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  1. You know what that looks like to me? One car decided to do the I'm going to use two spots so none of you scratch my precious and another driver said $#@% that, and parked as if that car was in a single spot and then others followed that lead.
  2. Yesterday I agreed with you. Tomorrow I will probably agree with you again. This morning I reached a level of not giving a shit that probably made me the person every one should be worrying about ticking off. So here's what happened. I'm driving to work. Its still dark. Its raining. I'm on a four lane road. This is residential / office area with entry and exist from the road on both sides. There are four stop lights on 3-4 miles of road. I am going the speed limit. I look into the rear view and there is a car riding my bumper. It was immediately clear that this was one of those dumb asses that needs to drive twenty miles above the speed limit to get to the next stop light faster. A show off. Normally, I reasonably get out of the way of this kind of driver. But, there was a car pacing me in another lane and the conditions didn't make it safe to speed up to try to lane change and get out of the way. And this was one of those drivers that there is no speed that is fast enough if it means you are still in front of them. So I laid on the horn to try to get the dumb ass to back off. Dumb ass did not back off. Because apparently this driver is in such a rush to get where they are going that they can't see that its hazardous for them to drive like that and me to get out of their way and the only thing its going to get them is sitting at the stop light in front of me instead of behind me. So then this dip shit decides to flash his high beams. And that's when I snapped. I'm not going to do the usual thing and flip this driver off when they can't really see me and white knuckle it while hoping we don't end up in an accident until our trips diverge or the other lane clears. Nope. I laid on the horn to get his attention. Then I opened the sun roof (its still raining by the way) and let the one finger salute shoot up into the air. I believe at this point, the driver decided that I was in fact crazier than him and could not be intimidated. Because he changed lanes. And I took great joy that he ended up about four cars back compared to where he was when behind me.
  3. They likely don't immediately vote Rob out because he seems like a target that they each think they can turn attention to when they are personally in danger at some later date. Its a bit like picking who you want to bring with you to the jury. They aren't immediately picking off the biggest threats because there are a few everyone believes are the biggest threat and that can swing a vote towards if played right. And the knowledge of how big a threat they are likely makes them pretty comfortable that at some point there will be a united effort to take them out of the game, so why waste an opportunity to pick off someone that might be a different kind of problem. I also think that Survivor has a lot of players that are as interested in a level of fame or stature in playing the game and that they are more motivated to keep around certain players to go against to elevate their own stature.
  4. I don't know that they knew it when they did it, and they may have had no other choice due to numbers, but it might do them some good that they didn't vote out Ben. It seems like Ben can be manipulated into telling anyone anything. So now you've got one faction who might get him to tell them about helping people find idols and another faction worried that he might do just that. The other interesting thing about this is that its looking like there is pretty set approach with some of the players to want to eliminate anyone that is unpredictable. That was their reason for wanting to target Ben. That was the reason for voting out Danni. Still a lot of sentiment that the game play involved in orchestrating a blind side is how you win. I wonder how well that is going to work in a season of winners.
  5. I think they were organizing to dump the bags to find the idols. Everyone who was whispered to went along with it pretty quickly. And I suspect that Rob likely saw what he need to see with the fact that they are halves being the only thing that makes him doubt who likely has one.
  6. I always get the feeling that the reasons given for keeping Rob are never the actual reason they keep Rob. I think they "believe" their reasons but I think they are trying to justify their instincts. I think Rob casts a bit of an aura over Survivor. They don't just want to win the money. They want some level of fame and the longer it lasts the better. That works out better for them if the play against or with Rob with some grand scheme to take him out down the line than if they just him out in the first council. But a lot of the time, that avoidance of immediate expulsion from the game is all that Rob needs.
  7. I think there is every reason to believe that the Below Deck contract protects production from being sued in nearly every scenario we could think of. To me Kate seemed like she is doing the standard final interview when you quit a company you've come to loathe. You are counseled not to burn bridges because you don't know how that will come back to be a problem for you later on. Its not considered worth the risk to get a dig in or try to get someone to agree with your POV because its futile anyway. I don't think Kate is a big enough bravolebrity that they have some other plan for her outside of Below Deck. Although I wouldn't be surprised if, at some point, she gets a deal like Ben on BD Med last season. She does Captain Lee or Sandy a favor at the end of a season to cover the last couple charters after they've wrung out all the drama with the interior and need a special returning guest star to hype.
