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  1. That's the same reason I didn't like Don't Breathe. There was no one to root for. Rocky and her friends were breaking and entering with the intention of stealing money from a blind man. And, of course, Stephen Lang turned out to be a murderous psycho. So, it was well made, but I wasn't invested in the outcome.
  2. I love The A-Team movie. I thought it was true to the spirit of the show while still updating it. And I liked Face in the movie more than I did on the show. Original Face tended to be whiny and prissy and made me wonder how he ever survived Vietnam.
  3. It pains me to have to say that I liked Doctor Who best (the new version) under RTD's reign, but I still haven't forgiven him for the way he destroyed Torchwood and his childish response to that criticism. I never saw the original QAF, but I thought the Showtime series was fine for the most part (Michael and his mom were pretty obnoxious). So, I'm torn on whether or not I'll be into this. Maybe once I see some casting news or a trailer.
  4. I quit Once Upon a Time way back in season two because I could no longer stand the "poor Regina" mentality of the show.
  5. Agreed. I think Dogma would have been so much better if they had cast literally anyone besides Linda Fiorentino. She just drags the movie down when everyone else around her is doing great.
  6. I never liked Mike either. He's not compelling at all to me.
  7. Mr. Keating did point this out to him. It ultimately made no difference to him. What broke Neil was his dad pulling him out of school and sending him to military school. And I'm certainly no expert, but I don't think people who commit suicide are always thinking rationally. He was 17. Emotions run high. He'd finally done something he wanted to do and his dad shut him down like he'd always done. That happened to me with West Side Story. 10 year old me could not wrap my head around it when it ended the way it did. Agreed on his dad. I do feel sorry for his mother though
  8. I have two theories. 1) it was mostly the spell messing with her emotions. 2) she's feeling kind of clingy with Doc since she doesn't have Dolls anymore. As for Waverly, I thought the episode concluded that her father was an angel. At least that's what everyone on Tumblr has taken away from the episode.
  9. It is cool that they added Kate. However, I really can't picture her surviving beyond this season. I'm happy to be proven wrong. I always, always, always love hearing more tidbits about Wyatt and about Doc's past. I'm still holding out for a full flashback episode about Wyatt. Even though his actual death seemed tacked on, at least this entire episode was dedicated to Dolls. I particularly liked Nicole telling Wynonna that she's not the only one hurting because she was really cruel to Jeremy. How is him keeping Dolls secret at his request different than Wynonna keeping Michelle's s
  10. Same here. Good God, the WE fandom is a dull place because all anybody ever talks about is WayHaught. They are the least interesting part of the show to me. It's mainly because I think Dominique is the worst actor on the show. I cringe at nearly every line she delivers.
  11. I'm sorry. I can't remember. It was from quite a while back. Midway into season one, I believe. I've never watched Supergirl, so I'll take everyone's word for it on that one. The biggest show I know this was a problem on was Sleepy Hollow. I've never seen a show so determined to destroy itself like that one did. Literally, all fans were asking was that Abby be treated like the lead character she started as. And the powers that be stubbornly refused all the way to their cancellation. I'm so baffled by that entire situation.
  12. So, if you can tell by my icon, I'm a fan of Doc Holliday in any form of media. I went through a period in my teen years where I watched any Wyatt Earp/OK Corral movie I could find because I was obsessed to see all the Doc portrayals. The only reason I started watching this show was because I was so tickled that Doc was a part of it. So, he is my favorite character for reasons that predate this show. And yes, I ship him and Wynonna. Having said that, based on the first season, I was 100% certain she would end up with Dolls. They seemed to have this kind of deep connection and
  13. I agree. Yes, this has a different tone than the first one but I don't really care. I like the first one too. I remember being really creeped out by the beginning when I was a little kid. But, I think the concept of this one is fun and I'm looking forward to it.
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