of course, the problem is always the workers. Consultants aren't going to tell the people that write the checks that they are a huge part of the problem. So they reorganize our reporting lines, like that does something beside make us educate a new set of leaders on how to micromanage us properly. I think it may be much worse than that, this time around. They might close or consolidate sites or outsource. I'm looking at the lay of the land and kind of hoping for being laid off with a severance package. I think there is an extremely low chance (close to nil) of that because of my particular work history at my company. I think that there is a high probability I'll and end up with a new boss. The only candidates I can think of would be people that I'm flat out unwilling to work for and me. I really don't want to move any higher up in the company. I'm tired and I'm worried that the next level up might be some kind of moron event horizon you can't come back from. I already had to make myself the promise that if any of a list of people ended up my boss that I would immediately try to negotiate my way to a new position that leverages that work history I have that is not easily replaceable or quit. I had to make myself that promise because I'm worried that if i stay working for someone I can't respect or trust or tolerate, then I'll end up like the frog that doesn't realize its boiling alive and never jumps out of the pot to avoid death. I probably should start a job search now. But I'm tired. I need a break. I'm trying to decide how hard it would be to voluntarily leave a position, take a break, and then look for a new job vs having to go right from one to another. I need more than a vacation. So I'm going to think it over while I wait to see how stuff shakes out over the next couple months. Then I'm going to have to decide if things go bad and I get a terrible boss, do I give an ultimatum and take a break if they call it or risk boiling frog while I look for another position.
  12. The Pope accidentally tweeted his support for the Saints against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Then the Saints won. I'm sad that the Good Place already stopped filming.
  13. I watched the Banana Splits movie on SyFy over the weekend. A horror movie based on a Hanna Barbera kids show from the 70s had more frights, gore, originality, nostalgia, humor, character development and camp than this season AHS (so far).
  14. I think that the season so far is just mediocre. Its not very campy. Its not very funny. Its not very scary. Its not very clever. There isn't really any character worthy of getting invested in. To me, the only way it seems convoluted or confusing is if there are expectations based on prior seasons being applied. Its like watching one too many M. Night Shyamalan movies looking for the twist and when the twist gets revealed you are disappointed because its stupid compared to what you came up with (or suddenly Mark Wahlberg is talking to a house plant).
  15. I was a child in the 80s who grew up watching reruns from the 70s. I just flipped through the channel guide and came across.... The Banana Splits Movie A maniac dressed in a dog costume wreaks bloody havoc during the taping of a popular children's television show. This may be the campy horror movie I never knew I needed. Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la
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