  8. I don't think they were annoyed by it. I think it was brought up and harped on because Kate did it in Captain Lee's presence. It was part of the narrative that Captain Lee's opinion of them didn't carry as much weight because he gives her a pass on everything.
  9. They always claim that the Captain has the final word regarding safety on the boat. I wonder how true that is. Because Captain Sandy is so camera starved on Med that she knows what goes on but doesn't "do" anything about it. I've been getting the feeling that Captain Lee and Kate have worked out a system between them to manage the real dynamics that are likely at play. I suspect that those actual dynamics are that if Captain Lee actually takes a non scripted action (ie one that production disagrees with or isn't prepared to fill in for) to smooth out drama or fire a trouble maker then its likely to be Captain Lee's last season. So Lee hides out and only acts on what Kate brings him. Kate then brings him basically nothing in return for his full support on those things he is made aware of. I have no doubt that production was in regular contact with Kate during her night off the boat and persuaded her to return and that it was also made clear that they weren't supportive of making a bosun change. Lee probably got an indicator from production or Kate that this was a don't ask if you don't want to know situation. Because there is no way to explain Lee not asking and not pressing the point otherwise. He wants to be the Captain of a TV series more than he wants to be Captain of a boat but he wants to maintain the reputation of being a boat Captain. Also I think Kate isn't coming back next season because of how production handled how this season was going rather than how the season actually went. I was bothered by this. I was also bothered by the reinforcing the approach genders seem to take in arguments. The guys kept apologizing with a "but" that the women said or did something that negated the responsibility for what the guy did. And that's an acceptable position and adequate apology. Then Kate was constantly trying to reason with them that she could have done better, there were parts of what they were saying that she appreciated, but could they also explain XYZ. But some times the other party is so far wrong that the person that might be a tiny bit wrong shouldn't need to concede anything. But Kate kept trying to meet them half way and they all (including Andy) kept pushing that she was more in the wrong than she was already admitting. And in the end Kate needed to sum up how she could improve. With Rhylee, they kept harping on her reaction escalating the situation. This to the point of it being one of the viewer questions that shouldn't she realize and learn this and do better. This bugged the shit out of me. It basically sends the message that four guys can gang up on her and treat her like shit and she's supposed to just sit back and take it. Another situation where I kind of don't care if Rhylee could have handled it better or not. The guys were more wrong and they didn't handle anything well. And another situation of making Rhylee sum up at the end how she could do better. Frankly, the whole thing seems a little too close to what I'd imagine a conversation between an emotionally abusive husband and abused wife would sound like.
  10. Kate confirmed her part of that spoiler on Instagram as soon as P2 of the reunion finished airing and Bravo site wrote it up.
  11. WTF was that? They kept turning everything back on Kate as if there was something she had said or done that was equivalent to what these drunken misogynistic assholes did during the season. And Andy was clearly on their side of this. To paraphrase one of Leslie Jone's live tweets about Ashton and the van... that's the worse nightmare... a guy gets too drunk, gets sexually aggressive, gets turned down, and turns violent. Its like they don't get the gravity of what was going on here, what the female crew was on the receiving end of, and the viewers were seeing. Its not equivalent to throwing laundry on the floor. That is what Courtney underlined at the end. Andy tried to do his whole, we all pretend to make up at the end Housewives shtick and Courtney basically said fuck no this was actually serious. And OMG, I can't believe Andy decided at the end to just have the female side of the reunion explain what they need to improve on because he deemed the guys side apologized at length in a satisfactory way.
  12. There are only two explanations. Either Nene told them an earlier time deliberately or this was a "scripted" reality thing. That Kandi and Tanya didn't lose their minds at Nene showing up 2.5 hours late with a dozen other women who clearly knew the right time to come tells me that this was production setting their shooting schedules and wanting to film pre-lunch drama.
  13. I and everyone at my company would irritate you to the point of banging your head against a wall and then running down the hall screaming. What you are describing as your preferred method of IMing is considered rude at my company. My natural state is to do what you prefer but I don't because that's not how people in my company conduct IM. I now feel anxious when I follow up with what I want before being acknowledged.
  14. If memory serves, there were lots of issues in season 8 about whether Jason Segel would return for season 9, if there would be a season 9 without him, and how much flexibility they'd need to give him to get him to come back. I think that this turmoil likely sparked the idea of a season focused on a wedding because it made it easier to handle Lily/Marshal if Segel wasn't available for all or parts of the season. And you know how those writers were. Could never let go of an idea even if it no longer made sense.
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