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  1. This is exactly why I stoppped watching after the first season. I began watching again this season after several episodes in a row where there were no mentions of 12 step programs, meetings or making amends but if that is where they are heading back to, even the brilliant talent that is Jonny Lee Miller won't be enough to keep me watching.
  2. Amazon Prime has the edited versions. I had to buy the Blu-Ray to get the uncut European versions.
  3. Snoozerella for the win! Because, yeah.
  4. According to an interview Michael Hirst gave to Entertainment Weekly, it was Travis Fimmel's idea to have The Lord's Prayer be the only dialogue that Ragnar says in the entire episode. My admiration for Mr. Fimmel grows with every episode he's in. And I want to thank them for not ending the season with a cliffhanger, I am so tired of that overused device. If you have a show as amazing as Vikings, you don't need tricks to make sure people tune back in the next season. Can't wait for David's recap.
  5. With Gustaf Skarsgard giving an interview where he says someone will die at Floki's hand, I got the feeling we haven't considered that it might just might be Floki. With as tormented as he's been this series, I don't think suicide would be out of the question. ETA: I have never been so happy to be so wrong.
  6. YES! Ale and magic mushrooms for everyone!!
  7. Well technically SVU hasn't been renewed yet so maybe he's keeping all his options open. The man makes Benedict Cumberbatch seem lazy. Either way, I think Horik is toast.
  8. Georeg Blagden did post an Instagram a few days ago where you can clearly see he's growing back Athelstan's man-beard so I think he's safe for now.
  9. No palm licking required. The finale has a tag line of "One Must Die" so I'm going to say the obvious choice is King Horik. Michael HIrst stated that season 3 will have them raiding Paris and since Ragnar doesn't forgive any attacks on his family, they won't still be allies. Also Donal Logue has accepted a full time role on Law & Order: SVU. I also have a fear that it might be Floki because Ragnar's core group is due for a shake up but I have my fingers in my ears going LA LA LA. I'm also very hopeful that we haven't seen the last of King Ecbert because Linus Roache gave an interview where he says he had to keep the long hair and beard when he guest starred in Blacklist because of Vikings. I've fallen in love with his character, he plays it so well.
  10. I can't remember the last time I was as satisfied with an hour of television as I was last night. Though that feeling will probably come crashing down around me after next week's season finale.
  11. I think we also have to realize that one of the reasons Ragnar wants Athelstan back is because he is an incredibly valuable military asset. He is the key that helped Ragnar unlock the West. He taught him their language and customs, how their governments and military work and the most valuable places to raid. This also applies to Ecbert because he now has someone who can do the same thing for him in regards to the Northmen. While I believe that Ragnar has developed an intense friendship with Athelstan, there are also very practical reasons he is so invested in getting him back.
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